Waxing Strong In The Spirit

Waxing Strong In The Spirit

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

Series: October 2015

 Scripture: Luke 1:80

A young Christian girl was going through a difficult time and told the Prophet that she was failing to hold on. She was even considering committing suicide. But the Prophet remarks that Christianity is not based on our individual efforts in trying to hold on. Christianity is based on rest. We just need to rest and let God have His way in our lives. The reason why people are so much struggling with Christian living is due to lack of teaching. Therefore teaching is important to establish people and position them scripturally in their proper estates. As human beings, we frequently behave like Zechariah. Zechariah was a priest on his post of duty in the holy of holies. Yet when the Angel Gabriel came to him, he questioned and doubted the very things which he was ministering about. This is the case of a minister doubting the very message that he preaches. When Gabriel comes down, we know there is an important announcement. When Gabriel comes, there is a huge milestone in human history being unveiled. Gabriel came down to Mary and she believed his message. Thereafter, Mary became the carrier of the Word. In other words, the Word was veiled in flesh. When that same veiled Word visited Zechariah’s house where death was ruling, we see resurrection taking place. For John was dead in the womb of Elizabeth. But when the veiled Word arrived, it was attribute coming back to attribute. It was the Word coming to the Prophet. And when the Word came, the Prophet kicked in the womb, showing the power of resurrection that comes with the veiled Word in flesh. The Word veiled in flesh gives the Holy Ghost to Elizabeth and John in the womb. The veiled Word releases the Holy Spirit. Yet we notice that despite being filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother’s womb, John still had to grow. In order for John to grow, God took him into the wilderness. God’s road for our growth sometimes passes through the deserts of experience. Most frequently we do not relish the desert moments. We only want and enjoy the Mt. Camel experiences of joy and victory. But when we look at John, we see that the desert experience produced such a boldness that he was able to stand and rebuke even Herod for his immoral living. He did not pull any punches after he came out of the wilderness. Before entering into the land of milk and honey, there is a desert to be crossed. Before the start of the public ministry of pointing people to Christ, John lived in the desert. He ate locusts and wild honey and was dressed very unconventionally. The same desert experience is seen in Paul. For 3.5 years, he stays in the desert in Arabia. And he further goes on for 14 years before meeting the disciples. In actual fact, Paul had been rejected during this time. But the fact is that before any public ministry begins, there is a backside-of-the-desert experience on the minister in question. David had his own desert experience, which caused him to grow strong in the spirit. Since we are gems in our Lord’s crown, we have to be polished by rubbing. And we hate the experiences that rub hard against us. We are like the cat, which feels nice and satisfied when rubbed properly. But when the rubbing is against the grain, then we see the paws coming out and anger and malice all coming into the open. If we have to grow in love, God sends us hatred. It is hatred which teaches us to love with perfect love. The scripture says that John grew in spirit as he spent time in the desert. Another child is also mentioned in Luke 2: 40. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. The scripture says He grew STRONG in SPIRIT. It is important to note that Christ did not only grow in spirit, but the adjective STRONG is used. The growth was strong. And as He grew in strength, He also grew in WISDOM, and we are told that GRACE followed Him. Already we see a difference in the growth of the two children: John and Jesus Christ. No wonder John the Baptist later doubted his own sermon about the Lord Jesus Christ. Here was a prophet who had seen the dove descending upon Christ. At the river Jordan, John proclaimed that Christ is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. But when he was in jail, he doubted his sermon. He sent his disciples to ask whether Christ is the Messiah or whether they should look for another. Sometimes we doubt our own testimonies. Even the Prophet doubted when he asked himself whether his preaching was responsible for producing irreverent people who did not fear God. With strong growth in our spiritual lives, we are able to confront big problems and issues. Christ was only 12 years and He withstood the elders in the temple with His wisdom. David was only a youth when he fought Goliath the Philistine giant. Like Christ, David faced a giant, Goliath. And the Prophet of our day, with the same spirit of Christ, faced the maniac of Oregon. The description of the Oregon maniac and the description of Goliath makes these two opponents one and the same thing. So the Prophet faced the same challenge which David faced. When we have grown in Spirit, when we have waxed strong in Spirit and wisdom with grace following, we become like the Prophet. He says that sometimes he does not even need to use the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to chase away demons. When Christ and the believer are one in spirit, when the mortal lips speak, it is deity speaking. We need that kind of growth in spirit. We need to wax strong. We should not be too critical like those people who looked at the young sister in the Branham tabernacle playing the piano with a short skirt. They wondered why the Prophet allowed her to continue playing music in the church with such dressing. But the Prophet knew she was growing in Spirit. The greatest miracle that can happen to us is a change from sinful living to holy living. That surpasses all other miracles where limbs are straightened or diseases healed. Sometimes we feel that God is not operating among us because we do not witness such miraculous exploits of faith which are visible to the natural eye. We forget to see the invisible changes taking place in the lives of individuals. People wax strong as their lives change as they sit under the Word. Let us not be discouraged by the whispers of the devil in our ears. When we have lost things or assets, we should note that we have not lost anything at all. Christians do not lose. They gain. We have a GPS, God’s Provided System which ensures that we do not lose what we had even when we no longer possess those things. Sometimes we do not know our positions or the gifts that we have as Christians because we do not stir the gifts and we fail to wax strong in the spirit. Imagine how Solomon’s kingdom collapsed immediately after his death because he did not was strong in the spirit. His riches did not match his spiritual growth and he ended up chasing women. Instead of providing for up to 4 generations as a Wiseman, we see his kingdom falling to pieces in the first generation already. Job was too strong for the devil to handle because of his prayerful life. Job waxed strong in spirit and faith and grace. It is said that a strong horse is able to inspire others to perform as diligently as it does. We similarly are able to draw inspiration from those with prayerful life among us and gain strength from their experiences and testimonies. Yes, there are people who are strong in spirit. The Prophet met one such man on the platform and remarked that you have a strong spirit, which makes visions to break easily on you. The man was a garage owner who was meditating on whether his has a call in his life but the Prophet told him that he should gladly go home as he had received all his heart desired. We need to desist from a critical spirit like Judas Iscariot. He always complained. When the woman brings the alabaster with oil and starts anointing the Lord, Judas is upset. But his malice was worse than the sin of the woman caught in adultery who was brought before the Lord. The critical spirit prevents us from growing.


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