The Order Of The Heavenly Host And The Disorder of the Earthly Host

The Order Of The Heavenly Host And The Disorder of the Earthly Host

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2015

 Scripture: Genesis 1:1-10

The Prophet teaches that Genesis 1:1 is a record of the creation of the heavens and the earth, period. The second verse which says that the earth WAS without form and void actually should be read as – the earth BECAME void and formless. In between the two verses comes the interval of millions of millions of years between the first perfect state of the earth and the second condition of ruin following Satan’s hybridisation of creation which produced dinosaurs and other extinct creatures during that space of time. The creation account only mentions one earth. Therefore it is quite strange that NASA is coming up with twin earth discoveries which claim that there is another planet earth where human life is possible. But we know, according to scripture, that it is wrong because God only ordained one earth. God only chose one Bride. God has only elected us. The rest of the people can mimic what we are but they are not Bride. There is no substitute for us. On the 7th day, God rested. This resting should not be understood in the carnal sense of relief from tiredness. God does not get tired. To rest, in this context, speaks of the cessation of labour, which is what happens to the believer when they are converted. We cease from labouring in the flesh when we come to Christ. For human flesh is the greatest habitation of demons. We might look elsewhere when we hear of demons, but our own flesh is the number one unbeliever living with us. In the Message called The Greatest Battle Ever Fought, the Prophet narrates his trip to an observatory where he looked through the telescopes into the sky. He saw the stars and the vast expanse of the galaxies but could not make meaning of zodiac signs in there. Then he talks of the zodiac as the heavenly host, which means all the sun and stars and planets are an army in the hands of God. As an army, each of the planets and stars operate under the great captain of that host, which is the SUN. Therefore if the leadership of the sun occupies the role of captain over the heavenly host, there must be a captain over this host of believers today. Joshua came in contact with that Captain of God’s army and that same Captain is with us today even in attendance right now in the sanctuary. The Holy Ghost is the Captain of the Lord’s Host in the assembly. The stars appear close together when viewed from earth. But in reality, they are further apart one from the other than we are from them. It will take millions of light years for one of those stars to travel down to reach earth. This shows a great principle that nominal Christians can appear close to the spiritual Christians when in reality there is a great distance in terms of differences. God’s election is reflected in the zodiac first before it is displayed on earth. For example, Abraham was already blessed while he was as yet in the loins of Shem. Because of that election, he managed to escape the idolatry of Babylon by his representation in Shem. Abraham came from the Tower of Babel, where there was false worship showing election by grace. Election was there before Tower of Babel or its equivalent today in the form of the Vatican. Unlike the Prophet who failed to see anything in the sky when he looked through the telescopes, the patriarch Job was able to see the 7th Seal vision. Job saw the Lion of the Tribe of Judah showing the second coming of Christ. Job also saw the Virgin which as the first coming of Christ. As the Prophet says, there are men who are trained to see things in the sky, while others look at the same heavens and fail to see anything. This is a type of the people who look in the Word or Bible and fail to see God while we are able to see God in the same Message of the Hour. No wonder someone read the Spoken Word and said the Prophet was calling him names, saying he was a buzzard. Yet another one read the same Spoken Word and said the Prophet was calling him an eagle. Through election by grace, we came into the Message of the Hour by means of the Light, which came forth when God spoke in accordance with the creation account. We are therefore in this Message not because someone called us into it, but by God’s own calling. As Job looked at botany life and saw its redemption: flowers blooming in one season and dying away in the other, and then coming back again to life in the spring, he had a revelation of man’s redemption. If a little dead fish was given its life back by the Prophet, what about us? Man is called much higher than botany life and will have his redemption at the end of the day. Let us be in our positions, as army of God, and stand in the strength of our position like Eliezer the son of Dodo. When other soldiers ran away from the enemy, he stood alone and pulled out his sword. There was no time for prayer but just fighting and fighting, and God honoured his stand. Although many planets were created along with the earth, the Bible only records the earth alone. This is election. Nothing is said about Jupiter of Mars or Pluto. And if the earth is recorded in the Bible, and right now is groaning for its redemption, what about us? We will also receive our promise of redemption. And the earth will not beat us in worship as we are called much higher than it. During the preaching of the Word, the Spirit of God turned from preaching to Dialogue with the devil, who was given a literal seat at the platform to sit and hear his position in the Word. He was exposed as one who comes to church faithfully on each service day but does not pay tithes, showing he is not a real member of the church. Yet his attendance surpasses that of most believers who have no revelation of coming to church. The Spirit pointed out that the chaotic state of Genesis 1:2 when the earth was without form and void was a result of the devil’s experiments on God’s creation. Lucifer was shown how he saw God brooding over the surface of the waters in order to come up with another creation. The Spirit further pointed out that if the devil wants to point the believers back to their past where they made mistakes, the believers must point the devil to his own future in the lack of fire where his judgement will be meted out. The zodiac is God’s first Bible followed by the Pyramids which were actually patterned after the Zodiac. The third Bible is the Written Word which we have today. Yet in all these three Bibles, there is no place for the devil. The zodiac shows the devil has no kingdom, as do the pyramids. And the pyramids were built by Enoch before Noah’s flood, and withstood the judgement of floods, showing that we, God’s children, will pass beyond judgement to live eternally. Abijah observed God’s order when confronted by Jeroboam. Abijah had his priests in order in their positions. That is why he was able to overcome. In God’s host of the heavens, the sun is captain and the moon is the mercy seat. The moon controls the tides on earth, despite the distance of 230,000 miles separating the moon from the earth. And if the moon goes out of its position, the earth will be flooded once again by water as in Noah’s time. According to science, the moon is the 5th largest celestial body, and 5 is the number of grace, which is why the moon is the mercy seat. The moon types the Bride, who is being rejected today. The rejection of the Bride is shown in the 3.8cm movement of the moon away from the earth every year. And in 27.3 days, the moon goes round the earth in perfect order. This number rounds off to 28, which is the number of women’s reproductive cycle, which ties in with the coming down of the Lord on the 28th of February 1963. It was the 28th day, which is the time of life. This is the same time of life promised to Sarah by Elohim that she will have a child. Biologically speaking, the best time to fall pregnant is after the cycle, which means that after 28th of February 1963, it was the best time for the church to receive the Seed Word from God, it was the best time for the Spoken Word. No wonder the Prophet desired to live all the way to the rapture. But God told him that if we wanted that, he would be the only one who would be able to make it in this generation. Therefore he forfeited that privilege of being raptured so that more people can make it. That is the decision which he made, which put on record as the greatest decision. We thank God for this Prophet he has given us. He is like no other prophet before him. Moses writes of the beginning of creation of heaven and earth. When John comes around, he goes beyond what Moses saw and mentions the Word which was with God and which was God and was made flesh and dwelt among us. But when the Prophet comes, he goes right into the mind of God, before God was actually called God. He is the one who taught us that the 23.5 degrees tilt of the earth is because of the floods in Noah’s time. The Prophet shows what Moses was forbidden to write – what took place between Genesis verse 1 and verse 2. The Prophet teaches us what Daniel was forbidden to write. The Prophet tells us what John the revelatory was forbidden to write. We need to be conscious of the moon, which has begun to pull away from the earth already. We know, of course, the reason why the moon is feeling rejected. Man has invented electricity and all the cities are now lit up by artificial light. In the olden days, people got their directions from the moon and travelled using the moon’s position as their campus. And another good thing about the moon is the consistency of countenance which it shows. The moon wears the same face all the time. It is always happy. The moon is not moody. It reflects the sun even when the sun is not there. When our father Adam fell, he only fell with the earth. The heavens did not fall. It was only the earth which was associated with Adam which fell, for the earth is man’s domain. But God’s elective grace allowed the earth to go away from the sun where it got covered with ice, then the Logos followed the earth and brought it closer to the sun in order to melt the ice. That is how the Gulf of Mexico and Texas and all continents were formed in that order. We were equally far from Grace until the Message of the Hour brought us closer to the SON. God is in the galaxies and entire solar system. But science cannot reach Him because there is not enough light years for them to catch up with His Supreme Being. Actually, God is in another dimension, and it requires trans-dimensional travel to reach Him. But we, the believers, will reach Him and be with Him in those heavenly places in Christ Jesus. It is God who has written in the Zodiac about Himself. And God writes with His own hand. He is not like a man, who has to use a pen. John wrote to the seven churches in Asia using his pen, as did Daniel, Brother Branham and all other Prophets like Moses. God’s hand is the one which wrote in Babylon in that unknown tongue, which required the Prophet Daniel to interpret the meaning thereof. The same principle of Free Moral Agency which God gave Man in Eden is the same principle he used with angels. Angels had the same choice as well. But when they decided to leave their first estate, they got imprisoned in chains of darkness until that day of Judgement. They are like souls that are in prison right now. It is important to observe the order of the heavenly host. Because 2/3 of angels walked out of order and were kicked out together with the devil. If one believer amongst us walks disorderly among the congregation, he brings hindrance to the entire body of Christ in the local assembly. The devil saw how angels lifted their faces up to God in worship and desired the same. He then called a house meeting to discuss God’s ministry right in the sides of the north. That is how the angels exercised their free moral agency. Those that sympathised with Lucifer fell with him. Lucifer had a way of talking with angels, because of his many gifts. Gifts can be dangerous, and the greater they are, the more danger they pose. Yet we must remain in the order of the calling of the heavenly host.


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