Faith That Anoints The Word

Faith That Anoints The Word

Speaker: Bro Kidri Diggs

Series: June 2015

 Scripture: Luke 7:36-40; Isaiah 10:27

When we come into divine service, we need to pull from the anointing because it is the one that breaks the yoke. Although the scripture can be read, (as the above), it takes faith to anoint the Word in order to benefit the believer. Actually, when the minister avails himself as a vessel to be used by God in a given church service, that minister stands at the disposal of the believer. He stands in the pulpit as a vessel to answer the needs of the saints. Therefore as the congregation pulls on the gift, the minister may not even go by his prepared notes as he yields himself to the pull by God’s children. That is why the theme song in the Prophet’s ministry was Only Believe. The angel of the Lord loved that song, and that explains why it was always played. We have to believe. We need to have faith. And faith is the closest thing to God’s heart. In Hebrews 11, it says all exploits were done by faith, the kind of faith which the Roman Centurion had, that Gentile Faith which recognises authority, that faith which only wants the Word to be spoken, and the manifestation will follow after. Faith has hands that open closed doors. The woman of ill fame came to Simon’s house although she was not invited. She came through the backdoor, and had to brave all the criticisms, discouragements and other obstacles until she stood right behind the Lord Jesus Christ. The minister gave the case of the brain tumour which once afflicted him, but from which the Lord delivered him by faith. The language we use must reflect our standing in Christ. We should not say, Lord increase my faith, when the Lord Jesus Christ has already given us all that we need for this Christian journey since the foundation of the world . Rather, we should say, Lord, release my faith because it is already given to us, and we have it already within our reach. The Prophet anointed the creative Word on a hunting trip. And he knew when that Super Anointing was near. The spoken word was placed in the Prophet’s mouth, and God asked him how many squirrels he wanted. The Prophet said he needed three (3) squirrels. This teaches us that faith is specific. Faith is direct and goes straight to the point. We need to be specific with God. We need to specify what we want. We need to say Heal me Today. We need to avoid carrying the hurt from the past. We need to forget past pain. We need to forget past molestation. When we are in the sanctuary, we need to forget about everything and let the anointing take over. The circumstances around us, the situations in our lives, the signs and symptoms of our condition, all these challenges cannot hinder God’s Word. Abraham and Sarah both laughed at the Promise of a son in their old age because of the circumstances but the Word of Promise was not hindered at all. Even the Prophet of God, after witnessing many miracles in his ministry, still had to grow in the revelation of perfection. When preaching the First Seal, he was inclined to approach the subject from the school of thought which says the first white horse rider is the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the Holy Ghost came around and revealed that the first white horse rider is the Anti-Christ. The Prophet was growing. And even after the Super Anointing had come upon him to speak the squirrels into existence, still he had to battle with doubts even when he had shot dead the very squirrel created by the Spoken Word. He learned that “visions don’t bleed” as he grappled with doubts, which he dismissed when he saw the blood on the squirrel. He even requested for the squirrel to come from the sycamore tree next, just to put the Word to test. Yet we find out that despite those doubts in the Prophet, the squirrels had to come into being as spoken under the anointing. This teaches us a good principle that the Word of God will always come to pass, despite unbelief. When the Prophet gave the testimony of the creation of squirrels to his hunting companions, still some did not believe. The unbelief expressed by Brother Tony Zabel in his prayer for the missing squirrel to be found proves the fact that in the church there are some who do not accept the anointing. But we need the anointing to break the yoke.  We need the right atmosphere to receive God’s promises. It is the atmosphere which hatches the egg. Our trials are simply occasions to release faith; perfection as a victory only comes after trials have been overcome and, without trials, there is no perfection. God grants us all that we ask for but we must be careful to discern what we really need. If we ask for perfect love, God will give us perfect hatred. Indeed, perfect hatred is the raw material that produces perfect love. For if we want that perfect love, God will raise people with perfect hatred to allow us to express that perfect love in our conduct with those who hate us with perfect hatred. For example, the perfect love of the Lord Jesus Christ was made manifest at the Cross of Calvary, when the hatred of the Jews caused him to be crucified. While perfect hatred was displayed on the cross as Christ hung there, perfect hatred was given to the Jews in the form of Adolf Hitler who acted on the Jews cry for the blood of Christ to be upon their heads. Let us Amen the Word, for the Word comes with life and life comes with those emotions of being alive which prove that one is a living being. We therefore cannot sit with crossed arms after witnessing God’s deliverance in action. Let us embrace our trials as being exactly the opposite of who we are. God always tries us with those things which are contrary to our spiritual estate in Christ, those things which speak against our position, those things which we are not. This is according to the law of contrast. This is what we see in the life of Joseph. Joseph was tried by those things which he was not. He was tried with spirit of jealousy which he surely did not have, which caused him to be dumped in a ditch. And when he arrived in Egypt, that spirit of jealousy followed him in the house of Potiphar. Again Joseph was tried with lust which he did not have, which took him to the jailhouse. And Joseph was tried with jail when he was actually a free man falsely accused. And the witnesses had to invent lies against Joseph because in him there was only truth. The same applied to the Lord Jesus Christ, who was called Beelzebub when in him there was no evil spirit but only the Holy Ghost. And we notice that the more the critics talked against the Lord Jesus Christ, the more He was vindicated. We also were once caged in denominational jail houses because in actual fact we are God’s free people in the liberty of the Message of the Hour. We need to tell the devil that our trials are not a true reflection of who we are. Our trials are a poor description of who we are. Our conduct speaks a lot about our Christian life. A business man in the United States once offered a challenge when he wanted to hire young people into his company. He desired to have young people who are clean of tattoos, face marks, and all these other body piercings. One such applicant, a Christian young man, responded by enclosing a photograph of himself without any such blemishes on him. Impressed by the photograph, the businessman flew to have a face-to-face interview with the young man. Just at the sight of the young man, and Christian grace that surrounded him, the businessman hired him on the spot. Let us preserve that anointing. How can we say the 7th Seal is closed when we are actually the evidence of the 7th Seal in action? If we look at Boaz and Ruth, who represent Christ and the Church respectively, we see the revelation of the opening of the 7th Seal. Boaz instructed that 6 measures of barley should be given to Ruth, with the 7th measure being the kinsman redeemer himself. So Christ opened all the 6 seals himself, him being the 7th one that did the opening of these other 6. Alternatively, we can look at the Seals from this angle. The first 4 seals deal with the anti-Christ spirit, the 5th seal deals with souls under the altar while the 6th seal talks of the Jews. So where do we stand as believers today? If we are not in the first 4 seals of the anti-Christ, then we also do not feature as souls under the altar under the 5th Seal, and finally having no part with the Jews in the 6th Seal, then we would be miserable people. But the 7th Seal is the coming of the Lord, the opening of the Word. If the 7th Seal is indeed closed, it is only closed to those who are blind to his coming. But we thank God we are expecting Him, and are therefore looking for Him to come, and know that He came.  Indeed Christ came all the way to open the first seal and the subsequent ones. Now we are standing with him outside the church ages. We are in the Rapture Age, experiencing all that could not be written about Christ because it would fill the entire world. We are united with Christ under the five-fold ministry, which is the present day ministry. Given the current doctrinal fights within the framework of the Message, if the Prophet of God would come today, possibly he would be fought and resisted by this generation using his own quotations to prove him wrong. We are in harvest time, where people are showing their true colours. One minister has turned down the Message after 31 years. His argument is that he has only recently discovered that he is not Message material. The minister tried to call him to no avail. He wanted to tell him God bless you for coming out in the open so we really know you. Now we know how to be patient and long-suffering with you as an unbeliever. Yes, people are turning back to the world but we have to press on the battle. As sisters, we do not wear pants, which carry an adulterous spirit upon them. Neither do we cut our hair. We do not trim the edges of our hair just to control the growth of our hair. No. The devil is a liar, for hair does not grow from the ends but right from the very roots. If there is need for cutting, it is cutting the very roots, which defeats the purpose for trimming. Let us learn from the woman who came to Simon’s house where Jesus sat with unwashed feet. She started off with a thought, which is a word expressed. Then she went about into action – getting the oil to anoint the Lord’s feet. She chose the best, as she moved from shop to shop. We also have to get into action and we need to give God our best. The Lord Jesus Christ might be sitting unattended right now in our lives and we need to anoint him because that is what He is looking for. If really the Lord did not want to be anointed, the woman could not have anointed him. In other places we know they brought him right to the cliff edge with the intention to throw him to his death over the cliff. But Christ did not want to be touched at that hour, and He simply walked through the crowd  with no one actually touching Him. So at the Pharisee’s house, Jesus wanted to be touched, that is why He allowed the woman to come. He actually inspired her heart to bring the anointing oil. We also learn from the woman that we need to anoint the Word and give God the glory at the same time. She used her hair, which is given to her as her glory. She gave glory to God, and God in turn gave glory to her. The principle is that when we give to God, we get back that which we have given to Him in return. The woman poured the anointing on Christ and walked away from Christ with an anointing on her life to sin no more. She walked from Christ with glory in her life. These are the things she gave to God but which she received in return. But what exactly is the anointing? The Prophet of God teaches us that the greatest gift given to this earth is the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Lord Jesus Christ is the supreme anointing. Christ (the anointed one) is supreme power in control. That is why faith comes and anoints the Word in Simon’s house; causing the woman to leave with double blessings. She leaves with headship over her head because she humbled herself by giving her glory (hair covering) to Christ. And she has that anointing upon her life for good. Let us look at aunt Jemima of Memphis. Her son was dying of a social disease, much like people are dying of social media plagues through Facebook, internet and others. The woman anointed the Word by recognising that she was the Shunamite woman. If she was the Shunamite woman, then she needed to know her Elijah. Thus faith went to work, and it located the Prophet on the plane. Faith stretched its hand and grounded the Prophet’s plane. Then faith continued to push the prophet into the community of coloured people (African-Americans). And the Prophet had no vision nor dream about what was happening in Memphis. Only the voice told him to keep on walking. And the Prophet walked a distance of 5 to 6 miles (which is 8km to 9.6km according to the measurements done by USA brethren who rehearsed and traced the Prophet’s footsteps) with no further confirmation or vindication. This is a beautiful type of what we need in our lives, to walk at the bidding of the voice of God in our lives. Only the voice will see us through. If our faith is released and it anoints the Word, that faith can make use of a gift in someone’s life for the benefit of others. Aunt Jemima’s faith took a-hold of the gift in the Prophet and directed and controlled it for the restoration of her son. When Brother Branham walked past her fence, Aunt Jemima greeted her saying Good Morning Parson. She knew the Prophet was coming to her home before the Prophet himself knew where he was going. The church identified its prophet messenger right to the dot. And the Prophet asked the woman to pray. Her prayer showed the Prophet that she has contact with God. After the Prophet prayed, the son exclaimed that the place was getting lighter. Just as a matter of curiosity, if Aunt Jemima’s prayer could ground the plane and cause the Prophet to walk nearly 10km on foot into a neighbourhood he does not know, wouldn’t that kind of faith be able to bring the healing of a dying son? But the woman needed confirmation of her faith for the release of perfect faith. We have to pray. God wants us to pray. Aunt Jemima even asks the Prophet for his briefcase because through prayer, God had shown her what kind of briefcase he was carrying during his flight. A Canadian-based missionary also prayed for God to grant Him funds to go for the missionary trip to Haiti. He went to America for two weeks to see the family of the young man who was marrying his daughter. Then one morning as he was jogging in the neighbourhood, he casually greeted a man standing in his yard and continued with his jogging. However, on passing again on the same route, the man stopped him to talk about spiritual things. Thereafter, the man handed him an envelope with exactly the amount of money he needed for the missionary trip. He explained that God had instructed him to do so. The missionary ran back to the house to bless the man in return. He gave him 5 books of the Supernatural Series which talks about the life of Brother Branham. The man asked for the 6th copy, which was not yet in print. Surprised, the missionary asked how this man could know of the 6th edition when he knew nothing about Christianity in general, let alone the Message. The man explained that throughout his life, God had shown him a vision of that day’s meeting with the missionary. The man was converted to Christianity and is a missionary right now in Mexico. That is how prayer can take advantage of the gift in someone’s life for the benefit of God’s children. Let us talk right, like Banks did with his brother. They had one accord on the issue of visiting their Sunday school teacher to tell them that they are now Christians. God was pleased with and allowed a rehearsal on the natural of what had taken place in the spiritual realm on the lives of the Woods brothers. A little animal received resurrection, which is what these brothers did when they accepted the Message of the Hour. As they were fishing away, the Super Anointing came,  and the little fish was given back its life. The Edenic anointing was once displayed by the Prophet when he came face-to-face with the killer bull. Before he could interact with the bull in the soul realm, the Prophet started off in the flesh, where he searched for his gun to kill the animal. Then he thought (spiritual realm) of running away but then decided to stand like a man and die believing God. When he entered into the soul realm, he spoke to the bull and the bull heard the voice of man once again and went down to rest under the tree. Sister Hertie Wright once brought down the anointing in her home by simply Amening the Word. Her theophany came close to her and whispered to her to say Brother Branham, that is nothing but the truth as the Prophet narrated the creation of squirrels. The church (Sister Hertie Wright) caught the vision of the 3rd pull ministry. She agreed with the 3rd pull because she is the 3rd pull. And one of these days, our theophanies will come closer and closer as we overcome trials till we get raptured and live in a land where there are no more tests of faith.


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