Sirs, We Would See Jesus

Sirs, We Would See Jesus

Speaker: Pastor David Makombe

 Series: March 2015

 Scripture: John 12:20; John 14:6-11

The visiting minister, Pastor David Makombe, hails from Zimbabwe and pastors Stature Of A Perfect Man Tabernacle in Chipinge. He has been around Johannesburg for a little while and has preached in Meyerton for Pastor Hannes Van Wyk and also in Soweto for Pastor Vusi. He had come to South Africa to witness his youngest son’s graduation at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Pastor David Makombe announced that it was his first time to preach in Pastor Brian Naidoo’s church. It is a great gesture of confidence for a man to give over his pulpit to another ministry which he has not experienced before, and the minister was grateful for this honour and privilege. Although it was the first time to meet most of the congregants in flesh on this side of eternity, the minister pointed out that we were at one time together in the spirit in some dimension. From that one source we were all gathered, God brought us down to be expressed on earth. And we were carried through the generations in the loins of our great grandfathers who survived wars, plagues, disasters, diseases and all other calamities so that we could stand today as believers of the Message of the Hour. God’s predestination stood sure. We stand today as survivors. And therefore if we came from the same place, we have confidence that we will go to the same place again when the race is over.

After reading the two places in scriptures namely John 12:20 – 26 and John 14: 6 – 11, the minister remarked that the Prophet William Branham read the same scriptures and preached a number of sermons. However, he noted a great difference between the way the Prophet read the scripture and then brought down the Lord Jesus Christ to the people so they could see Him personally and the way modern preachers do. Ministers today can take the same scripture and preach out of the same inspiration, but the Jesus Christ of the Bible does not come down. It has been a burden on the minister’s heart to bring the Lord Jesus Christ to the people. It is every Pastor’s duty to let the congregation see the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, then let the world see that scripture come to pass in today’s ministries. When the Prophet preached Show Us The Father, Let Us See God, We Would See Jesus and other such sermons, the Lord Jesus Christ would come down and prove His presence among the people. That is why all the people who went to Brother Branham’s meetings had this confidence in their heart that they would really meet up with God during the services. They knew there was a man who could turn on the light.

The minister has been doing some introspection. He has been doing some soul-searching. He observed that the Early Church had signs and wonders following them. They had a PRESENT TENSE Jesus Christ. Their theme was Jesus and Jesus alone. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ is the very root of Christianity. Without Jesus Christ, there is no Christianity.

The Prophet William Branham also had the Lord Jesus Christ as his principal theme in his ministry. So real did he bring this Jesus Christ to the people that at one time he was accused of bragging too much about the Lord. That is an example to ministers and preachers today. If there should be an accusation, it should be the uncompromising emphasis on the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil knows the power of this name. That is why he removed name during the Dark Ages and the church blundered in darkness. But now the name has been restored. Our services should therefore be like those of the Prophet, where the outpouring of the Holy Ghost should be everyday.

We need to get the human ability out of the way. We need to crucify ourselves and let Christ live through our being. That stature of a perfect man is just another name for the incarnation of Jesus Christ in man again. When we attain that divine nature, there will be no more comparisons among us. There will be no more ranking of ministers according to the numbers of their congregations. There will be no honour given to big preacher as opposed to the small preacher. There will be no more fighting among the believers and the different ministries they fall under. Instead, there will be self-denial, forgiveness and love.

The Prophet always made this statement: If you read the Bible and do not see the Lord Jesus Christ, you must go back and read again. The same applies with ministers in our day. If ministers preach and the congregation fails to see the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, the ministers must come back and preach again. Christ must be seen. The church world in his day said the Prophet does not know the Bible, which is true. But he knew someone and had a relationship with Him. He knew the God who wrote the Bible, and not the rules of grammar and translation knowledge.

Even the Lord Jesus Christ when He came to earth did not strive to show Himself. He always desired to show the Father. And if there is a problem with the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth today, the preachers should squarely take the blame. In the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, the preachers were to blame. No wonder the Lord preached so much and so hard against the Pharisees of the day. They were the preachers and leaders. If the leaders show a good example of a Godly life, that example cascades down the congregation. Then people will begin to show Christ to their neighbours in their respective communities.

People do not want to be shown the superiority of the Message of the Hour. Neither do they want to see their own religious beliefs belittled in the process of our bragging. They want to see the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible. And when people refuse to accept the Message in the way we present it to them, it is not that they are rejecting God’s grace to them. Rather, most of the times the people are actually rejecting us. They are refusing our attempts to present the gospel in the wrong way. Why not present the gospel as the Prophet did?

Christ lived such a life that even his own enemies admitted that He was a holy man. His own betrayer, Judas Iscariot, confessed that the Lord Jesus Christ is surely the Son of God, and Innocent Blood.

As a leader, Paul encouraged the people to follow him because he was following Christ. As long as Paul’s eyes were on Christ, the people were supposed to follow. After all, they are not following a man, but the Lord Jesus Christ resident in a man. In Joshua’s time, the people followed him as disciples only when they saw what Moses produced also following the ministry of Joshua. And the early church at Pentecost became the church only after an experience with God. It was not during the three years of walking with Jesus Christ that they became believers. No. They were simply followers. But after the Upper Room experience, they became Christians with the ability to reproduce that which had happened before. Before Pentecost, Peter carried a knife to chop other people in the church. But he threw away the knife after Pentecost.

Equally true, the people will follow the Message of the Hour when they see the Life displayed by the Prophet William Branham being reflected again in the believers today. The Message we have received is perfect. It is the believers who are wrong when they are fighting like a bunch of devils amongst themselves.

No wonder the rapture is lingering. The Lord Jesus Christ must come back again into the Message of the Hour. People are striving to get the Pastor’s spirit, which the preacher himself is struggling to get rid of. We get used to the Message spirit, church spirit, national spirit, dress code and conduct standard. All these things do not help us. We can behave and conduct ourselves as Message Classicals but the real question is, Where is the Lord Jesus Christ in all our behaviour and life? Where is the God of Elijah? Where is the God of William Branham? If that God is here, our Jordan river of circumstance must also part and we can walk through challenges. We can speak to the mountains and it happens because it is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in us speaking through us. Otherwise if we speak on our own, nothing will happen. That is why we say so many things which fail to come to pass. It is human ability do the talking.

The Lord Jesus Christ and, at our own human level, the Prophet, mastered this ability to get the person out of the way so that God can use them. They got their egos out of the way. The very best from a human being can not help us in this walk of Christianity. As the Prophet said many times, he always strived to get himself out of the way to let God be known to the world.

If we look at Father Abraham, he had two distinct visitations from God. The first visitation did not give him the son of Promise. But it was on the second and final visitation that the promised son became a reality. There is a coming out and a going in that is taking place in the exodus. We need to complete both phases of the process in order to be complete. We do not intellectual love, which is the love we express only to those who love us. We need to leave Egypt, we need to come out of Egypt and finally, we need to settle in the Promised Land. These three places are representative of the flesh (Egypt), the spirit (wilderness) and the soul (Promised Land). When we are in the Promised Land of the Holy Ghost today, we will be able to forgive those who speak evil of us.


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