The scripture says Behold, I send you Elijah the Prophet. By saying Behold, the scripture wants to grab our attention. And the I personal pronoun refers to God Himself who will send the Prophet to us. The You refers to us, the bride of Christ at the end of the age. And Elijah refers to the 4th manifestation of the spirit of Christ operating through men who stand and resist the Jezebel spirit of the age. All in all, the spirit of Elijah is sent 5 times to the earth, and the number 5 is the number for grace.

The first time the spirit of Elijah is recorded is in Bible is when Ahab is ruling as king in Israel. Although the history of kings in Israel starts off with such godly men like David who walk according to the Word of God, later on we see a graduation progression into idolatry with the coming in of Solomon, who takes strange women at the end of his rule. This worsens when Jeroboam becomes king of the 10 tribes while Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, is king of the two tribes. But the worst of all the kings is Ahab, who married Jezebel because of her beauty.

Jezebel is the queen who makes up her face by painting it in order to look younger. She wanted to look like a 15 year old when she was a 50 year old woman. God raises the spirit of Elijah to combat the Jezebel spirit. It is the Elijah spirit which is able to withstand Jezebel. When John the Baptist comes on the scene, he equally rebukes the same spirit hiding in the form of Herodias. As for Elijah himself, we know little about his background. We are told he is a Tishbite, which explains briefly his genealogy. We are told also he comes from Gilead, which is a place renowned for its balm, myrrh, spices. Already in the Old Testament we see how the merchants coming from Gilead had spices, balm and myrrh as they journeyed before coming across Joseph when he was sold to Egypt.

Therefore we have established that Gilead is a place known for its spices. It reminds us of the food outlets like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) who claim that they have a secret recipe of spices. It is striking to note that the chicken itself is the same bird which other outlets like Nandos sell. But the real difference is in how the spices are applied by the different outlets. KFC has its own way of spicing the chicken while Nandos has got different approach. No wonder God allowed a man from Kentucky to come in our generation with the best spiritual spices to the Word which have made the Bible a new book to us.

Elijah of old had a Mt. Camel showdown where he killed 400 prophets with the sword. We have seen again Elijah of our day holding the same sword in Sabino Canyon, and he used it to slice apart and destroy false teaching in this generation. Although Elijah was told by God to do 3 things before he goes off the scene, we see him doing only one of the things instructed by the Lord. Elijah anoints Elisha to be a prophet in his place, which is one of the instructions. But Elijah just ends there. He does not anoint the Syrian king, nor does he anoint Jehu as commanded. But we see after his death how Elisha carries out the two remaining instructions. This shows us that what Elijah did himself, the ones remaining must be able to complete because we are in the same anointing. This means that our Elijah, who preached against JF Kennedy and modern Jezebel, must find his message carried forward by the bride today. The bride must speak against modern day Ahab and his Jezebel system.

That is why, with the spirit of Elijah upon us, we are not trapped by the devil. We see how the devil is using internet to trap people. We know that the World Wide Web is a trap, for a web is a snare that is woven by a spider to catch insects. But we know that face book, for example, was always there from the beginning. Jezebel is the one who painted herself and stood by the window, trying to woo Jehu and manipulate him like she did Ahab. The scene of Jezebel standing at the window, with a face painted up with make-up, reminds us exactly of how we open our computers today (Windows systems) and then we go to face book and there we see women made up and ready to manipulate men.

When we see Jezebel standing on the window with a painted face, we need more men like Jehu today to throw Jezebel down. Facebook has destroyed many homes and marriages. It has caused many murders and deaths of people. It has caused lots of divorces. It is a tool used by the devil. The devil is happy with Marc Zuckerberg’s invention of face book, which is sending billions to hell daily. At the 10t anniversary of Facebook, Marc Zuckerberg was pictured with the devil standing side by side. The devil was giving him a thumbs up signal for the sending many souls to hell. The devil wants us to become mixed up just like the American founder himself who married a Chinese woman.

But we do not need face book. We need to be found in the book of grace, which is the Bible, which is the Word of God.


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