Third Exodus – The Fourth Foundation

Third Exodus – The Fourth Foundation

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: March 2015

 Scripture: Exodus 2:21-3:12; WMB: The Third Exodus – 63-0630M

The minister, Pastor Brian Naidoo, exhorted the congregation with reminders of the rapture age in which we are living, where the Lord Jesus Christ is expecting fruits of the Spirit from the Bride Tree. The very first love which started off in the early church should be the same love in this day as the Lord is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Bride’s DNA should be the same as the Lord Jesus Christ’s in much the same way that the minister’s son, Miguel, carries the very image of his natural father in his bloodstream. Though he may deny the outstanding resemblance with his father as reflected by the physical traits, yet the father is in him in same way that God’s image is in the Bride. Otherwise if the image of the father is not in the Bride, then there is illegitimate birth, which is exactly what denominations have. They have no claim on the father, as they came the wrong way.

In the book of Exodus, we find Israel in bondage in a strange land. They have the word of promise, which is true, but they are positionally placed in the wrong land. God’s unmerited grace comes in the form of a promise to leave the land of bondage for the Promised Land. This is a type of what the Lord Jesus Christ came to do some two thousand years ago, to take away people from the bondage and enslavement of sin. When we move out of spiritual bondage, then we can shout and worship in spirit and truth. We can have the liberty in spirit which causes us to blow the roof from above our heads in spirit-filled worship.

God is in the exodus business where people have to move from one environment to another. Beginning with the first exodus, we see the children of Israel moving from one natural land to another natural land; from Egypt to Canaan. Then comes another exodus from a spiritual condition (Judaism) to the New Birth. The final exodus is starts off from the New Birth itself to the Promised Land which is the change of the terrestrial body to theophany bodies. As partakers of the third exodus waiting for translation into theophany bodies, we do experience the theophany bodies’ presence now and again as we worship and praise the Lord. It is the theophany body which causes us to get excited in the spirit, as when Miriam took the tambourine and played after the opening of the Red Sea. We are able to hear from our theophanies when we break into the spiritual realms and, most of the times, it makes us act strange to the expectations of the world. If the world fails to understand us, it is because they have no representation from above, which would otherwise identify itself with the move of God’s Spirit.

In Moses’ time, a mixed multitude came out with him from Egypt. God did not transfer the children of Israel from Egypt straight into the Promised Land. God wanted to test them in the wilderness. There we see the principles of God on display. He tests us in the walk with the Word to see if we are able to stand and take sides with the Word. We might be in the world today, but we need to prove that we are not of the world. In the first exodus, a lot of them failed to accept Moses for who he was. The same applies today. If we fail to see the Message of the Hour today, we would have rebelled against Moses anyway during the first exodus. The test is the same, alignment with the Word and God’s program for the day.

But how did the children of Israel end up in Egypt in the first place? How did they come to the wrong land? It was because of jealousy against a brother. They did not like Joseph’s spiritual gifts and vindicated ministry. The same has happened in our day. Denominations have hated the Prophet’s Message and accompanying ministry. We see them rallying behind Dr. Best, who withstood the Prophet’s stand on Divine Healing. No wonder the church world has been sold to the modern day Pharaoh. Just as Pharaoh was a super power who ruled the entire known world, so we find today the church world has been sold to the super power system of a religious one world order under the man of sin.

It is interesting to note the parallel between Joseph and the Prophet. Joseph was born at the end of the age, at that borderline time between the stay in Babylon and the return to the Promised Land. As the Prophet says, the messenger of the Age always comes at the end of the age. This is how the Prophet also came in our day, at the end of the age. Joseph’s coat of many colours (seven-coloured court) represents the Prophet’s ministry which placed all the seven church age messengers right in their respective positions. Beginning with Paul who believed he was an apostle, the Prophet positionally places him as more than just an apostle. He identifies him and places him as a Prophet-Messenger to the Ephesian Church Age. In placing all these stars in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, the end time Prophet is actually doing the work of Joshua. It has to be pointed out that Joshua’s task was more than that of Moses, as Joshua had to discern and place the children positionally in the promised land according to God’s pattern. And Joshua means the Holy Ghost. He is the court of many colours which Joseph wore.

That is why Joshua placed the children in the Promised Land, for they are the ones who made it.  When Christ came years later, he also placed the children, and left behind the fathers, for they failed to see the change in dispensation. When Christ came, he by-passed Caiaphas and Annas the High Priests, who sat in the high chairs of fatherhood over Israel. Rather, Christ only came to the children, which are Peter, James, John, Andrew, Phillip, Thomas, Batholomew and others who were numbered with the twelve apostles. These were children in the faith.

While the children of Israel were in bondage, God had respect unto them. In the trying time of affliction and trials, God still retains respect over his children. He is mindful of our situations. He is trying to push us to the point where we can pray in earnest. Most of the times we fail to pray in the absence of trials. But trials bring that desperation and earnest sincerity with God which causes us to overcome trials in our way. And when trials are overcome, it is time to celebrate victory. And where there is victory, there is praise. But the problem with us human beings is that we always want praise and praise and praise. But we can only praise when there is victory, and we can only have victory when we have trials which we overcome, and we can only overcome if we pray. So God grants trials to trigger prayer which causes victory which generates praise. It is a cycle, and God is mindful of that.

When the Prophet failed to see beyond the year 1977, the rapture would have taken place at that time. But God is gracious. He saw us beyond the darkness of the age. He called us out from the darkness of Laodicea to the light of His Word. When we were in darkness, it was like negatives of photographs which were being developed. We came out of darkness like the lily which pushes itself form under the darkness of the murk of the river water.

The inspiration of the four patriarchal foundations begins with Abraham. When God called him out of his house to forsake father and mother and relatives, it was Election. Abraham left Babylon in order to go the Promised Land. Then came Isaac as the second pillar of justification. When it came time for him to marry, Abraham commanded a trip to his old homeland of Babylon to be made to get a bride for Isaac. Abraham had been in Babylon, so for Isaac as well, an association with Babylon had to take place again. The third foundation is Jacob, who represents grace as the third pillar. And Jacob also sojourns into Babylon, and marries from Laban’s family. The fourth and final foundation is Joseph, who represents perfection.

The woman at the well is a beautiful type of the believers today. There we see her at the well. The well stands for an organised movement, an organised religion attempting to quench the thirst for God’s Word. She represents us in the same denominational conditions in which we were trapped before the release by the Message of the Hour ministry. When Christ and the woman met, it was an encounter between attributes. It was attribute coming to attribute. It was God Himself coming to the representation of Himself in humanity. Spiritually speaking, it was love at first sight, much like Jacob’s love for Rachel which was founded at the well.

Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel plays out the mystery of Israel and the Bride. Leah is the older sister and is described as dim-eyed. She has an eye problem. How perfectly the eye problem paints the picture of the blindness of Israel at the time the Messiah came to earth some two thousand years ago! Israel failed to see the Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ, just as Leah bad eyesight could warrant. So now Jacob has to work again for some 7 years (type of 7 church ages) to get the very bride he wanted in the first place. In the meantime while Jacob is working for the bride he really loves, the older woman is busy reproducing children. It is like the riches which the Jews have in the natural today. They are rich and, in every country in the world, they are hated. Despite the hatred we might have against the Jews today, they continue to bear fruits, manifestations which merely are riches which they command. Spiritually speaking, how can we hate a blind person? How can we hate Leah? How can we hate Israel?

The children of Israel’s groaning while under the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt reminds us of souls under the altar in the book of Revelations. Already we can see how the 5th Seal was already in operation during the first exodus. Souls under the altar cry for vengeance, while the children of Israel in Egypt cried for deliverance from the yoke of bondage.

Let us respect God and His children. The Prophet’s neighbour always hid his beer bottle when talking to him. He was ashamed of his alcohol problem in the presence of the man of God. That respect, says the Prophet, earns him a place in heaven. Respect and reverence will make the Bride take a stand at the White Throne Judgement for the one who did a good deed to the Bride members. We will speak for those who helped us in this mortal life and, in the process, be able to impart eternal life.

However, carnal impersonation will meet with judgement. When Pharaoh attempted to cross the Red Sea, he was following the footsteps of a Christian walk. He wanted to be baptised too in the Red Sea. But God drowned him in the process of impersonation. That is why we have to be careful we do not impersonate Christianity. If one was never in heaven, they can never be able to go there in the first place. It is the womb that qualifies us. Ishmael was born in the wrong womb of Hagar, and was disqualified, although he was the seed of Abraham. We also must come from the right womb of Sarah, the woman with the promise. The denomination is the wrong womb, it is an impersonation of the right womb of the Message of the Hour under the Prophet-Messenger.


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