Election by Grace

Election by Grace

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

Series: August 2015

 Date: Wednesday, 19 August 2015

 Scripture: Genesis 9:20-27

After the flood, Noah becomes a husbandman, tilling the soil and dressing vineyards. In the process of doing that, he gets drunk as he tastes the grapes in the new world after the flood. It should be noted that Noah’s drinking was not motivated by desire to please the flesh; it was not pleasure-driven. Rather, he was simply carrying out his duties and it should not be considered sinful. When Ham, the youngest son, sees the nakedness of his father, he laughs and makes a joke out of it. His brothers Shem and Japheth come and cover their father’s nakedness. Already, we begin to see God’s election, for Japheth was the oldest, followed by Shem in the middle then comes Ham the youngest. Both Japheth and Shem cover their father, but the blessing goes to Shem, who is not the first born but the second one. Japheth receives the promise of enlargement, but the blessing goes to Shem and His God. Shem becomes the one through whom Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and others come. He is the one through whom the Messiah comes by God’s election through grace. A prophet remains a prophet regardless of his state. It reminds us of Samuel, who was dead but was still able to prophesy when Saul approached him through the witch. Noah was drunk but when he wakes up from his drunkenness, he curses Canaan, the son of Ham. Although it was the father who laughed, the son is the one who inherited the curse although he had personally done nothing wrong. It was his representation in the father which caused him to be cursed and be a servant of the two elder brothers. It is a terrible thing to attempt to correct a prophet, as people today are trying to do, because the Prophet in our day still remains God’s mouthpiece even though he is off the scene. Out of that cursed lineage of Canaan, who is the son of Ham, comes Nimrod the mighty hunter. Twice in the book of Genesis, the scripture comments on how he was a mighty hunter. The beginning of his kingdom is Babel, where all the people, under his leadership, attempt to build a tower to reach heaven. It is important to see that the people moved from the east, and settled down in Shinar, where they spoke one language. There in Babylon, the mighty hunter builds a city and a tower. Both the city and tower point to Nimrod’s ambition to establish his own doctrine and worship. After all, the word city in the context of Babel refers to a court which implies a set up where Nimrod himself establishes himself up as a judge of the whole earth, a man in control. He sets the rules and laws. He talks of peace and sustainable development, much like the same Babylonic system under the papal leadership. As a hunter, Nimrod knows how to catch the South African springbok. He knows how to trap the Australian kangaroo. He knows how to ensnare the Chinese panda. He studies the behaviour of the animals in each nation, and through that process, he knows how to deal with the people in each country. He knows how to get his way in South Africa, for example, where people love bribes, and they jump like the springbok from one bribery deal to another. As there was a mighty hunter in Genesis, there is another mighty hunter in Revelations, a man robed in white who comes speaking peace to the whole world, but is a roaring lion within, seeking whom he can devour. But God has set up a standard against the mighty hunters. Even in Genesis where humanity was trapped under a beast system that hunted them down, we see God coming to call Adam from the bushes. God is actually hunting for his fallen son. And ever since the fall, God has been on hunting business for his attributes for the past 6,000 years. Nimrod had many wives, which he called queens in his ancient Babylon. And the chief of all the wives was his own mother, whom he married and called the Queen of Heaven. His mother’s name was Semiramis, a name that does not have the –H as in Sarah and Abraham, showing there is nothing of God in her. And Nimrod fathers a son through his mother. The son is called Tamuz. With this incestuous deed, Nimrod becomes the both the son and husband of the mother. This already points to the trinity doctrine, where Mary is the mother of Jesus and is worshipped as deity. Having grown under the teachings of ancient patriarchs like Noah, Nimrod knows that there is a promise of the seed of the woman which must come. In marrying his own mother, he starts to impersonate that seed of the woman, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is at once described as Prince of Peace, Almighty Father with the government on his shoulders. Christ is both son and father, much like Nimrod tried to prove as son of Semiramis and husband also to the mother. The impersonating spirit did not end with Nimrod. Today, it is operating in the papal system where the Pope claims he is Elijah coming down to do restoration. Yet he cannot perform discernment by the Spirit. He cannot give life to a dead fish. He cannot speak squirrels into existence. It is just the impersonating spirits which have travelled all the way from Cain, to Judas and present day Nimrod sitting on a city on seven hills. History records that Nimrod was killed by his uncle Shem, showing that it is the righteous seed which destroys the wicked one – it is God’s seed which destroys the serpent seed. Although the serpent seed escaped the judgement of the flood through the ark, God will finally destroy it. The serpent seed came through the wives of Noah’s sons, who saw the daughters of men in Genesis 6 and took them to wife. Where does Nimrod come in? Just after the floods of Noah. Already it is 2,000 years from Adam to Noah. And we have seen another flood coming on the earth today, which is the opening up of the lid of the bottomless pit which has unleashed all dirty spirits from the pits of the underworld. God’s election does not work by skin colour. Although all the people in the world come from the 3 sons of Noah, the racial differences come from the soil and environment that the people dwell in. From Japheth comes the Anglo-Saxon descendants while from Shem comes the Jews and their descendants while from Ham comes the dark-skinned Africans. Yet for all these differences, the curse is not on the flesh, meaning skin colour is not a determinant of who is cursed and who is blessed in terms of spiritual destiny. God’s election is by grace. Where it not by grace, who knows, we might have been Nimrod, Judas or the antichrist. Indeed, if God would have given people choice of the characters they would want to play on the face of the earth, all the people would have wanted to be the heroes of faith like Abraham, David, Joshua, Moses, Samson, Daniel etc. But no one would have agreed to be Judas Iscariot nor Nimrod nor the beast. But then we see God’s election coming in, where God writes our names in the Lamb’s section of the Book of Life using the blood of the lamb as ink. This seals our election by grace. God’s election by grace called Abraham right from the same tower of Babel where he dwelt with his people. We know Abraham’s people were idol worshippers, for even Laban, his own relative, was an idol worshipper. We see how Laban’s daughter brings idols with her from her home when she flees with Jacob. But God is the one who does the separation. When Abraham was called at first, there was Tera his father, and Lot the son of his brother Haran. But Tera died along the way and Lot stayed in Sodom and did not receive a body change. All three left out of Babylon, but one of them managed to get the change of the body, showing election by grace. Modern day Babylon has been built through fashions which Hollywood promotes. That is why it is difficult to tell apart people by the way they dress. For all people are now going for the global labels of nike, addidas etc. Even Muslims, behind their long white clothes, have addidas or nike labels. As God came down in Babylon to look at the city and the tower, so do we have investigating angels today. They are called flying saucers or unidentified flying objects by the scientific world. But we know they are angels investigating judgement. And we know that it is judgement time because the Judge Himself came down, clothed in the white whig of a judge on 28 February 1963. The Judge was pictured as Mystery Cloud, which scientists failed to explain. No wonder the Prophet later pronounced judgement through the preaching of the Indictment Message where he indicted this generation for crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ for a second time. If election is by grace, we therefore need to walk circumspectly. For God has called us to one faith, one baptism and one family in the body of Christ. God’s grace comes down to us in a three fold manner as described in Thesalonians that the Lord will descend with a shot, and the voice and the trumpet. The shout is the gospel message we received and the voice is the voice of the resurrection while the trumpet gathers the people together to meet the Lord in the air. That is why although Abraham saw 3 people coming to him, he recognized only one as the Lord. The other two were angels and he did not bow to them but it was the coming down of the Lord in that three-some manner. Abraham refused to accept the trinity doctrine because he had the revelation of the Godhead. Let us not leave Nimrod in the realm of history or mystery. We can be like Nimrod in our own eyes when we think we are all-important wherever we are, be it church, home or work. We can climb corporate ladders and have the Nimrod attitude. When we want to come up with new things, like Nimrod wanted a new world order after the flood, we can be like Nimrod. Already we see Nimrod gathering all the people together under the World Council of Churches where Muslims, Hindus, Bhuddhists, Christians etc are being brought together into one brotherhood of man. But we know that prophecy says that when they shall say peace, peace, sudden destruction will come. The Word Council of churches is nothing but a modern day tower of Babel being erected. No wonder the Prophet said they wanted to arrest him for preaching the mark of the beast. They wanted to arrest him for the 7 visions he saw in 1933, where he pointed out that fascism, Nazism and communism would rise up but at the end all will wind up in communism, which becomes like the pale horse which absorbs all the previous horses. Under the threat of terrorism, already we see all isms winding up into the one according to prophecy.


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