Absalom, A man of Sin

Absalom, A man of Sin

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: October 2014

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 15:1-15

After reading the scripture (2 Samuel 15:1-15), the Pastor stated that when THAT trumpet sounds, whatever is in you will come forth. This type of “Absalom Spirit” always looks for people who are bitter towards the ministry, the “Ahithophel Spirit” that’s in every meeting. We must realise that the same Devil who sits in Rome is the same Devil that fights you in church and in your own body. There is a conspiracy in your own flesh therefore we cannot afford to leave the Message in doctrine form or in book form. The Bible is the only book that can reveal to you what day, time and season you are living in, but to know this you need the help of a Prophetic gift. Absalom depicts Judas, acting out the man of sin or the Son of Perdition at the end-time. As Message Believers we know that false doctrine produces the wrong life and confuses people. The wrong teaching can preach you out of position. You will start reflecting this preaching. It is important for us to check the teaching we receive against the Word. After saying this, the Pastor mentioned the different doctrines that are so prevalent in the church world and even in the Message today. He also pointed out the Biblical holes in these doctrines. We need to be the very attribute of God so that when people see us they see God. We underestimate the “Pride” spirit so much that we don’t even want to be corrected or let go when we know our foundations are wrong. God is the only one that can say “I”; He has a problem when we start saying “I”. We must not just quote but our lives must dovetail with the quotes. It is important for us never to lose our enthusiasm for God. Pastor stressed how important it is for us to move away from childish nonsense and move to perfection. The Holy Ghost doesn’t scandal, envy or begrudge. The Holy Ghost only has one temperament and that is Holy Righteousness. When the Serpent went in unto Eve, his spirit characteristics were carried over into Cain and not his flesh characteristics. Sin perverted our nature and thus we need to bring our nature into line with our perfect souls. We must be careful and walk circumspectly or we might just scandal about the Holy Ghost or fight against the Holy Ghost or lie to the Holy Ghost. Some people are so bold that they stand in the Presence of the Lord and condemn another man. We must not fight our brothers for God might manifest Himself in that brother and a Predestinated Seed is also Gods so we must be careful who we speak against. We must constantly search ourselves and deal with ourselves. The Pastor reiterated that we must have the same life as Christ and be watchful for spirits that have given problems in our lives before because these spirits will always give problems until we divorce them. If we resist correction we have the wrong nature and if we have no conviction then we don’t have the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost brings conviction. We need to reflect our Father because He has placed His seed in us before the Foundation of the world.


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