Blessing Chesa

Blessing Chesa

Speaker: Pastor Blessing Chesa

 Series: February 2015

 Scripture: Genesis 14:18-20

The visiting minister, Pastor Blessing Chesa, noted that there is always a two way communication in divine service. We hear from God in the sanctuary, and we also talk back to him. Therefore when we come to church, we need to participate since it is not a one way communication channel.

He then gave an account of the North Carolina meetings where the host Pastor (Pastor Brian Naidoo) preached everyone drunk with the anointing of God. Then the devil got upset. Most people started suffering from food poisoning spells just after the meetings. However, a week later, all the saints were fully recovered, the visiting minister reported as he remained behind to take a few more services.

The wedding on the previous day (31st of January 2015), between a Zimbabwean young man and South African young woman, was a sign of the import and export business between Zimbabwe and South Africa. It was also a symbol of the growing spiritual bond between the respective ministries, with plans in place already for the host Pastor to visit the visiting minister’s church in the course of the year. The Shona worship songs led by the chorus leader during the wedding service were also testimony to the increasing harmony and cultural exchange between the two countries. This could be strengthened by the chorus leader crossing the boarder too, to learn a few more of the vernacular songs.

There are 3 ordinances we must follow in the Bible. These are specific things which we must do. They are direct statutes written in black and white, unlike the rest of the things we do by faith. The ordinances are baptism, communion and feet washing. Baptism is the repentant believer’s justification, an outward show of the work that has been done inside. Communion puts us into fellowship with Christ. And we drink real wine and not some fruit juice or carbonated soft drink like raspberry. Real wine gets better with age, which is what the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ does. But those who pretend to be spiritual take soft drinks in church and real wine at home or in private. Like the old man who used to take his Sunday drink at home after church. One day visitors came home and he felt shy to open the bottle from the fridge in the presence of church people. But the grandchild came to remind the grandfather of the Sunday drink. The innocent grandchild pulled out the brown bottle, and all church people were embarrassed. The third ordinance of feet-washing works on the basis of sincerity. The Prophet teaches that if we are sincere when we take communion, God can meet us right at the Communion Table. Even on baptism, if we have the same sincerity, God can fill us with the Holy Ghost as He did to the Lord Jesus Christ on Jordan River. There are several testimonies which vindicate this.

The sincerity of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Jordan River caused the Holy Ghost to come down in the form of a white dove just after baptism by John the Baptist. The Prophet teaches us about that scene where God is baptised by man in this way: The Word goes to the Prophet. The Word scans the entire land and traces the footsteps of the Prophet until It find him. When the Prophet objected to baptising the Word, the Word instructed it must be done to fulfil righteousness. Here we see that the Word had come down as a Lamb of God, and the Lamb must be washed by the priest before sacrifice at the alter. The Lamb had come down in the form of man. That is why the Holy Ghost came down after the Lord Jesus Christ’s baptism. It was the right Holy Ghost because the Baptism was done right. Today the Message of the Hour is the one with the true Holy Ghost because it has the right baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, priestly service started at 30 years. Before a qualifying man from the tribe of Levi is ushered into the priesthood, the High Priest would take him on a tour of the sanctuary. The young priest would be shown the outer court where the sacrifices are washed. He would see the laver and other things in that first court. The next place is the Holy place with a curtain on one end. The curtain separates the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies where the High Priest would go only at the appointed times in the year. In the Holy of Holies, the set-up is entirely new to the young priest. He sees cherubims with tipping wings over the Mercy Seat. He sees the Law of Moses just below the Mercy Seat. He also sees the shew bread and the golden pot. The golden pot contains the original manna which fell in Moses’ time. The golden pot preserved that manna for centuries. The High Priest takes a handful of that manna and gives to the perplexed young priest to eat. The young priest eats and shivers run down his spine knowing that the same Manna from Moses’ time is the one he has eaten. This is a reminder of the fact that we are what we eat. The Manna must become part of the human system when eaten. The New Testament, however, has no age limit for one to enter into service for the Lord. Only one condition is required, the baptism of the Holy Ghost by the High Priest Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, who takes the believer beyond the veil. After the Holy Ghost baptism, we write another book of Acts. We become like Paul and Peter and others.

If we have loved ones that are lost, we can reclaim them right at the communion table. Our attitude and sincerity in the act entitle us to receive them back. In the Message called Discerning the Lord’s Body, the Prophet says that our eternal destination is not sealed by what we see or what we hear. Rather, it is our discernment over what we see or hear which determines our eternal destination. How do we react to things? How do we behave after hearing that someone is talking about us? As long as we are human, people will talk about us. And let the talk anywhere, because that is how good we are. We do not have to phone everyone around because someone has been backbiting. Our behaviour and conduct must be checked. The taking of communion at the Lord’s table has something to do with that kind of watchful behaviour over our actions.

Let us watch how the Prophet reacted. Here comes a bunch of men with papers for him to sign. As a Prophet, God had already revealed to him the contents of those documents. But the men come regardless and the Prophet signs away the tent he was supposed to use for meetings. As they leave with their ill-gotten victory, the Prophet invites them to come and preach for him on Sunday. And afterwards, the Prophet says nothing about the men nor their misrepresentation to him. The Bible says we must rejoice when men revile us. We are supposed to live for others. Let others enjoy their victory now, our victory will come later on. Real Christianity is not about the quotations of the Bible nor the Spoken Word. It is not about the preaching office we may be occupying or any other office in the church. Offices are not the ticket to heaven. It is Christ’s life in us which is important. True Christianity is what remains after all the singing, preaching, ushering etc duties are done.

Consider how Abraham was called alone with Sarah his wife. But Terah and Lot followed them. Terah dies but Lot still hangs around. Then squabbles begin with the herdmen. When Abraham hears the news of the dispute among the herdmen, he knows the answer is separation. He gives Lot the first choice. And Lot chooses the best land, according to his natural eyes. But that is only a carnal choice, which considers the financial aspect. It was not a spiritual decision. And Lot is not the first person to make such a choice. Other people before him had made the same choice. And those people are Sodomites. The world today is in a Sodomite condition. We just need to look through the window and we see Sodom on the streets. The newspapers are full of Sodomy. But when Lot separates with Abraham then God comes. We learn an important principle here. When Lot disappears, God appears. Our Lot can be a situation, habit, condition etc. We must separate from it and let God come in.

Abraham never hated Lot, in spite of the separation. And in 2015, let us count down on so-called enemies until we have none left. Nothing short of perfect love will enter heaven. Abraham knew that Lot was not in the calling. He also knew that Lot made a wrong choice. But when he is told that Lot has been captured, Abraham gets into action. He travels the longest distance in Israel from Dan to Beersheba. He travels in order to rescue Lot. He does not hire some mercenaries but servants in his own house. That is brotherly kindness. In the Stature of a Perfect Man, we see that the Capstone of Love sits on brotherly kindness. That is what Abraham did. He got a Capstone visitation from Melchizedec after he had displayed brotherly kindness to Lot. And Abraham did not claim any salary or royalties from the rescue, as other kings wanted. He did not use the occasion to blackmail Lot, as others would do. Instead, Abraham paid tithes of all that he had. Again we see another principle. If we are struggling with paying tithes, it shows we have not met Melchizedec yet.

Christianity is much more than the quotes and scriptures. It goes beyond the deep and dark depths of quotes that have no life of Christ. The Prophet says that we only need brotherly kindness in the church and the right atmosphere is created for bringing miracles. When husband and wife fight at home and fail to resolve their disagreements, they begin to fight the preacher in service by blocking the anointing coming from the pulpit for deliverance of souls. The Prophet says revival starts at home, where the little lick of fire is kindled. Then when we gather together we simply combine the little licks from our homes into one big bonfire which is called the Pillar of Fire.

We need to have discernment. When the Prophet was praying for people in the prayer line, he observed that demons join hands in fighting. So the Prophet would pick people from the congregation with heart trouble, for example, before praying for the one near him. The demons would be defeated before they teamed together. We are also in a battle, and we must fight to win. When we see a brother with a smoking problem, for instance, we need to pray for him before that demon comes and attacks us as the next victims.

We did not know that Abraham was a king before. But when he goes to fight the kings who capture Lot, we know that he has risen to the level of kings. He is king faith, the royal king. When we fight demons, it shows we are not ordinary human beings. We are spiritual. Demons are not fought in the flesh but in spirit realm. We are spiritual beings.

God meets Abraham after the great deed of helping others. God comes down, reminding us of angels who came down to the Lord Jesus Christ to minister to him before crucifixion. When two victors meet, Abraham from the earth and God from heaven, the miraculous happens. Melchizedek serves Abraham bread and wine. In paying his tithes, Abraham pays gross. That is what we must do, too. God changes Abram’s name to Abraham, the HAM part is actually a part of God Himself which is attached to Abram. The extra HAM made Abram more than a mere mortal man. Just like we have 16 elements, God gives us the Holy Ghost which becomes the 17th element in us and we become more than mere men. The number 17 signifies a change in the system. Joseph was 17 years when he was sold out by his brothers. His father had given him a coat of many colours around that age.

Abraham’s going down to rescue Lot is the same thing God did in  coming down to save men. God left His Throne, came to the first, second and third dimensions where we live. He even went to the 5th dimension as well for us.

In the Message called Contest preached at the end of 1962, the Prophet says we must step higher in 1963 and see God’s programme as the old year of 1962 dies out. He prays for the Capstone to cap the pyramid of our lives and for the Holy Ghost fire to burn in us with resurrection power. Indeed the year 1963 brought down the heavenly angels, according to the Prophet’s prayer. The same should apply to 2015. It is a Jubilee Year. It is the 50th year since the passing of the Prophet in 1965. We must step higher into the programme of God. We have seen the white stone on which no light ever shone since creation. It is the revelation of the Word, which is the interpretation of the dream by brother Junior Jackson.


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