Change In The Restoration Hour

Change In The Restoration Hour

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: May 2015

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 20:1-2; Isaiah 55:7; 2 Corinthians 3:18

The story of Sheba (son of Belial) who rises up against David shows how some people never learn from mistakes made by others. Already, Saul had tried to go against David and failed. This was followed by Absolom’s uprising against David which ended in death for all the rebels. Then Shimei also spat upon king David, and mocked him at the time of his rejection – and a judgement was pronounced upon Shimei, despite his repentance. It is surprising what people can do. They simply love to go whichever direction the wind blows. The same people who took sides with Saul in this fight against David subsequently shifted their allegiance to David when came into power. And when Absolom rose up against David, the same people sided with Absolom. And now Sheba makes an unscriptural claim of having no part in David, and he finds a great following. It is always the same people all the time. Not to have a part in David is a dangerous thing, spiritually speaking. For in David is the Lord Jesus Christ. In David we find the Messiah. In David we have the Millennial reign of the Son of David. We need to change both our thoughts and our ways. Thoughts and ways go together. We should not behave the same way in the Message of the Hour as we did when we did not know the Lord. We can only receive forgiveness from God when we have amended both our thoughts and our ways. God will continue to beat the dross out of us until He sees Himself in us. Like the gold beaters of old, God will beat and beat until He sees a reflection of Himself in the gold. And gold speaks of deity. It is the manifestation of God in flesh once again. While the scripture promises the believer’s spiritual growth from glory to glory in the Lord, the world is shockingly transitioning from evil to evil, from immorality to further and deeper immorality, from perversion to more pronounced perversion. The reason is that they are beholding themselves in another mirror, which is the mirror of Television. We become what we see. What we see is what we become as the Prophet says. Whereas Television could have been a blessing were it rightfully used, now it has become a curse. But we thank God there is another mirror, which is the Word of God. When we look into it and behold Christ, we become like Him. We see the image of the second Adam displaying the power of the first Adam before the fall. Without the Messenger of the Age, we cannot find the Holy Ghost. For there is only one way by which the Holy Ghost is ushered – through the ministry of the Messenger of the Day in which we are living. And we have to receive that Messenger and His Word for the day, which is the Seed and proceed to live the life so that we can change. Merely accepting the Seed will not produce a change. For Sarah accepted Abraham’s seed for 25 years without any change in her body. This brings us to an important principle that reception of the word is not conception. You can receive the Word and not conceive. There must be a change that comes with the act. Most of the times we may say we are out of Egypt, like the children of Israel, yet that same Egypt might still be alive in us. After crossing the Red Sea, the children of Israel saw Pharaoh and his soldiers floating on the sea. They were dead. But the same dead Pharaoh continued to exist in their minds. This explains why they were able to craft a golden calf, which is Pharaoh’s god. As Christians, if there is an image we need to behold, it is the Lord Jesus Christ as He stands in the midst of the 7 candlesticks, holding the 7 stars in His Hand. The 7 stars only point back to the resurrected Christ. In Genesis, God spoke and change occurred. There was darkness over the earth, and light appeared after God spoke. The darkness represents our unbelief, and we were just like the dark earth before the Grace of God found us through the Word that was ministered to us. That Word was the Light which cast away the darkness. And as God proceeded to create, things were progressing until on the 7th day, He had the Stature of A Perfect Man. We must change right now into that stature of a perfect man. We will not change beyond the veil of death. We must change now. We must overcome lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes now. We must overcome swearing now. We must overcome pride of life now. We are not like Catholics who believe you can live on earth any kind of life you want, the change will happen in purgatory through the prayers of intercessors. They put the change on the wrong side of the curtain of time. We must change now, or else we become Message Catholic believers replacing the Rosary with the Spoken Word and the catechism with a quote for the day. Because of the need to change, God says we must work and add to that stature of perfect man. Peter says we must add to our faith virtue. The foundation is faith, which is a revelation and a gift from God. But after getting that foundation, we need to add virtue. And after virtue we need to add knowledge. And we need to progress in that order. The progression is strictly chronological. If we add knowledge without the foundation of virtue prior on, we easily become puffed up with that knowledge. Then add temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness before the capstone of charity. It is us doing the adding, just like the children of Israel had to do the fighting although the Promised Land had been given to them already. Let us not be like the disciples of John who followed the Prophet but failed to recognise the Lord Jesus Christ. They remained with John, although John personally announced to them the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. The Prophet of Malachi 4 also came and announced, to the Bride pointing at the Mystery Cloud, Behold Your Judge. The same Lamb which John introduced in his day has become a Judge at the end time now. And we must change and catch that turn of events as God takes a corner. Why did the Prophet preach the Message of Indictment? Because the people failed to see Christ, and they crucified him again just like the way Moses did in smiting the rock for the second time. If Moses missed the Promised Land for smiting the rock twice, similarly there is no rapture for crucifying Christ again through rejecting the Messenger of the day, Malachi 4. Change is taking place in our natural bodies as well. We are born as little babies and we progress from infancy to childhood then to adolescence and then to manhood or woman-hood. The natural change is a reflection of the spiritual change as well. As babies grow differently, so do people in the spiritual realms. Some have to be babied around and tickled to be happy because they are still in their baby stage. But for us to grow spiritually, for us to change in the spirit realm, it is a matter of choice and obedience. We choose the situations in which we find ourselves in. Saul was instructed to destroy all the Amalekites but he spared the choice animals and other treasures and God rejected him from being king thereafter. We need to obey the Word of God. We need to change in the way we carry ourselves in the Word to allow the Holy Spirit to have pre-eminence in our lives.


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