Believe and Receive God’s Gift – Work the works of God

Believe and Receive God’s Gift – Work the works of God

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: September 2015

 Scripture: Exodus 23:20-26; John 6:26-29

In the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, the people gathered around Him because of the food. They were not drawn by the miracles which followed the ministry, but by the food which was provided. The same applies today. People gather around the ministry for material benefits to be derived. People come for natural food parcels and for the need to be entertained in order to feel good. When the people asked what they could do in order to work the works of God, the Lord Jesus Christ replied that following the one sent by God is the very act of working the works of God. In the first exodus, they had to believe in Moses. Christ was veiled behind Moses. That is why Moses could stand in the gap and intercede for the people when God wanted to destroy them in the wilderness. Moses was the earthly representative who pleaded for mercy for the people and the people were saved as long as the earthly representative was there interceding. God works through the one he has sent. That is why Christ will say to the others on the Judgement Day, Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you. These people did not come in the provided way of following the one sent. They were not known by God. They were not conceived of God. For when the Bible says Adam knew Eve, it talks of conception – that is to say, Eve conceived of Adam. So Christ will dismiss all those who work wonders without being born of God. God has sent many characters to His chosen people and they missed their visitation. Joseph was God’s gift to the children of Israel but they rejected him and went into bondage instead. But the same gift which they rejected worked a way for their salvation, regardless of them not wanting the gift. So as they rejected Joseph, that was a type of the Jews rejecting Christ. But Joseph was accepted in Egypt, which is a gentile nation, foretelling the fact that when the Jews would reject Christ, He would be believed by the gentiles during the gentile dispensation. In being thrown into the pit by his brothers, Joseph was acting out how Christ would be buried in the grave after the crucifixion. And when Joseph is promoted to sit on the right hand of Pharaoh at the age of 30, that is the type of Christ sitting on the right hand of the father. We must be careful for we will reap what we sow. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt and they also ended up being in bondage in the same country. For God so loved Israel that He gave them Joseph. For God so loved the earth that He gave it Adam. For God so loved the world that He gave them Solomon. In our day, God has so loved the world that He has given us Malachi 4 prophet. These are the people that God has sent, and we should believe in them. As the one sent to the world, Joseph picked the mind of the king by the gift which he had. That gift enabled him Joseph to have the same mind as the king. What was on the king’s mind came to be in Joseph’s mind as well. That is why they had to blow a trumpet when Joseph was coming, just like Christ at whose name every knee should bow and confess that He is king. Joseph speaks in an unknown tongue to his brothers when they come for food in Egypt. The first pull of Joseph was the gathering in of the people. That gathering is a good type of the feast of tabernacles. The brothers see Joseph but fail to recognise him because of amnesia. But Joseph did not have amnesia. He knew them from the start. And when he saw them coming and bowing, he remembered his dreams. There we see his dreams being fulfilled right in their sight. Since Joseph’s brothers were not repentant yet, Joseph has to extract confession from them by putting the silver cup in Benjamin’s sack. The silver cup speaks of redemption. It shows that only one person found redemption in the eyes of Joseph, the one sent. And little Benjamin is a full-blooded brother of Joseph from the same womb of Rachel. When the brothers report to Jacob that the man in charge of the food in Egypt wanted Benjamin to be brought to him, Jacob gets more worried. Already the first son of Rachel, Joseph, was no more. And now they wanted to let Benjamin leave also. Jacob observed that only the children of his love wife Rachel were the ones targeted just like the first and second Adam. When Benjamin had to be brought to Joseph in Egypt, Judah becomes the mediator standing between the father in Canaan and judgement (Joseph) in Egypt. And because Benjamin was found to have the silver cup in his sack, the brothers had to confess their wrong. It had to take Joseph to play that silver-cup trick to get his brothers to confess and repent. When Joseph starts revealing himself to his brothers, he throws off the Egyptian garments and the Egyptian mask, which is the process of breaking the seals. But the wife is already out of sight – she is right in the chamber, which is the rapture in shadow form. According to Psalms, Joseph’s shows the marks from the fetters and chains which were used to bind him. Joseph had marks, which are not recorded in the book of Genesis but are mentioned in Psalms by the prophet David. In revealing himself to his brethren, Joseph is at the second pull of his ministry. In Joseph’s third pull, he calls for all his loved ones in Canaan to come to him. Altogether the Bible records 70 souls that came to Egypt in the third pull. Let us be watchful that we do not worship denominational spirits which sing in church songs like One Love from Bob Marley. That worldly kind of one love is wrong. For the Bible says that when people begin to say peace, peace, then sudden destruction will come. God does not care about big numbers. He sent Moses to Egypt to bring only 2 people in the Promised Land: Joshua and Caleb. And he gave the entire earth to only two people at the beginning: Adam and Eve. Let us fight for our inheritance. For God wants us to fight. He gave the land to the people but did not remove the inhabitants of the land from it. The children of Israel had to fight to remove them. God only prepared the land, the rest the people had to strive for on their own. God only works on soil as He will also purify the earth for our habitation. God has given us Elijah, who is a blessing to us before that great and dreadful day of the Lord. Elijah comes to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. He comes to be a blessing. The curse only comes after the blessing. Therefore Elijah is God’s gift to the world today.


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