The City of God’s Gold

The City of God’s Gold

Speaker: Charles Olivier

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Job 23:10; Isaiah 13:12; Hebrews 11:16; Revelation 21:2-18; Deuteronomy 29:29

The minister remarked on how God is jealous and how he protects his own. He referred to how an evangelical minister who had teamed up with Mother Harlot and, in the process, declared himself as fulfilling the scripture of Malachi 4 which speaks of Elijah whose ministry turns the heart of the children back to the apostolic fathers – that minister is dead already because God was not pleased with his claims as a quake prophet. God’s protection only applies when we are in the right confines of the Word. Even Moses’s surrogate mother, Pharaoh’s sister, as long as she was under the token of blood on the door posts during the first exodus, was protected. The token is for the family, it is for the house.

The Message of the Hour is the Token today and we should apply it on our loved ones. The devil is bringing worship of the Woman back to the people through the movies. The old movie titled My Lover My Son evokes memories of Nimrod and Semiramis, the mother and son couple which committed incest. As Nimrod married his own mother, he was transgressing the laws of God. That is how the serpent seed was perpetrated through the human race, from Cain via Nimrod, past the ark in Noah’s time via one of the wives of Noah’s sons who married serpent seed woman and on and on until this very day. The minister then highlighted how the natural birth is more supernatural than the virgin birth. Natural birth takes place over a number of generations involving thousands of people in between who individually are guided by the Supernatural so that the elect will come at the end. With the Virgin birth, God simply placed a fertilised egg in the womb of Mary and life began just from there.

God, as a holy God, does not dwell in animals. 

We are animals through the natural birth we come into the world by as sex is animals’ way of reproducing themselves. That is the reason why God gives a new heart to a Christian and a new spirit before pouring out the Holy Spirit. God will be cleaning the animal body for Himself to dwell. God lives in the soul, which is the inner man. Brother Charles recounted how a woman had asked the Prophet at one time whether she could put her family into the rapture for the resurrection. The Prophet answered in the affirmative (Yes). That is what we have to do, intercede for our loved ones regardless of whether we see the results immediately or not. He mentioned that according the sermons on Demonology, the prophet had mentioned that Sight and Time are the enemies of divine healing.

People want to see the results immediately so when they look and see no change, they get discouraged. But we should not be discouraged, as we are God’s gold. Gold is extracted here from the earth and processed here also. God’s children have been expressed on the earth and are purged while on earth, which is a type of the purification of gold. God only comes to take the earthly gold when he sees his own image in it. We are that gold, and God is coming to take us up. It is God who guides us and preserves us even in trials. Thus even the two hundred million demons that have been loosed against us at the river Euphrates can do us no harm. We are more than conquerors. And we must note that the devil likes church more than we do, and he will always be there where worship is offered. Suffering produces character. This is seen in how the character of the Lord Jesus Christ was perfected through suffering.

Therefore God’s love can even drive us to death, as it did in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was born to die so that we may live. Power without character is satanic. It takes character to control the exercise of power in the hands of man. Therefore a church that is not tried is really not of God. We cannot escape suffering. The righteous of God are tested in the crucible of experience to take out the dross. That is why death itself is just a buggy that pulls the believer into the presence of God. That is why there is the expression Baptism of Death. Death and hell are with us but for the Christian death means dying to self and hell means being on fire for God. Being Christians is not a life of joy and pleasure. Not the kind of self-seeking pleasure and joy of the world, at least. Rather, coming to Spoken Word Tabernacle or any other congregation is the wrong place for earthly joy, because there is none. We are actually looking for trouble by coming to church, as we are God’s identity here on earth and there is a fight between holiness and evil. God’s gold is the Holy Ghost which is represented in the Bible by oil and oil has a golden colour to it when it is refined. We are the gold standard and God encourages us to buy the gold tried in the fire.

As the word is preached we get changed first in the spirit, and then followed by the body change. The minister mentions the story of a young boy who asked all people whether they had seen God. The Sunday school teacher could not explain, nor the pastor and all other people until he met an old sailor who told him that throughout his entire life he has been seeing God. The Prophet said that when one is full of God on the inside, it is easy for them to see Him on the outside. The Prophet said that God sent him to build powerhouses of God. We are those powerhouses. We are the New Jerusalem. We are the Bride. John saw the Lamb’s wife coming down as a city from heaven. That is a picture of us, the Bride. As per Danny Henry’s prophecy about the Prophet choosing the narrow path, there is a huge portion of heaving awaiting the believer.


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