The Prince Shall Come: A Prophet in Babylon

The Prince Shall Come: A Prophet in Babylon

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: Ezekiel 2:5; Ezekiel 33:33

The Pastor noted how fast time is lapsing and how quickly prophetic events are being fulfilled. He emphasised the fact that the devil must be exposed and that Christians must be charged with the desire to worship and please God. A look at modern events made clear by prophecy should automatically trigger worship. The Pastor showed a picture clip of the meeting between the Pope and the Evangelicals. The image displayed the Pope in his white garments surrounded by the representatives of the evangelicals clad in black. By leaguing themselves with the Mystery Babylon, the evangelical ministers in the photo were fulfilling the parable of goats leading the sheep to the slaughter. What a betrayal, a treacherous selling out to Mother Harlot! We thank God that there was a Prophet in the land, a Prophet in Babylon who exposed the devil’s plans way in advance.

Although the official papal invitation had been issued in March 20014, by June 2014 as captured in the photograph, the evangelicals had already given their right hand of fellowship. Within a mere three months, the bundling of the tares was being officialised. Therefore there is no more excuses for playing church, there is no more room to experiment with sin and frolic with the world, there is no grounds to sit back slothfully and consider the scriptures. It is time for action. On the day of judgement, we will be judged according to what we did with the Word after hearing it. The Prophet talks of disappointments on the Judgement Day. The disappointment will stem not from the sinner who obviously is aware of his condition, but from the believer who received the Message of the Day but gave no more heed to what the Word commands. God’s visitation is always aimed at producing a change. In the time of Abraham and Sarah, a change in life was noted following Elohim’s trip to the plains of Mamre. The same principle applies today.

God’s visitation calls for a transformative change of the body today. It puts the Christian into a Rapture Condition. When God manifests himself in flesh again, that is a sign of the end time. It was so in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and it has been the same in this end time day. Let us realise who we are, that we are sons and daughters of God. That realisation in itself activates demon-chasing zeal as indeed it is demon-chasing time. God’s covenant to the believer is unconditional. That is why even when Sarah had lied to God, the Lord could not destroy her. It is the same promise we have today that God will be with us, nay even in us, to the end of the world. We may make mistakes here and there but we will always rise up and prevail. The Prophet mentions that in the end time the rapid changes taking place would only need one who is filled with the Holy Ghost to be able to keep up with the pace.

We must be alert to events taking place. In the Prophet’s time, God had to even wait for the ascension of JF Kennedy into the American Presidency for him to permit the Prophet to preach about the mystery associated with Harlot as contained in the book of Revelation. As JF Kennedy was the first Catholic President in America, God had to wait for his inauguration so that the scriptures pertaining that prophecy could be anointed.

The Prophet mentions that when the Holy Ghost moves, he actually quickens the Word to the believer. The Word is that Message for the Day which God sends to a generation. Honestly, we must set our affections on things on high, not on soapies which show on television as distractions to the believer’s attention. We do not need to hear of a scandal story from the media when we have a much nobler redemption story to devote our attention to.

God’s Spirit has been moving all over the place to fulfil the Scripture. The Gentile Dispensation began with Paul under the Ephesian Church, which has Jerusalem and Israel as the geographic coordinates. Then the Word travelled to France where Ireneaus ministered in the following church age. Then it crossed the boarders to Martin who handed the baton to Columba in Scotland. From there the Word travelled to Germany where Luther embraced it before passing on to John Wesley in England. In the final stage the Word crossed the Atlantic to the North American continent. All this movement shows that the saying as-the-lighting-strikes-from-the-east-to-the-west-so-shall-the-coming-of-the-son-of- man- be is true. In terms of religion, God is not a Muslim; he is a Christian through and through. He is not associated with Islamic half-moon artefacts but the full moon representation which points to the Bride.

The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament parallels the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. A reading or study of the Old Testament is not complete without the book of Ezekiel. In the seventeenth chapter of Ezekiel (vs. 11), the king of Babylon comes to take Israel into captivity, which is a type of what Mystery Babylon has done today. All world leaders, Presidents and dignitaries are subjects to the king of Babylon. They are all papal puppets. They are in captivity.

Developments in the Middle East should kindle a revival fire in the Christian. While the Hamas militants vow that they will not rest until they have totally annihilated Israel from the face of the earth, Israel is equally adamant that she will not be defeated regardless of how many enemies are against her. She is basing her faith on one scripture which talks of the restoration of temple worship. Now, to the modern believer who has the entire Bible in terms of promises, how much boldly should we stand? We ought to say, House of hell, Give Way.

The four creatures which Ezekiel saw with faces of lion, ox, man and eagle all point to the Lord Jesus Christ. Doubtless, he is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Again, he is the ox, the one which carries burdens without a murmur, a true burden bearer, the pastor of all pastors. He is also the very intelligence of man and, in terms of prophetic insight and foresight and hindsight, he is the flying eagle as well. There are two gatherings in the book of Samuel. When Absalom prepares campaign to march over to Jerusalem, David also gathers his family to move out and flee the city. Thus as Absalom moves in, David moves out, signifying that when the Christian sees modern day Absalom making his way to Jerusalem, that is a sign of departure – the rapture is at hand.

Christ is identified by His Word. When Joshua sees him as Captain of the Lord’s host, he has his sword drawn out already. The Sword is the Word of God. Joshua also carries his own natural sword, which he draws out against the angel. But the natural sword cannot compare with the real spiritual sword, thus Joshua bows and worships before the angel. These encounters with swords remind us of the Prophet’s experience in the Sabino Canyon, when a sword lands in his hands. The sword exactly fits his hand. In Jericho, the same Joshua goes for the salvation of Rahab, a woman who was not there when Israel fought the first and second kings in the wilderness, which are the a perfect type of the first and second world wars in modern history.

We are in the days where God’s image stands out against the Babylonian image. In the book of Daniel, we see the image from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The image starts from the head and comes down to the feet. On the other hand, God’s image starts from the feet and goes up to the head. The Prophet says Eve was formed from the legs going up. This rings true with Paul’s teaching that he has laid the foundation and others will have to build upon it. This reflects how God starts out with the foundation and proceeds to the roof, from faith to perfect love according to the stature of a perfect man. That is how church ages start, from foundation to the roof, from Ephesus to Laodicea’s Bridal Age. But the devil starts from top going down. This illustrates perfectly the fact that he devil is simply a perverter. The wicked one simply tries to overthrows God’s order.

The prophet was admonished by the angel not to teach supernatural things to Pentecostal babies. Indeed, the obsession with tongues proves that Pentecostals are babies because only babies speak in baby language which no one understands. We must move beyond Pentecost to the Word, from gifts to the giver. The lips represent Pentecost on the image of God which starts off from the feet. The head, with eyes and intelligence, represent the Word ministry. In the book of Genesis, the prophet says that between the first and second verses of the first chapter of Genesis, there is a civilisation which destroyed itself through hybriding. That explains why there is skeletal remains of dinosaurs and other over-sized creatures with mongrel features. Man mixed up seeds and produced giants. Scientific evidence points to the fact that the earth is over 68 million years old. The Bible speaks of the history of man over just some six thousand years. To the wise man of the world, it seems like there is a contradiction. However, there is none as God hides away millions of years behind a punctuation mark (full stop). Apart from the four creatures which cover the tree of life in Ezekiel (the creatures also cover bride, so says the prophet), Ezekiel also saw a moving wheel in the middle of another wheel. The prophet brings the interpretation as follows: The wheel has tyres, which represent Justification under Luther. The rim stands for Sanctification under Wesley while the spokes point to Pentecost and finally, the hub stands for the Holy Ghost which goes with the Message of the Hour. God’s eye is on the wheel and they run to and fro seeking someone that God can show his benevolent heart to. Ezekiel comes from a priestly lineage yet he was called as a prophet. Thus we see two offices in one man. The Prophet also had a priestly ministry. He mentions that he has gone around the world seven times, which represents the sounding of the jubilee trumpet which was done by the Levites in the Old Testament. This priestly role is combined with the prophetic ministry which was thoroughly vindicated. The prophet Ezekiel had his three pulls or stages to his ministry, which is the same thing with the end time prophet. Ezekiel records the capture of Jerusalem followed by the nations around her and, finally, the restoration of national glory once again. As a son of man, Ezekiel sees the devil incarnate in the king of Tyre, whom he addresses as Satan. Again the prophet William Branham, in the same shoes of son of man ministry, exposes the pope as antichrist. Ezekiel speaks of Tyre, a coastal city which was later destroyed by Alexander in the same way that the Lord Jesus Christ speaks against Capernaum on the seashore which later sank. These two incidences are echoed in the Prophet’s warning of the sinking of Los Angeles, a city standing by the sea also.


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