The Seven Dimensions

The Seven Dimensions

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

Series: July 2015

 Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-17

God works in numbers. The numerology of God has the following meanings;

1. Life

2. Witness

3. Perfection

4. Deliverance

5. Grace

6. Number of Man

7. Completion

8. Eternity

After seven sets of seven (which gives 49) comes the jubilee in the 50th year, which is the year of release, which is the time to go to the homeland. There are also 7 steps to the Stature of Perfect Man, there are 7 church ages, there are 7 stars which are messengers to the churches and there are 7 candlesticks. In terms of the dimensions, there are 7 as follows;

1. Light

2. Time

3. Matter

4. Science

5. Hell

6. Paradise

7. God

The first 3 dimensions are combined and they make up the world in which we live. The fourth dimension of science and whatever happens in this fourth dimension has the power to put us either in hell or paradise. In this spiritual exodus in which we are, we are actually moving from one dimension to another. And the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ spans the dimensions like a bridge, which means that because of the cross, we will not go to hell nor backslide. It means the dimensions themselves cannot pull us down as the cross provides support in times of weakness, even when we feel like backsliding. The Message of the Hour which we have received allows us to change dimensions. For the open book came with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself coming down from heaven (7th dimension) into the body of mortal flesh in the Prophet William Branham, as He did in the Old Testament when He came through the Burning Bush into the body of the prophet Moses. As God was in Moses, so he was in the Prophet in our day. This ought to make us happy, for we are supposed to proceed from where the Prophet left off in this walk with God. The Bride has to take over from where the Prophet left off just as David’s Mighty Gentile warriors had to do their part in bringing the king’s drink. We know we have the power to run from one dimension to another, we have more speed than Ahimaaz, a light-footed man in David’s service who trusted his athletic capability – but we trust in the revealed Word to transport us. In Revelations 10: 1, the Lord Jesus Christ comes down Himself from heaven. He comes down Himself to settle the score with the enemy. Because for the past 6 church ages, the devil had defeated the church, starting with the Ephesian Church Age. When Paul came to Ephesus, the church was already bewitched, she had fallen already. The devil had scored against her. And when again He comes to Smyrna, she was fallen, as was Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, and Philadelphia. But in the 7th Church Age, the Lord Himself came down Himself. Whereas the devil was used to defeating the other 6 churches, in the 7th church age God changed the formula. He came down Himself and He defeated the wicked one. God veiled himself behind a mortal vessel, the seventh church age prophet messenger who came to tie the loose ends of all the things which the previous church ages left out. Today, that same God is in the many-membered body of Christ, causing the devil to run to and fro and he now does not know who to attack as the church does exploits in the strength of numbers. That is why the devil is raising the papal system now to counter the influence of the church. But the Bride is the one that scores the goal in the 7th Church Age, as the seventh messenger is already off the scene (injured in the course of the match through the automobile accident) and the Bride is the one on the scene through the five-fold ministry. The last goal is the rapture, which takes us into eternity. All members of the body are taking part in the match. Not everyone will be playing in the team, as some are kept on the bench by the coach until the opportune moment. And those in the benches still wear the same uniform which identifies them with their team. The level of skill differs among players, and the coach knows who is more qualified to play, the coach knows who is more skilful and who should take part, lest some are admitted into the team and score own-goals against their team. In the 7 dimensions as taught by the Prophet, the first thing is the light. This is the same light which God spoke into existence when He said Let there be light. It is the Logos; it is the Son, it is the Word which the Prophet saw dancing before the throne of the father when he looked across the banister of time into eternity. Then the first creation came forth as a big ball of fire, which is the sun, from which all continents came as clinkers falling off and rolling away. There is one clinker which fell off, which is the earth, and it ran off away from the sun and gathered ice as it was too far from the original sun. But then the Logos followed the earth which was covered in ice. The Logos began to brood over the iced earth, and the waters began to melt, cutting out the planets in the process. The Prophet saw how Texas and Alaska and other places came into being. It is important to note that the Logos only went to one planet only out of all the other planets. Therefore the earth is a predestinated planet where God ordained that human life should be, and where He desired to be expressed through human beings. As God brooded over the earth, he was creating an atmosphere, He was creating an anointing. And it is the anointing which breaks the yoke. The right anointing takes us into the presence of God. We therefore cannot contact God if we spend time watching TV, where there is the wrong anointing. For television represents everything which is against the Word. It teaches fashion, which is against God. It teaches adultery and fornication which God hates. This television takes away people’s time from fellowshipping with God. And TV is found in the 4th dimension which is science. Therefore science eats into the time which God has given us on earth. We fail to spend quality time with children in order to instruct them and bring them up in the fear of the Lord. No wonder there are many suicide cases among children, who experience empty lives as they feel neglected by their parents. Sometimes they are left to the care of video games, which are another evil just like TV. And if we watch TV, which comes from science, which is of the devil, then we have no right to quote the Message of the Hour, nor the Bible nor Brother Branham; we have no right to speak against the beast system because we are part of that beast system if we support science and TV and video games which are used to push the program of the devil. We delay our exodus to heaven through science, which steals our time and therefore leaves us bound here on earth in the devil’s trap.


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