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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: November 2014

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 16:1; 2 Timothy 3:16

The minister, Pastor Brian Naidoo, explained how the Holy Ghost had focussed on 2nd Samuel 15 (Absolom’s rebellion) for the past 6 months but today the attention is on 2nd Samuel 16 (beginning with Ziba’s encounter with David.

As he read the second scripture which explains how the scripture is GIVEN by inspiration and is profitable for DOCTRINE, REPROOF, CORRECTION and INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS, the minister emphasised on the word GIVEN. If scriptures are given, it means that the work is already a finished work. We have been given back the entire Word; we have witnessed the restoration of the scattered Word by God’s inspiration – and there is no need to add unto it.

The four benefits of the scripture in 2nd Timothy 3:16 – 17 begins with Doctrine, followed by Reproof, Correction and lastly Instruction in righteousness. Doctrine comes first because of its stabilising effect. The Prophet says Doctrine settles the church. Doctrine is about the principles that a church stands for; it is about the position of the church on spiritual matters. However, there is need to avoid the doctrine trap, whereby the church stays only around doctrine and fails to move to reproof, correction and instruction. Surely the wrong doctrine, if combined with the right spirit, God can correct – then reproof comes and correction of error takes place, together with discipline in obedience, then instruction in righteousness. We therefore must be able to take correction.

At the end of the day the man of God must be perfect through the scriptures. The Bible is not referring to the outside man of the flesh but the soul, which is the inside man for whom God is building a place. The outside man of the flesh is the one that we struggle against but God has a building for the inside man of the soul.

The devil fights the believer’s position. As an unskilled hand in welding, the minister gave a parable that if he were to carry out a welding task himself, the workmanship will prove that he is not the right man for the job. There would be holes and dents testifying to that effect. Although we may have a dress code or have long hair, the proof is in the life. Faith without works is dead and the life we live outside the church service testify to what we really are.

The minister recalled how his wife was reading out to him while he was driving to church. She read the portion of the Spoken Word where the Prophet talks of love being corrective, where a loving father would shout out loud and sharp to Junior if a car is about to hit him on the road. Love would constrain him to shout out loud. Therefore when the Word comes out hard from the Lord, we just need to accept it, we should not fight or struggle against it.

We must take the entire Word from beginning to end. If the Bible says the Lord Jesus Christ himself grew in spirit and wisdom, who are we not to take the entire Word? If we only take what he did after 30 years of age, then we lose out what is recorded in the Bible at 12 years. Neither can we do the same with the Prophet, for example, to only take what was said after 1963 and ignore the rest. For those things which Daniel was forbidden to write, which are the secret things of God, those really belong to us as the bride of Jesus Christ.

In Deuteronomy 8 we are told to observe and keep ALL commandments, not just a portion. And if Eve fell by not keeping just one Word, her restoration requires not only one Word but the ENTIRE Word. We love promises more than commandments as human beings. But when Christ instructed the disciples to fill the 6 water pots with water, that was a commandment.

God says He brought the children of Israel out of the wilderness to prove them and to humble them. And humility is the key, which is obeying all the commandments. Humility is submission. At one time Eve was co-equal with Adam before she was expressed in flesh. But after the fall, she had to be under headship, she had to be under submission. That is why God says that if we humble ourselves, He will heal our land, he will heal our bodies. We need to humble ourselves to the Word of the Day, as children of Israel had to humble themselves to Moses in their day.

However, it is clear that people loved Moses when he was doing miracles, turning dust into flies, changing water to blood and opening the Red Sea. But when he brought the Word, they rejected him. God does not call us unto material possessions and having material things is not proof of God’s favour.

People had to go to Moses for the Word of their day. Pharaoh did not have the Word for the Day. Instead, Pharaoh was busy with population programme in Egypt, as he worked a way to depopulate Israel much like what today’s Illuminati is busy doing.

In the wilderness, what was in the people’s hearts came out. God showed it out. The people still loved Pharaoh. They loved to go back, they loved pole-dancing in the Egyptian style. But God has no spoilt children. The real measure of sufficiency for the Christian is actually one pair of shoes and one garment, which is what he gave to the children of Israel for the entire 40 years of their pilgrimage to the Promised Land. The clothes grew on them, as did the shoes. There were no luxury clothing brands in Egypt. God permitted hunger and thirst in order to humble the people in the wilderness.

God is the one who suffers us to hunger, then turns around and feeds us. We always come back to the source of the sustenance, which is God. The people thought the manna was too dry for them. But God gave them that food in order to bring humility. Moses said the children of Israel ate manna, which their own parents did not know. The same applies today, where we are eating what both natural and spiritual fathers did not know. However, that which we are eating is enough for the journey to the rapture.

Man shall not live by bread but every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And the mouth of God was Moses and Moses alone. God did not have private interviews with other people to explain to them what He had told Moses. Everyone had to hear from Moses as God’s chosen vessel.

It is like in our day where the Bible says 7 women shall come to one man to desire His name while eating their own bread. But we have the bread from God, which is the Word. And we are fed the Word by mouth-to-mouth feeding like eagles do.

In 2nd Samuel 16, as David approaches the hilltop of Mt. Olives, he encounters Ziba. Already David is fleeing from Absolom (whose name starts with the letter A) and then encounters Ziba (whose name begins with the letter Z). David is going through his A-Z experiences, which are already ordained of God for him to go through. From Absolom, who is a type of the Roman General Titus who came and besieged Jerusalem in AD70 to a deceiver like Ziba who comes with gifts, we see how all things are ordered of the Lord. It is striking to note that Ziba is part of the exodus, and he comes towards the top of the Mountain, towards the end of the capstone ministry, that is, towards the end time. He has a programme to help the exodus. He thinks the church needs power, which is symbolised by the asses which he brings to David. Ziba is an organised man. He is organised because of the things which he brings, and the explanation he gives to the king. He even has got wine, which is the stimulation of revelation. He has his own stimulation. He also has a programme for the youth, through the summer fruits and bread for the young men. Ziba claims that he has left organisation, which is Saul’s family. Yet Ziba is nothing but a deceiver in the Exodus, coming right at the end. He wants to give blue lights to the youth in church for them to enjoy. And his summer fruits for the youth point to the seasonality motive of his approach. He wants people to be summer Christians only. He wants seasonal Christians only. In winter when the wind blows, the people are no more Christian.

After this encounter of Ziba with David, we hear of Ziba no more. Instead, he joins up with Shimei. He leagues himself with bitter people against the Message of the Hour, bitter people against David. These are people like Absolom, Shimei, Ahithophel etc. That is why God delayed His coming in order to prove what is in the heart of the people within the framework of the Message of the Hour. We are witnessing a great falling away. It is God’s elimination programme. Ziba wants to deceive David, who has a covenant with Mephibosheth.  See how he has a 3 fold mystery with him through the asses (power); bread and summer fruits (youth programme) and wine (own stimulation). This is meant to contrast the 3 fold purpose of God which the Prophet explains in the Spoken Word.

In the Garden of Eden, the process of eating caused the Fall. Yet in Revelation, the same eating brings back the restoration. And when John was eating the book, the angel directs him to eat straight from the Mighty Angel directly. Therefore the angel has a responsibility of getting the bride to eat from the groom; he has a ministry to introduce the bride to the bridegroom. It is not the 5-fold ministry which gives revelation to the people, but God Himself.

After Jesus had given the disciples power to cast out demons, he asked them the question about who he was. The disciples were able to say what other people said. It was only Peter who received the revelation from God about who Jesus Christ is. Peter received the revelation straight from God. It did not come from Jesus Christ Himself in flesh. Therefore the test, really, is in the revelation of God, not in the works that are done. See how easy it was for disciples to quote Herod? For it was Herod’s theory that the Lord Jesus Christ was actually John coming back after his death at Herod’s hand. And the disciples quoted that back to the Lord Jesus Christ. It shows they were listening to another man.

Ziba comes to meet David with a story about a brother, a tale about Mephibosheth. We must therefore avoid stories about other people, or exposing our minds to bitter people who will start running with stories. And then the telephones start ringing, and the word goes around as people talk and discuss things.

In the end time we have been fed with Angel food through the ministry of the Prophet, who came and gave us meat, not milk. Angels bring food; which is why the Lord Jesus Christ said we must pray to have our daily bread, to have spiritual food for the hour. And the Angel told John to eat the book.

Of the seven Angels in the cloud constellation, the Prophet says one of them was more notable than the rest of them. As he looked at him, his amnesia went away from him.

When the Prophet was about to preach the Revelation of the Seals, he married a young couple in his office. He mentioned that it is a type of his ministry which espouses the bride to Christ. And it was a young couple, too, which shows these are newly-weds. Moreover, the preaching of the Seals takes place in a refurbished church building. Of course we know it is the inner building which has been refurbished through the renewing of the mind in order to get the mind of Christ. Again the Prophet talks of king David, whom God took from being nothing to being a great man among others.

The Prophet preaches on the Breach between the 7 church ages and the 7 Seals which is Moses himself. In the old Testament, Moses commanded the double gathering of manna on the 6th day, so that on the 7th day, there is no more gathering. And the same manna was stored in a golden pot, and became hidden manna. And in order for one to access the hidden manna thereafter, they had to cross the veil.  This is what happened in the last 6 thousand years. The Word came back with the Prophet in the 7th church age in double portion. It is angel food once again being given out, the hidden manna. That is why the Prophet had to go 7 times around the world like a Priest.

There is a reward for the overcomer in Revelation 2:17 to eat of the hidden manna. The reward also comes with a new name, which is contained in the revelation of the thunders. The new name is not the literal change of name from John to Paulus etc. It is the interpretation of the Word which is the manifestation, as happened on the Way to Emmaus, where Cleopas and his friend’s eyes were later opened. And today, it is the Message of the Hour which opens our eyes while bitter man like Absolom, Ziba, Shimei and others gather together against the bride.


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