Renewing the Kingdom

Renewing the Kingdom

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Efa

 Series: February 2015

 Scripture: 1 Samuel 11:14-15

Pastor Thomas Efa from Ghana thanked the host, Pastor Brian, for the confidence he has in him. To open one’s sacred pulpit to another minister is a real sign of confidence and trust in the Word, as the Prophet teaches. When a man stands behind the sacred desk, it is God veiled behind human flesh. And the same God in the minister is the same God in the congregation. It is God preaching and God listening. It is God coming to God. It is Life meeting Life. Even if one is unsaved, in such a meeting, when death meets Life, it is Life which prevails.

That is why the Prophet teaches that he hates a powerless religion. As believers, we must be on fire. After all, God is building us into Powerhouses. As the Prophet says, only a dozen men on fire are needed to change the entire course of the city of Tucson.

The visiting minister was recently in India. He testified that God is moving among the Hindus. He preached and prayed for the Indian people and God wrought great deliverance to the Hindus. It is a fact that a lot of Hindu people are turning to Christianity. This trend is disturbing the devil. Now they have set up schemes in India to bribe ex-Hindus who convert to Christianity. They are paid about US$200 to forsake Christianity and go back to their traditions.

In the Message Be Not Afraid, the Prophet says we need to know what God is doing in our age. We must know what God is doing right now. When Abraham was called, he was not immediately blessed because of Lot. Until there was total separation with unbelief, God did not bless Abraham. After the separation, God instructs Abraham to walk in the land. By walking in the land, Abraham was putting footprints on the ground. And footprints means possession. This kind of possession involves being active about the Word. To possess the land by footprints is different from merely having the architectural plans about the Promised Land. Architectural plans will not help us today. If you want healing, you have to walk into that Promised Land of your healing.

At a hospital in Witbank, Pastor Thomas Efa prayed for a certain believing sister who was scheduled for an operation. After that, the Holy Ghost moved him to turn to another woman also scheduled for an operation. The stranger was asked whether she wanted to go through an operation or just to walk out of the hospital without the doctor’s knife ever making a mark on her. She desired to walk out of the hospital without the operation. Pastor Thomas prayed for that desire in her heart. And before leaving Witbank, he received a call telling him that the woman was discharged. The operation was no longer needed. Having travelled all the way from Lesotho (another neighbouring country within South Africa), she went home rejoicing. She even invited the minister to Lesotho, saying such a ministry would be welcome in her home country.

When Abraham made original footprints in the Promised Land, there was no squatter who could dispossess him. When God created Man, he started off with the lower forms of life. He progressed to higher forms of life in stages. Finally when he reached the climax, he created Man and gave him His own image. That was God’s perfection. And that perfect Man was given the earth as his inheritance. He was to rule and have dominion over the earth.

That is why as the Bride of Jesus Christ, we have also been given the earth to rule. No wonder the whole of creation is groaning and mourning to see the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. We must manifest God in this day we are living. Time is far spent and we must take God at His Word. We have already passed the stage of believing. We have moved ahead with God’s programme. Today we must be manifesting the Word. Manifestation is the ministry we are in. with that, we can tell the devil in his face that he is a poacher, a squatter on our earth. After all, the earth was given to Adam as his domain. Adam was supposed to rule the earth eternally because the earth was made for him. This is what we must be doing right now. We must show the devil the earth does not belong to him. He was kicked out in heaven and fell on earth. It was an angelic kick that brought him down to earth. Now it is time for a human kick to take him further down to the bottomless pit where he belongs.

The Prophet teaches that Lucifer is using the very same tactics he used in Eden even right now in our day. He is separating fellowship between Man and God, between the creation and the Creator. Starting with the devil in heaven then to Nimrod on earth and others like that, the devil was to present a programme which appears better than that of God. In heaven, the devil desired a kingdom much better than that of Michael. But heaven could not accommodate such nonsensical ambitions. And the devil was kicked out.

Right now the devil has separated people from their God through creeds and dogmas. Now a lot of people fail to see God because of the church. Like in the beginning, Satan has used the woman again to block God’s programme. No wonder the Pentecostals allow women to preach. It is deception by the devil like at the beginning. The minister narrated a true story of a Pentecostal Bishop who was asked at a convention about women preaching. The Bishop said if women do not preach, then we are all lost. This shows how seriously the church has been deceived.

But we thank God for the Message of the Hour. It renews the Kingdom again. We were deceived in our time when we once fellowshipped in denominations. Then the Lord Jesus Christ came, through the Word, to justify us. Now we stand clean, as though we never done it.

Adam was the only man since creation who was born without sexual reproduction. And this very same man let go of the Book through the fall. The perfect image of God fell. Oh, it was a sad day. But God did not allow the devil to take the Book. The Book went back to the original owner in heaven. Instead, the devil managed to take control of the earth, and not the Book. Since the time of the Fall, the devil has been in control of the earth. The Book is Eternal Life and It went to God. This shows us that as God children, we come from God and will go back to God again.

We therefore cannot give the Holy Ghost’s position to human leadership in the form of a Bishop. The church did that in the beginning. As always, there is a strife between the men of God and the devil’s instruments. In the time of Moses, the Prophet was withstood by the likes of Jannes and Jambres. Moses was heading towards the Promised Land and the opponents wanted to take people back to Egypt. And on the way to that Promised Land, here come obstacles on the way. The prophet Balaam comes with a curse on the children of Israel. This is the same devil who was in the Garden of Eden at the beginning. He came in the Garden. And here he appears in the Exodus to do the same thing.

We should not be surprised at the critics of Moses. We see them in our day also. Lots of people have risen up against the Prophet William Marrion Branham.

When Balaam rose up against children of Israel, it was in a religious way. His prophecy was not wrong. Balaam prophesied about the coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. But his teaching was wrong, he taught people to commit fornication and adultery against God. Just look at the teachings in the denominations and you will see how wrong they are. Balaam’s doctrine was just as wrong as today’s trinity doctrine. God is not three or in three persons. He is One. Even the devil Himself, the very architect of this deception, believes in only One God. The devil knows there is only one God. And he trembles at this knowledge. But the poor church that is deceived still goes ahead and believes trinity doctrine. The devil does not believe in trinity personally. He knows better than his subjects whom he has deceived.

What we must therefore do is flee to the Safety Zone. We must run into the Message of the Hour. We must escape into the Word. We must abide in the Good Shepherd. In the Safety Zone, there is no man who interprets the Word. And we do not need man at all to come and interpret the Word. Otherwise what is the purpose of the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is still around, doing His job of interpreting the Word and leading us to all the truth. The Holy Ghost is our Prophet today. If there is something we do not understand, we do not go to a certain man with a teaching ministry to ask for clarity on what the Prophet preached. We go to the Holy Ghost through kneeology. We kneel down and pray for revelation. After all, it is the same Holy Ghost who preached through the Prophet, He is able to interpret what He said. We cannot help God with His Word. He does not need our help at all. God just speaks. He issues instructions and carries them out. That is the fulfilment of what He said.

As people moved to the Promised Land, they passed through the wilderness. What they saw in the wilderness made a mark in their hearts. The mark was so strong that when they settled down in the Promised Land, they still desired what they saw in the wilderness. When they approach Samuel for a king, they wanted to be like the rest of the nations they saw in the wilderness. The wilderness experience was still in their hearts.

Sin has no grip on us. As Paul says, there are some who crept in under his ministry to spy their liberty in the Lord. The same applies today. Not everyone who comes into the congregation is a believer. Some come just to spy on our liberty. But we thank God that the Kingdom has been renewed. Sin has lost its grip on us, regardless of how many enemies might gather around us and witness evil against us.

It is strange that people shouted with joy when they knew that the kingdom was moving from God to human leadership. And when Saul went to battle and won, he thought it was because of his own strength and capability. It seemed as if the people were right in wanting a king. But God was just honouring His Word. God is love and in His love He mentioned that Abraham’s seed will possess the gates of his enemy. God cannot let His Word fail. It was God’s approval of love on the people, which caused them to see God’s glory even in the very thing that God hates. God hates human leadership.

God requires obedience. When Saul spared Agag, the Prophet Samuel was not pleased. Saul used reasoning, instead of faith in the Word. The Word had said everything must be destroyed. Saul had the Sword with him but did not want to destroy Agag. He forgot that Agag is a king. As a king, he wants to have rulership. And he will ultimately rule you because you have allowed him to come into your life. Therefore we must kill the Agag kings in our lives too. We have the sword, which is the Word of God. We must thank God there was a Prophet who took the sword into his hands and used it to destroy the strange king of the land. We thank God for Samuel. We thank God for the Prophet. The Sword is in the hands of the Prophet.

Saul’s rebellion cost him the kingdom. Saul lost the kingdom because he failed to listen to God. But God was renewing the kingdom according to his plan. That is why he called David, a man who would walk in God’s way and obey the Word all the way. Unlike Saul’s kingdom which was renewed in Gilgal, David’s kingdom was established in Hebron.

May the Lord strengthen our hand in battle. The Prophet says when swords lock in battle, it takes the stronger hand to win. The man with the greater strength is the one who wins. He will push his sword through the heart of the enemy. The Prophet Samuel was that man in his day. He proved to Agag that a stronger hand was around to push the sword into the enemy’s heart.

In renewing the kingdom, we must not expose our strength. The Lord Jesus Christ is a perfect example of how not to reveal the source of power. He was bitten and spat upon. He did not return evil for evil. The devil thought he had pinned God down. The devil went further to crucify him on the cross, feeling that he is the one in control. But the devil was deceived as well. He forgot that in the Old Testament, a man once sat on a hill with his hands raised in the air. And as long as Moses’s hands were up, Joshua was winning the war. And when Moses’s hands went down, Joshua would start to lose. So Aaron and Hur decided to lift up Moses hands by raising them high on either side. That is what the devil unwittingly did on the cross. He tied Christ’s hands to the cross to ensure his own downfall. As long as Christ’s arms were help up like that, God was winning the war against sin and death. The devil did not know about this. Christ never exposed the secret.

As a masterpiece himself, the Lord Jesus Christ is looking for similar pieces like Himself. He is the great magnet moving over the earth, drawing all those with the divine nature up to Him. The kingdom plan had been hidden in earthen vessels. This is God in us, the kingdom being renewed in our hearts as the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

On the cross, the Lord Jesus Christ only did the down-payment of our redemption. He did not give us the inheritance right there. The inheritance had gone back to heaven, to the original owner. But the hour of full redemption would come, as indeed it came to Naomi and Ruth under the kinsman redemption ministry of Boaz. Kinsman redemption is a public affair. It is done at the gate of the city. That is what Boaz did, and that is what the Lord Jesus Christ did. Our Lord suffered outside the gate, right there on the cross of Calvary. He fulfilled the role of kisman redeemer. The minister exhorted the saints to renew the kingdom in their hearts. He invited the congregation to the altar for consecration of their lives and for a deeper walk with God. In that supernatural anointing, there was a prayer line. God touched the hearts of His people.


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