The Rejected Protocol

The Rejected Protocol

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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: November 2014

 Scripture: John 3:16-19

The visiting minister, Pastor Kurt Williams, explained that a revival in not the pitching of tents and the associated healing campaigns that go with such outreach work. Nor is it about millions of church members like what the denominations has had. A revival brings back to life that which had cooled off, it awakens that which had died away. It is actually the Holy Ghost coming up with something fresh, yet that something is the same thing which was there before. A revival is a new production of the old thing, which gives the I-thought-I-had-it-all feeling.

The Bride has her own revival, too. As the Prophet explained, the Bride’s revival is the revealed Word of the Hour.  Yet in 1963, the Prophet said that the Bride has not had her own revival yet. He pointed out that it takes those seven unknown thunders to awaken the Bride. After the opening of the Seals, the Bible surely becomes a new book. Therefore the Bride’s revival is actually feasting on those mystery truths which were closed up for a long time which the Holy Ghost Himself reveals to the believer. As eagles which feed on meat from birth, we are the only species that feasts on the meat of the Word.

Yet we must ask the question, Why did the Scribes, Priests and Pharisees reject the Lord Jesus Christ in their day? Did they not know that the Messiah would come? Did they not know the scriptures concerning His coming?

In terms of scriptures, they knew that He would come. For Moses himself had written saying the Lord God Himself would raise up a Prophet likened unto him (Moses). So there was a prophecy about the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, there was even a sign given, apart from the prophecy which foretold of His coming. The Prophet Isaiah had written that a virgin shall conceive – and that was the sign – a virgin birth. So if the Priests, Scribes and Pharisees had all these scriptural references, why did they miss Him? Or what did they read in the temple and synagogues every service day? Surely these people cannot plead ignorance as an excuse. Look at the woman at the well. She was a harlot, someone in a fallen moral state. Yet the indoctrination on her was so strong about the coming of the Messiah that when she saw the Messianic sign performed before her, she said I perceive that thou art a prophet, and I know that when the Messiah cometh, he shall do these things. So if harlots could perceive the Messiah when he came in flesh, how did the Scribes and Pharisees miss him?

The Bible records how at one time a delegation was sent to John the Baptist to question his ministry. They asked whether John was the Messiah, which he denied. They further enquired whether he was Elias (Elijah) to which he said No. They further probed whether he was THAT prophet, to which Johan again answered in the negative. When they pressed John to tell them who he was exactly if not one of the above three scriptural characters, John the Baptist said he was the voice crying in the wilderness. Obviously these people knew the relevant prophecies and their questions were based on the scriptures and prophecies. This gives us a lesson: whoever must come up in our day must have the scriptural backing of the Word.

The Jews came scripturally and were answered by John the Baptist in a scriptural manner. These people knew of Daniel 9:25, that the Messiah would come and be cut off. They were also aware of Malachi 4 which spoke of the one coming to restore all things. They even questioned whether John was that Prophet spoken of in Deuteronomy whom God would raise up in the same way he raised Moses. But when John pointed out that he was Isaiah 40 – the voice in the wilderness, and that Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world, they could not accept it. There at the river where John was baptising, they rejected the Messiah despite the fact that all prophets from Samuel had spoken about his coming.

One can ask, were there any people in that age who managed to identify the Lord Jesus Christ? Certainly there were. That is why the scripture said that at one time he ran away from the people into a mountain when they perceived who he was and wanted to make him king by force. Those people had a revelation that the Messiah had arrived. Even more evidence comes from Phillip who finds Nathaniel and tells him that they have found the one whom Moses and the Prophets had written about, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So what is the Scribes and Pharisees’ excuse? There is no excuse for those Jews.

What a battle the Lord Jesus Christ had with the Jews! In John 5:39 he told them to search the scriptures for they are the ones which testify of Him. And we learn immediately that the scrolls, the literal scripture, profiteth little to the believer. Here the Lord Jesus Christ was standing before the people who read the scriptures every day, yet they rejected him. The Lord Jesus Christ came as the ultimate personification of the scrolls, He was the scrolls made flesh – and they rejected Him. This is the same in our day as well. We have the Bible today. And we have a messenger vindicated of God. And the people still reject the Prophet.

In John 9:41, the Lord Jesus Christ says that the Jews claim to see when they are blind. If they were honest to admit that they do not see, then God would have forgiven them. But to claim they  understand when they did not understand makes it difficult for God to deal with them – therefore their sin remains. The Jews knew the very rituals and ceremonies of the Old Testament but failed to see that they were all wrapped up in the Lord Jesus Christ, the person in flesh.

The astounding statement made by the Lord Jesus Christ that He is the Way, The Truth and The Life and that no man can go to Jehovah except through Him, was a big stumbling block to the Jews. How could they afford to leave the rituals and ceremonies of the temple and have to go to a man, Jesus Christ, in order to reach God? To be told they could not approach Jehovah directly but through the medium of a man standing right before them, a mere man in their eyes, that pulled apart their theology. The Scribes and Pharisees searched all the scriptures to check if at any time any prophet in the Old Testament spoke like this. They searched Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and others – none of them spoke like this. Then how could the Great Jehovah, the Elshadai, the one who came in the burning bush to Moses, how could he not be contacted directly by them? After all, they wanted to worship Jehovah. And Jesus was standing in their way to Jehovah. The same Jesus who was born in doubtful circumstances where the so-called mother was found pregnant before marriage. The same Jesus who was an illegitimate child. How could that be that they had to go through Him? These Jews did not know that God has a protocol and we have to come according to His programme for the day.

The church world wanted Jehovah God outside the programme of the Son. They wanted to separate Jesus Christ from the Father. But that is impossible, because one cannot have the Father without having the Son. There is no worship of the Father outside the Son. And equally true, there is no worship of the Lord Jesus Christ today outside the revelation of His chosen vessel of Malachi 4. There is no true worship of God outside the Message of the Hour. No wonder the prophet preach messages like The Guide, pointing out that the Holy Ghost needs to guide us to God, but the same Holy Ghost turns around and takes us to a human vessel ordained of God for this dispensation. The Holy Ghost reveals who is this Guide, who is this ordained vessel of God to lead us. That is why the Prophet came with a Pillar of Fire vindication. And we, too, did not know these things; neither did we know the Bible at all, for it was sealed with 7 Seals. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself said that if one denies the one that He sends, they are actually denying Him, the one who is sending those vessels or messengers. Therefore we see clearly God’s principle that to reject the messenger is to reject the sender. To reject the Prophet is to reject God.

Unlike other prophets whose genealogy could be traced back to their natural fathers – like Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, Jesus Christ denied from the very first day that He had a natural father and mother. That is why at 12 years old; he corrected Mary’s error that Joseph was His Father. He said He was about His Father’s business in the temple, which pointed to another Father who was not Joseph under whose roof he lodged while on earth. The sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ is a different kind of sonship from the prophets, who are also sons of God. Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God. He is the Only One. And if God has many sons, there must of necessity be the eldest one in terms of age and chronological manifestation. Jesus Christ is that very one. He is the One and Only Begotten Son of God. If one asks a father or parent with only one child, one gets to appreciate how much God loves us to have His Only Son come down and die for us.

The Lord Jesus Christ is immune to the Fall. He is immune to the redemption plan. When he died for us on the cross, an innocent man who was not party to sin, there we see how strong a love God has for us. But when we reject the Lord Jesus Christ, we are already condemned. We do not need to do anything wrong or evil to merit condemnation. We only need to reject God’s provided way and that is all. Equally true, when we reject God’s messenger for the day, we are rejecting the very Jesus Christ we claim to love and worship.

God was happy with Jesus Christ as His Eldest Son. It could not be Adam, for he was not called by the name of God, as Jehovah Junior as one would say today. But in Jesus Christ, God’s own description of His own self matched that of the Son. Now we have a big brother on our side. For if Jesus is the Eldest son, then we are siblings together with Him in the same family. No wonder at his resurrection when he appeared to Mary, he told her to go and tell His brethren that He is risen. Before the resurrection, the followers of Jesus were described as DISCIPLES but after resurrection, they are called BRETHREN, showing it is one family in which we are brothers with Him. And if the devil, like a bully, comes to harass us, we have a Big Brother in the Lord Jesus Christ to report to.

As eldest son, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Head. He is the Head of the Body. And if God resurrected the Head, he has to resurrect the Body too because the Head and the Body are one. The Bride and Groom become one under the ministry of the Prophet. When Jesus Christ claimed that He had no place to lay His head, he did not mean a physical place. For Lazarus had a place where he provided him with accommodation. Christ was talking of a place, which is the Bride, which is the Body. We have the Headship of Jesus Christ, our Head has come and we are Mrs Jesus Christ as born and spirit filled Christians. God had started his church with Paul, who laid down the foundation, and proceeded all the way to Malachi 4 who is the Marriage Officer who married us to Christ Jesus our Lord. That is why we are now ready for the wedding supper now. We are the celebrities of heaven now. And we have angels for body guards – that is how important we are. Therefore if we behave wrongly, that gives occasion for the enemy to behave wrongly towards us. No wonder if the body here on earth is given a glass of water by someone, the Head in heaven will reward that benevolence. The reverse is true also: if one touches these little ones of the Lord, it is better for them to have a millstone tied around their necks and be drowned in the sea. That is why God was not pleased with a negative attitude towards the Prophet by his wife: we must be careful of our conduct around the supernatural. That is why when the Bride recognises who she is, when she comes conscious of the spiritual environment around her, the rapture will go


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