Absolute Life Part 2: Rahab – Type Of The True Believer

Absolute Life Part 2: Rahab – Type Of The True Believer

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2015

 Date: Sunday, 02 August 2015

 Scripture: Joshua 2; Joshua 6:16-17

An absolute is the ultimate in terms of power. It is that which is final, and that which one cannot improve upon. The Lord Jesus Christ is the absolute, while those whose life foretold His coming only spoke and lived as prophetic signposts pointing to the coming of the reality. Therefore Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David and all other heroes of faith pointed to the Absolute by way of progressive revelation. It is like the stages in botany life, where a blade springs up, followed by the stalk and then the tassel. All these stages of plant life are simply building blocks to the absolute, which is the seed. As believers of Christ in the final age, we are the absolute as the Bride of Jesus Christ. All other characters in the Bible were expressions and shadows of us, who are the reality. In the court systems of the world, the Supreme Court stands as the absolute while in sports there is the umpire who has the final say over the match. Players in the game may have their own opinions about the match but their opinions cannot override the umpire’s decision. In the roads, the traffic light is the absolute, (although unruly taxi drivers do violate the robots). For the ship sailing on the seas, the anchor is the absolute. The anchor allows the ship to remain steady in times of storms. In the world of denominationalism, the World Council of Churches (WCC) is the absolute for the nominal church. In the local sovereign church, the Pastor is the absolute with the final say. The life cycle of a butterfly shows the different stages the insect goes through before it becomes a beautiful flying thing reflecting the colours of the rainbow. At one time, the butterfly exists in the form of a worm. But when it comes out of that cocoon and becomes a butterfly, it does not wish to go back to being a wriggling worm. Rahab the harlot was known as a woman of ill fame at one stage but later became the grandmother of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is numbered in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and her name is written in the chronicles. She is remembered in the Bible for something which she did while she was still a harlot and becomes connected with the heroes of faith as her name gets engraved in the history of Israel. Rahab hides the spies when they come to spy out the land of Jericho. She knew what to do with the spies in the same way the church knows what to do with the Word, as says the Prophet. When the king asks about the two men who come to her house, Rahab tells a lie saying the men are departed already. Over and above her prostitution business, she lies just like were also were in spiritual prostitution with the denominations and came to the world speaking lies. God’s predestination baffles the mind. And no one can ask God about His decisions. God is no respecter of persons in his elective love. Here we see Rahab marrying Salmon. From that union comes Boaz the kinsman redeemer, who gives birth to Obed through Ruth, then Obed gives birth to Jesse, who fathers David the king. As the Prophet says, Salman is the one who founded Bethlehem, and Salmon’s history is tied up with that of Rahab. The Prophet says the Bible tells us nothing about Rahab’s history. He then prophetically traces her genealogy to find out why she ended up in prostitution. The Prophet says she wanted to support her crippled mother, and began selling her morals for a living to sustain her family. Yet all the time she was in this immoral business, she knew she was wrong. Later on, there came some preachers who preached the sermons of a true God in Israel, and she responded to that Message. From the spiritual prostitution of being a Methodist, Baptist, Assemblies, Pentecostal etc for example, she believed the Message of her day. She did not ask for signs, which those who went with Moses saw. She did not take part in the miracles of exodus of God’s people under the leadership of Moses. She only heard of the exploits done by God. She only heard of the testimonies. But she believed without seeing, and the Prophet says that greater is he who believes without seeing. She was not like a doubting Thomas. In the first exodus, those who saw the miracles of God through Moses perished in the wilderness regardless of witnessing the great works of God. This teaches us that it is not the signs that matter. It is not the miracles which matter. It is the absolute, the Word of God, which is important. It is the change of nature which takes a sinner and converts them into a saint of God. Whereas Rahab only asked for mercy, she got more than what she asked for. She got eternal life and a part in the holy scriptures. The Prophet says that should the rapture take place today, ignorance is no court of appeal from the judgements of God if one is found in the wrong ranks. That is why we need to testify to our loved ones. Rahab got all her loved ones under her roof. This encourages us to always be in every church service. Our loved ones will be saved only under the token which came with the Message she heard. For in each and every service we attend, there will be precept laid upon precept, and line upon line which will be building us up into the absolute of the day as the Bride of Christ. Let us testify to others, regardless of how poor our grammar is. Like the missionary brother from Randfontein assembly who remarked that he was trying to win souls to God with broken English while those with perfect grammar are doing nothing. Let us avoid being judgemental of those who are striving to do something for God. We should note that Rahab is our negative, and we are the positive – the ultimate reality – the absolute. Rahab comes at the end of the ministry of Moses and the start of Joshua’s ministry. She appears at the junction. And in our day, we see that both the ministry of Moses and Joshua are both enshrined in the ministry of one messenger to the age. Although Moses’s ministry abounded with great miracles and signs and wonders, few people managed to make it. The Joshua ministry did not prominently feature with signs and wonders, but it placed the people positionally in the land. The Joshua ministry is a type of the end time Prophet through whose ministry the Holy Ghost places the church in order. We have moved from the natural land in Joshua’s time to the spiritual land in our day. In the Church Age Book, the Prophet says that the Bride will speak the Word and God will perform it. Not only will the Bride have the faith to speak the Word, she is also actually the fulfilment of the prophecy herself. The scripture says there will be a Bride without spot or wrinkle and here were are today. The promise of our deliverance is hidden in us. We are like Rahab who had a secret within her about her salvation. That promise is hidden to the world outside. It remains invisible to the outside world but is nevertheless our title deeds. It is the token which we already have. And that token removes fear from us. We just need to let the Message of the Hour into our hearts and all fear will vanish from us. We become like Rahab, who knew of the impending judgement of the city but was not afraid. The reason we sometimes fail to see the token is because of our attitude. For example, if a baby is learning to walk and stumbles and falls, do we go outright and say that the baby is lacking the human spirit? Do we launch a campaign saying the baby needs more of that human capacity in order to walk? Do we say the child needs more of the human spirit? But we do that in the spiritual realms when someone makes a mistake. We are quick to say that they lack the Holy Ghost and that they need more of the Holy Ghost. It is striking to note that Rahab had the scarlet cloth all along in her home. The problem is that she did not know how to apply it. The cloth was there all the time. Only the Message which was preached to her made the difference. The Message equipped her with knowledge of the order of events. When she heard the trumpet sound, when she heard the shout, then she positioned herself appropriately for deliverance. Like Rahab with the scarlet cloth in the house, we also have been having the genes of God in us while in the world. We were only suffering from amnesia, which was wiped away by the Message of the day. As the trumpet sounded and the shout went up, Rahab remembered the Message from the spies. It was full obedience to the Word which entitled her to the token. If God did not break His covenant with Rahab, He will not break the same covenant with us. That is why we need to bring our loved ones in so that their blood is not on our hands. But why did God place Rahab in that wall of Jericho which was predestinated to fall? Why has God placed us in this world which is marked for sure judgement by fire? God made it so because Rahab was indestructible in the first place. Rahab was imperishable. Rahab was immortal. Rahab was eternal. Rahab was enduring. She walked over the ashes of the wicked, as the Bride will do. This is shown in the testimonies of the believers who work in the towers that were bombed. None of the brethren suffered death in those buildings. Similarly, Tsunamis and earthquakes have taken place in several parts of the world but the true Bride has always been saved from these judgements. We cannot be destroyed. We came from God and we go back to God. It is a fact that agriculture was the major economic activity boosting economies after 1st Word War. Agriculture was followed by Industry as the major activity after 2nd World War. Today, we have entertainment as the greatest source of economic activity for the countries in the world. That is why Television and picture shows etc are popular. It is in this same age of entertainment that we must overcome as the Bride of Christ. We see how Adam took fallen Eve and saved her. We see how Moses took Zipporah who was outside the commonwealth of Israel. We see how Salmon took Rahab who was a gentile. And the only thing which transformed Rahab was her union with Salmon. Without the union, she was still Rahab the harlot. But after the union, she is the great grandmother of Christ in the flesh. She gave birth to the kinsman redeemer. We will also give birth to Word which has impregnated us. It is the Word, the opening of the Word, which excites us. It is not the miracles which the Prophet did, though they were many.


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