Believing and Receiving God’s Gift – Attitudes

Believing and Receiving God’s Gift – Attitudes

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: September 2015

 Scripture: John 6:27-40

The prophet tells the story of a young boy who wanted ice cream so much that he sold the old postage stamp he found in the house for just $1. The local stamp collector sold the same postage stamp for over US$1000. At the end of the chain, that postage stamp sold for over $1million. If the child knew the value of the stamp, he would not have traded it off for ice cream. Neither should we take lightly this Message of the Hour which we have received. It is worth much more than thousands of worlds to the true believer. We should not exchange the Message for the things of the world. This Message has the same Creative Power by which Christ laid down His life and raise it up again. A positive attitude is what made the widow woman survive in the famine. When Elijah came to her, she was only left with just a day’s meal. When Elijah asks her to prepare a meal for him, she does not complain. The good thing is that she was a widow, the husband had died already. And Elijah only comes when the husband is dead. Otherwise if the husband was alive, he would not have accepted for a stranger to come and burden his family. Elijah was coming down from the juniper tree, where he had stayed for 3 days – a fact which reflects the Lord Jesus Christ’s 3 days and 3 nights in the grave. He meets the woman with the two sticks. The sticks represent the Old and New Testament, the Alpha and the Omega, the dynamics and the mechanics. The woman does not complain to Elijah to say he is the one responsible for the famine, and now he wants to take advantage of a hungry widow. She does not say that Elijah should go and work as a man and bring food on the table. She simply obeys when she is asked. The widow woman had hospitality. And it is hospitality which makes a way for a miracle. Fellowship came much later after the show of hospitality had been displayed. The Shunamite woman, because of hospitality, was given a son. She did not have a child. She did not pray for a child anyway. But Elisha told her she would embrace a son. It was because of her hospitality. The prophet Elisha saw there was no inheritor in the family and he spoke the son into manifestation. Abraham displayed hospitality when visited by Elohim, and as they fellowshipped, he was told of the promised son. God cannot keep secrets when there is fellowship with the believer. Fellowship causes the hidden things from God to come out in the open. When the shunamite’s son was dead, she laid him on the prophet’s bed. The prophet’s bed today is the Word of God, which is the place where we must place our problems. And the woman goes alone to see the prophet. She does not ask the husband. She goes herself. That is a picture of a desperate mother who has the power to move the heart of God. When Elisha finally comes to the house, he keeps the unbelief out of the room. He alone is the one who goes into the room. Even Gehazi is kept out. And he prays and stretches himself over the boy. The boy sneezes 7 times and comes back to life. The boy’s resurrection at the 7th sneeze shows a picture of how in the 7th church age, life would be restored again. When we call the Lord Jesus Christ in our homes and gatherings, let us not be like Simon the Pharisee who only called the Lord to mock Him. Let us wash His dirty feet. We learn a lot from the widow women in the Bible. Another widow woman with hospitality baked some cherry pies for the prophet when he was visiting her home. The woman was called Hertie Wright. As the prophet explained the third pull ministry and testimonies thereof, she amen-ed the Word and was asked to name anything she wanted, and it would be done right away. She asked for the salvation of her two boys, which was the noblest thing to do. This shows us that a mother’s prayer can over-ride the decisions of her children. The children may not want to come to church and partake of worship, but a mother’s heart can change the seasons. The same happened to the Syro-Phoenician woman who received healing for her daughter out of season. Moses was God’s gift to the children of Israel in the same way that the Lord Jesus Christ was the gift to the world. It is said of Christ that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The same can be applied to the people God sends like Moses. Moses was the way, the truth and the life. And in our day we have the same situation as well. We have the Way, the Truth and the Life. The way is the 7 steps of the 7 church ages while the truth is the 7 voices thundering out and the Life is the virtues in the stature of a perfect man. When the children of Israel cried out in the wilderness for sweet water at Mara, the bitter water was sweetened by a tree. The same tree of life which was in the Garden of Eden was also with the children of Israel in the wilderness. That tree is a man. So the waters were made sweet by a man. It was the one who sends, working through the one he sent. And the solution was not far from them. The tree was just nearby just like the jawbone for Samson was also nearby when surrounded by an army of the Philistines. For David the five stones were just within arm’s reach for him to use in killing Goliath. For Moses the rock was there near him to give water to the people.


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