Supernatural Atmosphere – The Order of the Battle

Supernatural Atmosphere – The Order of the Battle

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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: February 2015

Scripture: Psalm 68:22-24

As soldiers of the cross, we are in a battle. The war is not against flesh and blood. There is therefore need for instruction in the military conduct of war – that is, how to ensure we are victorious in our spiritual walk. We must step into the invisible dimension. We must fight the invisible from the invisible atmosphere. The supernatural must become natural to us. We must be naturally supernatural beings and supernaturally natural.

The scripture in Psalms 68:22 – 24 mentions feet dipped in the blood. It is the blood of enemies. The blood of our enemies on our feet is evidence of being in war. It is the scars of the battle. It is that one missing eye sustained in battle. Or one missing arm, leg etc. Therefore if we have scars on our bodies, battle marks from previous fights, it is gives us faith to overcome the current battles. But beyond the curtain of time, a huge recompense awaits us. Although we have scars here on earth, we do not enter God’s presence with deformed bodies. We shall be changed. Like Paul who went to be with the Lord after shipwrecks, beatings, prisons etc, we are also survivors in our time. We have survived doctrines and strange teachings in the Message of the Hour. We have survived, at individual level, problems with children, husband, wife, finances, employment.

A black man observed a certain belt in a museum for a long time. Seeing his obsession with that one  artefact, the Prophet approached him. What is the attraction on the belt, the Prophet asked. And the black man responded that on that belt, there is a stain of blood from Abraham Lincoln who freed me from the slave belt. Therefore if a man can get emotional about freedom from slavery, how much more ought the Bride to be excited about the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which redeemed us? With the benefits of the Open Book and Revelations thereof, we ought to create a supernatural atmosphere.

To the believer, here is the challenge. Show me your foot dipped in blood. It reminds one of the move Rocky where the hero, although scarred and deformed from blows, stands up victorious. No matter how ugly the face may look from the fight, as long as the enemy is on the ground: it does not matter. And we have our second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, who floored our enemy the devil. Our enemy is under our feet.

No wonder God always tells Moses to teach the children of Israel about where they came from. He was told to tell them to teach their children’s children the same redemption story from Egypt? Why this emphasis about where they came from? The people need to know about deliverance ministry through a Prophet Messenger. In Egypt, Deliverance came via the revelation of the blood of the lamb, which was preached and revealed by the Prophet Moses. That is why John (Bride) rejoiced when the book was opened. There has to be a prophet to reveal the exodus ministry. In the book of Revelations, Saint John the divine types us the bride. He rehearsed the entire book of Revelations.

If the minister preaches about the supernatural atmosphere for one full year, then the atmosphere for the rapture will be perfectly right. In the same way, if the focus is one tithing for that entire year, then financial reaches will abound. But it is the Message of the Hour that must be preached. People become what they feed on. We are what we eat.

In the creation account, God followed an evolutionary approach. He started off with plant life, followed by animal life and lastly human life. God was building momentum. It is plants which come first in the food chain. Animals feed on plants, so plants had to come first before the animals. When he finished with botany and animal life, God commented that it was God. But when it came to Man, he remarked that it was VERY GOOD. That is why God was pleased, on the 7th day, to rest. He had a body, a son, in whom he was pleased to dwell.

It is striking to note how the eagle renews its life when it comes to the landmark number of 40, which is judgement. The eagle develops a craving to renew its life. When the sight has dimmed, the beak is deformed and wings are loose, it is time for rejuvenation. So the eagle goes to the rock. And it goes alone into the wilderness. Alone with the rock. We must be alone with the rock. Alone with the Lord Jesus Christ.

For three months the eagle goes through the renewal process. The first thing it does is to hit its beak against the rock. The old beak breaks down and a new one comes up. That is the first step. Then follows the removal of old talons. The eagle uses the new beak to help pull out the old talons. Thereafter, new talons grow and the second stage is done. The third and final stage is the removal of feathers which hindered its flight. It uses both beak and talons to remove the feathers and then new ones come back. After this renewal of life, the eagle is ready to go. It can live for another 30 years after the first judgement time of 40 years. This gives the eagle an average life span of 70 years.

The beak corresponds to the believer’s mouth, which sometimes runs with stories and scandals and other acts of malice. The mouth must be purged first and the tongue put under subjection. The feathers are the ones which take the eagle into the skies. They represent the believer’s worship. When the believer fails to raise hands in worship of the Master, that is a real spiritual problem. We must thank God there is a rock where we can take our situations. Tonight we have to leave all our needs on the rock.

The inspiration of creating an atmosphere comes from Pastor Brian’s discussion with Bro Jacque, a musician. The musician hinted that it would really edify the believers if the subject of music, praise and worship were to be taught scripturally in order to equip the saints. The thought was in line with the burden and inspiration on the Pastor, who immediately went into action.

In 2nd Chronicles 20, king Jehoshaphat is told the news of war from neighbouring children of Ammon, Moab and Mt. Seir. These nations were coming to fight Jehoshaphat’s position as a believer. An attempt on Jehoshaphat’s life had already been done in the past. When Jehoshaphat leagued up with Ahab, the enemy tried to kill Jehoshaphat, but God delivered him out of that death trap. Why did Jehoshaphat escape? He was covered by Micaiah’s 7th Seal Vision, which he believed as evidenced by his request for another prophet apart from the lying prophets of Ahab. Although prophet Micaiah’s 7th Seal vision was opposed by Zedekiah and all the prophets, it was nevertheless the truth.

The news of oncoming war did not make Jehoshaphat panic and run around among other nations for help. Rather, he sought God. He took the news to God in prayer. He proclaimed a fast throughout the land of Judah. King Jehoshaphat was a man who followed the teachings of king David. He came from the tribe of Judah. The name Judah in itself means Praise. No wonder Jehoshaphat, as a descendant of Judah, was inclined to praise and worship. He stands right in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. As the bride today, we also know our genealogy, we came from the spiritual loins of our Pentecostal fathers. We must praise and worship and rejoice in the spirit like the 2 tribes of which made up Judah. Unlike the 10 tribes which were caught up in the harlot system of denominationalism (with an Ahab, who is a type of modern day America, and Jezebel, a shadow of today’s church of Rome). The harlot system wants the Promised Land in the same way that Jezebel was after Naboth’s vineyard (but Naboth refused to sell his land).

King Jehoshaphat gathers the people unto the Lord. It is important to note that. He did not gather people to himself. That is why as the Bride of Christ we do not gather unto a man, be it prophet or king or whatever. That explains why, when people began to worship the Prophet, he retreated from the ministry. For a period of around 5 years, as cited in the Message titled Bruised Serpent, the Prophet was off the scene. The Prophet knew that God is a jealous God and will not share His glory with his creation. He was not prepared to meet God as an Anti-Christ on the Day of Judgement. He believed it would be better off to meet God as a quitter than a man of sin. The Prophet was tested with the Word in the same way that the apostle Paul was tested with the thorn in the flesh. Paul’s test was aimed ensuring that he would not get puffed up with the abundance of revelation given unto him.

King Jehoshaphat cries unto the Lord for help. As a people, we also stand in need of help. We need help from our own selves. We are the problem standing in God’s way. That is why we have to look to the hills from whence cometh our help, as the scripture says. We need to have faith and confidence in our deliverance. For example,  if we have no faith in the Police System, how can we look up to it in time of trouble? But let us look at the Prophet when faced with difficult situations. He behaved wisely. He became a Master of all circumstances. Even his critics said he is a worm that slips through the traps set up for it. Billy Paul, his son, remarked that the Prophet could not be trapped. Indeed, that is true, for how can one trap God.

King Jehoshaphat cries and declares a fast unto the Lord. He does not run around and post things on face book. He does not run on with whatsapp postings, internet or twitter.  He prays and waits to hear from God. This reminds one of the testimony of Brother Benny, who refused to accept what the doctors said about the condition of his health when he was told of the operation on the hip. He refused to accept the symptoms around him, even though his wife wept in panic over the seriousness of the condition.

God is mindful of his children and will go to great extremes to save the ones that are his own. However, to the unbeliever like Cain, God only offers one chance of repentance. To the make-believer like Balaam, he gave him three chances of making right, through the dream, then through the Word and lastly through the donkey which speaks to him. To the true seed of God, the scripture says a righteous man falleth seven times but God still delivers him. For God’s children, there is representation of heaven on the inside of them.

We ought to be careful and know our position in the body of Christ. And we ought to be mindful of our parents, who sacrificed a lot for our sakes. They deprived themselves so that we can be in a position of privilege.

In 1st Chronicles 16: 10 we are supposed to keep God’s covenants which he commanded to all generations. The Word is for all generations. It is not for Corinthians alone, Ephesians, Galatians. The Word applies to us today. That is why when Jehoshaphat was praying, he went back in history to see what God did in the past. He noticed that God was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If God delivered the patriarchs in time past, he will deliver the children in the same way. That is why when we see what God did for Elijah, for Abraham, for the Shunamite woman and for the end-time prophet messenger, we know he will do it again for us.

In the time of Moses, God delivered the children of Israel by the blood of the lamb. Here we see a confrontation between two characters. One leader (Moses) has the blood of the lamb, which is mercy, while the other one (Pharaoh) has the blood of innocent souls killed at his command in the mudpits as they made bricks, and also male children slaughtered and fed to crocodiles in the Nile river. But the blood of the innocent spoke to God in the same way that the blood of Abel spoke to God when Cain killed him. In that first exodus, the Pillar of Fire led the children of Israel and was always in front in visible form as a Cloud by day and a Fire by night. But at the moment of a crisis, the Pillar of Fire transformed from being visible to being invisible. It moved from the front, where people saw it daily, to the back, where people could not observe it. But God was there all the same. This is a lesson for us. When it seems as if God is not in front of us, he is definitely behind us. He is covering our backs because we have to move forward in battle.

We need to trace our blood line and make us of those gifts in the blood line. In Israel, for example, the tribe of Levi was a gift to Israel in matters of worship. They were to serve God 24/7, (every day and every hour). Therefore in the families one can find a musical gift, like in the Michaels family and the Jackson family tree. In the Michaels family, the father plays the keyboard and the son caught the inspiration and he plays the guitar. Similarly in the Jackson family tree, the father leads songs in service and the son is doing the same. We can never succeed outside our family tree gifts. Therefore if one is given riches in the church, they ought to pray for wisdom on how to use their wealth to do alms deeds by inspiration. They will need to pray for God to direct them to a need family without the deacons lodging a request in a formal manner to them.

Therefore if you have a gift of singing and you don’t sing for the edification of the church, God describes that as wickedness. Intercession is also a gift, which the possessor must use for edification of the church. The same applies to speaking in tongues. Those who speak in tongues must come early to church, sit in prayer and let God speak. Then with two or three witnesses, the prophecy given out through the gift of tongues must be judged, through the office of the Pastor, who has to discern the kind of spirit operating. Therefore everyone in church has a gift. It is up to each of us to find our place in the body.

When Judah prays to God together with king Jehoshaphat, God anoints a man, Jahaziel to prophesy. The prophecy says that the people must sit still because the battle is not theirs but the Lord’s. In saying be still, God is actually teaching us patience. He is teaching us to wait upon him. That is why God gives directions on how to move into battle. God says the enemies will come via the cliff of Ziz. A cliff suggests the end or the edge, beyond which there is no extra room to manoeuvre. And the name Ziz begins with the last letter of the alphabet, which further confirms the theme of being at the very last and final point, the very cliff edge. Therefore we can see that God specialises in cliffs and difficult situations. Though we may not see Him, we need to have faith that He is there with us. God’s prophecy says that the enemy will be dead on the following day. Tomorrow the enemy is no more.

God gave the order of the battle on how they should move on that following morning. The singers were supposed to go ahead and sing God’s praises while the army followed. As believers we are supposed to praise God today for a victory that takes place tomorrow. And as singers sang the praises of the Lord, the Bible says God set ambushments against the enemy, and they perished.

The enemy, Moab, Amon and Mt Seir all have some things in common. Moab and Amon came by way of a wrong birth while Mt Seir, which is Esau, is a sell-out. Esau sold out his birth-right for pottage, he sold out the spiritual for the natural. For the sake of the tummy, Esau lost the benefits of being the firstborn. Esau is a type of the people that are going around today criticising the Message of the Hour. These people were initially part of the Message of the Hour, but have now turned their backs against the Message they once believed and professed. Moab and Amon have the wrong birth. They have no baptism of the Holy Ghost. They have no love because God is love and God is Spirit. That is why they hate the believer. They are perverted people. That is why we need God on our side to fight these people. There is 200million devils that have been loosed against us today from the river Euphrates.


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