Absolom – A Hunter

Absolom – A Hunter

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: November 2014

Scripture: 2 Samuel 15:1

As he read the scripture, Pastor Brian Naidoo observed that Absolom, as the son of David the King, was only a Prince in terms of rank. Yet despite this obvious fact, he had ambitions beyond his station in life. He wanted to be a king. That is exactly what the devil himself personally desired from the beginning. Satan wanted to be king in heaven as well. But the good news is that the devil cannot take our position as kings. God has ensured that we are ordained by Himself as kings and priests unto Him for ever. And, worse still, there is no blood (redemption) for Satan, nor for his angels. Blood pertains to the human race, as indeed Abel had a revelation of blood, which identified him with his sacrifice.

Absolom loves to kiss. But the kiss is one of death. It is hypocritical. It is through these hypocritical kissing gestures of pretended love that he wins the hearts of the people of Israel. He talks of the vow which he made in Geshur (a place in Syria), and mentions his intentions to go to Hebron. Now the word Geshur means Land of the Hunt. From that land of the hunt, Absolom wants to go the Hebron, which is the Land of the Resurrection. It is in Hebron that we find such gallant characters like Rahab and Sarah buried. It is the same land in which king David himself reigned for the first seven years of his ministry as God’s appointed shepherd for Israel.

It is quite strange that the Pope is coming up with claims that he is Malachi 4. Obviously like Absolom, who ran a spy network in Israel, the Catholic hierarchy knows the teachings of the Message of the Hour and is trying to distort the Message.

Absolom issued a code, through sound, that as soon as that trumpet is heard, the people should shout that Absolom reigns. It is the same which the world system has issued out in the form of cartoon networks, spy networks, entertainment networks and so on. All these systems are meant to promote the ascension into power of the man of sin. Absolom himself approached all people, from priests (religious realm) to statesmen (politics) to individuals. No system was left out and no one was left out. And from Jerusalem, Absolom launches his attack.

The Prophet says we are now quickened and the word NOW speaks of present tense. This quickening power, like the oil which ran from Aaron’s head through the beard and all the way down to the feet, starts from the head and goes all the way to the feet. See how in the Upper Room the 120 disciples were quickened. So powerful was the quickening power that they could not speak with mortal tongue. They spoke a language that even angels do not understand. Whereas angels only know to say Holy, Holy, Holy Unto the Lord, human beings surpass that with Blessings, Honour, Praise, Glory to the King. John’s worship on the Isle of Patmos when the Book was opened differs from Holy Holy chant of angels in God’s presence. There is a transfiguration of language in the believer. If one may ask where the believer is going, the answer is Heaven. And if the question comes again asking where is the believer sitting right now, still the answer is Heaven. We are in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and our language has changed to reflect this revelation. Therefore if we are in heaven (which is made up of the Word) we ought therefore to talk more about the Word.

The rapture is especially associated with the Seven Seals. The seven seals and the rapture go together. Of course, that does not mean there is no salvation outside the revelation of the seals. For example, Lot was saved through the intercession of Abraham. Yet to Abraham himself was granted the extra privilege of change of body, which Lot did not experience. Lot was only given salvation but not the change of the body.

In the Upper Room the disciples spoke with tongues. Modern day obsession with speaking in tongues by the Pentecostals points to that Upper Room anointing. Yet there is more to the Holy Ghost than speaking in tongues. The great apostle to the gentiles, Saint Paul, was not in the Upper Room with the rest of the disciples. Yet he could stand chest-to-chest with Peter, a man given the keys of the kingdom, and correct him on Christian conduct. The same happened in our day. Pentecost came in Azusa Street. Yet there is one who was born out of season, the Prophet William Marrion Branham, who was not even there at Azusa Street’s Pentecost. And he could teach supernatural things which Pentecost, as spiritual babies, could not understand. The same applies to us. We were not there with the Prophet when the Message of Hour went out. We were born out of season too.

There are three stages to the development of babies. There is the union stage, which initiates the embryo as primary stage. Then the embryo becomes a foetus at the secondary level before the actual baby in the third and final stage. And it so happens, in the process of time, that the baby sends out reports indicating it is alive through kicking. Already, on the outside, the Father is aware of the baby’s development and they are busy preparing. The preparation by the father is a perfect type of the statement made by the Lord Jesus Christ that He is going to prepare us a place. So it happens that sooner or later the baby outgrows the womb. The baby is too mature for the womb. The baby wants to come out. But while in the womb, the baby cannot see the outside. It is like blind to the outside world. It is, effectively, in Laodicea. Then the three stages of grace are needed for the baby to come out of that condition. The process starts off with water, which comes out before the baby is born. Then later comes the blood, which also comes out prior to birth. The final stage is the spirit, which will be waiting on the outside to inhabit the new vessel as it comes out. The spirit waits to receive the baby.

The baby then sees the father for the first time. And there are many other new things to be seen, like transportation systems and so on. But the point is that the baby is on a journey back to God. As the baby grows under the father, spiritually speaking, which is the ministry of the local church, the time comes sooner or later that the baby will say thank you, spiritual father (Spoken Word Tabernacle, for example). But how does the father know of the baby’s development and imminent coming out into the world? It is through the expertise of well-trained doctors who studied obstetrics and gynaecology, which are just a type of the preaching ministry of today. Preachers tell the news of the baby’s coming and developments thereof. As the preaching goes carries on from the outside, there are cravings happening on the inside through the mother. While the baby gets tired of the dark world and wants to come out, the mother develops strange and curious desires for at times exotic foodstuffs etc. The mother craves for church attendance and fellowship, she craves for faith, for virtue, for knowledge, for temperance, patience etc. She craves for the manifestation of the Stature of A Perfect Man.

The church is just an incubator. God unites with the bride and plants his seed in her. And God has confidence in the seed he plants. That is why we see Him coming down in 1963 to unite with the bride. And with God, there is no deformed children. And the doctors (gynaecologists) go about measuring the baby’s head, taking measurements to determine the development of the baby on the inside, which is very important, on a spiritual level, as the ministry goes through the same procedures with the flock that God has made them overseers of.

The Lord Jesus Christ spoke of the ability to discern the skies, which give people clues on earth of the kind of weather that would prevail. And the devil comes around, as a perverter, to re-arrange the weather and throw people off-track. Such claims like Jesus was born in December, which is the wrong season and time of the year, are meant to throw off the people. Yet the Lord Jesus Christ was born in April, as a Ram, in the perfect season for the perfect ministry of redemption.

We should not worry about mortal life, which we leave behind. We are actually going to a higher order of life. In that land of higher order life, there is no Eskom electricity black-outs, there are no fuel challenges. We will be travelling at the speed of light. Just at the speed at which we close our eyes, we would have already travelled to meet our loved ones.

Let us look at Mt. Transfiguration when Moses and Elijah came to meet Jesus Christ with his three disciples Peter, James and John. How did the disciples know Moses and Elijah? These are Old Testament saints appearing in another age. And how did Elijah, separated by hundreds of years, know Moses, who lived before him? And how are we going to know our Father Abraham? In that transfiguration time, we will know. If we are a part of the body, we will know the other parts of the body that make us one. As the hand knows the foot and the eye knows the ear or shoulder, we will know one another. We are part of the same body of Christ.

That is why the wife is able to understand the husband. The wife knows the anger and mood swings of the husband. She knows the spells of jealousy that the husband may go through. And we must be thankful to God for marrying us as His wife. With time, we get to know our beloved Husband very well. That is why John, in the book of Revelations, turned to see the Voice. The Voice could be seen. And to see is to understand. As bride of Christ, we have understanding of the book of Revelation, which the denominations do not have. They might know the churches in Asia Minor, as do the 7th Day Adventists, but fail to place the stars, which are closely associated with the churches.

As the bride we are privileged to know that God can act out of the ordinary in order to keep His Word. For example, David was a king, a man after God’s own heart. As leader of Israel, he dispensed kingly duties. He was also a prophet. He foreshadowed the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and spoke of his death under prophecy without actually saying Thus Saith The Lord. And, although not of the tribe of Levi, he occupied the role of priest as well by offering sacrifices unto the Lord.

The title of the Message, Absolom – A hunter reminds us of the fact that God is a hunter too. As a hunter, he followed Adam when he fell in Eden. At the same time, there was another hunter too who chased after Eve. In the animal kingdom of the jungle, the weakest of the species are always the easy target. That is why the beast hunted Eve while God chased after Adam. Another Eve is on the scene today, which is the bride. Though she can be hunted, she cannot be trapped.

The beast was the one which was higher than all the animals of the kingdom. In Genesis, the scripture mentions that God created the beast (singular) of the field. This beast was an upright man without a soul. It was an animal in Genesis, but is a system today. And the same beast system will wind up in battle of Armageddon.

In the book of Revelation, rapture occurred when John was summoned to come up higher at the end of the Seven Church Ages. John was caught up in the bride age, where were are living now. How was it possible that John, a man living after Pentecost, could be caught up in our day and age? He was in the spirit. That is why even when they boiled him in oil for 24 hours, he was still alive afterwards. The earthly elements recognised John to be the bride. The same recognition was given to Paul by the serpent that bit him. The poison refused to destroy the life in Paul. Yet people missed John as the man for the hour, and Paul was dismissed as the messenger of his day. But nature could discern. In our day, fish acknowledged William Branham, as did the storm and the squirrels and hornets. The Prophet spoke under inspiration which was given of God when he ministered under the Third Pull. He did not ask but the inspiration came from God.

That explains why, when God had instructed Adam to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, Adam did not do that right away. The reason: he was waiting for the inspiration. This aspect of waiting for inspiration is critical in the homes, in the church and in the individual’s life. That waiting time becomes a trying time. The time that we wait for inspiration becomes the time of temptation and trials. Marriage must be inspired too.

The Prophet gives the example of Mr Way, who died in the tabernacle because he resented what the Prophet had said from the pulpit under God’s anointing. In our day the same is happening as well. People may not die naturally, but spiritually they may be dead and cold, whatever they do does not prosper because of the curse of death on their life. The reason is irreverence. And when a man is irreverent, God deals with his environment. This is what God did with Adam, he cursed the earth for his sake. All things surrounding that man will not be in order.

Eve was supposed to be first woman to bring forth the Lord Jesus Christ as a Spoken Word Son of God. But the beast deceived her. The beast left his wife and went to Eve. A critic at one time questioned the minister on where he found the scripture that the serpent had a wife. The preacher replied that according to God’s creative order, he made the creatures male and female. In any case, when the issue of loneliness is raised by God, it is only reported that Adam was lonely, as the rest of the animal kingdom had their respective mates. The critic went on to say that if God cursed the serpent, where is the wife of the serpent today? The Pastor replied that when God curses a man, he curses the entire family of that man.

We must be careful with our words. In marriage, it is the vow that marries us, not intercourse. Adam was married to Eve by virtue of his claim on her which came out of his mouth and was recorded in the Bible. When Adam said to Eve, thou art bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, and shall be called woman that was a vow which bound him to Eve.

Living in the eagle age with prophetic anointing, we ought to recognise how blessed we are. The enemy we are fighting is earthbound. He comes, as the scripture says, as a roaring lion seeking to devour us. But we are living under the anointing of the eagle, which is an air borne creature. The devil is no match for us. No lion can come to the heights in which the eagle builds her nest. Nor serpent can come there either. In any case, serpents are actually food to the eagles.

Adam had the image of God in him before the fall. That is why he had so much power because the likeness and image of God was in him. This simply means that without the image of God in us, there is no power we can claim.

The woman was given three sacred trusts by God. She must be careful with her womanhood, her motherhood and virginity. How a woman conducts herself before men is very telling. Eve failed to conduct herself right before the serpent and fell.

Adam was given the amnesia test. The task of naming the animals was meant to test whether Adam would remember who he was.

The issue of a hunter in the kingdom runs throughout the human history. In the garden of Eden, it was a beast, a man without a soul who hunted and trapped Eve in the knowledge system. After the flood the hunting spirit was incarnate in a man called Nimrod who orchestrated the construction of the Tower of Babel in defiance of God. Finally the hunting spirit in our day, after the cross, is now hidden in a system – the Roman System.

There is always a contest between Good and Evil. The beast in Genesis was created on the 6th day, just about the same day that man was created. This idea of twins is repeated in the scenes of Moses and Pharaoh respectively. It is the same set up of John The Baptist and Herod. In the Prophet’s time, it is William Branham and the Papacy.

People are killed and sometimes paralysed due to their attitude to the Word. There is a man who attempted to hypnotise the Prophet but the Holy Ghost exposed him. Mr Way resented the Prophet’s Message and died in the congregation in 1964. It took a man with prophetic insight and the ability to hear from God to go and retrieve Mr Way from that dimension of souls in prison, where he was trapped between earth and hell on his downward descent to the regions of the lost.

In the churches of today, the hunter is still around, shooting some poisoned arrows at someone from within the church so that the poison can spread throughout the congregation. 


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