Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting

Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: February 2015

 Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:14

Exhortation before Prayer

Before leading the congregation in prayer, the Pastor read the scriptures and remarked on Jehoshaphat’s conduct.

The minister observed that the whole neighbourhood of Eldorado Park did not have electricity. It was a dark evening with just little spots of candle light in the homes. It is a perfect picture of the spiritual condition of the Age. Laodicean church age is an age of spiritual darkness. The only spots of light are the believers in whom the Spirit of Christ is burning like a light shining in darkness. We are in a wilderness, and in a wilderness there is no electricity. When we come to church and find there is no electricity or find the doors locked, then we must get desperate and look up to God. This is the hour where God wants us to pray through all the challenges brought in our way. And God allows them to come in our lives just to shake us out of our comfort zone. Our lives are not prayerful. God wants us to be prayerful, like Jehoshaphat.

King Jehoshaphat of Judah prayed when confronted by the three enemies with perverted birth. And the Spirit of the Lord comes upon Jahaziel who prophesies. God begins to expose the plan of the enemy. The Spirit reveals the actual position of the enemy and how they would move. The king then arranges the order of the battle with praise and worship in front and the army behind. This is a great principle we learn here. When we are between a rock and a hard place and things are just bad all around, we must just say Praise God. While it is indeed difficult to praise God in trials and temptations, it is the praises offered in such moments that confuse the devil. That is why the three enemies against Judah destroyed one another. God set ambushments while the people praised the Lord.

God is the Light. That is why all the plans of the enemy were exposed. And God instructed the people on how to go into the battle. They had to travel in the wilderness and to the watchtower in the wilderness. The watchtower speaks of a watchman, someone whose eyesight is so sharp they are able to announce danger before it comes. The watchtower speaks of a prophetic ministry. This reminds us of Moses, whose eyesight at 120 years was still sharp he could see the Promised Land while on the Mountain afar off. The same applies to the Prophet of this age, Brother Branham. From this watchtower in the wilderness, they see dead bodies of the enemies. And the dead bodies had riches upon them. Whatever situation we might be in, there are riches untold for us when we come to the end of the road. It took 3 days for Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to strip the riches off the dead bodies. The number 3 speaks of the three steps of Grace. Day 1 was Justification, Day 2 Sanctification and Day 3 Holy Ghost Baptism. God is wonderful. He gave victory to his children without even using their weapons. There was no blood on their swords. God just took the lives of the enemies away. It is God who does the fighting of battles. We must do our part of praising. That is the order of the battle.

We need to display our faith in this evil day. Faith and works are twins. If we have not seen God but still believe in him, our works will prove our confession. Therefore if the creditors are calling, or the banks want to repossess the houses we are staying in, let us pray to God. Let us not run to consolidate the debts without asking God what we should do. We cannot take one new debt upon existing ones and try to settle them that way. God works wonders. Imagine God sending a stranger to your doorstep with just the exact amount that you owe. Imagine the bank calling you and saying your debt is settled! God is still God. When the children of Israel had Pharaoh behind them and the Red Sea ahead, they stood still. God opened the Way for them. The Pillar of Fire moved behind and became darkness to the Egyptians while giving light to the children of Israel. It is the same thing as this Message of the Hour we believe. It will take us home to our Lord Jesus Christ and judge the ones who reject it. And when the Red Sea was opened, only the children of Israel went through. The Egyptians attempted to follow but they were drowned in the sea. It is the same principle. The opening of the sea is the opening up of the Word. Those who believe it in spirit and truth are able to pass through. But those unbelievers who want to follow simply perish. The same Word becomes deliverance and judgement to two different groups of people.

God specialises in exposing the devil. While in the kingdom, Queen Esther was told of two enemies plotting to kill the king. But their plans were made known to Mordecai, who exposed them. The two enemies against the Bride are Rome and America. The same God comes down and exposes the horse riders in our day. The white horse rider with bow but no arrows is not Christ but the devil. It is the same person on the red horse, black horse and pale horse. When he rides the pale horse, he is exposed as death. But the same death cannot overtake us. Just as Elijah outran the horses and chariots when going to Jezreel at the sound of abundance of rain, we will overtake the horse rider of death on the wings of an eagle prophetic ministry. Ahab had death pronounced on him already by the Prophet Elijah, and he was riding on to Jezreel. He is like the horse rider called death riding on the pale horse in the book of Revelations. But the quickening power in Elijah caused him to outrun Ahab’s horses. Again God brings the revelation of the 7 Seals in our age because He knew it would be an age that would require encouragement. God served the best for last.

When Jehoshaphat prays, he says we must believe. To be established, we must believe the Mighty Angel with the Open Book, we must believe the one who came in the Burning Bush, we must believe the one in the Pillar of Fire. We simply must believe the Lord Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Our lives are different. Like the 4 seasons of the year, each one of us may be caught up in a different season. The one in spring may be blossoming, things shaping up nicely while the one in winter is losing life, family, assets etc like tree leaves falling. As one season leads into another, we must pray for one another in the different situations we find ourselves. There is no weapon formed against us that will prosper.

The Pastor then led the congregation in mass prayer. The Holy Spirit came down and filled the saints. The minister had difficulty closing the meeting because of the anointing.


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