Deal Gently with thy Enemy

Deal Gently with thy Enemy

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: February 2015

 Date: Sunday, 22 February 2015

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 18:1-8

As we are living in the end time, Absolom is taking centre stage in world events now. We are living right at the edge of the rapture and we must be watchful. We should not miss the rapture. We are not destined to see the battle of Armageddon. God takes us away before the battle starts.

In 2nd Samuel 18, David numbers the people in preparation for war against Absolom. And there are captains of hundreds and captains of thousands mentioned in the scripture. These captains correspond to the Pastors and their respective ministries. Some are called to minister to huge flocks. For instance, the congregations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have, in many cases, in excess of 20,000 believers as one assembly. Some are called to shepherd a few hundred. These become captains of hundreds, like Spoken Word Tabernacle family. And some are even ordained to oversee just a small group of say 10 believers. Regardless of number, they are shepherds anyhow, and God has called them for those precious souls as overseers. We are in the numbering season. Our names are the Lamb’s section of the Book of Life and they cannot be removed as they are written in the Lord Jesus Christ’s blood.

David’s men do not allow the king to go into battle. They have a revelation of who David is. They say king David is worth more than 10,000 of them warriors. They are prepared to fight on behalf of the king. They are taking the king’s battle in their hands. They are taking ownership and showing on whose side they stand.

Absolom goes to battle riding on a mule. The mule is a hybrid animal. It is a cross between a horse and a donkey. The mule in this case stands for the hybrid religion of denominationalism. The man of sin comes riding on that. And the man of sin wants to fight David. It is striking to note that the battle here is between David and the children of Israel. It is a religious or spiritual battle. It is against one segment of Christianity fighting another group called by the same name. That battle points to the coming battle of Armageddon. We should not witness that battle. We should be long gone. Our battle is taking place right now. We are busy battling the 200 million devils released at the river Euphrates.

We have a type of David on our side. We have a Warrior, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one who conquered death, hell and the grave. He is incorruptible. He conquered corruption itself. He is immortal. He conquered mortality. He is the one who comes riding on a white horse, with a name on his thigh written The Word of God. He is not like Absolom who comes riding on a mule. But of course there is a confrontation brewing, between the Mule rider (Absolom) and the White Horse Rider (Lord Jesus Christ). Our David is able to overcome all our troubles. Marriage troubles are all overcome by the Lord Jesus Christ. Health problems are overcome. Spiritual problems are all overcome by the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, we are the ones who defeated him. We were in our Lord, the great angel Michael. Therefore if we defeated the devil in heaven, let us go ahead and defeat him again here on earth. We need to kick him further to the bottomless pit. When we kick him down, we prove our genealogy. We prove where we come from. We prove our pedigree. We prove our inheritance. Right now in service, let us kick the devils out. They are already running out through the windows. Demons are right now fleeing through the walls. Evil spirits are on the run right in the sanctuary, some scrambling for the door. We need to kick them out.

Let us notice that David did not go to the battle. He only sends the servants to go to war. That is a great display of the king’s confidence with the people. What David did is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing right now. The Lord Jesus Christ is not here right now in a corporal body. But he is trusting on us to fight the battle. He is trusting us that we will not tattoo our bodies in this age where the world is insane with body art. God trusts us to observe our position. God expects us to have the revelation of the supernatural mark we must carry. There is an inkhorn writer who is going right now in the streets of Jerusalem. And Jerusalem is the Bride of Jesus Christ. We are the Jerusalem itself. And the streets of Jerusalem are the church pews. God is moving from bench to bench. The Holy Ghost, as the Inkhorn Writer, is moving from one believer to another, from one row to the next, sealing the believers.

Because the Lord Jesus Christ is here in our midst, we must take advantage of His presence and ask. We must ask all that we need. We must ask abundantly, as says the scripture. All that we request of the Lord will be provided. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Why did David tell the captains to deal gently with Absolom? Absolom is a man who has risen against David. Absolom is a rebel. Absolom is an enemy. And David is saying to the captains, deal gently with the enemy; the same enemy who will knock you dead if given the opportunity.

This might startle you. But God loves the devil. The devil has a special place in the plan of God which gives glory back to God. No wonder He tells us to love our enemies. God does not command us to do things that He has not done personally Himself.

There is a relationship between shedding of blood and serving God. David, as a warrior, had shed a lot of blood. When he desired to build the temple of the Lord, God rejected David as the builder of the temple. God did not reject the idea of building a temple. The idea was inspired. It was good inspiration. But a man with blood on his hands cannot build God’s temple. That is why God did not allow the Prophet to shed blood. He had the opportunity to shoot dead the bullies who used to harass and knock him down every time in his childhood. But the gun failed to fire. Otherwise Brother Branham would have become a bloody man. God would not have used him to preach the seals which Christ opened. God would not have allowed him to build us as temples of the living God. We are temples which the Prophet’s ministry built for God.

The Prophet’s reaction to the bullies shows the first nature of fallen man. It shows that we are born with a serpent in our hearts. We just want to return evil for evil. We just want to attack and lash out at the enemy. But God does not want us to do that. The serpent in the human heart cannot live together with the dove. The dove represents the Holy Ghost. And the serpent represents the sinful nature of the Fall. That is why we cannot have two masters. We cannot serve God and the devil at the same time. We cannot have the dove and the serpent in the same heart. If the two are in the same place, sooner or later, the dove is consumed by the serpent. The serpent can mesmerise the dove. The serpent can fix its eyes on the dove and start moving its body slowly until the bird is rounded up without knowing it. Of course, that is not to say that the Holy Ghost is weaker than the devil.

That is why God says we need a new heart. A new heart of made up of flesh. The old nature is like a heart of stone. No one can use a needle to patch up a cracked concrete structure. Even the floor in the building, no one can attempt to stitch a crack using a needle. That is why God is using power tools to drill into our stony hearts. He needs the electric harmers and drills and other heavy duty equipment to crack up the stone in our hearts. He is having a hard time with some of us. That is why He is using the power tools of the Resurrection glory, the power of transformation. We therefore must not trust what our hearts tell us. The heart is deceitful. That is why God requires an overhaul of it.

If we have the Holy Ghost, our works will testify. The Holy Ghost does not hurt nor get hurt. The Holy Ghost does not dress in shorts. The Holy Ghost does not dress immorally. The Holy Ghost does not wear high heeled shoes. The Holy Ghost does not put on artificial things. The Holy Ghost is against homosexuality. The Holy Ghost hates lesbianism.

Let’s not look for favour with the world. The world hated the Lord Jesus Christ from the start. The same denominational world hated the Prophet in our day. Even the Lord Jesus Christ’s own relatives came to believe His Message only after his death. The same happened with the Prophet. How can we expect our unbelieving bosses at work to love us? When one asks them for an increase in wages or salary, they only increase the work load. What should we do as believers? We need to pray like David did. David said he stumbles when he sees the wicked people prospering. We need to go to God and address our situations with Him. But God does not give power to His Children if God’s character is not yet formed in them. That is why sometimes God holds back the power in breakthroughs so that character forms first. God’s character is able to handle power. So God might be working on our attitudes to His Word before giving us the blessings.

The wicked can prosper because God is God. His laws apply to everyone. There are laws of sowing and reaping. If an unbeliever sows, God’s law of reproduction and life ensures that the seed grows. That is why unbelievers prosper in what they do. They have faith in starting up businesses. They give and donate to the poor. Companies like Coca Cola can donate and the donations are written off against their income tax by the government. That’s why people like Bill Gates give out a lot. As Christians, we should do that. That is our ministry. Alms deeds, giving to the poor, helping orphans and attending to widows is the duty of every Christian. God will write these things in His Book.

In Proverbs 10:12 the scripture says that hatred stirreth up strife but love covereth up all sins. If we have love, we must be able to forgive and forget. God loves us and has a sea of forgetfulness. If we have the same love, we must then forgive and cast the evil deeds and wrongs into the same sea of forgetfulness. God puts a mark on that sea that says, No Fishing. And if the accuser insists on fishing out the sins of God’s children, he will not find anything. God’s sea of forgetfulness dissolves all the wrongs. Even when the devil comes to God’s court with accusations against God’s children, God will plead ignorance and the believer also will plead loss of memory. The devil becomes a fool in that case. We have been forgiven. We must accept our pardon. A pardon is not a pardon except it be received as a pardon. Let us accept the fact that God has forgiven us.

The same Holy Ghost which hovered over the waters in Genesis is doing the same thing today. We are in the book of Revelation. God’s spirit is hovering over our earth. There is a seed in our hearts which needs to be quickened.

The Prophet says that he was able to dispel angry hornets by the grace of conquering love. He spoke to the hornets to go back to their nest and they listened. When love is projected, sovereign grace takes over.

Judah shows the love of God through his conduct. The unfortunate fact is that Judah lived in a negative environment which was critical of Joseph and his spiritual gifts. Therefore he could not  break out of it. But when the rest of the brothers wanted to kill Joseph, Judah suggested that he should rather be sold (a less severe torment). And when Simeon was left in prison in Egypt, Judah became the intercessor for Simeon to be released. He also became the surety for little Benjamin, whom Jacob loved so much, and undertook to deliver Benjamin back to Jacob in Canaan. He was standing in the gap for his brethren. He covered the breach between his loved ones. Judah’s name means Praise, and there is nothing that comes up against praise. God dwells in the praises of his people. Therefore we see Judah displaying great acts of love. No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ had to come through his lineage. Judah had love and the lion of the tribe of Judah (the Lord Jesus Christ) is love Himself. It only took a situation, some circumstances and events, for Judah to display those characteristics of love.

We must love one another. We must deal gently with our enemies. We must love them. We must stay away from evil company. Evil communication corrupts good manners. Evil company chases away the Holy Ghost.

As the Pastor exhorted the saints, the anointing of the Holy Ghost fell upon the congregation. The Holy Ghost took over the service. It was difficult to close the service under the heavy anointing of the Holy Ghost.


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