Christ Our Passover – The Fourth Foundation

Christ Our Passover – The Fourth Foundation

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: March 2015

 Scripture: Exodus 12:1-11; 1 Corinthians 5:7-8

As God instructs Moses while in Egypt about the Passover, He says the Passover month becomes the beginning of months, which is the first month of the year to the children of Israel. God was changing the calendar from Egyptian time-keeping system to His Own scriptural basis. That is the God we serve, the one who changes systems from carnal to spiritual.

The minister recalled a discussion he had with his Moslem and Mormon friends about the Bible. There were 2 Islamic adherents who believe in their religious book, the Quran, and the disciple of Joseph Smith who believes in the Mormon Bible, and Pastor Brian who believes in the King James Bible and the Message of the Hour.

The Moslem friends started to question the very authority of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, citing the facts that the KJV is not the first and original translation of the Bible. Three other versions were existence before the KJV came on the scene. These older versions include the translations done by Wycliffe and others. But the minister objected and noted that the very first portion of the Bible was written by Moses the Prophet, whom the Moslems call Musa in their Arabic language. On that note, the two sides agreed that Musa of the Quran is Moses of the Bible. They were going to discuss their beliefs basing on the common scriptures from their respective religious books. So the New Testament was ruled out of the discussion.

The minister did not have a physical Bible with him at that time, but the Mormon friend gave him an electronic version from his mobile phone. Then the minister asked the Muslims to open their Quran while he opened his KJV of the Bible. He asked them to read from Genesis 3. Reading from right to left, the Muslim friend read out aloud that the serpent was more subtle than all the beasts of the fields and other verses describing the Fall and God’s Judgement in Eden.  On those scriptures, both the Quran and the Bible were in total agreement. Then the minister asked, What really happened in the garden of Eden? Does a woman have seed? Who is the seed of the woman? When and where does the seed of the woman’s act of bruising of the serpent’s head take place?

One of the Muslim believers answered saying sexual intercourse took place in the Garden of Eden. The minister explained that if the woman does not have a seed, naturally speaking, then there must be someone who is described by the scripture, whose existence has nothing to do with human instrumentality. The entire group agreed that the woman’s seed is not Confucius, Hare Krishna, Mohamed, Buddha. They also agreed that none of them qualified as the seed of the woman. Then the minister explained that right in the Old Testament, the Bible and Quran speak of someone who will come as the seed of the woman, who is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore the New Testament portion of the Bible cannot be thrown out, as the Muslims claim. Rather, it is the New Testament which casts light on the Old Testament.

The minister further explained that If a man cannot be separated from his own shadow, so is the case with the Old Testament and New Testament. But the shadow cannot exactly show the real features of the person in detail, that is why the real person appears to give full evidence of the shadow. Jesus Christ is the reality of all the Old Testament sacrifices. That is why there are no longer done in the New Testament because the reality of those sacrifices came and died on the cross once and for all. The Passover of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ of the New Testament, who was crucified during the Passover commemoration.

If God has no form, how is it possible that in the book of Genesis He talks of making man in His Own Image? How can something with no form have an image? God is Spirit but His form is the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the image like unto men.

After dealing with the Moslems, the minister turned to the Mormon friend and asked how he was baptised. He responded citing the Trinitarian baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while being dipped three times in the water. He could not answer why he had to die 3 times in symbolic form when Christ only died once for him on the Cross.

The Prophet explains that every Masterpiece must have a mounting. Michael Angelo’s statue of Moses was mounted on a foundation of 3 to 4 feet high. God’s Masterpiece is also mounted upon the foundations of the Patriarchs, beginning with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. The 4th Foundation is Joseph, who is perfection: there is nothing wrong recorded against Joseph. But just as Michael Angelo’s vision of Moses was perfect when carved out in stone, the sculptor smote the knee with his hammer and spoiled the Masterpiece. But it remained a Masterpiece all the same despite the scar on the knee. That is why Joseph, originally blameless compared to the other patriarchs, comes out with a blemish of lying when he advised his father to say they are herdsmen instead of shepherds for fear of being despised by Pharaoh as Egyptians hold shepherds in low esteem.  But Joseph remains a Masterpiece, the 4th Foundation which is on a higher order.

What the 4th Foundation had, the other three patriarchs did not have. Joseph had a coat of many colours which other patriarchs did not have. His visions of stars bowing down to him point to the supremacy of his ministry compared to others before him. That is why the Father sends him to check on his brothers while they held a meeting that was critical of his gifts and ministry, much like the Prophet in our day when denominations leagued against him to challenge him on Godhead, water baptism and divine healing. They called him a dreamer (Joseph) while envying his prophetic gift just like the denominations today were jealous of the Prophet’s gifts. Joseph is directed to his brethren by a man in the field, much like the Prophet is directed to the Mishawaka meetings where an old man preaches God’s mind before the foundation of the world.

The theme of the 4 foundations repeats itself in the Bible. It starts of in the very Garden of Eden, where the 4 cherubims guard the Tree of Life with flaming swords. It comes again as the 4 kingdoms in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream where gold, silver, brass and iron mingled with clay feature as the 4 world rulers of Babylon, Medo-Persians, Greeks and Romans. It also comes again as the 4 beasts before the throne of God, being the lion, ox, man and flying eagle. These correspond to the ministries of the 4 books in the New Testament which guard the Book of Acts which start with the gospel according to Matthew, then Mark, followed by Luke and finally John the Beloved. It also comes in the form of the 4 gates of North, South, East and West through which the children of Israel had to come through to enter the sanctuary at the time of sacrifices in the Old Testament. Though Paul wrote most of the New Testament single-handedly, yet John the divine writes about the day of the Lord which Paul knows did not experience. The 4th Foundation has a higher ministry. If John the Baptist was considered greater than all the prophets before him because he introduced the Messiah, so is the Prophet William Branham called much higher than Paul because he also introduces the Messiah at the end time. Paul is like Moses who only brought the children out of Egypt out could not take them into the Promised Land. But there came a Joshua ministry, which is that of the Prophet today, to place the children in the Promised Land. Regardless of the short ministry of only 6 months which John did on earth, God considers him greater than Moses whose ministry ran for 80 years after he left Pharaoh’s palace.

In all the 3 exodus movements of the Bible, the Beast system stands out against God’s people. In the first exodus, it came in the form of Pharaoh withstanding Moses. In 2nd Exodus, it is Caiaphas against John the Baptist and in the 3rd Exodus it is the Beast religious system against the end time messenger.


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