A Prophet in Babylon P6

A Prophet in Babylon P6

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Luke 21:20-24

In his introductory remarks, the Pastor likened the Scriptural Voice of the end-time to a Navigating Device that tells the traveller how to reach a given destination. Usually on navigation devices there is either a male or female voice. And the precision of the directions on navigator gadget depend on the map that has been uploaded on the device. An updated map enables the traveller to receive correct directions. The minister then warned that although there are many voices claiming to be scriptural, only the Message of the Hour is the right Message for this day. After Scripture Reading, the Pastor indicated that the events recorded in Luke 21: 20 – 24 have already taken place. The Roman General, Titus, came and besieged Jerusalem as the scripture says. The events took place under Roman gentile rule, which is the same dispensational regime today, under Mystery Babylon government of our day. The Lord Jesus Christ’s warning to the disciples to leave Jerusalem actually points to the fact that the Word would leave the Jews and move to the Gentiles. It is important to note that military strategy employed by Titus. He did not fight to gain control of Holy City. He just besieged the city. In modern day terms, one may say, Titus closed up the economy of Israel by placing a ban on international trade. There were no inflows to Jerusalem and there were no outflows to other trade partners. A closed economy like that resulted in people dying within, as famine set in and they began to eat one another. It crippled the economy. Economic sanctions were the strings used by Rome to strangle Jerusalem instead of outright military activity against her. 

Looking at our day’s economic system, the world has been so globalised that we cannot do without international trade. For example, a simple chicken meal at Nandos, for example, is made possible by the supply of chickens from Brazil, a nation that is far afield – thousands of miles away from South Africa. Today, we also have been compassed by Mystery Babylon. We see the United States of America invading countries like Iraq and going wherever she pleases. Who is behind her moves? It is Rome giving instructions behind the scenes. The Bible mentions a beast that came out of the land, which is America, and spoke like a dragon. Indeed, it is the dragon that gave the land beast power to perform miracles. The calling of fire from heaven, for example, which are the miracles done by the beast at the behest of the dragon, is nothing but the display of military power through the launch of atomic bombs at Rome’s command. And one of these days, Rome will call for all the paper money. Then will people fail to buy or sell and many will take the mark of the beast. It will be a time of great betrayal within the church framework as brother sells out brother in that day. What is needed is the Birth Right, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to allow the believer to escape through Rapture from the coming tribulation. We are in that 11th hour time now where 11th hour workers are taking the birth right from those who fail to realise its value. It is a switching time. And God loves to switch blessings from one to another. This is seen in story of Jacob and Esau, where the elder served the younger. It is evident in the crossing of hands for Ephraim and Manasseh. It is also demonstrated by the twins from Tamar, Pharez and Zarah, where a breach occurred. And much more recently in our day, the 6th and 7th Seal were switched. Switching and blinding are some of God’s most popular tools to deal with humanity. For example, when the scripture said a virgin shall conceive, the devil’s eyes were focussed on virgins only as the only vehicle to bring about the promised seed of the woman. But God started the process off with such women of ill fame like Tamar, who conceived by her father in law. They stand right in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ as proof of God’s blinding business. Women like Bathsheba brought forth the Son of David in shadow form yet their history is chequered. God blinded the Jews so the Gentiles could see the Light. Again God has blinded denominations today and they fail to see the Message of the Hour. Let us be conscious of this fact that 99% of the scriptures in the Bible have already been fulfilled. The Mighty Angel of Revelations 10 came down with an Open Book. All mysteries have been revealed. There is no other ministry to reveal something else as all things were opened up in Heaven. When the Book lands on the earth with the Mighty Angel, it is already open. This means that the Opening took place in Heaven. It is supernatural, showing that no man could do it, which explains why John wept. Therefore God came to the seventh earthly angel and veiled himself behind so that the Seals could be preached. That is why God kept that 7th Church Age Messenger from drinking, smoking and fleshly defilement because one day, he was going to use that body to reveal the Seals. Now we do not need another ministry to arise on the scene and reveal mysteries. There is none left. Is it not strange that even the very elect failed to recognise him when he came in flesh? When the Lord Jesus Christ asked whom men say the Son of Man is, some in the church still thought he was some other character until Mr Pentecost, Peter, answered Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God. The revelation given to Peter came from God. Even the Son of Man in flesh could not give revelation, it had to come from above, showing the supernatural aspect of revelation and how important it is for the church to have it. The people in Jesus Christ’s time expected him to come riding on a horse and remove the Romans from the throne and usher in a millennial reign of peace when there is no such promise in the Word. The Scripture said he comes lowly and meek on a colt, the foal of an ass. But the Jews expected him to come in the form of the New Testament end time coming, when he comes to destroy the devil riding on a white horse. They missed him for lack of revelation. In the time of Moses, too, the Prophet had to be believed by revelation. God did not brief all people about his programme, he only told Moses and the rest had to accept what Moses said by faith. The same applies in our day. The first Adam did not have all things revealed to him. He did not have foreknowledge of the Fall – that his wife would bring him down, otherwise he would not have played the part of Redeemer to Eve by planting his seed in her, thereby saving Eve from the wrath of God. For when God looked at Eve, he saw Adam’s seed in her womb, which was a representation of the Heavenly Father. Therefore God saw Himself in Adam’s act of standing with his wife in the Fall. There is another Eve who will not fall through EATING. For the aspect of eating speaks of the Doctrine – which is food for the church. Eve was supposed to live by the Spoken Word of Adam who was her Pastor, Messenger, Leader and so on. So even when even the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 comes down with the Open Book, he is bringing Manna from Heaven. The Bride has to eat from the hidden Manna as indeed we are in the eating business, spiritually speaking. The Lord Jesus Christ taught to pray saying Give us this day our DAILY BREAD. Yet the Manna itself, by natural appearance, was not attractive. It looked dry. Yet when eaten, the taste of honey came out. The honey is hidden behind the ordinary appearance. When John ate the book, it tasted as honey – that was Manna from Heaven which the Bride must live by. And Biblical Manna in the exodus fell in the morning, between 6 and 9. The birds came and covered it. Thus on day 1 up to day 5, the people only gathered enough for the day. The exception was day 6 where a double portion of manna was gathered. They had to gather double, for in day 7 there would be no manna. We are in day 6 according to Bible numerology. From Adam in Eden to this date is 6,000 years, which is only 6 days in God’s counting. The Bible says one day with the Lord is as a thousand years. So we surely must have a double portion of the Word Ministry in our day. That is why even in the preaching of the Seals by the 7th Church Age Messenger, the 7th Seal was hidden in the 6th one. Since the devil was in attendance during the services, where the Seals were preached in the evening time: one seal per night – on the 7th Seal, the Prophet says it is not revealed. However, he says the 7th Seal opened in a 3 fold manner – and it began to unfold even from yesterday. That was a perfect type of the double portion of Manna on the 6th day. With this hiding of the 7th Seal behind the 6th, the doctrine came out that the 7th Seal is not yet revealed, which is wrong. For when God came down, it was an OPEN BOOK held in the hand. Everything is revealed – we just need revelation to catch it. In Moses time, despite the instruction not to go and look for Manna on the Sabbath, the people went to look for it nevertheless. They searched and found none as the Prophet Moses had said none would be found. That is the same blinding spirit in our day. Those who search for the 7th Seal without looking at the 6th and its double portion component fail to see that the 7th is revealed. When Elijah was translated, a double portion was left for Elisha. And this is how Elisha received the double portion: the garment came down from heaven as Elisha was translated by the whirlwind. It is important to note how the garment came down: FROM ABOVE. Elijah could have given Elisha the garment in his hand as they walked side by side or stood face to face. But Elijah had to go UP, and then the garment had to come DOWN from ABOVE, showing the supernatural nature of revelation. We need revelation from God. We miss the double portion ministry of Elisha (as Bride) through pre-occupation with repentance issues and sin-consciousness. Its high time we left our guilt and accept our pardon. We are taught that a pardon is not a pardon unless it is received as a pardon. The Seals were preached in the evening time, which is a perfect reality of what Elijah did in Ahab’s time. He removed the curse upon Israel brought by Ahab in the same evening time period. And Ahab sold his kingdom because of financial reasons. He married Jezebel because she came from a financial super power. He wanted to strengthen his kingdom that way. This is the same thing happening now. The denominations are marrying Mother Harlot, they are going to Rome for gold. In Luke 21, Christ warns the people to flee Jerusalem. We need the FLEEING POWER. That power is found in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. That is our only hope to escape this sin-cursed world system. There is no time to play. We need to be serious with God. We need the Holy Ghost now more than ever. They were told to flee to the mountains in Luke 21 by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. And we too are to flee to our Mt. Zion, which comes out of heaven. 


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