Daniel – A Prophet in Babylon P2

Daniel – A Prophet in Babylon P2

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Revelation 10:1-8

Before the Scripture Reading, the Minister exhorted the congregation to walk like Enoch, a man who was so much in tune with the Holy Ghost till one day he just continued to walk with God and never returned. Although our natural body is still trapped in time under Laodicea, as the Bride of Christ our souls have been caught up in another age: The Bride Age. Against the backdrop of child molestation, harassment and abuse, ingratitude, love of self, disobedience, earthquakes, fearful hearts and all manner of evil, as believers we only have one thing on our minds: Heaven – as the song says Heaven Is On My Mind. That is why when we come to church, we are not coming to get fire, but bringing fire to the gathering and combining the individual licks of fire to produce a spiritual bonfire. And here is one fact about fire: Snakes hate fire. Therefore when our hearts are aflame with the love of God in service, the devil runs out of the sanctuary, waiting outside for an opportune moment to attack. However, while in service the Holy Ghost is preparing us against the serpent’s attack. When we get out of service, we are equipped to deal with the wiles of the devil. Psalms 128 was read as a man child was dedicated to the Lord. After Scripture Reading in Revelations 10, the Minister highlighted the fact that the seven thunders utter their voices when the Mighty Angel comes down. The seven thunders are not in the virtues associated with the Stature of A Perfect Man pyramid. The thunders are in the Capstone Ministry, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the thunders and, in Bible symbolism, a thunder is a voice of God. It is the voice which reveals the things that are contained in the Book. The first Adam in the Garden of Eden had a bride inside him, Eve. The second Adam, Christ, also has a bride inside him. Therefore as Eve was in Adam so is the bride in Christ and, if Christ is the thunders, so is the bride too. 

We are the thunders as well and, when Christ comes down as a Mighty Angel, we came down with him too. When Christ comes down as a Mighty Angel with rainbow around him, he shows total authority by placing right foot in the sea and left foot on the land. The beast that rises from the sea is defeated, as is the beast which comes out of the land because Christ has his foot in each of these devil strongholds. Is I t not strange that God himself can hide under the title of an angel? When the Bible mentions the Mighty Angel, it is none other than Christ himself, who is the angel of angels. It is just a form in which God chooses to express himself as a Messenger of all messengers. That is why the Bible says that God bypasses the wise and prudent and reveals himself to very babes, such as would learn. We need revelation in order to understand. Revelation does not come from man but from God. At one time Christ’s church had 82 members and he felt it was too big. He then spoke that except the disciples eat his flesh and drink his blood, they have no part in him. Immediately, 70 disciples left, leaving the 12 apostles behind. Strange enough, Christ did not try to explain what he meant about eating his flesh and drinking his blood. He let the people imagine their own interpretation of a vampire ministry and still did not correct them. With 85% of the church gone (70 disciples leave), the church was now small, with less troubles and less problems to solve. When Christ comes down with an open book from heaven, he cries out that time shall be no more. In the first place, we notice the book is open. If the book is open, having been opened by Christ, who is it who can close it? Therefore we see clearly that those who claim there is still mysteries sealed up are falling by the way side. Secondly, time is no more says the Mighty Angel. It is the end of the age. Eternity will soon blend with time. When time is no more, it is time out.

The Bible also says that when Christ comes with the open book ministry, the mystery of God should be finished. Therefore we see a panoramic view of three characters: Mighty Angel, Earthly Angel signifying to John, and John himself. The Prophet preached a Message Christ is the Mystery of God revealed. It is Christ who is the mystery, and it is his workings that are being made known throughout the ages. We have been freed from the denominational zoo where we acted in the monkey-see-monkey-do fashion. Now after Christ came and took the keys of death, hell and the grave from the wicked one, we found our denominational cage unlocked by the revelation of the Word. We are now free from man’s idea and theories of what God’s plan is. When no one could open the book and unloose the seals, John sees a lamb going to the one sitting on the throne. To the carnal mind, if the Lamb is Christ and the same Christ goes to someone sitting on the throne, then that proves a second being of the Godhead. What a gross error! The Lamb Himself came from that throne, and only 1 throne is mentioned, and only one person sits on it. In this case, this is the revelation of the mystery of God operating in his offices.

The Lamb is one of God’s offices which he used to Adam’s lost inheritance. We must be careful not to miss the rapture. We may have the right doctrine but still fail to be caught up with the Lord in the air. The devil indeed can trap us in that situation where the doctrine is right but the dynamics are missing. When names are revealed in the Book, it is not literal names as we have them today. But the Bible describes a situation which resonates with our own circumstances and that harmony between what is written in the Word and what we are going through sparks a consciousness in ourselves that we are the ones written in the scripture. That is how names are written and called. John is told to go and take the book from the Mighty Angel and eat the open book. The earthly angel instructing John to go to the Mighty Angel is clearly occupying the office of Eleazer who gets Isaac a bride. There must be a relationship between Isaac and Rebecca, between John in the book of Revelation and the Mighty Angel. The earthly signifying angel just points to the one who gives revelation. Therefore if we require revelation we have to get it directly from God Himself. When John eats the book, the taste is sweet in the mouth. It is a sweet fellowship. But when the Word becomes part of the believer’s bloodstream, watch how even a parent turns against his children because of the true living Word. Why does the Mighty Angel take the book and give it to John? The book was lost by Adam through the Fall. But the book belongs to Man. Therefore God is giving Man back his title deeds to the inheritance.

When the Lamb takes the book from the one sitting on the throne, that is the first taking of the book by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. And when John takes the book from the Mighty Angel, that is the second taking of the book, this time by Man. Redemption is complete when Man takes the book back because it was previously in the hands of Man. How sure should we be of our calling and election after the Seals have been revealed? If Paul, before the open book ministry, was so sure of his calling and election and would challenge heaven and the angels if they came with a doctrine different from his, what about the believer today? And those who say that there is 14 seals are lost because God deals with the numbers 3, 7, 12 etc in consistent patterns of numerology. The worldly rapper Eminem is using the word Rapture for his musical campaigns which are inspired from hell. If the world knows about the Rapture, what is wrong with us believers of the Message of the Hour? That sudden, secret coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as a thief in the night: do we really realise how near it is? Are we conscious of the spiritual realities of the Word? We should wake up and rise in spiritual dimensions to that level where we tap on the power of God which is lying dormant in the church. When John was in the Spirit, he rehearsed the second coming of the Lord. He saw the seven church ages, he saw the battle of Armageddon and he saw the Lamb’s wife, which is us, the bride. Although he did not live to see all these things come to pass in the natural, yet in the Spirit he witnessed all of them. As 96 year old man on the Isle of Patmos, he broke through the dimensions and was called to come up higher and higher and higher in the Spirit. We need demonstration of the Word in power and in deed.

The reason why we fail to encourage and help people is because we have no burning bush experience, we have no testimony, we have no demonstration of the real power of God. And the reason why people fall is because of the lack of revelation about the Message. The importance of revelation to the true believer cannot be over-emphasised.


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