Heredity – Demystifying the natural birth

Heredity – Demystifying the natural birth

Speaker: Charles Olivier

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Matthew 3:9; Acts 17:28; Psalm 139

Brother Charles Olivier emphasised that the purpose of our existence on earth is to express God’s attributes. Since we fell in sin, God couldn’t be expressed through our natural birth. We were born with our backs already turned against God. Rather, we need the new birth which erases the traits from the natural birth and makes us a new creation in Christ. In a discussion with a medical doctor, who disputed the virgin birth, the Prophet elaborated how the natural birth is much more mysterious than the virgin birth in which God simply created both sperm and egg and placed in the incubating womb of Mary. In the book of Genesis where God instructs humanity to be fruitful and to multiply and replenish the earth, already the idea is clear that there was a civilisation in existence prior to Adam and Eve. For to replenish means to fill up again, where there initially was something. And Man was to replenish according to Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 1:11 – each seed producing of its kind. Therefore the uniting of sperm and egg, known technically as a zygote, is the seed which God spoke of. And seed, through the genes, DNA and chromosomes, carries within itself the characteristics which are then passed down through generations, in code form, via the process of heredity. Of the 46 chromosomes which make up a human being, half of them come from the mother and the other balance from the father. During the process called meiosis, these chromosomes are divided in two – 23 per parent. The male has XY chromosomes while the female has YY. Therefore in the process of copulation, certain traits from the father and mother are transmitted to the offspring. There is a ratio of 3:1 that in coming generations, brown-eyed parents can engender a blue-eyed baby. 

That explains how Esau is described as evil and why God hated him because in him the genes of the evil one were dominant, yet with godly parents. The devil, knowing God does not work outside of His own laws, applied the laws of heredity and reproduction in the Garden of Eden to produce serpent seed. It is possible for a brown-eyed mother and a brown-eyed father to have a blue-eyed child as the genes for blue eyes may be present but are just recessive. In subsequent generations, through the laws of heredity and God’s election and calling, the previously recessive features are displayed in future generations. The Lord Jesus Christ at one time described the religious leaders of his day as “being like their father the devil”. To qualify as a father, you must have an offspring. Yet these Pharisees were outwardly religious people. The fact is that they had inherited the genes of Cain, who is described as originating from the wicked one. He too was religious because he had the spiritual genes of Eve and the beastly traits of the serpent. Therefore he could worship but, because he only had one side of religion on him as he was not fully pedigree. The dominant gene of evil outweighed the recessive gene of Godliness. Because of this he brought the fruit of the ground instead of sacrificing a blood offering like his brother Abel. Couples were made in Heaven and for this reason young people have to pray earnestly to let God show them who their real partner from heaven is. Before things are manifested on earth, they start in the Spirit. In the beginning the Spirit of God brooded over the waters. When later creatures were expressed from the earth like birds from the ground and fish from the waters, the process had started from above – where the Spirit moved above the waters. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to pray saying our Father who art in heaven, thy will be done on earth as in heaven. The earth reflects what is in heaven. Therefore before a man marries a woman, that woman must first, in spirit, be his own wife according to Malachi 2:15. God separates the heavenly couple so that she must be born in one family and the spouse borned in a different family, before the marriage takes place. In Adam, which is a beautiful type, Eve was inside him. This principle applies all the way through the streams of time. In spirit form, Eve was in Adam and God separated the feminish part and made her a separate human being. If one does not pray for their partner, they risk marrying another’s wife. That is why the Bible says thou must not deal treacherously against the wife of thy youth. You can be single, as men see with their natural eyes, but you are married, in the eyes of God according to Malachi 2:15. But if you do not choose properly who that partner is, then you can commit adultery when you marry someone else apart from the one foreknown of God. However, there is an opportunity through the Holy Ghost, to fix that marriage. The Holy Ghost wipes out all the natural genes we got from heredity. That is why the baptism thereof is called the New Birth, which comes with new genes – a new creation. Young people should flee from dating as it prepares them for divorce. For dating does not have consummation of marriage as end outcome. It is just based on the changing of partners and does not have marriage as the main and ultimate purpose. Courtship, on the other hand, focusses on marriage as the destination of the fellowship and is the nobler option. When one who marries through the trial-and-error route of dating, they are likely to leave the marriage when problems arise as they believe they can try something else as they did previously before committing to the matrimonial union. To be continued …


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