Christianity On Fire

Christianity On Fire

Christianity On Fire

Speaker: Luke Gibson

 Series: November 2014

 Scripture: 1 Kings 18:21; Acts 2:1

The visiting minister, Pastor Luke Gibson, who comes from South Carolina, United States of America (USA), mentioned that this is his first time to come to South Africa. Before the maiden trip, he somehow felt a heavy burden some two or three months prior. He could not sleep well because of the burden until one morning he told his wife. Thereafter he emailed a brother in Cape Town. As things turned out, God was dealing with both ends; Pastor Luke Gibson’s burden was in line with the inspiration in Cape Town, where the church was under expectation of a visitation from God.

As a preacher with no new Message, the minister encouraged the believers and stressed that he had just come to put his shoulder to the yoke and work with fellow brothers in Christ. He mentioned how late the devil is in trying to discourage us through the scandalous attacks on the Prophet, and how we have already been equipped with the correct interpretation of the Word in our day.

At one time the minister was questioned in America on why he strongly claims that Brother Branham exactly preached what Paul preached. He gave only 2 simple reasons as follows: 1) The Prophet himself said so – and he simply believed him and 2) The source of inspiration for Paul is the same source for Brother Branham.

The Message of the Hour is the very thoughts of Almighty God. If one wants to know what God’s mind is, they must simply come to the Message. Through it we know that no man was found worthy to open the book in heaven and earth, except the lion of the tribe of Judah, in the form of the lamb. When John turned to see the lion (which speaks of the fearless character of the overcomer), he saw a lamb instead (showing the submissive nature required to overcome). Then John was happy, knowing that the book has been redeemed, and that we are the redeemed of God. We are the final voice to this final age.

As a newcomer to South Africa, the minister had toured around the country, and visited some political monuments of the country like the Mandela house and so forth.

As he read the scripture of the Mt. Carmel showdown between Elijah’s God and Baal, the minister noted that Elijah did not want to use the things used by the prophets of Baal. Rather, he started to build his own altar. He did not want to be associated with the false prophets. He had a direct link with God. He was associated with Almighty God who, in turn, was not ashamed to be associated with his prophet. We are serving a God who is not ashamed of associating with men, with humanity.

The title of the Message was given as Christianity on Fire.

He started off with the God’s three-fold purpose which culminated in the restoration of man back to fellowship with God. In going about the creative process, God used an evolutionary approach whereby he started off with simpler forms of life and progressively built up to the higher order life. When God created the heaven, he named everything in heaven, including the angels. God is the one who said Gabriel is Gabriel, Wormwood is Wormwood and so on. And when he came to earth, he had Adam on the scene to do the same thing: to give names to all animal life just as God had done in heaven. This showed that God was a God of the universe in its entirety, while Adam was a god of the earth.

But when Adam fell from eternal life, the book got lost. By God’s foreknowledge, it did not go to Satan, whose hands were dirty already, but rather went back to God himself as the original owner. When Adam fell, he did do in the form of flesh, that is, as a man. And God is spirit, as the Bible says. Therefore for restoration to come to fallen man, someone in flesh had to come on the scene. It was none other than God himself who came down, in the form of sinful flesh, to redeem man. The Lord Jesus Christ is not the second person, but the very same God veiled in flesh to bring back fallen humanity.

Now we note that the Fall took place in the Garden of Eden. But when restoration comes, the earth is already under a curse. No wonder the devil encountered the Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness, for that is what the earth had turned to since the fall took its toll on earth. However, to accomplish the task of redemption, we see the Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane again, where he says Not my will but thine will be done.

There is one way to understand the Message: it is to simply believe it, regardless of whether it makes human sense or not. For the Message is not man’s idea but God’s actual mind and thoughts. Who are we then, to judge the prophet?

The Prophet teaches us that Lucifer could not create. The powers to create were only reserved for God. He even goes further to say that Lucifer a was near kinsman, but he could not do the task of redemption, he could not die to restore man back to fellowship with God. Therefore God Himself created a body in Mary and inhabited that vessel called Jesus. Now we see Mary as another type of Eve, this second Eve took the Word by revelation, unlike the first Eve who experimented with sensation, and threw away revelation.

Then we see arguably the most sublime chapter of Revelations 5 where there is a book and no one can look at it, nor touch it, let alone open it. And that causes John to weep. But one of the 24 elders tells John not to weep as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed. Only the Lord Jesus Christ could open the book. Only one born outside a sexual birth could do it. Why was there a need for the kinsman redeemer to come through a virgin birth? Because the kinsman redeemer had to correct what happened in the garden of Eden, where the original sin had taken place in that manner. Original sin had to with sexual birth.

When the time comes for the book to come down to earth, it lands into the hands of a man. And one such man, having the book with him, spoke squirrels into existence. He rehearsed the creation account and used the spoken word to bring things into being. That is why all other voices are wrong, except the voice of the Messenger of Malachi 4. Brother Branham is a man vindicated by God.

See how the same God repeat Himself. In the book of Exodus, he comes down himself as a man and tells Moses to go down to Egypt and deliver the people from bondage. Then in the book of Revelations 10 he also comes down to a man. It is the same God, the same pattern. That is why we are privileged to be able to say that Revelations 10: 1 -7 has been fulfilled in our day. We have the privilege of saying This day, this scripture is fulfilled. When we hear of the Luke 17:30 – a son of man revealing the son of man, we can say This day, this scripture is fulfilled. When we hear of Lot’s wife who turned to look behind Sodom, we can say This day, this scripture is fulfilled. When we hear the call in Revelations, Come out her my people, we are able to say, This day, this scripture is fulfilled.

We are not ashamed of identification with the Prophet William Marrion Branham, a man who could even listen to the Message that he preached because he realised, as a vessel of God, that it was God using his vocal chords to have his mind recorded. That is why we listen to the tapes. They are the Voice of God for the day. Those who fail to believe the Prophet William Branham imagine that if they had lived in Paul’s time they would have believed his message. But they are lost. If they can not believe the prophet now, they would not have believed the messenger that day. If positions were to be swapped and Paul would have taken the place of the last day messenger, he would have written the same Message which we have. In any case, there was a day of writing things down.

We see that Moses was commanded to write. Then Paul was commanded to write. And even the apostle John on the Isle of Patmos, knowing the theme of writing as God’s way of recording his will, was about to write what the thunders uttered in the book of Revelation. But he was told to wait. The day of writing was over. He did not know that a speaking ministry was coming to replace the writing ministry. One would be sent, in due time, to express the Spoken Word.

There is only one way to go back to Edenic days spoken word power. The way back to Eden is via Pentecost which, as per the teaching of the Prophet William Branham, began with no ending. Pentecost as an experience has a beginning but no end. It is not a denomination.

The Message of the Hour is not to stimulate the intellect. It requires the Holy Ghost to make it real; to become a life in the individual. After all, as the Prophet said to David duPlessis, God has no grandchildren. Each of the children have to come via the new birth. They have to be born again. The Holy Ghost is God Himself personally revealed to the individual. To be in God’s family, one has to be born into it. Like the minister was born in the Gibson family, in which he has lived for the past 44 years. The minister told his teenage son of 14 years that if he did not personally have convictions of his own, he could borrow the father’s conviction. After all, he is staying in borrowed residence of his father’s house before establishing his own. So he might as well borrow the conviction as well.

Since we do not know who is seed and who is not, we should rather not be judgemental. It is dangerous to judge people when we do not know who will make it.

The Message has been made a rulebook, which is wrong. Like giving marching orders to children on Do this, Don’t do that ect. Rules can only go as far as getting people to church. Rules cannot bring them into Christ. Rules make us think that proximity to a sinner will unchristianise us. Rules make us think we must live apart from sinners, from others who need our help.

It is true that a Christian goes to church. But going to church on its own does not mean that one is a Christian. But with the Holy Ghost burning in the bones of a born again, spirit-filled person, they cannot wait for the church doors to open. There is something that pushes for fellowship with God in service.

The same Pillar of Fire that appeared to Moses, in the New Testament it veiled itself behind flesh in the Lord Jesus Christ. After Christ, the same Pillar of Fire went down into the Upper Room and filled the 120 disciples. And when the people saw the disciples acting drunk, they thought they really were full of the new wine. But what was the evidence of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Was it speaking in tongues as they came down from the house? No. The real test was this: When people asked what was happening, Peter took the scriptures of Joel 2 and explained that what was happening on that particular day was actually the fulfilment of that particular scripture. Therefore the real evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost is having the correct interpretation of God’s program for the day one is living. That is what happened on the day of Pentecost.

If the same Holy Ghost that came down on the Day of Pentecost caused the disciples to behave like drunk, it will do the same things in our day. No one can tell the Holy Ghost to be dignified and keep the stimulation of revelation down. Therefore when we come to church, we do not come in order to get ready. We come there in readiness already. We come to church not to get drunk. But we come to church drunk already. We come to church with the intoxication already in the blood stream. And God loves drunken people. He loves drunken preachers. And the Prophet William Branham is one of the best drunks that God ever used, spiritually speaking. But modern churches do not want Act 2 encounter with the Holy Ghost.

While in courtship, the minister spent $1,200 talking to his fiancée over the phone in just one month. Then he realised that he should marry the girl so that he would always be with her and save that mobile bill. He explained how the Christian also behaves like a person in love, how they look forward to seeing their loved one. Therefore Christianity will not be a burden to the believer.

The minister gave an example of a black deacon in a white church who was acting formal, like the whites. Asked to lead songs, the deacon declined the request, saying he is not the emotional type. But minister knew exactly that it was the influence of the white community that was stifling his talents. After all, the minister had spoken to the mother, who is a non-believer, and she is very expressive. Then the minister arranged a tour to a basketball game where they all donned the apparel as fanatics. While watching the game and his team getting a hard time, the deacon expressed the hidden self who was covered under the layers of pretended gentility. He burst out at the game and, the following service, was asked to lead songs.

The minister warned that sometimes we settle for no fire at all because of the fear of having a wild fire. Yet the Prophet says it is better to have a wild fire than not to have fire at all. We need the Holy Ghost in order to enter into Christ. Of course he died for us, and paid the price but we need His Spirit in order to live in him. We have to do something. The minister mentioned how he had preached some years ago when he was young. He preached in a very starchy church. The people were rigid and formal while he was energetic, lively and emotional. Having started preaching at 13 years and entering full time ministry at 17, he behaved the way a real young man would do. After the service, in which no Amen was shouted by the congregation, the Pastor of the assembly then told the young preacher You still have too much of Pentecost in you. The minister said that was fine, at least he was two churches ages ahead of them.

There is the story told of the turtle which would not move. When the Prophet beat it, it would not move. They tried to use water to scare it away, but the turtle would not move. Finally a fire was made under the turtle, and then it started to move rock-and-roll style. The moral of the story is that we need fire in the church. We need Christianity that is on fire. We need an emotional religion. We need a living God in a living church. After this admonition, the Holy Ghost came down on the congregation.


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