Speaker: Bro Kidri Diggs

 Series: July 2015

 Scripture: Ephesians 1:1-12

The minister was still awaiting confirmation on what God wanted him to deliver for the Sunday Service. However, he desired to hear the song, Cast Your Burdens. As he stood outside the hall, he heard the song leader lead the congregation and encouraging them to cast their burdens on the Lord Jesus Christ. Still standing outside, he chatted briefly with Brother Derrick who left him with the remark that we are the predestinated seed of God. That statement by Bro Derrick triggered the confirmation the Brother Diggs was waiting for. Predestination points to foreknowledge. This means that God will never allow us to go through trials and temptations that we are not able to defeat. Predestination means God trusts us. God puts His genes in us, and is confident that even if we go through all the works of unbelief, even if we are in trapped in bars and gangs and other societies of worldliness, we will still come out right regardless and continue to worship God after our conversion. This God who ordained predestination for us is really a God of Adjectives. And adjectives are words that are used to describe the characteristics of things. Our God is not just God but goes with the adjective Mighty God. He is a Mighty God who sits on a Mighty throne in the midst of a Mighty ChurchThis God is not just God but he is Mighty God. The minister recounted how he watched a young man in Nigeria dance to a song in vernacular which praised God as a Mighty God. He had his arms stretched out wide signifying the width of God and danced pushing his body forward in appreciation of the Almighty God. God is wonderful. God is excellent. Excellency speaks of perfection. God is perfect. Perfection means there is no error, no doubt, no unbelief in God. Add the adjective Mighty to another adjective Excellent then we have a Great God. He is certainly greater than Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great is reported by historians that he would lead the army himself and be the first one to climb the wall into enemy territory. By the time his army arrives, Alexander would have made havoc of the enemy. His army would find piles of human corpses at his feet which he would have single-handedly slaughtered. Such fearless courage inspired his army to rise up in gallant acts of bravery. But we have our own Lord Jesus Christ who is much greater than Alexander the Great. Our Lord has fought and conquered demons till they surrendered. God is awesome. When awe increases in magnitude, it becomes awesome, implying plural. Awe refers to something which leaves you speechless. The minister gave examples of how he was struck with awe from the testimonies around the bonfire from Sister Rochel, Brother Neo, Brother Isaac and others who testified on the previous night’s testimony service around the bonfire. Awesome qualities of God cause the believers to have overwhelming reverence. With this reverence for God which comes from his intrinsic nature, we ought to be careful about what music we listen to because we are temples of the Holy God. The minister requested the congregation to keep his teenage children in prayer as he strives to show them a more excellent way through leading a spiritual and exemplary life. He does not want to whip godliness into the children by use of parental force, but wants them to see Christ in him. Brother Diggs encouraged young women under parental roof who feel they are mature enough to handle their own homes to do one great favour. They should ask their mothers, for just one month, to stand aside and watch them do all the household chores. They should clean the kitchen and all the rooms, and not just their own rooms. They should wash everyone’s clothes in the home. They should cook all the meals for the family. They must iron their father’s clothes. They must challenge their mothers to watch them and see how they reflect their mothers’ roles in their one month of showdown. They should ensure the young ones are properly fed and put into bed. If they cannot do that, they should rather shut up their mouths and sit down. They should not feel they are old enough if they cannot take any responsibility. The same applies to young men who feel they are grown up, although still living with parents. These should ask their fathers, just for one full month, to let them foot all the bills in the home. They should tell the fathers not to use their own money to run the home. They should buy the groceries for the entire home. They should buy clothes for everyone. They should trim the grass. They should fix the home, fix the broken gadgets. They should do all the fathers’ duties in the home. If they cannot, they should equally shut their mouths up and sit down and take instructions while under the fathers’ house. He gave an example of how he bumps into his teenage son who feels he is grown up just as a way of showing him that, as the father, he is mighty and strong, and is no easy match. He warned young men to live holy as it would be unfair for young men who live unclean lives to expect the cleanest girls in church, which is what usually happens. He warned that marriage is not just a matter of satisfying the flesh with the opposite gender but it is a matter of taking responsibility. Husbands should play the role of watchman over their families. The minister watches jealously over his daughter, who is turning 18 next month. If a young man is interested in his daughter, that man should first talk to him before he talks to the daughter. The father is the watchman. And the father is an eagle with a hooked beak. If a chicken believer comes to him wanting his daughter’s hand, that chicken-hearted brother will be torn to pieces. A man wearing skin jeans should not come near the eagle father. The skin jeans carry a homosexual spirit, and the eagle is able to discern that spirit. We have to defeat the devil here on earth as he was defeated in heaven by our Lord. God has trusted us to continue kicking the devil down. We need to really bend down in order to trample the devil under our feet. For the devil is really below us. We have to kneel down and stoop low to tramp him. But our God is higher up. That is why when we sing the song CAST YOUR BURDENS, we really need to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ higher and higher, while bowing really lower and lower to tramp the devil. No wonder the temptations that God allows to come our way will not defeat us. God trusts us to defeat the enemy as He did in heaven. After all, for the devil to come to us, he first needs special permission from God himself. It was God who hardened Pharaoh’s heart in Egypt. As a man, he would have given up after the second plague. But God came around to harden his heart again. God was doing that in order to magnify His name. Therefore it is not always the devil who is behind every trial we go through, our God is in all these things and He is confident of our testimony. When Job was tempted, God started with a testimony service about the character of Job. Therefore when the devil came to tempt Job, God already knew the outcome of the trial. But God allowed the devil to go ahead, nevertheless. And when the devil comes into the congregation of the saints, God is able to discern his presence. That is why in Job, God spots the devil and talks to him.


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