People of Faith In The Faith: A Desire To Reason With God P2

People of Faith In The Faith: A Desire To Reason With God P2

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

Series: September 2015

 Scripture: Job 13:1-4; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

There is need for the right approach to God. There was a king who gave a big parcel of land to a poor man who approached him as a poor man would approach a king. But when asked for a small thing from some big fellow in the same kingdom, the king refused to give the man the desire of his heart. The difference was in the approach. The poor man approached the king in his capacity as king. He approached him with the revelation that he is the king in charge of the kingdom whereas the other person approached the king as if he was an ordinary mortal. The approach to God has been provided to us already. It is the Message of the Hour. That is the way to God, which the Prophet preached. And we find that Job wanted to approach God, who is a consuming fire, without the blood which atones for sins. Job felt that he knew the mysteries of the kingdom well to deserve an audience with God, much like we sometimes feel in the Message of the Hour. We sometimes feel we know the Word and no one has to debate with us. As a perfect man in the land of Uz, Job is a perfect reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ who was perfect and sinless. Uz is found in the land of Babylon where we see a man with seven sons which are the seven spirits in the hands of the son of man. According to the Prophet, Job lived in the time of Nimrod, and he had the mystery of the unwritten word which he caught from the zodiac. Now this perfect and righteous man in Babylon had to be smitten by God just like the holy Christ had to be crucified when He had no sin. And when Job’s friends come to visit him we see a perfect picture of Christ and the church world of His day which rejected Him. Job’s friends reject him and accuse him of secret sins when they see him smitten with boils from the sole of his feet to the crown of his head. The affliction on the sole of the feet reminds us of the promise in the Garden of Eden that the serpent would bruise the heel of the woman’s seed. Job is a great man from the East, much like Christ who comes from the east. And the Bible says Job’s 7 sons had feasts in their houses, with each son holding a feast in his own day. The 7 sons invite their 3 sisters to these feasts as they take place one after the other. The feasts are a type of the 7 church ages, where each church age had a feast of its own from Ephesus to Laodicea. Thus when Ephesus had its feast, it invited the Bride in that particular age. The feasts are associated with the calling of the bride. That is why the feasts were not held in the sisters’ homes but the brothers, for the women are not permitted to handle the Word of God. As the weaker vessel, women are ones whom the devil targets as he did in Eden with Eve in causing the Fall. But we thank God for the Holy Ghost because now the end-time Eve has Christ on the inside. Thus when the devil comes, he gets a masculine blow from the 5-star general who is incarnate in the Bride. The devil won’t know what hit him. We are the match for the devil. He panics when he sees us as the Bride in position. On the 7th day we see God’s destruction playing out. And in the morning, Job rises up to sanctify his sons through 7 sacrifices which he does for them. Job stands as an intercessor for his sons – he is the mediator who stands in the gap seeing his sons will go through denominationalism – he intercedes for their ignorance. This is exactly what Christ has been doing for the last 2,000 years. The devil goes to heaven although he was long excommunicated from the heavenly assembly. Though rejected, he still goes to that church and God addresses him as a fallen angel by the name of Satan which describes his fallen estate. God asks the devil if he has considered the Stature Of A Perfect Man found in Job. God was bragging about the life of Job. It was not the assets which God boasted about. It was the life which Job lived. The life had the testimony. And it is for the life of the Lord Jesus Christ that the world hates us. Yet God did not call us to be occupied with the devil. We have to be about God’s business and God’s business alone. We should stop giving the devil glory for all things that happen. The devil himself observed a hedge of protection around Job. This hedge was the anointing upon Job’s life. It is the same anointing which was on the Lord Jesus Christ when he approached the maniac in Gadara. The maniac recognised the light surrounding the Lord and the demons screamed in fear. That is what demons should do when they see us. They must scream for fear. They must fear us, which means that we are not in fellowship with devils. Job, like Jesus Christ and Joseph, was loved of the father. And if we are like Joseph and Christ, we will be smitten like they were. As long as we follow Christ working through his chosen vessels, we will be the target of the devil’s smiting blows. That is why we need the Word, which is the roadmap, which must tally and agree with the Voice, which is the navigator. What the Voice says must dovetail with the Word. When the voice and Word are speaking the same thing, there would not be accidents like one that happened when the navigator told a man to proceed driving down a cliff at 120km/hr. Job himself was a perfect sacrifice, just like Christ was the lamb of God that was perfect. He was well beloved of the father just like Christ had the testimony on Mt. Transfiguration that He was the beloved son in whom the Spirit of God was pleased to dwell. As a type of Christ, Job saw the 7 stars. He saw Pleiades which is a band of 7 stars according to Amos 5:8. Job also saw Orion, a hunter, which is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. He also saw Arcturus. This means that Job had knowledge of the mystery truths of God. When the devil is given permission to smite him, only the soul is protected. The soul is a non-negotiable with God. So Job suffers in the flesh and spirit but the soul is not touched. When chaos begins to reign in Job’s life on the 7th day, the Serbians come and take animals. Next, fire comes and burns up the barns. Then the Chaldeans come in three bands to plunder. The 3 bands of the Chaldeans remind us of the 3 isms of communism, fascism and Nazism and the 3 unclean spirits like frogs. Then wind comes to destroy the house of the eldest son, reminding us of the 4 winds be released after the 7 church ages when the bride is gone. Job’s pride was responsible for the situation which befell him and his family. As a father of the house, he is responsible for the family. When the family suffers, the problem is with the leadership of the home. But we thank God for the Holy Ghost, which is the gift on the platform. The Prophet said that some people come to the platform blind and walk back with their sight. Then maybe 5 days later they come back blind again. The reason is that while at the platform, the gift will be operating, but when the people go back from the anointing, it is up to their faith to hold the testimony of their deliverance and healing. We cannot have faith if we do not have the Holy Ghost, which is the super sense which settles on the converted life of a believer. Like the 3 Hebrew children in the furnace, Job had the 4th man also with him. It was Elihu, who had the ministry to take away the amnesia from Job. He was the man with the 6th sense, which makes us cast down all reasonings and doubts. The prophet told the dream of a sister who saw the devil in the form a man wearing a green mask who appeared to her making faces at her. The sister woke up and chased the demon from her house. Later, her husband collapsed dead in the house and the sister remembered the dream. She was not afraid at all. She simply prayed and claimed back the life of her husband. She refused to accept death. Another woman came with a goitre on the throat and the Prophet pronounced her healed. The woman left the platform with the goitre still on the throat. Another one had a bleeding ulcer and was similarly pronounced healed and left the platform still bleeding from the ulcer. But while at home, the woman with the bleeding ulcer began to meditate upon what happened at the platform. She realised the Prophet did not know her, but he told her who she was and where she came from. The woman realised it must be God. And if God was mindful to tell her who she was, then the same God could heal her. As she thought about those things, a sweet feeling came over her and she began to hunger for food. She ate the children’s breakfast and made her own meal and realised she was healed perfectly. Then she went to see her neighbour, Mary, who had the goitre. She was busy searching the house for the missing growth which disappeared. The point is that when people come to the platform, the healing can take place but when they are alone or at home, it takes their faith to keep the testimony of healing. A preacher’s family had lost their first daughter and the second daughter became insane. The Prophet was touched by the plight of the second girl and went to pray for her. She had lost her mind and was only repeating the words Penny, Penny, Penny. After prayer, the girl was still insane although the Prophet had pronounced her healed. However, the mother believed that the insanity was over. That night, the daughter went to bed still chanting the same words like one who is still insane. But the following morning, when she woke up, she was perfectly normal. The same happened with John Rhyan who was blind and was pronounced healed. But as he continued to testify of his healing, his eyes came open while he was being shaved by the barber. Another woman went into premature menopause when she delivered her last child. The injections the doctors gave only caused her to lose her mind. The woman was then confined to an insane institution. Then the husband brought her to the meetings where the Prophet was preaching for Reverend Brown. Four men in the back seat of the car failed to hold her down as she kicked the car windows out. And when the Prophet was called to the basement where she lay on her back with blood all over her clothes, the demons recognised the Prophet and shouted, I have nothing to do with you William Branham, I brought her here. The Prophet had to escape from her fierce grip when she wanted to attack him, but after prayer, the woman calmed down and was taken to the insane institution. She was still insane, but as the husband’s faith held on, the following day she was released from the insane institution. Georgie Carter also was healed after holding on to the testimony of faith. Although she had not walked for 9 years and was bed ridden, she believed the healing of her neighbour and trusted God for the healing of her paralysed condition, despite her parents’ disapproval of divine healing.


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