Stay With The Message

Stay With The Message

Speaker: Pastor Nanda Chetty

 Series: October 2014

America Trip Report

Before inviting the visiting minister, Pastor Nanda Chetty of Mauritius, Pastor Brian Naidoo gave a brief highlight of the American Trip. After two week’s absence from the Spoken Word Tabernacle family, he felt needed to give an account of the missionary trip. He emphasized that through this recent trip to the United States of America (USA) the scripture which says the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord become more real to him than ever before. He mentioned how God had called Phillip away from the revival in Samaria in order to go and minister in the desert to one Ethiopian Eunuch.

Having departed on a Friday, the Pastor and his family arrived in New York, USA on a Saturday, after 17 hours of flight. He was picked up from the airport by Brother Jesse Robledo. His American hosts had already arranged hotel accommodation for him and family. However, Pastor Brian Naidoo was told that a certain family was desirous of staying with him during his visit. Having consulted the Holy Spirit, the Pastor felt inclined and impressed to stay with the Tom Wing family which had offered to shelter him under their roof. The minister felt he needed to go according to God’s programme which was unfolding through such a turn of events.

Right in the Tom Wing family, the Pastor realised there was a backslidden sister. Having been discouraged by events around her, the sister left the Message of the Hour and began to follow the ministry of Donny McClurkin. She was caught up in a denomination where she felt accepted. She felt that there was more love in that denominational movement than in the Message of the Hour. The minister remarked that Perfect Love can only be found in the Message of the Hour. Of course it is possible to be a lovely person (in denomination) but that does not mean that one is in love (with Christ).

About two years ago, the Pastor had preached a Message about Tamar. At that time, the sister had remarked that if she could have such kind of preaching in her life, she would leave the denomination and sit under the Message of the Hour.

On Sunday morning, the Pastor preached a Messaged titled WOUNDS. After the service, the sister immediately came to him with some questions, which the minister said should be reserved for further discussion at home over a cup of coffee. On arriving home, they had a meeting that lasted about 5 to 6 hours. The sister enquired about the Mystery Cloud. She queried the significance of the photographs of the Prophet. She asked many questions to which the minister said: The Prophet William Branham is not here to answer you, I also cannot answer you. At this point the sister was visibly deflated, and it seemed like all her hopes were gone. But the minister requested her to bring the Bible, for it was the Bible itself that would answer her. The Bible contains all that Moses, Joel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Bro Branham and other prophets said. With all questions answered, the sister was converted back to the Message of the Hour.

Just for one soul to come to the Lord, the value thereof exceeds thousands of worlds. And if God only wanted one soul to come back to Him on this American trip, the 17 hours of flight to USA would altogether have been worth the while.

Having had no sleep on Monday, the minister had to leave for North Carolina on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the convention was opened by Pastor Schanick of South Africa, who brought down the house on fire through the maturity of his ministry. This was followed by Pastor Blessing Chesa of Zimbabwe who preached on Rembering Moses, a message which stabilised the American brethren who have been caught up in many isms since the departure of the Prophet. Friday night was allotted to Pastor Brian, after a morning of eating out in fellowship. That evening, Pastor Brian Naidoo again preached on wounds with the context taken from John 5; the pool of Bethesda.

The minister mentioned that at the pool of Bethesda, many cripples waited there in anticipation of the stirring of the waters. He ran his theme through the animals that guard the throne of God: from ox, lion, man and eagle, and showed biblically the position of the altar in the Word. He illustrated the case of wounds through a parable of a brother who goes about borrowing from everyone in the church and fails to pay back. As a result, the wounded lenders fail to come to church and enjoy service. The case of Hannah and Penninah illustrates the boasting spirit among believers where one has plenty of manifestations to prove that God is with them, while the other is languishing in deprivation.  Then there is the case of the Ostrich mum, which is a type of a mother who tramples upon her very own eggs. This is an example of a woman who gives trouble in the home, who fights with husband, who complains about the car, home etc. And as he ministered along this theme, people were busy fixing up their lives right in the service.

The people were told never to underestimate what is said behind the sacred desk. For whereas God uses the instrumentality of man, the words coming forth are not man’s words but the oracles of God uttered under the veil of flesh.  Often-time, the minister has witnessed what he says behind the pulpit come to pass in a matter of perhaps two months from the date of the warning. This has happened, for example, where the Holy Ghost warned that one’s sins will catch up with transgressor and, within a few weeks, the exposure takes place.

 On Saturday morning, a brother from Jamaica preached about the New Birth with specific focus on the youth. As the service was primarily dedicated to young people, all the front rows in the building were occupied by the youth while the elders were stationed in the back rows. The saints had a tremendous time in the Lord.

In the evening of the same Saturday, Pastor Tim Humes asked Pastor Naidoo to preach again. Although the latter did not have a sermon ready, he agreed anyhow to take the service. There were many able ministers lined up in front and Pastor Naidoo felt the lot could have fallen on any one of them. However, as per the leading of the Holy Ghost, he allowed God to take control of the programme. Thus he was inspired to combine two messages into one sermon. The service touched on the two thoughts from the title LOOKING UNDER EXPECTATION OF TRANSFORMATION and POOL OF BETHESDA.

From the thought of the Pool of Bethesda the Holy Ghost directed the sermon towards the gate of mercy and noted that sheep had to be washed clean before sacrifice. Then the Spirit turned towards Elijah and Elisha trip before the translation of Elijah by a whirlwind. When the minister was busy speaking about the arrival at Jericho and the associated thought of Rahab the gentile woman who believed, a sudden eruptive outpouring of the Holy Ghost took place. It was more than an ordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but rather like a volcanic eruption from the superheated centre of God’s benevolence. Due to the strength of the anointing, the minister stopped preaching and handed over the microphone to Pastor Tim Humes. Pastor Tim Humes failed to speak and could only say Ha, Ha, Ha, into the microphone and handed back the microphone to Pastor Brian Naidoo, who proceeded to preach once more.

Then the devil began to speak in the ministering brother’s mind saying what he was preaching was not the right sermon. However, the Holy Ghost came down to encourage Pastor Brian to simply lay down the Word because it was the duty of the Holy Ghost to come down and lick the sacrifice with fire after all things had been done according to the Word. Again the Holy Ghost spoke to the minister to move on to the song JESUS IS A MIGHTY GOD. As God’s Spirit swept through the congregation, the minister found himself standing on top of the pulpit, a feat which was captured by Brother George Smith on video who later humorously remarked that indeed it looks like there is a flying exodus ministry at hand.

By the inspiration of the song JESUS IS A MIGHTY GOD which came by revelation, the congregation failed to depart from the anointing at the close of service. About half of the people remained in the sanctuary after dismissal, with young people just singing in the spirit all over the place.

During this visit, the minister was personally chauffeur-driven by Brother George Smith himself who picked him up and transported him from place to place.

On Sunday, the minister had to rush to the airport. Already, about 200 people from the congregation had been attacked by an outbreak of virus which caused some of the believers to be hospitalised up to four days. The believers were frantic, wanting to know whether the minister had managed to reach the airport as the virus had actually prevented other saints from driving back home due to its severity. While there at the JF Kennedy airport, his 11 year old son, Miguel, caught a fever and he prayed for him. And the Lord spoke to him that he should build up the young boy’s immunity; therefore he gave him a dose of R10 painkiller. The same virus even attacked the minister and his wife, but God prevailed over the devil’s assault.

After this American Trip Report, Pastor Brian Naidoo then invited Pastor Nanda Chetty to come forward and bring the morning’s message. Pastor Nanda Chetty hails from Mauritius, where he is a shepherd to a flock of between 400 and 500 believers.

Stay With The Message

Pastor Nanda Chetty gave a background of his ministry. He informed the congregation that English is an acquired language to him as he was brought up on French and Creole, both of which he speaks fluently. Therefore if he stutters in English, the saints should bear with him. As a Human Resources Practitioner some years back, Pastor Nanda Chetty remembered the saying that when it comes to English, one should write or speak to express, not to impress. Likewise he was going to express what he had on his heart through the medium of English.

The visiting minister indicated that he should have been preaching in Newcastle that morning. However, God did not see the programme that way. Although he did not personally know Pastor Brian Naidoo, he had come across his name in 2011 in Canada when Brother George Smith had mentioned the name to him as his South African host when he goes to Johannesburg. Thereafter, Pastor Nanda kept the name, hoping to make use of it in future.

When he was preparing to come to South Africa, he called Pastor Steve Francis, who was unreachable. Then he sent an email to Pastor Brian Naidoo, who responded that he had just arrived from the USA. Notwithstanding the jet lag and fatigue from travelling such a long trip, Pastor Naidoo personally went to the airport to pick up Pastor Nanda Chetty, and that is how the programme went. Pastor Nanda Chetty thanked the host Pastor for the sacrificial going out of the way to pick him up from the airport regardless of the tiredness.

As part of his life story, Pastor Nanda said the first 16 years of his life was characterised by asthmatic attacks. As a Tamil by descent, Pastor Nanda was brought up as a staunch Hindu who had many exploits in his religion. Personally, he walked on fire barefoot. He gave his flesh to be pulled by iron hooks while his tongue was pierced with sharp objects. He could climb a ladder with 37 rungs made up of razor-sharp knives all without being bothered by pain. Through reading the secular writings of French Philosopher Albert Camus, Pastor Nanda went into atheism at that early age.

Due to the recurrence and severity of asthmatic attacks, his father advised that they should go to church. Therefore Pastor Nanda’s first trip to a Christian church took place at that age of 16 years. As he sat in the church while the Word was being preached, tears began to fall. He felt that there was something pulling on the inside of him. As the scripture was read that by the laying on of hands on the sick, the diseases and afflictions would depart, Pastor Nanda believed and was instantly healed. Ever since that day when he was 16 years old, he has never been bothered again by asthma. He is 55  years, been attacked by asthma. As a changed person, the minister went back some 4 years later to the place where he was raised.

Pastor Nanda came across the French translator (Brother Francois Piccard) of the Message of the Hour booklets of William Branham. The translator even came to his church under the UPC denominational banner which he was pastoring after turning down the Message of the Hour. The Message had been presented to him in negative light and he, believing the misrepresentation, kicked hard against the Message. He would preach that the Prophet William Branham is a demon, that he is a false prophet. To cap it all, he even pulled away the wife from fellowship under the Message of the Hour and subjected her to UPC and Assemblies of God teaching. After his Message-bashing sermons, the minister would call a prayer line and lay hands on drug addicts, the sick and other afflicted individuals, some of whom were Trinitarians. And on one such day, a 79 year old man came in the prayer line and heard Pastor Nanda condemning the Prophet. The old man told him that he had personally witnessed the miracles in Brother Branham’s meetings and that the miracles were real, they were not made up scenes that were theatrically rehearsed. The evil influence against the Message was coming from the Canadian translations of the Message of the Hour, where attempts were made to effect corrections on the Prophet’s doctrine of the Serpent Seed.

Because of his love for debate and fighting the Message, Pastor Nanda would even welcome the French translator just to have time to fight and debate. He would allow him into his house, leave the entire house to him actually and provide breakfast to him so that he could find occasion to fight. That was in 1984. But the French translator never returned good for evil. Seeing this onslaught of targeted criticism of the Message from his host, the Brother Francois Piccard fixed the door knob on the main entrance, which was missing. He proceeded to install the shower sprinkler in the bathroom, again was not in place. Nevertheless, Pastor Nanda continued to fight the Message for 9 years.

In 1993, he left the UPC denomination in a state of extreme depression. He became so schizophrenic that at times he would throw himself out of the car as he was driving in an attempt to commit suicide. His heart was failing. He took pills to kill himself in the hope of ending the melancholy engulfing him. He would sit with his head in his hands, and pillars pressed against the sides of the ears. That was the state of a man fighting God; a man in depression.

To alleviate this obsession with death the minister asked for leave from work. He flew to Bombay, then took a train to New Dehli then connected to Madras and where he lodged himself in a hotel. From there he proceeded to the Marina Beach, then to Madras and took a 5 hour train ride to Bangkok and then flew back again to Bombay and stayed in Senator Hotel, which is one of the most expensive oriental hotel where he would spend R10,000 in one night. He left Bombay and flew to Bangkok and caught another flight to Hong Kong where he stayed for 5 days marked by a spree of shopping. He bought diamonds and rubies for his wife. On Tuesday, 2nd of March 1993, left Hong Kong and flew back home to Mauritius and was greeted by a sobbing wife who was fed up with denominational games. The wife told him that she wanted to go back to the Message of the Hour.

When the minister resolved to go back to the Message of the Hour, he thought the preacher that day was just speaking about him. But he stayed in that congregation anyhow, after sobering up. At that time there were only 3 churches in Mauritius with about 20 people in each assembly. The minister stayed under the ministry of that Pastor for about one and half years before leaving due to the boastful spirit of the Pastor concerned. In that short space of time, Pastor Nanda brought in 80 new converts. A total of 10 Pastors from UPC decided to leave the denomination too. But when he decided to leave the Message Pastor after the one and half years, he instructed his converts not to follow him around – and they obeyed him and stayed behind.

Then Pastor Nanda found a Pentecostal group of 12 people who accepted him as their Pastor. Within 2 months he performed his first baptism among that group. A lot of people came in, some were sick from depression, asthma and so forth. A total of 35 new people came in, with 12 of them being baptised. Within a year, the congregation had grown to 150 people. The number increased to 250 a year later.

Because of the miraculous turnaround of his life, the minister encouraged the people not to leave the Message. The Message restored his marriage, which was on the verge of collapse. Then he played a song: He is an Answering God.

After the solo performance of the song He is an Answering God, Pastor Nanda then took his scripture reading from 2nd Peter 1:16 – 21.

As he read the scripture, he followed Peter’s impressions during the 3 years walk with Christ. Obviously Peter had witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus, the multiplication of the bread, the healing of the sick and the silencing of tempests and walking on water. Yet despite all these wonderful things, what stuck in Peter’s mind is the voice on Mt Transfiguration, Hear Ye Him.

It is Christ, the Word, whom we must hear. The scripture is of no private interpretation but is vindicated by God Himself. The minister warned the congregation to throw into the rubbish bin those things which he would preach contrary to the Word but pleaded not to be thrown (himself as a man) into the same bin because he still wanted to go to heaven.

Denominational preaching can never come close to the depth of the Message. For example, the simple parable of the breaking of the bread and feeding of 5,000 multitude, if preached in the denominations would be the same stale story of breaking bread year in and year out. But in the Message, new light is thrown on the story each time it is read. The Prophet says that the three stages of Grace are Justification, Sanctification and Baptism of the Holy Ghost. In the miracle of the feeding of 5,000, the Bible says that Jesus Christ observed that the crowd had been with Him for 3 days. They therefore needed something to eat so that they would not faint on their way home. The three days of being with Jesus Christ represent the three stages of grace. It means the people had come through Justification, Sanctification and Holy Ghost Baptism. The church had come through Luther, Wesley and Pentecost respectively. However, they still needed some food to sustain them on the way home. That food is the Message of the Hour, which is spiritual food in due season meant to sustain us on our journey back to heaven where we came from.

God wants us to take inventory of what we have. The disciples agreed that they had nothing to feed the crowd with. The only available food was 5 loaves and 2 fish. That acknowledgement of their insufficiency was a good confession, which allows God to define where He has to start from. From 5 loaves and 2 fish, the Lord Jesus Christ began to pray. After prayer, the bread was still 5 loaves and the fish was still only 2. The multiplication did not take place after prayer. When the breaking of the bread started, that is when the multiplication took place. And what is the implication of this? God is simply showing us that when are broken up into pieces like the bread, when we break down ourselves, we become the broken heart and contrite spirit which the Lord does deny as sacrifices. Indeed, when we are faced with situations that are challenging, when are come across the storm so to speak, we need not paint the picture of how big the storm is, but we need to show how big our God is. He is the God who loosed the creative atoms that multiplied the bread and the fish.

That story of the multiplication of the bread is actually an End Time Prophecy. Here are the details of the story. The Lord Jesus Christ isolated Himself from the disciples when he went up into the mountain to pray. Christ was in prayer, which is fellowship with God, which means that the Lord was in Heavenly places – Christ was in glory, in other words. And the disciples were commanded to sail on their own across the sea, which is a perfect symbol of the 7 Church Ages. And it is during this time that storms come. The church gets into trouble because the Lord Jesus Christ is not around in physical form. But when the church cries, the Lord comes to them in a form that makes them have lots of fear. God comes in the form of a man, He comes down as flesh. The Lord enmorph-ed himself in a body of flesh. The same thing has happened in our day. God has come down through the Prophet. Of course, that does not make the Prophet an object of worship like God. It only proves that he was a mini vessel that God used. What the Lord Jesus Christ did with Martha and Mary at the resurrection of Lazarus is the same thing he has done with our end time messenger.

Christ comes on the 4th day of Lazarus’ death. The number 4 relates to deliverance as seen in the 4th man in the fiery furnace heated up by Nebuchadnezzar. The number 4 is also found in the 400 years of bondage, at the end of which God Himself comes down to deliver his children. The number 4 also features in the levels of water which Ezekiel describes from ankle (1) then to the knees (2) and then to the waist (3) and the flood itself (4). The number 4 is also echoed by 4 stages of seed formation as described by the Prophet William Branham. There is the stalk stage, followed by the husk, then the shuck and finally the seed.

We need to stay with the Message. And in staying with the Message we need to acknowledge that God does not make mistakes at all. Of course we can point fingers at such stark realities like the adultery of David with Uriah’s wife. We can see the Prophet Ezekiel walking naked. We also witness Hosea’s marriage to a prostitute. Then there are the lies of Jacob, which also remind us of the lies of Abraham who sold out to the king in order to save his own neck. Yet even as he was caught up red-handed in the web of lies, God tells Abimelech to go to the lying Prophet in order for the lier to pray for him. Therefore whatever God does, there is a purpose behind the act.

From the very titles that the Prophet used post 1963, we can see that he was showing the church what will come to pass. There are sermons like The Conflict Between God and Satan, Putting on the Whole Armour and others which show that the battle is already in array. Therefore we need a paradigm shift. The minister showed a picture in which a duck prominently shows. However, embedded in the duck image is also another animal, the rabbit, which only shows when the picture is viewed or looked at in somewhat different light. Sometimes we get caught up, as Christians, in the duck image when we should be focussing on the rabbit. The paradigm shift caused Paul to see an Angel of God in the midst of the ship wreck at sea. The Lord Jesus Christ walked on water on the back of a paradigm shift. When we have a paradigm shift we see things in another realm. We see ourselves as a super race, even as the Bride of Jesus Christ. The paradigm shift causes us to see different possibilities.

The Prophet William Branham says that in Noah’s time, the devil made use of a system which he had established long back in the Garden of Eden. That system is the act of reasoning with the Word of God. That system is the questioning of God’s actions. It is the reasoning against the Word which comes to the Prophet. And that system was strong in Noah’s time because it was over a bigger population. Certainly people multiplied more in Noah’s time because there was no abortion, there was no family planning and birth control programmes.

How the people failed to see God’s programme in the time of Noah! Perhaps a few people took a speculative position by standing near the ark to see if Noah’s words would come to pass.  Perhaps after day 1, some said, Oh the poor man got mixed up. The same situation repeated on the second and third and fourth days etc till God’s rain began to fall.

Given the fact that the devil has 6,000 years experience of dealing with fallen humanity through his own reasoning system, we also require our own system to combat the devil. Our system is the Word of God. And the Word of God comes to the prophet. That explains why, post-1963, the word Prophet is increasingly used with more frequency than before. God says that He will not do anything except he has first revealed it to the Prophets. Therefore we need to believe the Prophet. If people talk of fakes and counterfeits, that shows that there is an original version from which the counterfeits are made. Otherwise how would we know a bogus dollar from a genuine one? How are we able to tell that a R500 note in South Africa is not original? We know it is false because real life evidence points to the fact that there is a R200 note which is the highest denomination in the land. And always, Satan’s system always laughs at God’s system.

 Notice how the Message of the Hour came to Adam before Eve was even manifested. Even only came into existence some time later, which is a perfect type of the bride. When Adam was asked to give names to animals, he managed to perform the function by tapping into the mind of God by vision. He had to discern the nature of the spirit on the animals. Therefore when he told lion and elephant their respective names, heaven amen-ed the word of Adam. That is why no one has ever changed the names given to animals from the beginning of creation. On the other hand, Cain failed to tap into the mind of God and missed the revelation of the blood, and not fruits, which caused the fall in the first place.

See how Eve stood between two ministries. One ministry from God and another from an animal. In Noah’s ark, animals were always below. The third and top-most level was reserved for human beings. Animals were found in the compartments below, a fact which shows their own inferiority. And the good thing about the windows in the third storey of the ark is that they were on the roof, allowing only one direction in which to focus on, that is upwards.

If God has personally vindicated this Message, we have to obey and stay with it. Look at Joshua who stayed with what Moses said. The same loyalty to God’s Prophet was found in Caleb. Both Joshua and Caleb held on to Moses’s teachings. There are many people who have risen up against our own Prophet in this day. Through website postings, they are writing and saying negative things about Brother Branham. We need to stay with the Prophet, whether he is right or wrong. When Prophets speak, they speak from a vision. That is why the Bible says, for example, the vision of Ezekiel, Isaiah etc. Therefore if they speak from visions and visions do not fail, then we have to hearken to the vision as it will not tarry but will come to pass.

One great man said that Brother Branham’s ministry in terms of supernatural vindication is not comparable to any other ministry all the way from Enoch in the Old Testament. It is the only thing which can save the world, continued the man. Therefore if others speak against it, we have no choice but to stay with that kind of a ministry which was sent to save the world. The Prophet himself said that he is the Voice of God. He further goes on to say that when God speaks, the heavens record the speech, and then what has been said has got to happen. So what was said through the Prophet is not man’s words but the oracles of God.

See how Elisha cursed in his own anger. Let us visualise the scene in heaven by way of a little drama. Gabriel goes to God’s throne and informs God that Elisha is causing death of children because of his own anger problem. But God looks aside and says that man is my Prophet and what he says I can not reverse. Let us see the same Prophet in action again. A man loses a borrowed axe while cutting wood in the forest. The metal part falls into the water in a deep river. When Elisha the Prophet is told of the incident, he speaks of the most unscientific things to be done in order for the axe to be recovered. He calls for a piece of a tree (wood – humanity) which has to be thrown into the water directly where the axe fell. Then the wood would bring up the axe. To the scientists who were there on the bank of the river, they must have shaken their heads in disbelief. There was no magnetism on the tree to draw the axe to the surface and worse still, there was gravity acting against it. The point of the story is that we need a Prophet to get things from the deep.

Naaman was told that there was a Prophet in Israel. He was not told of the fact that there is God in Israel but only the Prophet. Therefore if he wanted healing in his body, he had to go to the Prophet. Indeed, the Prophet is God’s gift of healing from leprosy, which is a type of sin. Brother Branham said that leprosy, which is sin, comes from eating the wrong diet. Nevertheless, Naaman arrives in Israel and goes straight to the king in order to follow protocol. But he is re-directed to a humble place where Elisha was. Worse still, he does not see the Prophet upon his arrival. He is told by the servant of the Prophet to go into the river and dip himself 7 times. We need to listen to the servant of the Prophet. We need to say what the tape says. The words of the Prophet were in the mouth of the servant. And those words were from God. The same applies today. God’s servants in the fivefold ministry have the word of the Prophet. They just repeat what the Prophet said.

Who was the Lord Jesus Christ? In his time on earth, the Jews said he was a Samaritan. Yet the Samaritan woman at the well said He was a Jew. Why? The Lord Jesus Christ just confused all of them. God does that. And when Naaman was told to go and wash in muddy Jordan, that was confusing because there were better rivers elsewhere. But the instruction was clear and simple. It was God in simplicity.

The minister said that he enjoyed to be around a noisy bunch of worshippers. It was the only sign of life. Even in the Old Testament, if the High Priest went into the Shekinah Glory and there was no noise from the bells hanging down his garment, it was a sign of death.

God always sends his Message to someone who will hear it. In Elijah’s time he prepared a woman to look after Elijah. This woman had the same spiritual make up as Elijah. Both were compatible one with the other. The woman, which is a type of the church, had the same calibre as the Prophet. There she stood on the scene holding two sticks of wood, which point to the cross where the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. And from the death of the Lord Jesus Christ a way was opened for the Voice of Resurrection, which raises the dead. In a time of death (hunger and famine in the land), the woman’s actions pointed to Calvary where resurrection was made possible. This woman did not complain to say that she was a widow. She did not say it is the duty of men to provide for women, and not the other way round. God had already spoken to the woman. This is the same thing he did with Ananias and Paul. God spoke to both of them. He did the same with Peter and the Cornelius the centurion – God spoke on both ends. In our day, God spoke to Brother Branham and Auntie Jemima in Memphis when the plane was grounded. This widow woman who sustained Elijah had a giving spirit. It was proof of eternal life. The Prophet William Branham says that eternal life is to live for others.

Today as the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have been called to entertain the Prophet. As the systems of the world are collapsing and the world is heading for a burning up, the gentile bride has a duty to entertain the Prophet. We did not ask for the Prophet in our day. Neither did Elijah ask for the widow woman in his time. In both cases it was neither of the parties desiring one another. All the set up was organised by God himself. If there is a Prophet, there will be those who will entertain and hear him. It is God’s program for the day.

Look at how God sends ravens, which are meat-eating birds to be the transporters of food in a time of famine. The ravens were given specific instructions not to eat the food. Their appetite, perhaps, was kept in check. That is what God does. He takes Ezekiel and places him in the valley of dry bones – in a hopeless situation. But God knows that man is able to change the environment around him. The environment was not meant to change man but for man to change the environment.

In the Message titled Jezebel Religion, Brother Branham describes how he left the revival and went to Tucson to pray. This is the same thing that happened to Phillip, where he was moved from big revival gathering to one individual. Phillip left Samaria, where Simon the Sorcerer was, who followed the gospel for the sake of money. Simon the Sorcerer is a type of the Pentecostal people today, who associate the gospel of Jesus Christ with money. As Phillip walks to the Ethiopian Eunuch, the angel tells him to draw close to the chariot. The angel is actually saying go and be a near kinsman. The Ethiopian Eunuch was confused by reading the Bible on his own and he confessed that he needed a guide. And Phillip was there, ready to put SEED into the sterile Eunuch. The seed is the Word of God.

The Lord Jesus Christ was sleeping in between 2 revivals. They had just left one big revival and were heading for Gadara where they came up to where Legion was staying. It was a move from a big revival to an individual revival with the maniac of Gadara. The Lord Jesus Christ’s Message of the Hour dresses up people. Legion was found at the feet of Jesus Christ in a dressed up state. There was no more roaming in the tombs by Legion. There was no more self-cutting acts of suicide. The maniac was given life.

Today we need to behave like the widow woman, who put all the reasoning behind her. We need death to kill our head, which is the source of reasoning. Notice how this woman had to be a widow. It means that the husband was dead. Who is the husband? It is denominational headship which had rule over her before. Therefore our thinking must die so that we become widows. Elijah was told to stay with the widow woman in the same way that we have to stay with the Message. Ruth was told not to glean in any other field except that of Boaz, which is what we must do as well. We need to be stable and not just run around or be moved like reeds blown and shaken by the winds of any doctrine.

We must stay with the vision. There is security in the vision. That is why Brother Branham said that if God was to give him a vision of the resurrection of George Washington, he would call all people to witness the event because visions do not fail. That is why when Brother Branham was in India, he was confident because God had given him a vision of the healing of a boy which he used to challenge the sceptics. See Elijah standing against Baal’s prophets. Elijah had a vision. Brother Branham mentioned the vision of the caribou bear which was killed in a sheep country. It was strange to find a caribou in that kind of environment but the Prophet believed it because it was a vision. As he walked with his fellow hunter, it was a battle between faith and unbelief. The fellow hunter said it was sheep country but the Prophet held on to the vision. The fellow hunter said we are so close to where Eddie (man with the checkered shirt in the vision) is seating but the Prophet said the same God who created a ram for Abraham will create a caribou in the sheep country for me.

There is power in positive confession. Moses said the Egyptians which were coming after them will not be seen anymore and it was so. David said Goliath’s head would be cut off and it was so. Brother Branham said I see the promise of the bear, by vision, therefore regardless of sight (which is an enemy), I still believe the vision. When the vision of the bear is fulfilled, the fellow hunter says you must shoot in the back but the Prophet said the vision showed that I must shoot in the heart. When the caribou bear saw the hunters, it charged in fury towards them, thereby exposing its breast and the Prophet shot it in the heart.


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