Believe and Receive God’s Gift

Believe and Receive God’s Gift

Series: September 2015

 Scripture: Exodus 23:20-30

God has provided an angel to go before us and protect us in THE way. The definite article THE points to the fact that it is an established and well-known way, that is why the scripture does not say ‘a way’, which could be just any other denominational route. The same angel will not forgive any transgressions against him. That is a solemn statement pointing to a change in dispensation. For when Christ came on earth, people did mock and speak ill of Him and His ministry. But He later pointed out that a time will come when the same mockery will not be pardoned again. That was in the dispensation of the Holy Ghost, where speaking ill of Christ is visited upon with God’s justice. Therefore we see how the Angel changes forms. The scripture mentions that the children of Israel would be protected against the 6 tribes of Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites and Jebusites as the Angel leads them. Only 6 tribes are mentioned but we know that God deals with a 7 step programme. At the same time, hornets will be sent to drive away the 3 tribes of Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites which are a type of the 3 steps of grace in Justification, Sanctification and Holy Ghost baptism. Moses was instructed by God to speak to the elders of the children of Israel about the exodus. This shows a hierarchy already, where we see God at the top, telling Moses at the second level, who tells Aaron his prophet at the third level, who tells the elders of the people at the 4th level, who subsequently tell the people at the fifth level. God deals like that. God gave Moses the role of God, although he was a prophet. The same God appointed Aaron to be Moses’s prophet. Therefore when Moses and Aaron go to confront Pharaoh with the demand for children of Israel to go, we already see two prophets in action. Moses and Aaron in the book of Exodus are the shadows of the two prophets which shall appear to the Jews under the 6th Seal of nature disturbance. So when Pharaoh disobeys the Angel sent down to Egypt, he receives plagues in the land. That is why people lose their blessings in the body of Christ, on account of failing to recognize the Angel who is leading. When Moses and Aaron arrive in Egypt, they see all people laboring in the mud-pits of Egypt making bricks for Pharaoh. This poor sight of people groaning and sighing under heavy burdens of slave master reminds us of souls under the altar crying out how long God will avenge their blood. A man in his position in the home is an angel of his own home. Then the Pastor of the local assembly is the angel of that local body of believers. Thus when a child disobeys at home, maybe by accessing dirty internet sites in the privacy of his room where the local father’s eye cannot see, the matter is escalated to the higher angel of the local assembly who catches that mischief by revelation through the preaching of the Word, and the sin is rebuked. That is how God operates. In Moses’s time, the elders had to preach Moses to the people. Moses had a bad CV to start with, he was a murderer just like Paul. Moses killed a dirty Egyptian while Paul killed Holy Ghost filled people. Moses once worked in Pharaoh’s house, and people could possibly say he was a break-away party from the main political party in Egypt. But God chose the man, and people could nothing about it. Even Aaron, who was older than Moses, could do nothing about that. Aaron secretly desired Moses’s position, that is why he did not rebuke the people when they asked for a golden calf. After all, he had remained with the people in the 40 years of Moses’s exile from Egypt. Now Aaron began to see how the people listened to Moses and he desired the same attention to himself as well. But when Miriam speaks against Moses, she is struck with leprosy. God does not want people to speak ill of the delegated angels on the land. It was Mirriam who started the matter, for women tend to talk more than men, as studies show. Moses only had a stick in his hand. The same stick was used to protect the sheep while he was a shepherd. The same stick would also hit the wolves attacking the sheep. But Moses was sent only to the true sheep in Egypt. Some that were not true sheep did not click with Moses. They leagued together and withstood Moses in his face. But the true sheep represented by Joshua and Caleb stayed true to Moses. The modern day Pharaoh, represented by the pope, is saying that God has no special group of people called the Chosen People. Just like Pharaoh did not want the children of Israel to leave Egypt for Canaan, so the pope does not want people to leave the Egypt of the flesh and go into the promised land of spiritual experience with God and partaking of His glory. But God wants us to leave the flesh and go into the spirit. God wants Israel to come out of Jacob. God wants Paul to come out of Saul. If there is a local angel on the land, there is no need for one to go to another angel somewhere else for leadership and mixing of two angelic ministries. For a believer who is caught up between two pulpits is living under adultery already, making love to one ministry at one time and moving to the next in the other season. In Noah’s time, the critics mocked Noah for preaching about rain falling from above. After all, the earth had been saturated with water from the ice glaciers which melted when the earth was called to come closer to the sun. These events occurred even before Adam and Eve were created. But regardless of the critics, Noah’s prophecy was fulfilled. The fulfillment of the prophecy gave Noah the privilege to live in two worlds at the same time: before and after the flood. Through the angelic ministries, the children of Israel did not die from famine in the days of Moses. Similarly, we should not die from spiritual hunger because our Joseph has stored up the food in book and tape form for us to feed on in this time of spiritual darkness on the land. Only Joseph had the mystery to the 7 years of famine, just like the end-time messenger who holds the mystery of the seven church ages.


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