The Law of Return – Bringing Back The King

The Law of Return – Bringing Back The King

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: April 2015

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 19

King David displays an exceptional selfless love for his estranged son, Absolom, who also happens to be his enemy because of his rebellion against his father. That kind of love is not humanly possible. To love an enemy is so difficult for human beings. Yet David expresses that love of the enemy in the way he reacts to Absolom’s uprising against him. It is actually the Spirit of Christ in David doing that. It reminds us of the Prophet in our day. Billy Paul remarked that there was no way one could tell the Prophet’s friends from his enemies. He handled both groups with the same love of God. He treated both friend and enemy in the same way without showing any sign of favouritism. It is a pity that we do not have a perfect revelation of the hour we are living in. The entire Bible is written in types, and the reality of all those types is us. This means that the entire Bible is written about us who are living in the end time. That perfect realisation of this powerful truth should spark instant worship in every genuine believer. All the Bible types run in continuity up to this day. The only place where the continuity of the types and shadows was broken is when Moses in the wilderness smote the rock twice. Christ represents the rock, and Christ was smitten once on the cross. When the Roman soldier pierced His side, a gush of water came out. Moses should have smitten the rock once, so in smiting it twice, he was actually crucifying Christ for the second time just like some people are doing this day. And if Moses failed to enter the Promised Land for smiting Christ for the second time, the same applies to us if we attack the Message of the Hour, which is Christ Himself. The Message is not about Brother Branham, a mere man, nor is it about America, a mere country. The Message is God Himself, and has to be believed with all the seemingly apparent mistakes. If the Message is wrong, we believe it anyhow, and we do not want to be right in our own eyes. The body change we are waiting for comes through this very Message. The truth of the matter is that we are not in the Message, but the Message is in us. It is the one changing our walk. The Message is the one changing our attitude. The Message is the one changing our approach to things. The Message is the one changing our behaviour. The Message is the New Birth. The Lord Jesus Christ’s Message was based on the New Birth. He preached Ye must be born again. God speaks through nature, and the Prophet had the ability to hear God’s voice speaking through nature. As he observed nature, he discovered the mystery truths about God’s laws. It is God in nature. It is God in the universe. It is God in His people. Although he had no education to boast of, he was never defeated in debates about spiritual and scriptural matters because He was a Prophet. On the 7th day, God rested after the creation account. It is only on the 7th day that God said, It is VERY GOOD. On the 7th day, which is a type of the 7 Church Ages, God had his image upon the earth in the form of His Son. But that 7th day was interrupted by the beast system. Adam had the Word for his day. The beast did not have such Word for the day. Just like today, the beast has no Word. Even if the beast says Peace and Safety be on earth, there shall be no peace nor safety upon the earth. No wonder when the Pope released two doves at a peace conference, immediately the crows came to devour the innocent birds, signifying that there would be no peace upon the earth. Failure to heed the Word of God has disastrous consequences. The beast system in Eden came into being when Eve failed to hear the Word of Adam. And when Israel refused to hear the Word of Jeremiah, the beast system of Babylon took Israel into captivity. In this very day, the church world has been sold into denominationalism for failure to heed the Word of the Prophet of the day. Throughout the 6 Church Ages, Christ talks of coming but in the 7th Church Age, he stands knocking on the door. It means he has arrived at his destination. There is a law of transmission and receiving. Whoever hears the knock of Christ at the door and opens the door will sup with him. It is important to note that He talks of supper, which is an evening time meal. These things happen in the evening time, just like the Mt Camel showdown in the time of Elijah. So when Christ comes in Revelations 10, we already know it is the end time for time shall be no longer. That is why Christ talks more of his second coming throughout the gospels instead of the first coming. As believers, we should talk more of Christ’s second coming also, so that He can come sooner. The more we talk of Him, the quicker He comes. Some believers once came to the Prophet and asked him, Are you the Christ? The Prophet responded that they were not far off in supposing or mistaking him for Christ. For indeed it was Christ working through the instrumentality of mortal man. In our Christian walk today, we should get people to ask us if we are the Lord Jesus Christ. We must reflect the Lord until it becomes difficult to put a dividing line between man and God. The New Testament opens with a woman (Mary) pregnant with the seed of a man who is not the bona fide husband of the wife. Mary is impregnated by an angel’s teaching. This is also foreshadowed in Eve who becomes pregnant with the seed of the serpent, a man who is not Adam, the real husband. But God has set apart a Bride in this end time who will not be impregnated with the wrong seed. God has ensured that once the Bride has conceived, the womb is closed. No other seed will enter in. We are the third Eve who is not deceived. That is why it is too late for the devil to discourage us through criticising the Message of the Hour. And we know that those who criticise prophets are punished. When Miriam and Aaron condemned Moses for marrying Zipporah the Ethiopian woman, God gets angry with them. Miriam is put out of the camp for 7 days just like Israel was put out of the 7 church ages after rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Book of Samuel, there are 3 comings of David. This perfectly reflects the three comings of the Lord Jesus Christ as follows: 1st Coming, Christ comes to redeem his bride. 2nd Coming is for the secret catching away of the Bride. 3rd Coming is the corporal coming. When Christ comes to earth at the first coming, he dies on the Cross in order to save fallen mankind. This equates to David’s first coming to Bathsheba. When David goes to Bathsheba at the first time, the son that is born in the process dies. The baby dies because of the sin of the parents, just like Christ dies for the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The second step happens when David takes Bathsheba into the palace after the 7 days mourning for the child. When Bathsheba is in the palace, that is like the secret catching away of the Bride. She is safe from the accusers who may want to kill her for committing adultery. Thirdly, David comes to Jerusalem after ruling for 7.5 years in Hebron. The 3 comings of David can also be summed up in this way. He first comes to redeem Jerusalem when he fights the Jebusites and other tribes inhabiting the land. Then after that David takes his family secretly as he flees from Absolom. The third coming is when David is being restored as king after the death of Absolom. The king must be brought back to Jerusalem. It is strange that there is contention about bringing the king back to Jerusalem, with the tribe of Judah being the last one to call for the restoration of king.


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