From The Dust Of The Earth To The Stars Of Heaven

From The Dust Of The Earth To The Stars Of Heaven

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: March 2015

 Scripture: Genesis 13:14-16; Genesis 15:5; Hebrews 7:1

The minister, Pastor Brian Naidoo, announced Brother Themba’s decision to fellowship with Spoken Word Tabernacle (SWT) family. Brother Themba and family drive two and half hours from Welcome to Eldorado Park for services. This makes them leave their home around 5 o’clock in the morning in order to be on time for the 09h00 service every Sunday. The minister noted that Brother Themba arrives earlier than those staying just around the corner from the church, which should be a rebuke to those in the neighbourhood who arrive late for services. The new family members were welcomed into the SWT family with the customary SWT standing ovation while they remained seated. The Pastor also made mention of the baptism of Brother Terence’s wife the previous day (Saturday), an act which shows that God is moving among the believers.

As he read the scriptures, the minister observed that the apostle Paul says that it was Melchizedek who met Abram and not the other way round. Abram did not meet Melchizedek but Melchizedek met Abraham. This reminds us of the incident in the Garden of Eden. It was God who came looking for Adam, calling him out of the woods. It is in the nature of man to turn his back on God. In fact, it is God who looks for man for fellowship. This explains why God had to place a part of Himself in us so that when the Word comes to us, it germitises in our hearts. Otherwise as people who always run away from God, there would have been no way for us to go to God.

In our flight from God, what keeps us away from God sometimes is the focus on our state rather than our standing. Our state could be bad, things can be out of shape but God does not consider that. God looks at our standing. Whatever we may be experiencing in life, we need to look at the Word pattern and see how God acted before on some characters who went through what we currently are battling with. In doing so, we are actually checking whether our free will is aligned to God’s will. God’s will is the one that prevails, and we must be careful not to push our own will instead of God’s will.

Our own will tend to land us in trouble with God. Therefore if God acted a certain way to a certain thing, he will do the same in our day. Due to the immutability of God’s counsel, God stands with his previous actions. After all, the Word cannot be broken. That is why John was compelled by the Lord Jesus Christ to baptise Him. It was the Prophet in the act of washing the lamb for sacrifice. The scriptures say that the lamb must be washed before being sacrificed. That is why John had to keep the scripture in continuity by baptising the Lord Jesus Christ, even though he was unworthy to untie the latchet of His shoes.

We are sons and daughters of God. As long as there is blood between us and God, we need to accept our pardon. God looks at us through the sacrificial blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and sees us as justified as though we have not done it. We need to accept our pardon from God. We need to accept our standing.

As Paul writes the book of Hebrews, he says that God has spoken in the last days through the son. Yet Paul did not live in the last days, but he caught a revelation of what God was going to do at the end time. It is a prophecy of the present day age, where we have the ministry of the Son of Man amongst us. As a Prophet-Messenger, Paul was able to see these things which refer to Revelation 10:7 and Luke 17: 30 which describe the ministry of a son of man revealing the Son of Man. It is the son of man ministry which shows John the judgement of the great whore, the destruction of the beast system and other things. The angel who shows John these things refuses worship, because he is just an angel and not God. It is the same angel which shows the 3 comings of the Lord Jesus Christ thusly: 1st to redeem the bride, 2nd to take His Bride and 3rd to rule with His Bride. Through the teachings of this angel of Luke 17:30, we know that Luke 17:30 as a scripture is now history. The events it relates to have already come and gone.

When Paul says that the son is greater than angels, he is talking about us. This is further proved by another scripture which says that the saints shall rule over angels. The elect of God, like Michael, are eternal whereas Lucifer and his followers are temporal. Therefore we see two gatherings starting all the way in heaven. The temporal movement gathered under Lucifer while eternal life gathered under Michael in heaven. And what we see today on earth is just an expression of the pattern in heaven. We therefore need to be careful on where we gather on earth today, because there is a temporal gathering of Lucifer and an eternal gathering under Michael.

Not very one receives Eternal Life. When Paul preached on his missionary journeys, we hear of how entire cities were moved at the visitation of God through Paul’s ministry. Yet not everyone who believed Paul ultimately accepted the Word. It was only those who were ordained to Eternal Life who believed and accepted the Word.

Although Paul lived and died before the book of Revelation was ever written, he asks this important question: How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation? This is the question we must be asking ourselves in our day now. As the Prophet says, if one neglects to wash their teeth, they will rot and throw a stink and no one would want to greet them. We have received much greater salvation, after the opening of the Seals, and we shall not escape negligence.

The apostle Paul was a Prophet-Messenger, with prophetic insight unlike the reformers who came after him. No wonder he was able to pick the spirit of deception as it started out in his age and also in the end time. He saw the Judas spirit rise in the church, and his warning applies to the same situation today where we see a lot of people turning against the Message of the Hour. There is a lot of backsliding taking place in the framework of the Message. The most deceptive of all is that of people still coming to church but with a trinity doctrine or revelation in their minds. These people may fellowship with Message believers but they are already backslidden. These are more dangerous deceivers in the church today.

It is easy to denominate, the only requirement should be just two individuals, one leading and the other one following. And that setup can take place even in one individual. The individual can lead themselves through a corrupted subconscious while the conscious follows the same error. Or the mind can lead intellectually while the heart follows the wrongs of the head. It becomes a one man denomination. And Paul says that it is impossible for those who have tasted of the fruits of the land to come, if they backslide, to renew them again to repentance.

In the book of 2nd Corinthians chapter 5, Paul talks of the another tabernacle in the heavens not made with human hands. He says we go to that house if this mortal one is dissolved. Then in the 12th Chapter of 2nd Corinthians, Paul describes a man who was caught up in the third heavens and heard things not permitted for a mortal to say out. That man in the third heavens is Paul himself. It is striking to note that he writes about the tabernacle in the heavens in the 5th chapter, and is translated in the 12th chapter. There are 7 chapters in between the 5th and 12th chapter, showing that after the lapse of 7 church ages, we shall experience a change in the body.

This experience by Paul is simply showing us how God can take us from the dust to the stars. Stars belong to heaven. There are no stars here on earth, except fallen stars which express themselves as movie stars, soccer stars, baseball stars etc. Abraham was told his children would be like the dust of the earth, and then as the stars of heaven. There is a mystery in those statements. Only God is able to transform dust to stars. It is a miracle which science cannot perform. In this statement we see God’s power of transformation. Indeed, God can transform us from the earthly (dust) to the supernatural (stars). It is like the mystery of the rapture. We are dust (human bodies) but will be transformed to immortality (to be stars).

Why is it that yoga practitioners and other spiritualists are busy with astral projection? They are leaving their bodies and travelling into space. They are passing through brick walls and other barriers and venturing into the devil’s dimension. What they are doing is nothing but just a mockery of the true rapture gospel which we believe. There is a change of body which is called the rapture. It happens according to God’s Word. Satan is pouring scorn on the rapture. Yoga and astral projection practices are fighting the Message of the Hour.

But we still believe that God is able to raise us up from the dust to the stars again. We remember the ministry of Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones. As son of man, he prophesies and the dry bones come back to life. The Message preached by the Prophet has gathered us up, like dry bones in the valley, and sinews have come back, flesh and life in abundance. That is the reason why Christ died on the Cross. He died so that we can be quickened. The Holy Ghost has come to give us the life of Christ again, to raise us from the dust to the stars again.

The Prophet says that to believe the Bible, the Word, the Message of the Hour is not enough. What is needed is the reproduction of the same life in the Word. Mary and Martha believed that their brother Lazarus would be raised at the last day as part of the general resurrection which Christ taught. But they failed to believe for the PRESENT TENSE. Their faith was in the future. No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ commanded them to roll away the stone. He told the church to do that job of casting away unbelief.

In his time, Paul lamented how his congregation in Hebrews still wanted milk while he wanted to give them strong meat. He did not want to keep on teaching them the elementary things of the gospel. He was tired of teaching about punctuality, about how to keep quiet in the church during quiet time, about baptism, dress code, cutting of women’s hear and other fundamentals. Paul wanted them to have the meat of the Word. It is strange that believers can stumble upon these elementary doctrines. Real believers are eagles. And eagles eat meat from the very day they are born. This means that eagles can handle strong meat which belongs to those of a mature age. If people struggle with dress code and stumble on the teachings of the basic principles of conduct and order of the church, then one wonders whether they are really seed or eagles.

When Abraham hears of the capture of Lot by the kings, he takes his own servants born in his own house. A total of 318 of these servants are mentioned in Genesis. This brings us to an important point. These servants were BORN in Abraham’s House. After birth, they were trained. The training is equivalent to the modern day preaching of the Word. Then they are equipped for the battle and then released to go and fight. And in that fight, Abraham pursues the kings all the way to Dan. And the tribe of Dan is represented by the eagle emblem, which means, in typology, that this applies all the way to the Eagle Age, which is the last church age in which we are living right now.

Why is Abraham not afraid of pursuing the 5 kings who captured Lot? He is a man in position. He knows where he is standing with God. This can be contrasted with his fear of Abimelech, (one king of the Philistines) when he flees the promised land due to the famine in the land. We can easily see how Abraham was out of position in Gerah, and how he was afraid of one king. This shows us that there is power in position. We need to take note of our standing (position) and not our state.

After redeeming his brother’s son, Lot, Abraham is on his way to meet the king of Sodom. But before he meets the king of Sodom, there is a sharp interlude. Another king comes from another kingdom. It is Melchizedek, king of Salem. If he is a king, it means he has a kingdom. And if he has a kingdom, surely he must be having subjects in that kingdom. Now we see a heavenly king, Melchizedek, meeting Abraham. A king with an eternal kingdom comes into the picture. And he meets Abraham first before the second meeting with the king of Sodom. What is the significance of all this? There is a king who presides over a sodomite world condition (today’s world), who is going to come later on. But before that king of the sodomite world order comes, there is a communion service between Abraham and Melchizedek. This is a beautiful type of the rapture, which takes place before the full-fledged manifestation of the man of sin.

And Abraham pays tithes to Melchizedek. He is acknowledging that one who gave him the overcoming power in the battle against the kings. He knows that source of his victory. It is from Melchizedek. This Melchizedek is the same Lord Jesus Christ coming in theophany form to Abraham. He is the same Angel Joshua meets before the rounding up of Jericho’s Walls.

After meeting Melchizedek, Abraham begins looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. He had met the king of that city, and that king was not an old man. That king was a young man. Abraham begins to search for that eternal life of the city of Salem. One striking thing about the communion which Abraham takes with Melchizedek is the reminder of the Prophet’s ministry in our day. The Prophet’s last message preached and recorded is Communion. It is the theme of God. That is why God came down in the Garden of Eden. He wanted to restore communion between God and Man.

The love of God, or the character of God as Love, is displayed in Abraham’s actions when he hears of the capture of Lot. He does not say Lot deserves that captivity because of the previous quarrel they had among their herdsmen. Rather, his heart aches for his lost brother. That is divine love, which is the capstone.

God loves to switch things around and, in the process, confuse the devil. In the creation account as taught to us by the Prophet, God first created the Logos, which is a son dancing before the father’s throne. In reality, the Logos is the first son of God. But God turns around and brings Adam to the earth, who came in after the Logos. God simply switches things around. When Adam comes, he comes as the first son, but after the fall in the Garden of Eden, it is the Logos which comes to restore the first Adam. The Logos, which was first in chronological order, now comes second in terms of sequence of time. But all this happens to just pull a good trick over the devil.

As Adam fell in the Garden of Eden, so did the Lord Jesus Christ fall. He did not just fall like Adam, who fell for Eve. The Lord Jesus Christ falls from Glory, all the way to Earth, and even proceeds beyond earth to the nether parts which are the regions of the lost. He came down from Glory for us the Bride. As Eve, we are designed to make our Adam fall.

As king of righteousness, Melchizedek clothes us with his own righteousness. And Paul says of Melchizedek: without mother, without father, without beginning of days nor end of life. He is simply saying Melchizedek is eternal. And the minister had to ask Paul during his study how the apostle came to the conclusion that Melchizedek was eternal. But the revelation came to him that Paul is a Prophet-Messenger and he has the ability to pick the unwritten and declare it. Just like the Prophet Brother Branham says that Melchizedek was in theophany form, that is something which is unwritten. It is the same as Jude’s statement that Enoch prophesied before the floods came to earth. If one is to ask Jude, he will simply say I am a seer, and was caught up in a dimension in which I saw all this happen. It is a revelation by vision. Just like Brother Branham’s remark that Eve looked like Marylyn Monroe or that Zacchaeus’s wife was called Rebecca. These are things we must accept by faith.

The picture of the Cloud is the same Melchizedek of the Old Testament, who is Jesus Christ of the New. The Cloud picture is facing right, the same direction that Christ faced when he died on the cross. He pardoned the thief on the right hand side. The miracle of the salvation of the thief on the cross is a good example of how God raises us from the dust to the stars. This thief did not have water baptism, for a start, but God raised him from dust to stars.

Moses of the Old Testament does not enter the Promised Land. He is like the Prophet William Branham who does not go into the rapture. The Promised Land was for the children, even as the rapture is for the children coming after the Prophet of our day. But God raised Moses from the dust to the stars again. He died on a rock and was given angels for pall bearers. Even the devil does not know where the body of Moses went. The devil wanted to use Moses’s bones to get the anointing, much in the same way that the SWT building has been hijacked by the same spirit working in our day. How do we know Moses was raised from dust to stars again? We see him come back again on Mt. Transfiguration, together with Elijah. They are coming from heaven – Moses and Elijah. Then we also see Peter, James and John also with them, together with the Lord Jesus Christ. The three earthly witnesses with Jesus represent the dust of the earth, when it has been glorified.  On that Mt. Transfiguration, God was simply showing a rehearsal of the body change. The disciples knew Moses and Elijah, people who had lived 4, 000 years earlier than them.

We are much more privileged than our Father Abraham. He was given a body change but later died. But we have received the same body change in our day and we are not going to die. The heaven we are going to is an eternal youth meeting. The Prophet met people in the splendour of youth when he crossed the curtain of time. His account is the yardstick against which any claim by people who experience translation should be judged. The minister said heaven is neither an old people’s home nor a kindergarten. Some people who claim to have gone to heaven say they saw old people, grandfathers and grandmothers. Others say they saw young babies. All we can say is that such accounts are false because the Prophet did not see old people nor babies. 


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