Abstract Title Deed

Abstract Title Deed

Speaker: Tim Myers

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Deuteronomy 25:5; Revelation 5:1

The Minister started off defining an Abstract Title Deed as a bundle of rights, it’s your proof of ownership and if you own a property you own everything from that parcel of land to the centre of the earth; everything on the surface of that parcel of land (trees included); everything from that parcel of land and 500 feet above it. You can sell a parcel of land and keep back some of the rights (whether it be air rights, water rights, mineral rights, etc.).  He also related a few stories underlining the importance of these rights and the strength of your legal argument for these rights if any infringements occur. Adam had the abstract title deed and could move mountains and trees by Spoken Word. Bro Tim also mentioned that football players enjoyed winning home games but loved it more to win the away games.

Therefore for believers it’s a sweeter victory to beat Satan on his own territory, God gave us this opportunity. The Minister emphasised the believer’s association with the Supernatural as the reality of Christian life, more so in view of the fact that the Abstract Title Deed has come. We have claims to what Adam lost in the Garden of Eden. He mentioned that the Theophany acts as an energiser to the believer, inspiring the worshipper into better communion with their Maker. The Minister made reference to the Mighty Angel in Revelation who comes down clothed with a cloud, with a rainbow around his head. The Mighty Angel places one foot on the sea and the other on the land, signifying possession. It is a Scriptural fact that footsteps means possession as Joshua was told that wherever the sole of his foot had stepped on was his inheritance. The same cloud was seen in our day. It accompanied the opening of the seals. And we believe the Mystery Cloud of 28 February 1963 which ties up with the rest of the scriptures in the Bible.

In fact, rejection of the Mystery Cloud shows poor understanding of the Bible. It portrays lack of divine revelation in the critics. How remarkable it is that in Revelations 5 the book is closed but some five chapters later in Revelations 10:10, the book is open. The number 5 according to the numerology of the Bible speaks of grace. Thus in Revelations 10:10, there is double grace as the bride eats up the book causing man and the book to be one: the life of the bride reflecting the life of the Bridegroom. After the Lamb’s opening of the Seals and the preaching thereof through the ministry of the Prophet, the true meaning of justification was given. The Prophet says that justification means that you have not done it in the first place, there is no sin imputed unto thee. You stand blameless in the eyes of God. That is why, after opening of the Seals, great sermons like Works is Faith Expressed, Marriage and Divorce, Future Home of the Heavenly Bridegroom and Earthly Bride.

We have a future home, which God goes to great lengths to describe. And if one asks us the dimensions of our home, what do we say? And God has provided the accurate measurements of the future home as 1500miles long and 1500miles wide and 1500miles high. And speaking of dimensions, the minister recalled seeing aeroplanes flying in the sky and noting that the average altitude is 5 miles. Now if the Future Home is 1500miles high, that means that it is 300 times higher than the height at which aeroplanes fly. What an amazing home in which the Lamb is the cornerstone! The importance of the Abstract Title Deed cannot be over-emphasised. When one believes in the Lord, they gain access to the Title Deed, which is not an end in itself. When one goes further to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, they access the Abstract Title Deed itself. With the Abstract Title Deed, all hereditary problems are broken whether they be heart troubles, cancers, diabetes and others.

The Minister mentions that he believes in a practical God. About three years ago, he received a letter from the Probate Court. The letter contained a will left behind by their neighbour. This neighbouring farmer lived alone and had no children. Worse still, she did profess to believe in God. However, she regarded Brother Tim Meyers and her sister as her children. Now at the opening of the will it was revealed that Brother Tim Meyers was heir to the farm. As a farm boy, born and raised on a farm, the minister always had a desire for a farm of his own. Now when he found his name written in the will after the death of the testator, for the testament comes into effect only after the death of the testator as the scripture says, the Minister could not contain his joy. He considered how had walked over that farm a number of times without a revelation that his name was written on the farm. How much like the believer in our day.

The Seal of ownership had to be broken to reveal the inheritance of the farm. How the Minister drove around the farm on a tractor, taking measurements and appreciating the profoundness of the inheritance. As Christians too, when it comes to inheritance, we have to do everything to find out the scope and dimensions of what belongs to us. We may have travelled the road of life for long without knowing that we are heirs with God, but when the Seal of election is broken, we need to take charge and claim our possession. We have the Holy Ghost as the Enforcer of Claims. The Minister recalls how Brother Evans’ car was stolen at one time. Efforts were made to recover it but to no avail. Brothers had travelled 700 miles one way and another 700 miles back looking for the car. Finally, the 5 brothers went on their knees to plead their case before God. And the Holy Ghost went into action. The Enforcer pursued the thief and smote him with guild, convicting his heart and arrested the driver. We have an Enforcer with us. In the case of the stolen car, the Enforcer even knew the colour of the car – yellow. And when the car was brought back, the tank was half full with gasoline (petrol). Let us send the Holy Ghost to our children and believe that one day, He will get a hold of them.

There was a prayerful mother who had a son started to backslide on God. The young man took to sports, playing basketball and closing God out of his life. However, the mother mentioned to him that when the young man leaves, she will not leave the bedside post where she prays from, pleading and mentioning his name to God in prayer. Out, the young man went as usual to play basketball. But the Enforcer on this particular day had his summons ready. Out there in the playing grounds, the young man collapsed and had to be taken up on a stretcher as an emergency case of death. The diagnosis was that a severe TB attack had taken place. It was not known before that the young man had TB. Be that as it may, when the stretcher arrived home with the bedridden son, the mother, in her heart as a praying woman, was happy that God had answered prayer. Such was the faith of Zacheus’ wife according to the Prophet. Although there is no record of her name in the Bible, the Prophet calls her Rebecca. And the Prophet mentions how Rebecca prayed and interceded for her husband. One day God heard her prayer.

The Enforcer went to her husband, who suddenly wanted to see this Jesus whom his wife believed in. however, Zacheus waited under the camouflage of tree leaves of the sycamore tree planted along the road. The Prophet mentions that perhaps Zacheus had a praying mother, whose prayer was still laying at God’s altar regardless of the fact that she was no longer there at the time. This is an important principle of God that no matter what prayer has been made before; it will one day take effect. The prayer will be answered. The manifestation will come to pass. Brother Tim Meyers mentions how his family is caught up in denominations. Parents in Methodist and siblings in Catholicism and so forth. Yet he still believes God will make a way for them. He mentioned a minister by the name of George Miller who ran an orphanage. When things were hard and there was no food for the children, George Miller went set up at the table with the children to eat. Prayer was made thanking God for the food. After opening eyes, the plates stood there empty. A second round of prayer was made praising God for his benevolence. Still the plates remained empty. Then a third attempt was made and as they finished the prayer, a knock came on the door. Upon opening the door, there stood the bread man himself staggering under a load of loaves. He mentioned how, as he was navigating the road, somehow he lost control and overturned. His cargo of bread was no longer sales worthy and had brought it to the orphanage wondering if they could have need for it. The same God who answered George Miller’s prayer is here today to answer our prayers too.

As David says, God’s children have never been forsaken nor left stranded to beg for bread. The Minister mentioned a personal testimony of how he overcame allergies. Every time in spring, he always believed that it was allergy season because that is what everybody said. Yet this particular winter, after taking pills to no avail to combat his negative reaction to the season, he broke the cycle of allergy vulnerability. He listened to Pastor Tim Humes preaching about Blind Bartimeaus. In those days for beggars to be authorised to take to street corners, a rigorous vetting and screening exercise was made by the Levites. They would assess whether the person really qualified and met all the criteria of beggar status. Thereafter, they would give a garment for begging, an emblem that the beggar has passed. Such a garment is what Blind Bartimeaus wore while plying his begging trade on the streets of Israel.

The Minister asked the congregation, whose garment are you wearing today? As the sermon went forth, Brother Tim Meyers realised that he was wearing an allergy garment. He also realised that he did not want it any longer. The faith that Joshua expressed in stopping the natural sun in the sky is the same faith that Blind Bartimeaus displayed when, this time around, he stopped the S-O-N in his tracks. Before Bartimeaus could come to Jesus, he dropped that begging garment which identified him with his old state of alms-seeking. We need to take off those garments of discouragement, doubt, diabetes or any other sickness and stand up to meet our healer, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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