Behold A Woman At His Feet

Behold A Woman At His Feet

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: May 2015

 Date: Sunday, 10 May 2015

 Scripture: Ruth 3:8

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, the minister blessed three prominent women in his life being his mother firstly, followed by his mother-in-law and then his wife. Lastly, he blessed all mothers in the sanctuary and praised the virtues of motherhood which God bestowed upon women. Unlike men who do not give birth, women are the carriers of life and occupy a special place in God’s purpose. That is why they were given to men as helpers. Even Adam in the Garden of Eden, in a perfect world, had need of a helper. Now that we are in an imperfect world, we have even greater need of helpers. Those who claim they don’t need help are contrary to the scripture. If the Prophet desired a new burst of faith after the opening of the Seals, we have even greater need for a new burst of faith. The Prophet saw the great darkness of the hour and cried out for a new faith. Spoken Word Tabernacle (SWT) needs that new faith, like the disciples in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ who cried out, Help our unbelief Lord and increase our faith. Without that renewal, there is the trap of church ritual which does not produce the life of Christ. There is a spell of coldness in the church; there is fear of loneliness among the young people. But God loves loneliness because He speaks in such moments. He spoke to Elijah in his loneliness and He will speak to us in our own loneliness if we turn to Him. Like Ruth, the Moabite woman with a perverted birth and was automatically disqualified from being a part of Israel, we are also unworthy because of our natural birth. Our natural birth condemns us from the very start. That is why we need the new birth which then qualifies us. The Jews in the natural know that they are the chosen people of God, and they have a spiritual arrogance towards the gentiles that they can’t teach them a thing about their God. But we are the spiritual Israel which needs to know its position and hold our chest out against the devil in spiritual arrogance against wickedness, against the lust of the flesh, against the lust of the eyes, against the pride of life. The only way that Ruth became part of the Jewish lineage was through marriage, just like ourselves today. Ruth comes into the picture at a time of the Judges. This is the time when Joshua is off the scene, and there is no king in the land. This is a beautiful parallel of our time. The Prophet is off the scene and we are waiting for the coming king. But in the absence of the king, every man did that which was right in his own eyes, just like today. We see teachings and doctrines that are good in the eyes of those who believe them but these are coming up because we are waiting for the king. Yet the king is already here, and we need to be aware of His presence. When He came down in Revelation 10:1 He did not go back, He is still around. The Holy Ghost is still around and we need to walk consciously, we need to live right and walk right in His presence. Ruth appears in the Promised Land where surprisingly, we find 7 tribes right in the land without any inheritance. Although they have been given their respective portions, they have not stepped forward to claim their and fight the inhabitants off. Instead, they are sharing the land with the very people whom they must displace. This shows us that being in the Promised Land is not enough, just like being in the Message is not sufficient. Moses was 120 years in the Message of his day but still failed to make it after all those years. Even being with Moses is not enough. Having walked with him is not enough even in our day. There is no advantage of having walked with Malachi 4 if, at the end, we fail to make it to the Promised Land like Moses. But there were men like Caleb in the Promised Land who claimed their mountain. They claimed that spiritual pyramid which is the stature of a perfect man. And having claimed his mountain, he was able to bless his children with the inheritance, and gave wells to them, from the upper coasts to the lower coasts, even giving to his daughters. The 7 tribes which do not have an inheritance in the Promised Land are a type of the 7 church ages. In the 7 church ages we see how the first tribe of Paul and his group fail to inherit what the Bride today has inherited. So did Irenaeus and his group, Martin and his group, Columba and so on. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord for us to be lifted up. That is why God sometimes afflicts us to bring us back to humility. He can bankrupt our bank accounts, our jobs, our businesses and so on to make us listen. God only desires us to listen to him so he brings impoverishment on us. But poverty itself is not of God, for God’s children are not meant to be poor. Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Job and all of them had great possessions in terms of material wealth. We need to learn from the approach used by Ruth in going up to Boaz. She goes to his feet in secret, and she is later on rewarded in public even as the scripture says. And when Boaz opens his eyes, behold, there is a woman at his feet. Being at the feet is the right position for the bride, for the church, which is being in prayer. That is why the scripture says heaven is God’s throne but the earth is God’s footstool, where we need to be on our knees in prayer. When John sees the Mighty Angel, he falls down as dead, he is lying prostrate at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. And John types the Bride in the Book of Revelation, which runs in continuity with the theme of the woman at the feet of the Lord. Another woman at his feet is the ill-famed woman who goes to Simon the Pharisees’ house and washes the Lord Jesus Christ’s feet with her tears and hair. She is found at the right position, at the Master’s feet, and her sins are forgiven. Because she had more forgiven unto her, she had more reasons to love. She loved more while Simon the host loved less because of the less sins which were forgiven him. But as Simon thought in his heart, the Lord discerned his thoughts and addressed them while speaking to the woman at the same time, just like the Word does when it goes forth to help another while condemning another simultaneously. Mary, the sister of Lazarus, always loved to be at the Lord Jesus Christ’s feet. She sat at one time till her sister Martha complained that she was the only one doing the house work while Mary listened to the Lord. The Lord replied that Martha was worrying over many things while Mary had chosen the good part. It is better to be at the feet of the Word when He comes in the house. Later on, we see the same Mary falling at the Lord’s feet when Lazarus passes away. She had learned from Christ’s teaching in the house and now she was applying that same teaching in real life. The woman Ruth managed to get Boaz’s attention because she was being instructed by another woman, which is Naomi. Naomi is the type of the church which gives basic instructions to the believer. 


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