Speaker: Isaiah Brooks

 Series: May 2015

 Scripture: Matthew 28:17-18; Isaiah 52:1-2

The concept of embodiment, which means being filled up with something which then takes over control of one’s self, being possessed of some power beyond human ability or control, being a vessel in the use of another power, is a universally applicable rule both in our pre-Christian days and our current walk with Christ. Before we knew the Lord, we were embodied the devil, being filled with wicked desires and walking in the lusts of the flesh. Regardless, God had already planted the germ of life in us. The devil could not destroy us. We had God’s representation in us. We had a part of God in us even before we knew of this reality. Let’s look at the so-called modern day spirits, which are just another name for liquor or alcohol as they were previously known. A man given to drinking will actually be enjoying themselves when they drink. The truth of the matter is that as long as no other better life is shown to that person, they cannot compare the drinking life to another better or superior alternative. It is just like the pig wallowing in the mud. He considers the mud as the most exciting adventure in the world. Only when the pig has been schooled or trained otherwise will he realise that mud is dirt. Only when a lamb-like nature has been introduced to him will he shun the dirt. The same applies to a blind man. He can only see when light has been presented to him, and he opens his eyes to it. As children of God, we have been given the power to resist the devil. The scripture says resist the devil, and he will flee. In reality, the devil is just a stray cat wandering in your yard. If you feed the cat, he will come back the following day. But if you ignore him, he will not find the strength to come back to you. Let smoking possess you, and you will be a slave to smoking. That is why you find people in freezing winter standing on street corners with a cigarette, they are in bondage. But God wants us to have the Holy Ghost inside our souls so that He takes control of our lives, we need to be the embodiment of the Holy Ghost in flesh. When we embody God, then His characteristics are made manifest. Demons love to be seen. Just look at the smoking demon. He loves to be seen around through the smoker whose body he possesses. Similarly, God wants to be seen through us; we must display the characteristics of God. We should not be like the woman who claimed child support from three different men for just one child. But later on as the child grew, it showed who the real father was. God’s characteristics in us have no alterations and we only bear God’s image if we have been experienced godly impregnation. Consider the case of the early church. It was a powerhouse. And a powerhouse reminds us of power in the house. The church was a powerhouse because its father Himself was a powerhouse. That is why Peter’s shadow could deliver people from sickness. That is why at the Gate Beautiful, Peter and John gave only what they had – Eternal Life since they did not have silver or gold. Pastor Isaiah Brooks once worked in the Airforce. He recounted how a certain man wanted to belittle a woman official in the force. But the woman beat the man, and knocked him down in just a few minutes. Whoever trained the woman was now manifest in the way the woman fought, even though the trainer was not physically present at the time of the fight. And God has trained us to fight as well. We need to fight in the same manner that God would personally fight. God has placed us upon this earth as generators to provide power to this world. The presence of light bulbs on their own without generators does not guarantee light to the world. As generators to this generation, when we leave this earth, the world will experience gross darkness. Adam was the embodiment of God. He is the one who gave birth to Eve in the Garden of Eden. God performed the first Caesarean-Section procedure on a man who was giving birth. And that is the only time recorded in the Bible when a man gave birth. But Christ also came as the second Adam, and he equally gave birth to a woman, the church. Unlike Adam who lay on the ground which God used as the operating table, Christ hung on the cross in mid-air. The reason is that the bride which Christ was going to deliver is not of this earth. She is a heavenly bride. The cross at Mt. Calvary was actually the delivery room. The labour pains had already taken place in the labour room of the Garden of Gethsemane where Christ prayed and wished the cup could pass from him. The groanings he experienced in Gethsemane remind us of the labour pains which women go through. The characteristics of God are seen in the conduct of those embodying God. Steven was able to forgive his tormentors that day because of God’s nature in Him. He said Father, lay not these things to their charge much like the Lord Jesus Christ’s appeal to the father to Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing when he was being crucified. That is the nature of people who are born of God, who are living in the 8th age of a new beginning. We need to find the right approach to God. If a husband can give in to the wife when properly approached (not the wife confronting him as he arrives home and pushing her wish list of demands under his nose before he even sits down), what about God, if we properly ask our desires to be granted? The minister once desired to have an experience with God. So he began by praising him first. He did not request for the supernatural, but in the process of praising the goodness of His Majesty, he got caught up in the flood of Light that engulfed him. There was such a powerful anointing which continued with him for over a month until Pastor Isaiah Brooks requested the Lord to get out of it. But during those days the world really changed. He loved everybody. There was just an overwhelming sweetness that continued to engulf him. The minister further applied the same principle to the church in general. They fasted for 6 months, with periodic breaks in between. True enough, a revival broke forth in Ohio, and believers would close themselves up in the sanctuary for 3 to 4 days under the anointing of the Pillar of Fire. What was it? People became the embodiment of God. The Shekinah Glory was in them. They became empty shells for God’s habitation, as the Prophet says we must become. We are Mrs Jesus Christ, the only woman who is authorised to whip the devil. It is not the woman doing it, however, but the very Capstone in her who whips the devil. It is Christ in the Bride, doing and conquering. God is looking for opportunities to brag about his children. God bragged about the poor widow who put two coins in the treasury because she had given her everything. The Prophet was asked to throw a stone in the air, and then the Alaskan earthquake took place after. It was perfect obedience, being a shell for God to operate His Perfect Will. Imagine if the Prophet had reasoned and refused to throw up the stone! When we are in the stature of a perfect man, we have to bow to the divine nature within us. When the flesh wants to go in a certain direction but the Spirit resists the push by the canal man, that is an act of bowing to the divine nature within. When we obey that God resident in us, that divine nature in us, all tempers and impatience vanish from us. Pastor Isaiah Brooks cited the event when a man once shouted at him disrespectfully in front of his grandchildren. He did not answer back but simply held his peace. He wondered what kind of scar the incident had placed on his family when they saw him being harassed like that. But he was surprised to hear later his son saying if there is 1 Christian in the world, that would be my father. The way he handled a man insulting him like that is more than what I can withstand, said the son, while bragging among friends in the Air Force where he is working. Science has just proved that the laying on of hands is a means of transferring electric current from one person to another. And if we are the embodiment of eternal life, we become like Paul, who could not be poisoned by the serpent’s vernom at one time as he sat by a fire warming himself. And talking of fire, our God is a consuming fire, and if we have God within, if we are the embodiment of God, we are a moving fire. That explains why demons in the maniac of Gadara cried out at the Lord Jesus Christ saying he was coming to torment them before their appointed time. They saw the fire on the Son of Man. And in general, all animals are afraid of fire. No wonder David said the Word is a Lamp unto his feet. The same God who came in the Pillar of Fire to Moses, later became embodied in him. Pastor Brooks has an artificial fire place in his home. He paralleled this fireplace to some churches which claim to be the powerhouse of God but have no power in them. He recalled how he used to entertain others in the world, cracking good jokes and pleasing them with other gestures of comradeship. But now he has found his position in Christ, he is enjoying himself as Christ is embodied in him. With Christ embodied, he was able to look at a menacing dog that was about to attack him as he jogged in his neighbourhood. The mere look, with the love of God flowing through him, was enough to send the vicious dog away. The dog shook its head, like it has hit a brick wall. It is the same experience as the Prophet had with the killer bull. The minister recalled the change in life he went through. This is the masculine equivalent of menopause. It happened at 40 and carried on for a decade into his 50s. During this time, he thought everyone hated him. He even felt that people were acting maliciously against him, to the extent that he had to drive 11 hours to a certain family to fix up things with them. And all the time, the accusations he levelled against them were not true at the end of the day. It was just the devil working on his imagination. He emphasised the point that if you allow the devil to tell a lie in your life and you believe the lie, then that lie becomes a god unto you. When Christ is embodied in us, what we say with our lips becomes a prophecy which takes place as if God has spoken. The minister gave an account of an abusive husband who frequently beat the wife till the wife decided she did not want endure the tribulation any longer. The husband suffered a stroke and remained in that condition all the way to the grave. Another man in Guyana, South America dropped dead while walking in the market place because he had said he wished he was dead. He had been physically abusing his wife, a woman who had had 6 children from 6 different fathers. The husband had previously thrown a child into the river while paddling a boat with the intention to get both mother and child killed in the water. He knew the mother would not let her child drown in water while she watched. But God undertook for them. Because of the woman’s history, the preachers in Guyana had refused to baptise her but Pastor Brooks volunteered to baptise her, citing the fact that her life story runs right in line with the scripture. Pastor Brook’s own father, a Moslem by faith, used to beat his mother. Even after they had divorced he would visit just to box her. On a particular day, he came to the house but found the boys armed with spoons, harmers, knives, forks. They were simply using these weapons as percussion, and the music in the house told him the story. The father never came back to hit the ex-wife again. If children can be protective of their own mother, how much God can be protective of the church! When we have Christ in us, we are Holy-Ghost insane. People do not understand us. Imagine Joshua when he spoke to the sun. He did not pray, he simply commanded the sun to stand still. In Durban, a man shouted to the thief who had stolen his car, and the thief froze in his tracks. We have the power to torment devils ourselves. When Christ approached Legion, the demons asked whether he had come to torment them before their time. We have power to give a hard time to the devils. We need God to be embodied in us. The minister has been married for 37 years and his oldest child, a son, is 35 years old. In all these years with his wife, he has never verbally abused her. And when they have to talk before children, they do not argue in front of kids. They go into the closet and express their differences there. In his young days, the minister tried to correct his own mother when she was wrong and he was smacked. He later realised that although his intention was correct, the approach he used was wrong. He urged parents to be careful how they conduct themselves before children. They must be careful what example they are setting for their children and their future homes. He urged children to obey their parents, noting from his own experience that whenever he opposed his mother, he always got in trouble. When he courted his wife, it was just for a period of 3 months. He did not believe in being alone with his wife during courtship, although he was still in the denominations. He moved with a third party always. As a minister of the gospel, there were many women to choose from, and many were even making attempts to gain his attention. But he prayed to God and God revealed to him his current wife. She is the most precious gift to him, and God could not have given him a better companion on earth. She has Christian character as a Godly woman.


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