Delegated Authority

Delegated Authority

Speaker: Pastor Ronnie Monakali

 Series: July 2015

 Date: Sunday, 26 July 2015

 Scripture: Luke 10:16

The Prophet says that the greatest thing in God’s economy is that a man should believe in another man according to God’s order. With the Message of the Hour, we have something to unite us and bind us together in love. It is the Message of the Hour which unites people. It is the Message which makes Japanese, a Chinese, a Xhosa, a Coloured, a Canadian, a Congolese etc. unite despite their differences. The Message makes people unite in fellowship and human brotherhood based on the Word of God. The greatest test of faith that God has given to humanity is to let people believe in a man whom God has delegated authority to. And in believing the man with the delegated authority, we are expected to believe in the man in much the same way that we would believe God. This means that the same way we believe God must be the same way we should believe in delegated authority. Therefore our faith in the men with delegated authority from God is the differentiator between believers and unbelievers. That is why the Prophet was told to get the people to believe him as the man with the delegated authority, and God would perform the healing on condition that the people have believed the delegated authority of the Prophet of this age. No wonder the Prophet would ask the people to believe in him as the servant of God. No wonder the Message was victorious in all places where the Prophet travelled, including here in South Africa where meetings were held in Durban, in Klerksdorp and Johannesburg. The meetings were successful also in India and other parts of the world on the basis of the same principle of faith in delegated authority. To believe in God is actually much easier. After all, we see all around us the creative works of His hands. There is actually no other explanation of where the world came from, except to believe in the Creation Account which points to God as the Creator. We see the heavens above us, we see the seas around us, and we see the earth and the plant and animal life which all point to a creator. But the most difficult thing to believe is for us to believe a man. For us to believe the Prophet, an uneducated man with suicidal tendencies – that really takes a revelation from the heavenly father. Nevertheless we need to believe in the Prophet. We need to believe in our Pastors. We need to believe in delegated authority. After all, when the Prophet went off the scene, God did not stop His program. The program continues with other men with delegated authority. These men are our Pastors in the local assemblies. If it was hard to believe the Prophet, being a man with weaknesses, it will even be harder to believe in our local Pastors, men that God raise before us, men that we know in terms of their weaknesses and upbringing and so forth. It therefore takes even a higher bracket of faith to believe the local Pastor than to believe the Prophet. But that is God’s program. God has ordained our Pastors to see us through. For us to go by way of the rapture, there is a great bridge called Pastors. That is the final checking point. For we will be translated not by obedience to the heavenly Father in Heaven. We will not have the change of body by obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Neither are we tested for our faith in the Prophet of the dispensation. Rather, we need obedience to the Pastors. And that is a commandment. It is law. It is non-negotiable. There is no room for compromise. God’s hierarchy operates on the basis of revelation. In Eden, we see how Abel caught a revelation of Adam as the delegated authority in that assembly. Although Cain was older than Abel, he lacked this revelation and was therefore ranked lower. When they came to worship and God refused Cain’s sacrifices, Cain lodged a complaint (long fallen face) with God. But God referred Cain back to his brother Abel, and Cain was instructed to follow what Abel had done. Abel was the delegated authority on how to approach God after The Fall. In fact, Abel was the mercy seat for Cain. Here we see how Cain missed the channel of blessings embodied in Abel. We need to identify the delegated authority to access God’s blessings. That is why the Prophet tells us to follow what the tape says. By obedience to delegated authority, we will never stay and remain in chronic problems as we have been given power and authority to cast out demons in obedience to the Message of the Hour teachings. In the long journey of the children of Israel in the wilderness, the real problem really was that refusal or reluctance to accept Moses and Aaron as the delegated authority. For those who listened and obeyed Moses, their clothes grew on them, as did their shoes while those who rebelled perished in the wilderness. God was still the healer in the wilderness. But God could not directly heal the people when they needed healing. God referred the people to Moses. The people had to believe what Moses says for God to release the healing. People had to listen to Moses while Moses listened to God. That is the order. That is the protocol. Angels understand this principle. It is not for us as human beings to vote and make choices over who is the delegated authority. God and God alone sets these men up as delegated authority. God makes the choices, and those choices are perfection to us. Those choices made by God are for His own pleasure. The Prophet says that God lays His hands on His chosen men right at the backside of the desert where no other people see. God vindicates his men. What we need before we can accept delegated authority is a revelation of the Word. If we know the Word first, then all things fall into place. We will be able to respect our Pastor. We will be able to respect our husband. We will be able to respect our wife. Knowledge of the Word by revelation is what enables us to obey. These Pastors that we have today are actually products of the teachings of the Prophet. We need to accept their delegated authority, regardless of their frailties. Look at how it was difficult for people to accept Moses. God sends a man with a bad profile. He sends a former politician who worked for the oppressor, a man with criminal record of murder, a man who married a black woman which was contrary to the nation’s customs ordained by God. But God was in Moses. Actually, God walked in Egypt wearing Moses like a man would wear his own clothes. Those who believed Moses lived and those who disbelieved Moses simply died. Delegated authority has to be obeyed without question. Florence Nightingale prayed to God for healing and her attention was drawn to the Prophet. God could not heal her directly although God is the only healer there is. But she had to arrange an appointment with the delegated authority, who was in Jeffersonville, United States of America at the time. Only through the prayer of the delegated authority did God heal Florence Nightingale. Why would God not simply heal the cancer-eaten lady directly? He already had a delegated authority on the land to handle that. That is God’s principles. The mother opossum wanted healing at one time and she identified the whereabouts of the delegated authority and went to the Prophet’s home. The same applied to Aunt Jemima, whose son was dying of a social disease. When her prayer reached heaven, God sent a search warrant for Elijah, the delegated authority on the land. And Elijah was on a plane, and had no mission to go to Memphis. God had to create a storm to bring down that plane in which Elijah was. When the plane was grounded, then Elijah walked straight into a squatter camp where the revelation of delegated authority had been received. For us in Spoken Word Tabernacle, God answers prayer by our recognition of the delegated authority vested in the local Pastor, Brother Brian Naidoo in Eldorado Park. Abraham had a servant called Eliezer. Abraham himself was a delegated authority and Eliezer watched how Abraham took instructions from God. When Abraham decides to delegate authority to Eliezer, it is not difficult for Eliezer to obey as he has seen how his master similarly follows higher authority. The lesson is that when we do good, that good rubs on the people around us. Here we see Eliezer agreeing to go on a trip with no specific details. There is a lot of missing information. Only the address has been given that he should go to Abraham’s family. The name of the girl is not given. Her characteristics have not been spelt out to Eliezer. Her age is not disclosed. But Eliezer goes anyhow. He knows that his master has travelled looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. He knows his master follows things which he does not understand as well. But he knows that Abraham is a powerful man, a man who fights and defeats 5 kings. There is a key for accepting delegated authority. It is faith and obedience. We must obey what our Pastors say. In Hebrews 11, we are given the definition of faith. We need to believe and accept unseen things, have evidence of things not seen. The minister gave the testimony of Sister Tutani, who wrote a letter to God and posted it behind the picture of Mystery Cloud hanging in her home. Her husband used to encourage her to ride on his faith in difficult times. Now the husband’s faith was getting low and she encouraged him to ride on her faith as well. The family needed a place to stay. When the husband, Brother Gordon Tutani, went on Voice of God business to the Ukraine, he was given a gift of sweets wrapped in a packet. He did not give much thought to the small parcel of sweets, which he even left in on the floor for a stranger to watch while awaiting a connecting flight. When the minister arrived home in Zimbabwe, he discovered it was a lot of United States Dollars. He wanted to buy a house which belonged to an Islamic man. His heart always longed for that property. But when he went to bid for the house, there was stiff competition from companies, international organisations and non-governmental organisations which also bid for the property. He was inspired to go into the yard, and pace up and down on the yard, claiming the house as the scripture says footsteps means possession. After claiming the place, he told the owner the amount of money he had. Later the owner called him to accept his price, which was way less than the big companies offered. The owner said I give you the property because you are different from the other buyers. When Eliezer arrived at the place where he should get a wife for his master’s son, he goes to the well. There women come. Eliezer makes a prayer in his heart, and a young woman comes and offers him drink and begins to water the camels as well. (It was hard work to water the camels, which take hundreds of litres each). Eliezer is surprised that his unexpressed thoughts are being obeyed by the woman at the well. His thoughts are in the woman. Then when it came time to tell his story, Eliezer had a difficult time. For he had been sent to look for a wife for his master’s son. The master did not come himself, neither did the son come. So the lady had to believe the story of a man sent on behalf of the father to get a wife for the son. Although the son is not there, even though the father is nowhere near, the girl accepts a man she has not seen. Already at the well, there had been an invisible union between the bride and the groom. Faith holds the unseen. The minister explained the story on an old lady who accepted the Message at 75 years old. She could neither read nor write but minister organized tapes to be sent to her to listen to the voice of the age. She refused to accept denominational teachings, and compared what she heard from denominations with what the Prophet (Branan – mispronounced) said and rejected denominationalism. Although she could not properly pronounce the name of the Prophet, she was saved anyhow. Right now she is in glory, having died around 80 years. We cannot reject Elijah and go to the rapture. We cannot reject Elijah and go to the marriage supper of the lamb. We cannot go to the Lord Jesus Christ outside the Prophet William Branham. It is striking to note how powerful delegated authority is. John was in heaven and cried. God was there on His throne. Angels were there at their post of duty. The elders were there. The living creatures around the throne were also there. But there was no one who could silence John’s cry. God kept quiet, as did angels and elders and living creatures. But then the delegated authority spoke and said, Weep not John, for the lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed to open the book and loose the seals thereof. But when he turned to see the lion, he saw the lamb, which was just a switching of roles. The lamb is mercy and the lion is judgement. No wonder in 1963, after the lamb had opened the seals through the ministry of the Prophet William Branham, the Prophet began to preach that hell is on the earth. It was a difficult sermon, and the people began to cry. Then the Prophet pleaded with God not to judge the earth. It was now a switch from lion ministry to lamb ministry, a transition from judgement to mercy. Therefore from 1963-1965, it was an open door of mercy. The same mercy was expressed in the preaching of the message of Marriage and Divorce, where God wanted to hear what the Prophet would say about the matter. God had poured all power and authority into the Prophet, who stood as the delegated authority. And the Prophet thought he must ask what God thinks about the matter of marriage and divorce while God is waiting to hear what the Prophet thinks. God no longer has a say in the matter. He has delegated the authority to the Prophet. As God and the Prophet communed together on this matter, people saw a cloud moving up and down the mountain. In the end, the Prophet pronounced a statement of mercy over all who were trapped in the dilemma of marriage and divorce. When the Prophet spoke, God said Amen. This shows us that we are the final authority. We are the final voice. Peter was the delegated authority in his day. He preached a message to sell all property and bring to the church. Ananias and Saphira thought the illiterate preacher could not count the money, but they died by not obeying delegated authority. Cornelius’s prayers reached God, but God sends Peter to Cornelius’s house for the Holy Ghost. Peter himself is reluctant to go but as the delegated authority he has to go, otherwise the gentiles would be without the Holy Ghost. The minister gave a testimony of how his own wife believed him as delegated authority. Although the minister was exhausted from a missionary trip, the wife simply took the tired hand of the slumbering minister over her body and received instant healing. We need to accept delegated authority. After the Prophet went on, it was like a plane that was flying. The plane needs to land. And the next airport where the plane landed is the 5 fold ministry under the authority of the Pastors.


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