People of Faith In The Faith: A Desire To Reason With God

People of Faith In The Faith: A Desire To Reason With God

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

Series: September 2015

  Scripture: Job 13:1-4; 2 Corinthians 10:4-6

The Bible records this one striking instance where the Lord Jesus Christ thanked God. He thanked God for hiding things from the wise and prudent and revealing them to babes. That is why it is important to remain children in the eyes of God, for then we can grow. If we are grown-ups before God, we cannot accept any new teachings from Him. It is us who owe God and who must thank Him. God does not even thank us for coming to church and for serving Him, for that is our reasonable service. It is our duty to do so. The Prophet teaches that man is a triune being composed of body, spirit and soul. The body has five senses of see, hear, feel, smell, and touch which are given to contact the natural world. Then there is the spirit which also has five senses of memory, reasoning, affection, conscience and imagination. The issue of reasoning comes out naturally to human beings because reasoning is a sense in the spirit of man. It is like affection, which sometimes causes young girls to run with the wrong boy because they want to feel loved anyhow. But the truth of the matter is that the spirit which we have is not given by God. It is only PERMITTED by God. That is why there is need for the New Birth which is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost which then overrides that permissive spirit under which we are born. Finally, in the human soul, there is only one of the two senses in operation: Faith or Doubt. The entire Bible simply expresses the mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God. And God had some desires before the foundation of the world to express His attributes as Saviour, Healer, Father etc. Therefore He allowed the Fall, so that those attributes in Him could be expressed. He desires to live with His family, which is why He is called Jehovah. And He is the Way, The Truth and The Life. The way points to the 7 steps from Ephesus to Laodicea as expressed in the Book of Revelation. The Truth is the 7 voices while the Life is the 7 virtues which build up the stature of a perfect man. In wanting to express Himself according to the 3-fold purpose, God allows things to happen to us. He allows dishonour to happen so that true honour can be known. God operates using the law of contrast. He allows hypocrites to come on the scene so that the difference with the true believer can be made more visible. Therefore we need to express Him as vessels of honour and be the continuation of the Son of Man ministry ourselves. We become the Lord Jesus Christ in flesh once again. Anyone who wants to see the Father will only have to look at us and that is enough to know who God is. That is why we need to live right. That is why we need to dress right and not try to imitate the world. Job in his affliction wanted to go straight and reason with God. He wanted to bypass the church order and go and talk directly with God about his situation. What Job did not know is that for those few questions he had, God had many questions for him in return. We might have our 5 questions that we want God to answer specifically and God will ask us a million questions in return. This is what happened to God. Before he could ask God, God started with numerous questions which only made him see how small he was. True enough, Job was a righteous man and God boasted about him. But he had some problems of his own also, which God wanted to take out of his life. He had pride and arrogance. His faith in his election produced that arrogance which God wanted to take out of the way. God asked Job whether he had counselled the Almighty in writing down the Bible, in creating the world, in saying women should not preach, in saying people should dress modestly, in creating Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion. Job thought that just because he knew some few mystery truths in the framework of the Message of the Hour, that qualified him to ask God questions. We find that God is a trouble maker. He provides us with jobs and then turns around and makes the boss hate us. That hatred is meant to bring out the best in us. It is meant to let us express what a true believer is. God wants the unbelievers to know and learn from our life the very testimony of Christ. When we are wronged, we do not need to retaliate, for the Holy Ghost does not revenge. We might love talk about faith and scriptures that explain the exploits of faith. But the trial of our own faith we do not want. Yet that same trial of our faith worketh patience and builds up character at the end. We should cast down reasoning. We should pull it down. For reasoning points to wanting to be right, which is what all of us human beings want to feel. Reasoning points to reciprocal arguments, to decide, justify, convict, argue, chasten, convince one’s self that we are right. In Psalm 4:5, scripture talks of wisdom which we must seek. Yet we know wisdom is the application of knowledge which should generate understanding. It is understanding, more than wisdom, which we must have. Due to lack of understanding, many people fall by the wayside. When Christ said people should eat His flesh and drink His blood, some of his disciples left him because they did not understand what He said or what He meant. They simply left. And we also find there are many things in the Message of Hour which the Prophet said just to let the critic stumble and forsake the Message. Even when some people approached Billy Paul to rectify some of the things which the Prophet said in error, like the number of people who did not bow their knee to Baal, 700 instead of 7000, Billy Paul simply said let the errors remain – for they are there to cause the critic to find a fault and reject the Message. We need understanding because without understanding, we stand in one place. The Message of the Hour is meant to take us back to the Eden glory to be like the first bride, Eve before the fall. That is what we must understand. For God is Jehovah, one who dwells with His family. In Proverbs 30: 12 it says there is a generation of people who are right in their own eyes yet they are not even washed of their filthiness. That generation is right with us today. It is our flesh which is full of reasoning and always trying to find logical ways to understand. One critic once reasoned saying the book of Job is invalid. But then another Christian historian turned around and said that the prophet Ezekiel himself mentions Job’s name as one of the righteous people. Therefore if Ezekiel as a prophet saw Job’s righteousness, it means that Job really existed as a human being and not a myth. The same Job who existed as a historical fact actually stands in the position of Christ in a number of ways. Job had 7 sons which reflect the 7 spirits in the church ages. He also had 3 daughters which speak of the 3 women who represent Eve, from the first Eve in Eden, the second Eve after Pentecost and the third Eve which is ourselves. The 7,000 sheep which Job owned remind us of the number of people in Elijah’s time who did not bow their knee to Baal. And Job had 3 friends who come and visit him on the ash-heap. And when they arrive and see his sorrow, they keep quiet for 7 days. It is only after the 7 days that Job breaks the silence. When he breaks the silence after 7 days, Job curses the day he was born. This reminds us the scripture in Malachi 4 which says God will smite the earth with a curse. The 3 friends point to the 3-fold purpose of God which He had before the foundation of the world. Yet we know there is a 4th friend, Elihu, who was the youngest – a type of Christ who was the 4th man in the fiery furnace in Babylon with the 3 Hebrew children. Elihu came from Ram, which speaks of Christ the lamb of God. It is only Elihu who can speak restoration, like Christ does. When Job curses the day of his birth, he is pulling down reasonings just like the 3 Hebrew boys did as they walked into the furnace. If the Hebrew boys doubted for a single instant, they would have been burnt just like the others who were pushing them forward into the fire. The Bible does not want us to reason in a carnal way. That is why we are told to cast down the reasonings. But yet we find in Isaiah the scripture says we must come and reason together with the Lord. We know that in Isaiah, God is inviting us to come to the original. Yes, carnal reasoning is hated by God. Even the Prophet adds his voice and says reasoning always tries to find a way out. That is why we need faith, which does not reason. Faith simply believes. The Prophet says that when death strikes, the power of reasoning leaves and the soul rises up to testify of the truth. The Prophet gives an example of a Christian woman who reasoned her way to hell by following the world. She started off well as a married Christian in the local neighbourhood, playing the piano in church. Then the couple moved to another city where the woman began to dress wrong while still playing in the church. She divorced her husband and married the neighbour. Then she divorced the neighbour and married again someone else until she ended up living as a common law wife for the 3rd time. Yet all these things happened while she still attended church. The pulpit said nothing was wrong about these things. Yet the woman knew deep in her heart that these things were wrong. The Prophet said she reasoned her way to hell. Reasoning is the weakest point of a Christian, for it was in that avenue that Eve was trapped and cause the fall of humanity. That is why we need the lie detector of the Word to cast away reasonings. That is why we need the Word to take us to familiar places in the promises of God to drive away amnesia from ourselves. For we are like the little eaglet raised in a chicken barn. The eaglet by-passed its theophany and was born in the wrong place. It was supposed to be born in the heavenlies but was born in the barn. But when mama eagle came, remembrance was brought back to her. We have the Word to take us back to our original estate. The prophet speaks of a young French soldier who suffered from amnesia. However, when brought to his home area, he recovers from his amnesia and reconciles with his father and the rest of the family.


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