Called, Elected, Anointed and Placed

Called, Elected, Anointed and Placed

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2015

 Scripture: 1 Peter 3:18-19

Faith contacts a higher dimension. Faith is required to please God, and the witch-doctors use the same principle in requiring faith from their patients. There is a beast system which will enter into an agreement with the Jews and break the agreement. But the 144,000 will not go into that trap because they have been called, elected, anointed and placed. They will not be caught up in the humanistic realms of the beast system. Already, the beast system is busy tracing the mistakes made by the Prophet, trying to find out those instances where Thus saith the Lord was not applied, just to weaken the Prophet. But we see Elisha, in the time when the Syrian king wants to attack Israel, standing between two kings. There is one king on the left and one king on the right, Syria and Israel, and the Prophet is the middle of the road. It is the same prophet who prays for the opening of Gehazi’s eyes. And when Gehazi’s eyes are open, he finds out that heaven and earth are joined together, for he is now able to see angels surrounding them, while at the same time he sees the enemy below. He can now see that the heavenly army is greater than the earthly armies. The same message preached to people can send them to different destinations depending upon their individual calling, election, anointing and placement. For example, the rich young ruler, who became the rich man who died and went to hell, heard the same message which Lazarus heard and believed. The only problem with the rich man was the love of money. He had amassed a lot of money while lacking the character to govern such riches. The Prophet says the rich young ruler was supposed to have been an evangelist, but was caught up in the snares of money. And if the rich young ruler only lacked one thing, but went to hell for just that one missing thing, how are we going to escape if we miss just one thing also? But while in hell, he sees past the dimension to where Abraham and Lazarus are. When he tries to intercede for his loved ones on earth by asking father Abraham to let Lazarus go and testify to them, he is told those people on earth have Moses and the Prophets. Already we see the key to getting our loved ones saved. We need to follow and love the Prophets of our day. If we reject the Prophets, we go straight to hell – it is that simple. Hell is not about fire. And there is no change of nature in hell. We have seen how the rich man thinks he can still exercise his commandeering powers over Lazarus to send him around like his servant. In hell he wants to boss people around. That same bossy attitude took him to hell. And everything that we do here, every challenge we have on earth, is the very same thing that will land us in hell dimension. It could be dancing to worldly music of the likes of Justin, it could be wearing revealing clothes like mini-skirts, it could be smoking, preoccupation with make-up, being busy with social media like WhatsApp which actually wastes our time. All those things simply transport people to hell. The Lord Jesus Christ preached to souls that were in prison, which had rejected the Message of their day. And we see in our day the Prophet saying that hell is on the earth. The fifth dimension is united with the mortal realm. He sees the same woman he saw in hell coming down an escalator as he sat by JC Penny Store. The woman is coming down the escalator while the Prophet is going up the escalator. The directions are completely opposite, with one heading down into the bottomless pit while one is heading into higher dimension of God’s presence, which is the new day. As parents, we should be cautious of what music we allow our children to listen to. We do not want to usher our children to hell by allowing them to listen to music from Usher/Asher. For we are living in a very special age, an age in which one does not have to die in order to go to hell. Neither does going to heaven require one’s physical death first followed by ascension into heaven. We are already in heavenly places with Christ Jesus while the wicked are already in hell as we speak. If we bypassed our theophany in order to be expressed here on earth in mortal bodies, the reverse is true for people who are bypassing theophanies to inhabit other dimensions outside the mortal realm. Nebuchadnezzar learnt the hard way that the heavens do rule. He was given an animal spirit and driven from men until he acknowledged that the heavens do rule. God gave him a second chance. In fact, our God is a God who gives second chances. For instance, Lazarus sitting at the rich man’s gate was actually the rich’s man’s grace. God was giving the rich man a second chance, to see what he would do with the opportunity. Right in our places of work and neighbourhoods and schools, we are God’s grace to a dying people. The Prophet once prayed for a woman who had cancers and a smoking habit. He told the woman to stop the smoking and receive healing from cancer demons. She was healed but in her soul, she did not fill up the void with the Holy Ghost. So, demons 7 times worse than those she had before came and entered her again, as the Prophet had warned her. She died calling for the Prophet to come to her. She went to the wrong place for misusing God’s second chance. Hell itself is in three compartments. There is an area called regions of the lost, where human beings wait there for judgement, some kind of holding cells. For man is not sentenced to hell before judgement takes place. So unrighteous people have to wait in the regions of the lost before judgement is pronounced upon them. Then there is the next area which is the region of demons. This is where demons stay. All these demons which cause people to tattoo, they spread their influence on earth from this region of demons. The last compartment is the one where the devil sits, where his throne is. It is his headquarters as king of the bottomless pit. There is a veil which separates hell from paradise. When the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, that veil was opened. Through the Prophet of the age today, we see a woman standing before her. She asks for the Prophet to tell her where her real husband is. The Prophet looks at her, then suddenly changes dimensions, he moves out of his body to go search for the man. He searches in all the dimensions and comes back to tell the lady that he has seen the grave of her husband. So her real husband was already dead at the time. Another brother in the Branham tabernacle asks the Prophet to trace where his dead son had gone to after the automobile accident. The Prophet comes back to say he has seen the boy in glory, right in the presence of God. The Prophet tells the parents that the boy is much better off in that dimension than he would be here on earth, where there is sickness and pain, where there is suffering and heartaches. Then there is an incident of death which took place in the church. A woman dies in church and the Prophet bows down his head to pray for her. And before he finishes the prayer, the dead woman’s angel brings a note to the Prophet. This teaches us that even the angel itself was subject to the Prophet. We have received a powerful message, and we need to find our position in it. We need to say, from our position of authority, House of hell, give way.


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