The Seven Dimensions P3

The Seven Dimensions P3

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: August 2015

 Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-18

In this age of great darkness on the people, where men’s hearts are failing for fear, where drugs are on the increase in many communities, where alcoholism is on the rise, where demon powers have intensified their onslaught on humanity following the opening of the lid of the bottomless pit, our only escape is the blessed assurance promise of the rapture indeed surpasses the insurance policies of this world. The world is not going to get better and will never get better. From 2011 when New York, for example, gave official recognition to gay couples, things are getting worse and worse with the licensing of homosexuality. America’s situation is exactly like that of Lot, a righteous man living in Sodomy, where he could not preach against the immorality of the day. Lot’s mouth was gagged much like what is happening now with preachers being threatened to lose their licenses if they preach against the sin of sodomy. But God will not be mocked. America will have to pay the price, or else God is obligated to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah for burning them with fire and brimstone. During Obama’s visit to Kenya and the region, Obama told Kenyan President to recognise homosexuals, whereupon the Kenyan President said the context is different, as African societies do not tolerate this sin, which leaves the people who practise and indulge in it at the risk of being killed by society. But of course, according to prophecy, all nations will finally bow down to the beast system behind this agenda. God gave us five senses in this body made up of the 16 elements in order to contact the physical world which is made up of the three dimensions of light, matter and time. And the dimension of time is just a loop, which the prophet described as a hickey, on the unending circle of eternity. Therefore while living in time, we are conscious of growth and achievements. As time ticks on and on, we realise that if we misuse it, that time lost cannot be replaced. As time ticks away, we draw closer to the end. Actually, time reveals death. In the book of 2nd Kings 6, the Syrian King is worried that his secret plans are exposed to the king of Israel. He suspects a spy among his army, but he is told there is a Prophet, Elisha, who reveals the secret things planned by Syria to the king of Israel. We thank God that we have had the Prophet William Branham to expose the devil’s plans in our day. That is why when Christ died and rose, the veil in the temple was rent in two, to allow the people to gain access into the holy of holies where God is found. We now have an open way to God. There is nothing which can stop our prayers because we are operating in a higher dimension now. We have passed the dimension of science, which is the fourth dimension. We have gone beyond the dimension of waves where adulteries, murders and fornications float in the waves surrounding us. We are aware of the dimensional fight that took place in Babylon when Daniel prayed to God. His answer was held back by the Prince of Persia, but then God’s reinforcement came and Daniel’s prayers were answered. When the Syrian king knew there is a Prophet revealing secrets to the king of Israel, the battle changed. It was no longer against the king and the people of Israel. The battle was now focussed on only that one individual who has contact with the supernatural, that one individual living in a higher dimension. That is why the Syrian army surrounds Elisha on the mountain where he is, with armed men and horses and chariots. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, is frightened at the sight of the enemy as he looks in the mortal realm. But Elisha is unmoved by what he sees in the mortal realm. Elisha asks God to open Gehazi’s eyes, whereupon the servant sees that there is a heavenly host surrounding the prophet Elisha. Why is the battle now against Elisha? Elisha is the prophet and if the prophet is killed, then the people are killed. No wonder the devil is busy trying to kill the influence of the Prophet William Branham, so that people are killed in the process. The choice of dimensions in which we live has to do with birth. For us to dwell in the mortal realm of light, matter and time, we just need to be born into this world and then we find ourselves in this dimension. But for us to dwell in the presence of God, we need another birth. We need the New Birth to put us into that higher dimension. It is from that higher dimension that we will be able to meet the Lord in the air and to know the secrets as Elisha knew them. If we only realise and recognise our wrong birth, then we will be on the path of sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Imagine how the Prophet was excited to know that he was not the son of Charles and Ella Branham. His parents only brought forth the 16 elements body, but it took another genealogy to place him in heavenly places with Christ. The earth on which we live is called Mother Earth, as the place where God chose human life to be expressed. Actually the earth is elected to bring life. It is the only planet out of all galaxies that God predestinated to reproduce Himself through people in His own image. The earth has been elected, called, anointed and placed. And we notice that movie stars and other super stars and celebrities are trying to find other planets where they can go and stay. In a way, this earth is the outer court, for Christ came and was killed on earth (he was not killed in heaven). He suffered like a lamb in the outer court where lambs are slain by the priests. But His blood was taken to the inner court. Then there is the Holy of Holies, where God and His glory dwell. These three places of outer court, inner court and Holy of Holies directly correspond to the humanistic realm which is the sphere of mortal life, followed by divine revelation and finally vision. The Prophet recounts the story of how he went into a bar to buy something to eat. He saw two drunken policemen with a woman in her mid-fifties (55 years old) and he began to condemn her and wishing that God could wipe away such sinful people. The Prophet was operating from the humanistic realm, from the outer court, from the earthly. But God called him aside to get him out of that dimension of the mortal realm. God took the Prophet from humanistic realm, past divine revelation and right into vision, where he saw the earth covered by a rainbow. He further saw a buffer of blood standing between Christ and the Prophet’s sins. Every time the Prophet did something wrong, he saw how Christ winced in pain, being crucified for a second time by the Prophet’s conduct and deeds. But then the blood of Christ acted as a buffer against his sin, and he saw how the Lord Jesus Christ dipped his finger on his bleeding side and wrote in the ink of scarlet blood, PARDONED. That vision transformed the Prophet from the condemning attitude of critical spirit. Therefore when we sin, we need to look up to heaven, for our redemption draweth nigh. The earth reminds us of sin while heaven reminds us of grace. However, we need to know that we should not let grace become disgrace by sinning wilfully when we have come to the knowledge of truth. Let us move into the Holy of Holies, where we meet God. Let us not be like children in school, who make a lot of noise in the courtyard of the school, for that is equivalent to the outer court. Yet when they pass from the office to their classes where real work takes place, they become quiet and fail to participate. We must not always be fighting and battling with sin. War ceased in heaven, so should it equally stop in our lives. We simply need to kick the devil out of our lives. As God had a son in His own image on the 7th day, there has been another son at the end of the 7th Church Age. The Prophet is the first sheaf that God waved in our day of how a son of God looks like when in his actual position of authority and power. But when fall came, we see how man fell dimensionally from God’s presence down to the lowest dimension of mortal life. Of course, God allowed the Fall, by leaving an open door for sin to come through, thereby further revealing His attributes, which He wanted to express in His mind. When trapped in the inferior dimension of mortal life, we find Eve carrying two seeds in her womb, and one of the seeds stands in the gap for the sin of mother and father, which is a type of Christ trapped in an unclean womb or earth. The patriarch Job tried to climb up into God’s dimension the wrong way by saying if he knew God’s door, he would go there and knock in order to get an answer for why he was suffering. But God is the one who came down from the 7th dimension to the first 3 dimensions of light, matter and time in which Job was trapped. God asks Job where he was when He created the world and thought about all the things He later manifested. Job wanted to know God’s mind in the wrong age, for in his dispensation it was not yet time to know the back part of the mind of God. But we are thankful we received such an one, who came to tell us the mind of God. We have a man who told us what God had in His mind, even before He became God. In the 4th dimension where Television (TV) operates, we find that it catches both pornographic pictures of adulteries and fornications while at the same time it can play the very Message of the Hour which we believe. TV is therefore like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, having advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The Prophet talks of a Christian woman whose husband struggled against lust of the flesh, having walked the wrong way in before coming to the Lord. The wife told the husband that if he falls, he must still come home where she will be waiting for him as wife. The husband was astonished, and told his friends how he would not want to betray such love. The Prophet then says one should multiply that kind of love by millions of times in order to get an idea of God’s love. Therefore, when we stumble and fall, let us come back to God in repentance and He will accept us in forgiveness.


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