A Prophet in Babylon P5

A Prophet in Babylon P5

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Revelation 10:1

Throughout human history, God has appeared to Man in many forms like a whirlwind to Job, a burning bush to Moses, a Pillar of Fire to Paul, a man to Abraham, an angel of the covenant to patriarchal generation of John the Baptist and so on. The prophet says God loves to change his mask, as he enmorphes himself from one mantle to the other. In Revelation Chapter 10, the Mighty Angel who comes down from heaven is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ in one of the angelic forms he loves to hide behind. And that 10th Chapter of Revelation 10 is the Seventh Seal itself. The prophet says that out of the 7 Church Ages come the 7 Seals, followed by the 7 Trumpets and 7 Vials. The first 4 trumpets have to do with the disturbance of nature on earth. The 5th Trumpet is the First World War (World War One – WWI), the 6th Trumpet is the Second World War (WWII) and the 7th Seal is the Third World War (WWIII). And between the 6th and 7th Trumpets, something happens on earth. Revelation 10 takes place between the 6th and 7th Trumpets. What is Revelation Chapter 10? It is the coming down of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the uttering of the seven thunders is actually associated with the descending of this Mighty Angel. When the 7th Seal opens, we are told that there is silence in heaven for about the space of half an hour. Half an hour is thirty minutes (approximately 30 minutes the Bible says). Now we need to know: Did God really keep silent? Wherever God is, there is worship, because God is an object of worship. Angels were created precisely for that reason, to worship God. But when silence strikes heaven, the reason is that the very object of worship, God Himself in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, descends from heaven and comes down to the earth. There is no one in heaven to worship. Worship is now taking place on earth. 

Go has come down. That is why the 7th Seal is the coming down of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the day of our visitation. Science took a picture of the coming down of the Lord Jesus Christ in our day. On 28 February 1963, the Mystery Cloud was photographed in Flagstaff, Arizona. It is striking to note the date when the photograph was taken. It is the 28th day of the month, and the number 28 is just 2 days shy of 30, which agrees with the description of the length of the silence in heaven – the space of half an hour (30 min). Since the Scripture says about, we know that it is an approximation, which makes 28 just perfectly fit into the picture. Moreover, this Mystery Cloud which Scientists took lasted generally half an hour. The number 28, furthermore, speaks of the cycle of life – corresponding to the number of days in a woman’s cycle. In the first Exodus the Bible says that God came down to deliver the children of Israel. However, when we try to see the same God who came down, we see a man called Moses, who takes up the commission of deliverance and confronts Pharaoh with, Let my People go. It was God in Moses speaking, enmorphing himself once again behind a man. And in this last exodus of the end time, God came behind a man and spoke Come out of Babylon. The same God, the same pattern, the same Spirit. When God speaks, His Words are binding on generations beyond the representative receiving the visitation. When God spoke to Abraham, he addressed Isaac, Jacob and their descendants way down to the 4th generation. Abraham himself never went into bondage, but his descendants did. That is why when God blesses, the blessings spill over to the 4th generation. Similarly, when God curses, the effects are felt downstream up to the 4th generation. However, at the appointed time, deliverance came. God was waiting upon the cup of the iniquity of the Amorites to fill up before breaking the yoke of bondage. And iniquity, according to Bible teaching, is knowing right thing to do, and not do it. Moses comes to deliver the children exactly after the lapse of 400 years in Egypt. But the people were not ready to receive Moses. Extra time was granted. Thus we see Moses as a perfect type of the Lord Jesus Christ. At His First Coming, Jesus Christ was rejected by the Jews as Moses was rejected by Israel before fleeing to Midian. However, at second coming of Moses, Pharaoh was destroyed in the sea. Christ will come again and destroy the world. However, after the first rejection by his own people, Moses goes and marries a gentile bride. When Judaism rejected Christ, he espoused a gentile bride. Zipporah Moses’s wife, is a perfect type of the gentile bride which Christ got for Himself after rejection by the Jews.  God did not like Miriam and Aaron’s criticism of Moses’ choice of wife. When the two attacked Moses, Miriam was smitten with leprosy and Aaron’s sons were stricken dead because of the father’s sin. We must be careful not to criticise the Message of the Hour lest we be visited with the same judgement that God administered on Miriam and Aaron. Moses, as God’s chosen one, said nothing against those who criticised him. He had a thunder ministry. Everything he touched, be it stick, turned to serpent, dust particles, turned to lice; his speech – created hail. He had no time to debate. But God heard those who spoke against him. We must set our priorities right. We cannot expect an outward change of the body, through the rapture, without an inward change in our own being. The three Hebrew children in Babylon needed the 4th man to deliver them from the furnace. We also, apart from the Body, Spirit and Soul (triune being), require the 4th element, the person of God, to come into us for deliverance. The natural earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. Our earth (body) is also aching for the manifestation of the supernatural. We must avoid self-pity and living under the consciousness of sin. We are called to be rugged, as Christians, not as pathetic people without power. We have seen the transition from the 3 temples of the Tent, Solomon’s Temple and the Lord Jesus Christ. Now it is Christ in us, as temples of the Living God. We need to declare our victory by the Word, believe for our healing, for our jobs, for our blessings. The kind of decisions we take show what kind of people we are. Faced with that bitter cup of redeeming man back to God, Christ looked at all the host of angels right around him. He could have called them to change the scene at Calvary, but he did not do so. Instead he said, Father forgive them. According to the order of the coming of the Lord, there is a shout, followed by a voice and then the trumpet of God. The shout is the calling out, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SIN. The voice is the voice of resurrection, the same one which spoke and restored Lazarus back to life. And the trumpet is the one that gathers the people together. The trumpet assembles the people. What hour are we living in? We are in that portion where the Lord comes as a thief in the night. A thief does not give warning, and a thief only comes for valuables. We are God’s valuables. We cannot sell our soul for drugs which cost R5. We are more valuable than that. Even the most expensive wines or treasures cannot compare with our worth, we are worth much more than thousands of this world. We must fix our lives, confess our sins, live right today. We cannot expect to live right in the hour of tribulation. If we cannot stand for the Message of the Hour now, how can we be identified with it in the hour of trouble? The anointing of tribulation is that of blasphemy, there is no way a believer will be able to stand in that hour. We need to get the Holy Ghost and make it into the rapture. If the Lord Jesus Christ descended and is living among us today, we ought to be sensitive to his presence. We do not need a bad attitude to the Word. Already we notice the rise in the number of Americans in the College of Cardinals within the Roman Catholic system. They are occupying influential positions, standing as high level advisors in the church system. This, no doubt, is preparing the way for the rise of an American pope. Prophecy will not fall to the ground – the Prophet speaks of a Pope from America, not South America, as the case is now. But the pope must come out of North America. We are in the hour of showdown. The son of man against the man of sin. The Lord Jesus Christ versus Judas Iscariot. Ezekiel against the king of Tyre. We need to look at the Message from the right angle. The prophet speaks of a statue of the cross which appeared strange and poorly done. The tourists visiting the sculpture were however told to kneel down and look at the cross from the foot of the cross. From that angle of supplication, they saw how great a work of art the cross was.   We thank God for The Cloud. There can be no rain without the clouds in the sky, speaking naturally. At a spiritual level, the Cloud brings comes with the thunder. The cloud comes with lightning. The cloud comes with the rain. And we are in the days of former and latter rain coming together at the same time. Elijah asks his servant to go and look for a cloud in the sky. And when the cloud is spotted, abundance of rain comes. It was Elijah who had shut up the heavens and it is Elijah who opens them up. The same one who closes the heavens is the same one who is able to open them – a very beautiful type of the opening of the seals. 


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