Tactics of the Enemy in this Evil Age (Part2)

Tactics of the Enemy in this Evil Age (Part2)

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: May 2015

 Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:24-26; 2 Timothy 4:7; 2 Corinthians 2:11

In a war, we need to know who we are and who the enemy is. For a start, we are not simply the Bride of Christ. We have gone beyond the level of intimacy between bride and groom. While it is good to be bride of Christ, we have proceeded to the level of wife. We have already been impregnated by His Seed. We are the Wife of the Lamb. We have gone beyond the veil. And when conception takes place, the womb gets sealed and outside things are sealed out while the inside is sealed in. That is who we are today, wife of the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil has used the strategy of intensifying the depth of evil in our day by combining the demons of deception from the first white horse rider, with the demons of persecution from the second red horse rider and finally the demons of hunger and famine from the black horse rider. All three horses of white and red and black colours have been combined to produce the pale horse, which is death riding in our day and age. As the Bible says, a three-fold cord is not easily broken, and the devil has poured out evil in triplicate in Laodicea. People have to contend with white lies of deception which appear innocent at the surface but leading to death if followed through. People have to contend with strife and pain, even from loved ones, and rejection and betrayal from both friends and enemy alike just like the way the Lord Jesus Christ’s family did not follow Him until after His death. People have yet to contend with the give and take (tit-for-tat) pressures of the black horse rider who carries a balance in his hands, promising to take people out of the suffering in purgatory only if they pay their way out of that place of suffering now, and the payment is made to the church. All these things pressures are happening all at once. But we thank God that while the devil uses the 3-fold strategy which is embodied in the pale horse rider, God has given us a greater defence than the number three. In the wilderness when Christ was fasting for forty days and forty nights, the devil came and tempted the Lord only three times, showing that after 3 rounds, the devil is knocked out and can not stand the fight. The reason is because we have a 7-thunder mystery in us, a 7-fold power which exceeds the 3-fold evil. No wonder we are not just called Overcomers but actually described as MORE THAN OVERCOMERS. Yes, we need to know how the devil fights. Today he is fighting through dressing. The minister was discussing with the youth last Friday how Satan is in fashion and manipulating dressing to push his programme of sin in the world. There are stone-washed denim pants and skirts with those patches of stone-wash on the thigh and below the knee both in front and at the back as a way of mapping the anatomy of people as they walk – just a way to remind and place emphasis on those parts of the human body in order to create sexual awareness in the beholder. And the devil is responsible also for the tight pants that are fashion today, and all the homosexual clothing which men are putting on today. It is a war, and we have to be aware of that. Yet we do not give people a dress code when they come to church, but they need to know more than just following a ritual. God has made clothing and dressing a standard in our day, and we need to observe and be conscious of that. It is part of our fighting equipment. The age of Laodicea has an attitude problem which is reflected in the statement I-have-need-of-nothing. Today people don’t want leadership. They don’t want the Prophet. They don’t want the Pastor. They don’t want the deacon. They don’t want the musicians in church. They just don’t want any office in the church. People just want to have their own way. But God is not going to speak again. He has already spoken through the Prophet of Malachi 4. That is why the scripture says he who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. There is need for an inner ear. There is need to go beyond the veil. There is need to get into the Holy of Holies. There is need to be shut in with God in the Shekinah Glory. There is need for Spoken Word Tabernacle to see with spiritual eyes the true reality of the supernatural in the midst of the congregation, even now. Let us avoid the exodus trap which we see in Israel when they left Egypt. They saw the destruction of Pharaoh and yet they went on to resurrect the same Pharaoh who was physically dead by building a molten image in his memory. We have a Big Brother, which is the Lord Jesus Christ on our side. And when the Lord Jesus Christ is around, we cannot fear. After all, we know that our enemy is just like Goliath that day when he stood against David. The enemy is wearing brass clothing, which already speaks of God’s judgement against them. After all, our Lord went to hell personally and took the keys of death from the devil. The devil was kicked in his own territory. And today hell is on the earth and we need to kick the devil further, like our Lord did. Christ reminded him when He went to hell that He is the one who kicked him down from heaven. He told him that He was fighting those angelic wars in the form of Michael the Arch Angel. He reminded him how he had just kicked him through Calvary. The devil is not omnipresent. He can only be in one place at a time. Therefore when Christ was crucified that day, the devil was on the land rejoicing. He is the one who was inspiring the mockers to scoff at the Lord Jesus Christ. And the devil is the one who inspired that Roman soldier to thrust a spear through Christ’s side just to make sure that He is really dead. He was busy rejoicing on the land as he beheld the body of our Lord. But little did he know that while the body was hanging there, Christ went to the regions of the lost and preached to them. And when He arrived in hell, the demons had to call their boss on earth that someone had just invaded their stronghold of hell. Christ had just stepped into hell, banging the doors around and went and sat in the devil’s office, waiting for him to come. And the devil comes to find an intruder sitting in his domain, and the invader demands the keys. He commands and the devil shakes. He takes the keys from him, and kicks him down. Christ leaves and no demon follows him for fear of being electrocuted, for fear of being cursed again and deformed into another form should they touch Him. Christ came out of hell with a victor’s smile on His face, remembering the Gethsemane trial of wanting to let the cup pass. But He conquered the devil so that we become more than conquerors through Him. Although we have an unsaved body, we must rejoice that our soul is redeemed. And right now there are souls that are not redeemed around us. There are souls that are in prison right now. Christ preached to them in hell, and even when He did preach to them, there is no record of even one of them ever repenting. No wonder the Prophet in our day came around and preached the Message called Souls In Prison Right Now. It is striking to note that the Word of Christ preached in hell could not get them out of their hell condition yet the word of Lucifer preached in heaven could get them down to hell. So if angels were deceived in heaven, when they only knew one word – Holy, which they repeated over and over, how much more we ought to be careful of deception here on earth. Deception is real and subtle, and the Lord Jesus Christ says if possible, it would deceive even the elect. We need to be conscious, and not walk absent-mindedly as if there is no deception. There are false angels of light, which are demons transforming themselves through deception. Right in the framework of the church there are those false angels, just like Cain who co-existed with Abel in the same family. Yet we see Cain murdering Abel, one family member killing another. It is one believer persecuting another today. Is it surprising then that the Lord Jesus Christ’s natural family members did not follow him until after the crucifixion? It is surprising that even the Prophet’s natural family members did not all follow him during his time. And even the spiritual members resisted his teaching which God vindicated with signs and wonders. Let us walk as people who know who they are. Christ took the keys from the devil in hell. He even rehearsed that before his death through his passage via a graveyard where He found the maniac of Gadara. The demons in him were a legion, which amounts to 2,000. At that spiritual roadblock, the demons screamed when they saw the 5 Star General and asked if the Lord Jesus Christ had come to torment them before their time. He commanded them to leave, and they begged to go into the nearby swine. The most surprising thing is that all these two thousand devils caused the entire herd of swine to drown in the sea yet all along they were living in Legion himself. Legion did not go and drown himself in the sea. Of course, suicidal thoughts would come to him, which explains why he would cut himself. But perhaps when he would contemplate killing himself maybe by plunging headlong from a cliff, something inside him would rise up and say No, No, don’t do it. What did Legion have in his heart? There was that predestinated seed. No wonder the demons could not destroy him. Therefore we see Legion as a beautiful type of those who are redeemed right in the midst of death. Let us run well and let us fight well. The running is associated with the fighting. The race and fight are one. Paul describes these as one in his epistles. And let us not do as one who fights the air. Let us not amen the Word in the sanctuary only but fail to stand the test when we are out there in the battlefield of the world.


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