Faith in God’s Provided Way (P2)

Faith in God’s Provided Way (P2)

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2015

 Scripture: 2 Chronicles 12:1-2; 2 Chronicles 13:1-20

The Prophet says, in the Patmos Vision, that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. At the time of the vision, John was simply rehearsing the day of the Lord, which is actually this age we are living in. it is us, the believers at the end time, who should be in the spirit. Being in the Spirit can be summed up as the whole of the Christian life according to the Prophet. Our experiences must therefore be under the unction of the Spirit. We must always be under the anointing. And that anointing is the manifestation of power in control, which is meant to convert us in the soul instead of confirming us. In Ezekiel, God says He would give us a new heart, a new spirit and His Spirit. One can have a new heart without the new spirit and one can have the new spirit without His Spirit. The ultimate goal for the believer is to have His Spirit, which makes it possible to dwell in the Spirit and experience the supernatural. In Revelations 10:1, the Mighty Angel comes down to earth with an open book, but there is no scripture which says that He has left the earth. The Lord Jesus Christ is still around today. He is interested in us. He is interested in His Seed in us. He is interested in the Israel in Jacob, that perfect picture in us regardless of the negative circumstances around us. In the Old Testament, they wanted to know His name, but the name was not disclosed to them (Moses, Manoah etc). Yet in our day, we see the Prophet in the field, and he sees the Lord Jesus Christ floating in the air and calls his name, and the Lord turns in the direction of the Prophet. This God is interested in us. He has moved out of the Bible right into the people, making the Bible a new Book through the Message of the Hour which cannot be diluted. Thus we have the Holy Ghost in us, and we should have the Holy Ghost in our homes, in our cars, in our places of work. In the book of Chronicles, Abijah is confronted by an army of 800,000 men from the children of Israel. Instead of Abijah looking at the enemy’s numbers, he only looks at the Promise. Already, his army of 400,000 from the 2 tribes cannot compare to that of the 10 tribes’, which is double the size at 800,000. Abijah reacts like David when faced with Goliath in the valley. After all, Abijah was in the loins of David when he smote Goliath the Philistine. Abijah takes inspiration from David his grandfather, who knew that there is a promise in Genesis 3:16 that the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent. No wonder David smote Goliath in the head, for that is where the prophecy said the damage would be inflicted on the serpent seed. In killing Goliath, the prophecy of the Cross at Calvary was partly fulfilled, partial fulfilment in that Christ would come and make the down payment at the Cross. So Abijah is not afraid of numbers as was Gideon, who managed to conquer with only 300 men. Numbers and size do not matter in spiritual warfare. Abijah had his priests in position. His church order was correct. Although he was in the minority, he had God on his side. Abijah starts speaking for Judah, like a good father would do, speaking on behalf of his family and loved ones to God. Abijah is claiming his loved ones as any father should do. The confrontation of Judah,(led by Abijah), with Israel, (under the leadership of Jeroboam), is merely a type of the present day challenge between the Message of the Hour and denominationalism. It is a fight between the Word and Theology. Theology has more followers while the Word has fewer disciples. Right from Pentecost when the church began with 3,000 people being added daily, the numbers have been dwindling in each age until now it is just a little flock of believers. On the other hand, denominations have been growing and growing and have now become so big that they threaten to stop the true Word believers from preaching against homosexuality in this day. But we know that when pressure is applied by the enemy, God raises a standard. We know that in Egypt, when Pharaoh imposed harsh working conditions for the children of Israel in order to control the population, the people multiplied more and more instead. Therefore when the squeeze comes upon us, we know that it will produce the best in us, as it did with the children of Israel in Egypt. In Egypt, they multiplied under difficult conditions and during the squeeze; we will produce more Sons of God when the pressure is turned on. We must be like Abijah, who caught a revelation of how David stood against the enemy. The enemy was already wearing brass, signifying that he had already been judged. Abijah knew in his day that Jeroboam was already judged for forsaking the Word. Abijah is very much different from Ahab, a king who does not stand on the promise. When threatened by Benhadad, Ahab allows the enemy to come in and take all the treasures of Israel, without even a fight. Ahab just gives in so easily and lets the enemy get away with God’s heritage without a fight. But David is different. David stood as the true believer, although he was small in stature. Next to him was Saul the make believer, who was heads and shoulders above everyone in the land. Finally, there was the unbeliever, Goliath, who was the biggest in size, but with no representation within. Thus we find Saul the make believer sandwiched between the believer and the unbeliever. When God is in control we do not need to worry. David did not aim to hit Goliath. He just threw the slingshot and God took a hold of the stone that was released. That piece of rock was a revelation that was released, and it went and hit the enemy right in that open part of his armour which he had left open as a means of allowing free circulation of air. In our day, we see the Prophet shooting squirrels that were given to him under the power of the Spoken Word, and he does not even aim to hit the bull’s eye on the target, but the bullet goes anyhow to hit the target right in the eye. This is what happens when God is in control. He backs us up. The Prophet spoke 3 squirrels into existence. He was excited when he shot the first two, and was prepared to go home with those two as if that was enough. God had to remind him of the third one, much like what we do when we ask God and time passes before we receive what we asked for. We might forget what we prayed for a year ago, for example, but God still remembers the request. God remembers all that we ought to receive and all that pertains to us. We cannot stop when we have only received 2 out of 3 of our requests, we must go all the way. After all, there are 3 things that hinder a man, money, women and popularity, and all of these have to be overcome. Overcoming two of them will not give us strength to overcome the third one. They simply must be defeated in their totality. Ahab allowed the enemy Benhadad to come and take away gold and silver from Israel. Gold speaks of deity while silver speaks of redemption. We cannot allow the devil to take away our joy in the Lord. We should not allow Satan to rob us of our blessings. Enough is enough. We can only overcome through the intervention of the Prophet, much like Ahab did in his day, when the Prophet on the land came on the scene. In our generation, the voice of the Prophet has been stored on magnetic tape, and we must listen to that voice. The Bible is clear in saying that in the days of the voice. It does not say in the days of the man. It is that voice which allows us to establish a kingdom which cannot be moved. It is a spiritual kingdom which cannot be moved. That voice, which is not the voice of man but of God Himself veiled behind human skin, is meant to establish the kingdom of God and not to build a denominational empire, like what the world is doing. Let us stand with the Message of the Hour like Abijah, who stood on what Moses taught in terms of church order. The world might say we are brainwashed by the Message, but that does not hinder us. For how else can we receive the Message unless we get a new mind-set first? Our brains must first be washed and cleaned in order to receive the Message. In India, they thought that the Prophet was using psychology and mental telepathy to deceive the people. But the challenge was given to all religions: give sight to a blind man. None of the religious leaders of the day could do it. But only the Lord Jesus Christ did it and is still doing it. The Prophet stood alone in India; much like Martin Luther did when he protested the Catholic Pope and nailed the 95 theses at the door of the Castle Church in Germany. He stood alone and took the challenge and threw down the communion wafer and walked away from the catholic church with a revelation on only one scripture: the just shall live by faith. Another man who stood alone is Eliezer, the son of Dodo. All the brethren left him when the battle was tough, much like we get betrayed at times by those walking with us in this spiritual journey. Finding himself alone, Eliezer did not turn his back to flee from the enemy. He could have easily done that, as others had done. But he faced the enemy. He recalled how Samson had killed a thousand men of the Philistines. That anointing upon Samson came on him, and he began to fight until he was weary. As one enemy came after another, he was at the point of dropping down. But somehow he knew that if he lets go of the sword, then the enemy would finish him off. So Eliezer did not put the sword down. He continued to fight till the sword clave to his hand. The sword and the hand became one. This teaches us a great lesson of carrying on and pressing the battle. We cannot get out of this Message and flirt with the world in fornication and adultery and unclean living. If we leave the Message for just one minute, we might not even come back. One man alone, can kill a thousand man, as says Moses in the book of Deuteronomy. But two men can kill ten thousand. So how did Eliezer the son of Dodo manage to kill all the enemies as they came one after the other? He called upon God, so that they became two in the battle. One man with God stands as the majority. That is why Eliezer continued to fight. According to the historian Bunyan, the blood of the enemies which Eliezer killed formed a thick glue on his hands that stuck the hand and the sword together. This image of the hand of man and the sword being in perfect harmony reminds us of the Prophet’s experience in the Sabino Canyon, where he receives a sword which perfectly fitted his hand. It was the Sword of the King, the Word of God. Let us not give up like Eliezer the son of Dodo. Promises of money or popularity should not draw us away from the Word like they did to Balaam. God answers prayer from a sincere heart. When Hanna prayed for a man-child, she was given a prophet, who came in the name of Samuel. Similarly, when Pentecost prayed, she was given a son by the name of William Marrion Branham. But as Samuel was later rejected by the very people he was sent to, so was the Prophet William Branham rejected by the people he was sent to minister to.


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