Absolom – A Hunter P2

Absolom – A Hunter P2

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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: November 2014

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 11:1; Isaiah 10:3; Hosea 9:7

The minister, Pastor Brian Naidoo, exhorted the congregation to be watchful, seeing we are living in a deceitful hour. We should take serious cognisance of the day of our visitation. It is a day where the Bible says that some would worship the belly as their god.

Because of the sovereignty of God, Satan cannot take our lives until God is finished with us. Therefore although we may attempt to commit suicide, although we may try to electrocute ourselves, although we may cut ourselves so we would bleed to death, God will not take us away until he is thoroughly finished with us. That explains why John survived the trials of being burnt in oil for 24 hours without dying. The oil itself recognised that John was the bride. Yet John was playing the role of a shadow, he was typing us in this day, who are the real bride. Therefore if oil recognised John for what he was, what about us the real bride, how much more should nature salute us!

Although other disciples had died at the time of the Revelation of Jesus Christ on the Isle of Patmos, John had to be around. John had to go through the 7 Church Ages, he had to witness the 7 Plagues, the 7 Vials and also be caught up.  And John turned to see the Voice, the seven thunder voice which shakes demons. We are the bride today, and God will allow us to live all the way to the rapture in order to manifest His Word.

There is wrong doctrine which says Peter wrote in the book of Revelation the things which John had seen. The adherents of that doctrine say it while John indeed saw and heard the seven thundering voices as recorded in Revelation; it was Peter who captured what the voices said in 2nd Peter 1: 5 – 8. But that doctrine is wrong because at the time of the Isle of Patmos vision, Peter and the rest of the apostles were dead. How could Peter have written the things which John saw when he was already in the grave?  That doctrine is meant to make the Prophet William Branham a liar.

Yet the antichrist comes around and looks at the scene of Jesus amidst the candlesticks and claims that it is him who is standing in the seven churches. The antichrist claims he is the one with the word in his mouth, he is the one with power and the one holding the seven stars in his hands.

We must thank God for the Message of the Hour, which is the very mind of God. The Message takes us into bedroom with our Master. We have passed the kitchen and lounge and are now in an intimate relationship with God.

It is through the Message of the Hour that we know that Moses saw the Big Bang of creation. When he writes in the book of Genesis that In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth places a full stop (period), he was actually forbidden to write what happened in between. Because the Prophet William Branham says that between the first and second verses of Genesis, there is an interval of time, of which Moses said nothing.

After the 7 Church Ages in Revelations 3, John is called to come up higher. In other words, John is caught up. Bible students use the word rapture, which is a theological terms to describe the translation of saints. The same rapture happened to Enoch, to Elijah, to the Lord Jesus Christ and it will happen to us the Bride and also to the two witnesses to Israel. It is the Message of the Hour which brings about that rapture condition in the believer. When God comes to earth, he is only coming for his Word. And it is the bride who has the Word and She is the Word because she is married to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore if one leaves the Message of the Hour, they are already divorced from the Lord. That is why it is easy to go out with any other man, after divorce, as happens in the natural. A divorced woman (church) first feels condemned and bad about their state, but sooner or later they get used to the situation and will even claim they are enjoying life after divorce because they have unrestricted liberty. But as the Bride of Jesus Christ, we have been given 3 sacred virtues which we must guard jealously. We have been given, as indeed any other woman in the world, the virtue of motherhood, womanhood and virginity. Now the devil wants the bride’s virginity, and he attacks the mind, which is the womb of the spirit, so that in the process we have mind battles and then miss the rapture.

The open book in the book of Revelation at one time was in the hands of Adam before the Fall. It went back to the original owner, the Lord God Himself, because it could not be handled by dirty hands of the devil. Since the devil does not have the book, and since in the book we find names written therein, it therefore follows that the devil does not know who is truly God’s seed and who is not. That information is not in his possession. Therefore the devil tries to cast his net wide in attempting to deceive everyone. No wonder he is surprised and confused that God loves us despite the mistakes we do. God ensured that the devil will be under confusion by choosing people with a doubtful backgrounds like Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and ourselves. When the devil’s attention is focussed on virgins as the possible vessels to bring the promised man child, God turns around and starts dealing with prostitutes, thereby pulling the wool over the devil’s eyes. We therefore need to worship God regardless of the mistakes we make. We must always worship regardless of our emotional or spiritual state of being down and low. The scripture rightly says that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

When we are in the presence of the Lord, all troubles vanish. Of course the Message Of the Hour is not meant to bring material things to us. Rather, it brings the real material which builds us up into the stature of a perfect man. In the process, the Message helps us circumvent the three traps of money, women and popularity. For when money abounds, so does popularity and women.

When John wept because no man was found worthy of opening the book, we are told that one elder comes to him and tells him, Weep not John. But who is that elder who consoles John from weeping? It is actual John talking to John. It is John’s theophany talking to John the beloved. After all, John is part of the twenty four elders around God’s throne who are made up of the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles. So John talks to John in the spirit on the Lord’s Day. It is not the apostle Paul talking to John. No. No. Paul only laid the foundation and did not experience the Lord’s Day. The minister emphasised on this fact as sound doctrine. He warned the saints to be careful of false doctrine which is creeping into the Message framework. He declared that he has not shunned declaring the full counsel of the Lord. Since doctrine is a seed, in due time the seed produces the life it carries. Therefore if wrong doctrine is planted and preached, sooner or later the wrong life is produced. That is why God deliberately ensured that His Voice is stored on magnetic tape so that we are not deceived by the claims of men, especially those who claim proximity to the Prophet. Nevertheless, we need to believe the prophets, as Jehoshaphat said to the children of Israel, Believe the Lord, so shall you prosper, believe his prophets, so shall you be established. If we believe the prophets, we will be established in our souls.

We need the Book, which is the Title Deed. If we are to have a claim on the land in New Jerusalem, we need to have the title deeds to show for it.

In Revelation Chapter 6, John sees the Seals opening. He sees the four horses which go forth against God’s people and also the 4 living creatures which combat these horses. The white, red, black and pale horses under the devil’s charge are met with the lion, ox, man and eagle as God’s standard against the enemy’s onslaught. But when it comes to the devil’s pale horse, which is a mixture of the white, red and black horses in one, God raises the standard and gives a flying eagle to withstand Satan. We are in the eagle age, not the vulture age. The vulture is a backslidden eagle cousin which feeds on dead carrion, like gossip stories which are old, stale and stinking.

In Matthew 24, the Lord Jesus Christ preached the Seals, showing the condition in the last days. The Lord warned against lies rising up in the last days, which Daniel also foretold as people ran to and fro and as knowledge increased. As eagles, we gather under the eagle anointing. The coming of the Lord was likened to lightning which strikes from east to west, showing how the gospel would move with civilisation from east to west, meaning what happened in the east must repeat in the west. The gospel started in Jerusalem in the East then spread to the western states of United Kingdom, America and so on.

The prophet William Branham came to display Luke 17:30 ministry of a son of man revealing The Son of Man. The Lord Jesus Christ as The Son of Man discerned the woman at the well. Having started off with his first pull of healing and feeding the people, the people were happy with him. But when he reached the third pull, they rejected him. When fish and bread are found in the church, attendance is high among people who come to church. That is why Christ fed not only one group of people but two sets. One group of 5,000 was fed and another group came after numbering 4,000. It was a popular ministry – bread multiplication and natural healing. But when John and Peter came at the gate beautiful, they said silver and gold have we none, the ministry was not focussing on material things.

Note how the Prophet William Marrion Branham was told not to drink, smoke or defile himself with women because there was a work for him to do when he grew older. God wanted to reveal the seals through the veil of flesh, and only one such man was predestinated to do the job. Now we have big teachers of today whose life does not match that of the Prophet who was specifically set aside by God for the special purpose of bringing the Word. But it is a fact that where the gospel is, the devil is there also. And as civilisation moved from east to west along with the gospel, so did the devil move with the gospel in that direction. Today the devil is in the Message of the Hour more than in the denomination. The devil appears where the sons of God are gathered.

Our gathering is for the word. Eagles gather before the tribulation strikes. Therefore we need to be cognisant of the day of our visitation. We should be conscious of the spiritual reality around us. During the tribulation, there is no escape. Money will not help out, as the beast already commands all the wealth of the world in the form of gold.

The minister emphasised that the longer one serves the Lord Jesus Christ, the sweeter he becomes. And he declared that he and his house would serve the Lord. The house in question is not the natural house, nor the family, but the inner man on the inside.

But before the tribulation starts, the Book is open as shown in Revelation 6 according to the teaching of the Prophet William Marrion Branham. Then in Revelations 7 we see a reflection of Ezekiel chapter 9 which is actually World War I and World War II which are covered by the 5th and 6th Seals respectively. Therefore before the 3rd World War comes, there is a need to seal the people. An angel is released for the job, the Inkhorn Writer goes about, and begins in the house of God as indeed the scripture declares that Judgement begins in the house of the Lord. During this interval of time, we need to get rid of our stinking gossip, words and attitudes for the inkhorn writer will only seal those who amen the word through the actual life they live in line with the scriptures. We must note that the inkhorn writer has got slaughtering angels following him: there is no need to play church now. We should be in service every day when the eagles are gathered. We need to get out of the knowledge syndrome which is spreading in the Message, where people look for quotes for everything.

Before the mark of the beast comes, God comes ahead of time and seals the believer through revelation of the Word. We do not need a church to go to heaven, we are already in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Our theophany is already calling and we are already changing in the atoms.

If ever there was a bad time, it does not match the tribulation. It is worse than the moon turning into blood. It is worse than the falling of the stars. We must get serious with God. We do not own God. Neither can we give God instructions.

Between the 6th and 7th Seals, there is an interval of time. That interval allows for the application of the token. See how Rahab was saved in the interval before Jericho was destroyed. The waiting time becomes a testing time too. A red cloth was hung on the house, representing the token, which we also required today in the form of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. We do not have to wait for God to strip us of everything before we can give a listening ear to him.

God’s salvation is so simple. All that Rahab was required to do was to hang the red cloth on the outside. The Message of the Hour is the token today. Notice how Joshua was ready to strike, but had to wait for 7 days before destroying Jericho. And before Jericho was destroyed, an Angel came down from heaven and met Joshua. It was the same Angel who had spoken to him earlier on. And it was certainly the same Angel who had led Moses before. It is the same Angel who was with the Prophet William Branham, and it is the same angel with us the bride of Jesus Christ.

Although Rahab’s parents are the ones who had driven her into prostitution, now they were sitting under their daughter’s roof for salvation. Rahab testified to her family that the men from Israel whom he had received were different from other men she had met before in her trade. There was something special about them. She must have said how they had clothed her, spiritually speaking, and made her a better person. It is the duty of husbands in the homes to apply the token so that the death angel passes by.

On the 7th day, Joshua said that all Israel needs to do is simply shout and the bride (Rahab) will come out. And Paul takes up the same inspiration and says that the Lord shall descend with a shout, a voice and trumpet all in one. When God wants to gather the Jews, he uses trumpets (wars) while for the bride he uses Seals.

In Revelation 8, the Bible says the 7th Seal is open. There is therefore no room for doubt that the 7th seal is not open, just from the simple fact of mere reading of the scripture. We must therefore be careful of those who claim that the 7th Seal is not open. If it is not open, then it must be opened. And if it must be opened, someone must do it. And if someone must do it, it naturally follows that it will be them who claim that it is not yet open. We must guard against these things. Also there are those who claim that there are 14 seals. This is wrong doctrine meant to deceive people. We must note that when God released the first star from his right hand, the star just went out and shed its light. The first was followed by the second, meaning after Paul came Ireneaus and so forth. But when it came to the 7th star, that star had to reveal the one who was holding the stars in his hand. The 7th star had to reveal the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first 4 trumpets have to do with disturbance of nature, which tie in with the 5th and 6th Seal which are the first and second world wars respectively. The 7th Trumpet comes with Moses and Elijah as the two witnesses who bring the third world war. However, again we must note how God slots in an interval between the 6th and 7th Trumpet. In between these trumpets, we find Revelations 10: coming in. An angel comes down from heaven and meets the seventh angel.

After the opening of the lid of the bottomless pit, 200million demons were released on earth. These are the ones responsible for the funny hairstyles we see around young people today. If children insist on those funny hairstyles, it shows they have the spirits from the bottomless pit. The number 200million is very striking. No wonder Absolom had 200 men going with him in the conspiracy against David.

We must have spiritual discernment to note that men who desire to hear their own names chanted out by the congregation actually have a deep seated desire for worship.

It is striking to note that every country on earth is represented by an animal. South Africa’s national animal is the springbok (buck), while the Chinese have the panda, the Russians have the bear and the Americans have the eagle. And Italy, where Rome is, has the wolf. Therefore if nations are represented by animals, then there is a hunter who has studied the nature of all these animals and knows how to capture and trap them. There is a hunter, who is the man of sin. He come comes as a wolf, seeking to devour the sheep.


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