Daniel – A Prophet in Babylon P1

Daniel – A Prophet in Babylon P1

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Daniel 2:1

Still drawing inspiration from the Books of 1st and 2nd Samuel, the Pastor read from the second chapter of Daniel and noted that Nebuchadnezzar’s forgotten dream invokes a ministry of the Unwritten. The dream had taken place in reality but there was nothing recorded about it. Thus with this Unwritten and Unrecorded dream, a call was made throughout the land of Babylon for a man who can retrieve and reveal the Unwritten. And because no mortal man could be found to reveal the sealed up dream, all wise men, astrologers and soothsayers in the kingdom had to die. The Babylonian wise men had told king that no man could reveal secrets except the gods, and the gods had no dwelling among men. Yet in the final hour a man was found who had a connection with the God of heaven. We are in Mystery Babylon today, and if the same scene took place in Ancient Babylon, a repeat of the events must take place in our time. There were two prophets in Babylon namely Ezekiel and Daniel. They did not operate their prophetic ministries at the same time as, according to God’s principles, no two major prophets can co-exist at the same time. Ezekiel had his time first, followed by Daniel. We have had the Apostle Paul in Mystery Babylon coming in his time, followed by the Prophet William Branham in his age. Both Prophets have been expressed in Mystery Babylon. (Other Messengers in the seven church ages found in Mystery Babylon’s dispensation are only reformers, except Paul and Brother Branham). God operates with types and shadows. That is why the call by denominations to do away with the Old Testament does not hold. It is the shadow which comes first before the real thing. Thus we see that the Old Testament Ark was just an expression of the Lord Jesus Christ, as does the tent that Moses fashioned. Even the Temple in Jerusalem prefigures the coming of Christ. 

The temple had to be destroyed, as Christ indeed was destroyed in the body. Christ was raised from the dead, pointing to the rebuilding of the temple again. Thus types and shadows are perfect. The Bible is not complete without the Old Testament. We are now waiting for the meeting in the air with The Son of Man. We do not need Mary, the mother of Jesus, on the scene today. We do not need her to conceive again. Christ was born and expressed on earth and that, too, is history. Of course, Mary as a historical figure played her part. But now is our day, we need to experience The Son of Man ourselves. Ezekiel in Babylon had a ministry characterised by three pulls. He witnessed how Nebuchadnezzar, through politics, gained control over the Jerusalem in a much more remote manner. This was followed by the capture of all nations around. The final phase is physical entry into Jerusalem. That is exactly the devil’s ambition. He wants to gain entry into our Jerusalem, into our Soul, into our inner man in the heart. The devil always desired to have a kingdom on the sides of the north. He desired to be worshipped. But God placed within human beings the desire to worship God Himself, and not the devil. We need to be spiritual as when God speaks, he does not give detailed specifications. For example, he mentioned through prophecy that a voice would come crying in the wilderness. He did not say John the Baptist would come. Again he mentioned a deliver rising on the scene to break Pharaoh’s bondage without specifying it would be Moses. He continued to say a Bride would be expressed on earth, without revealing our literal names under that prophecy. Ezekiel as a Prophet in Babylon is associated with the resurrection. Equipped with Insight, Foresight and Oversight, Ezekiel’s ministry allows him to see dry bones in the valley come back to life. When sinews came back to the bones and life entered the bodies, that was restoration ministry. The Prophet William Branham had a Seven Thunder Message that is associated with the Voice of the Resurrection. When the Prophet in our day makes mention of mechanics, he is actually talking about dry bones. Again when he talks of dynamics, he is now talking of the Spirit which caused the bodies to rise as a mighty host in the valley. We must be careful of deception in the church. Right now the denominations believe in dancing in the spirit where women twist their waistlines like serpents, tantalising men in the congregation with so-called music therapy while swinging wrap-arounds. Women are taking a leading role in the churches, leading in worship when they should sit down. But the Word comes around to give them their place. We believe in dancing in the spirit, according to the true leading of the Holy Ghost. Miriam sang and danced in the Spirit after the Red Sea testimony. Man’s cunning devices are a trap to both humanity and other animals. The zoo is a pitiful place to be in. it is a pity to see an eagle caged up in a zoo when it should be soaring in the heavenlies. A lion in the zoo is just too tame to exercise the God-given kingship over the jungle. He cannot even roar. A caged lion can be driven away and shooed away like a chicken. But if you come across a real jungle lion it its position in the forest, where he knows his territorial boundaries, you are in for trouble. A certain Chinese tourist was warned not to come down from the car to take pictures of the lions. But he insisted and before long, he was attacked and eaten up. That was a real lion in power because of its position. The Prophetic life of Ezekiel was full of things that would cause people to stumble. For example, he was instructed to lie in unusual sleeping postures for 390 days, after which he had to lie on the other side for 40 days. It was strange, as indeed it is in our day that a true prophet of God could be taken away from the earth by way of an automobile accident. Here was a prophet who shook everyone’s hand (displaying perfect love), and who drew a bigger circle if factionalism ruled him out of their fellowship with certain quarters of Christendom. It is the Roman system which destroyed the temple in the Old Testament and again the same power is responsible for the destruction of the temple in the New Testament. While the Jews await the rebuilding of the temple in this day, we know certainly that the temple will be built in the Millenium according to the teachings of the prophet William Branham. Although they have the red heifer already in the natural, the Jews do not know that the true red heifer was sacrificed already – the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Bride who will be explaining to the Jews the significance of the seven candlesticks and other artefacts in the temple. The candlesticks speak of the seven church ages, which the Jew knows nothing about. As the Bride of Christ, we are the queen, always by the king’s side. Therefore a greater than Daniel is here; a greater than Ezekiel, a greater than Esther, a greater than Bathsheba, a greater than Ruth is this Bride which is us. That is why we do not believe in the trinity, which is a doctrine from hell. We know there is only one God, who was seen by all prophets on His (one) throne in one way or another. We believe the Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament. Our Lord Jesus Christ stands in the same place as Boaz in relation to Ruth. Boaz marries Ruth, a Gentile Bride, showing Christ’s preference for us as His Bride. Boaz not only redeems Ruth alone but also Naomi. And when Boaz has a child with Ruth, the child is nursed by Naomi showing that the same gospel which is good for the Gentiles is also good for the Jews. The ministry of Ezekiel is marked by mysteries. He talks of a girl who becomes queen then backslides to be a prostitute. He gives parables of Aholi and Aholibaba. There is parables of the lioness and the two cubs, which is the type of the 3 curtains in our age: Iron Curtain, Purple Curtain and Bamboo Curtain. He sees the good and bad shepherds in the church. William Branham also talks of Money, Women and Popularity as traps to the ministry. While theologians fail to place the battles of Gog and Magog, we know when that shall come to pass. It is not the same as Armageddon, which takes place in the 3.5 years of the tribulation. The battle of Gog and Magog takes place after the millennium after the devil is loosed again after being bound by the chains of circumstance. In the Millennium we will be completing the one day which Adam and Eve failed to accomplish in the Garden of Eden due to the Fall. Adam lived nine hundred and sixt seven years which falls short of the 1,00 years which make up a day according to Bible numerology. We must be careful with what we do. Saddam Hussein tried to rebuild ancient Babylon from ruins (found in Iraq). That was not God’s program and God not happy with it, and down he went. Babylon is in existence not in the natural form, but as Mystery Babylon. Abraham was called out of the same Babylon by God in order to walk with Him. On crossing the river Euphrates, Abraham was going through water baptism in shadow form. He even got the seal of circumcision as confirmation of God’s acceptance. Thus Abraham went through Justication, Sanctification and baptism of the Holy Ghost. We must be careful with what we say, too. Tony Palmer, a South African national, said that he had a ministry like Elijah of turning the hearts of the children to the fathers, which is not true, for the real Elijah has come and gone. David Du Plessis, another South African citizen, sold the church to Babylon through affiliation with the ecumenical movement. It is surprising what South Africans have been doing in turning the church against God. They refused to allow Brother Branham to come and preach in the country at one time, and today they are speaking against natural Israel through the government of the day and the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Ezekiel speaks of a new heart which God gives to a believer. He further talks of a new spirit also which God allows to operate. Then there is God’s Spirit. All these three stages reflect what the Prophet William Branham taught that there is Justification, Sanctification and Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Daniel’s revelation of the king’s dream comes in the evening, it takes place at night. Upon learning of the decree to destroy all wise men in Babylon, Daniel talks to his three Hebrew friends (in their pre-Babylonian names they were not known as Shadrech, Meshack and Abednego but as Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah showing that names are written in the book in advance). In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream a stone comes to destroy the image in the legs. That stone which smote the image is the Mystery Cloud which we have witnessed in our day. The stone was not cut by human hands in the same way that the Cloud has nothing to do with human ability. As the chaff of the threshing floor, the kingdoms are destroyed. Thus the two big toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s image namely Rome and America will be destroyed by Russia which already has bombs labelled with the names of these respective targets. 


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