What atmosphere are you under?

What atmosphere are you under?

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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: February 2015

Scripture: 2 Samuel 15:13

In opening remarks, Pastor Brian Naidoo pointed out that as long as we are living here on this earth and trapped in these mortal bodies, we will always need deliverance. But our deliverance is not going to come out of the African National Congress – the party of the government of the day in South Africa or any other political party for that matter. Neither is our deliverance going to come out of trade unions or any other bodies to which we might belong. Our deliverance comes from the Son of Man Ministry, as promised in the Word of God.

We are the seed of God on earth today. And as seed, we need to reach maturity. That is why God sends his rain upon the earth to water the seed. And He sends, according to prophecy, both the former rain and the latter rain. We need both rains to bring us into the stature of a perfect man. This corresponds to the glory spoken of in prophecy – the glory of the former house and the glory of the latter house. And it is the glory of the latter house which exceeds the former house.

The minister indicated that he is going to preach prophetically. And the prophecy is not just the foretelling of events at dispensational level, doctrine or from some other remote context. The prophecy must come down to the individual. The prophecy must apply to you and me, as men and women today. It must address us at a personal level. This explains why in Revelations 10, the bride, as represented by John, is commanded to take the Book from the Mighty Angel and eat it. When the bride has eaten the book, she must prophesy again. And this kind of prophesying takes place at the individual level, after the Word has been absorbed into the person’s system.

When we come to church for service, we are actually coming to eat at the Lord’s table. Oftentimes it happens, as a minister, that one comes to the pulpit (table) with one’s own notes (food). But God sometimes overrides those written down notes and starts taking the sermon into some avenues in the spiritual realm. What will be happening when the minister throws away their notes? God would have come down. God could be saying you have prepared a 3-course menu, but I have a 7-course menu for the day. In the same way, God can even turn the Pastor’s intention to preach prophetic to some other dimensions as well. It is God doing as He pleases in His House. At the end of the day the purpose is for the individual, at that personal level, to be edified. The individual needs to be prepared and equipped to face the day.

God, as the fountain of life and goodness, does not wish anyone to be lost and suffer. God’s desire is for every man to be saved. The Pastor also has a similar desire, which is scriptural. But it is man, the individual themselves, who fights their own way to hell. Just like in the case of smoking cigarettes for the first time. Anyone who tries this habit will confess that at first the human body rejects the foreign substance entering the body. When smoke is inhaled in the human body, the novice smoker coughs it up. The smoke upsets the body and is coughed out. However, man punishes their own body when they force it to accept the smoking. That is actually disobedience against the mechanisms put in place by God to safeguard his temple (human body). As the bride of Jesus Christ, we are not made to disobey. We are not designed to sin.

In 2nd Samuel 15, the Bible says ONE messenger comes with news to David while he is in Jerusalem. The news is about Absolom’s favour with the people. We must remember Jerusalem is a shadow of the bride. Therefore the bride receives its Messenger. And there is only one such messenger. The only escape is through fleeing. Otherwise there is no escape from the edge of the sword at Absolom’s hand. That is a beautiful picture of the rapture. If the believer fails to escape by way of rapture, they will make it through the tribulation. The fact that the edge of the sword is mentioned in connection with Absolom’s uprising means that he is backed up by military power. True enough, during the tribulation, Rome will wear Absolom’s shoes and persecute Christians. Even the South African army will be taking orders from Rome. The soldiers will be operating under the auspices of mother harlot.

In the Message called God’s Provided Way, Brother Branham says that in Noah’s time, the atmosphere was right. The atmosphere was right for judgement. It was ready for the pouring out of God’s wrath. What happened in Noah’s time? The people ate. The people drank. The people married and were given in marriage. The same is happening in our time. We have a lot of people eating at outlets like McDonalds. Many eating places serve the meals buffet style, and people sit and eat the whole day their money’s worth. People can eat for over 4 hours. They can eat Television viewing for over 2 or 3 hours without complaining. But let them be in service for 45 minutes and you hear them complaining. As Pastor of the church, the minister is a watchman. He is responsible for warning the people of the coming judgement.

In creating the right atmosphere, we need to be careful. Emotion is not the same thing as atmosphere. It must be the Holy Ghost himself coming down and cause that emotion. On its own, emotion will not bring God down. But when God comes down, He comes with that which stimulates the emotion. This is what brings to pass the following statement in the Bible: God inhabits the praises of His people. As the Prophet says, when God comes down, worship is automatic. We need to be in that atmosphere of praise and worship. An atmosphere where we rejoice while under persecution. An atmosphere where we rejoice because we are standing on the borderline of the Promised Land and we are beholding the blessed promises of God. When we see prophecy fulfilled in our day, like men’s hearts failing for fear, we need to go into praise and worship.

Praise and worship is a revelation. And all revelation comes from God. Man cannot give revelation. Even the Son of Man Himself in flesh could not give revelation. It had to take the Father. It had to be supernatural. It could not be flesh and blood. That is why when revelation comes, there is that lingering element of the supernatural which remains. Since man cannot give revelation, the only thing he does is to explain. He can show by scripture what God is saying. And it is sad to note that in the framework of the Message of the Hour, people have been caught up in the Explanation Trap. Ministries have come and gone with attempts to explain the supernatural.

In order for a healing service to be done, the Prophet says that there should be an atmosphere of healing. The same applies to judgement. The atmosphere must be right for judgement. In this our day, the world is ready to receive their Absolom while the Bride is ready to be caught up with the Headstone. But judgement cannot fall on the earth when life is still around. And the bride is the life that is holding back the judgement from striking the earth. Try to burn green grass (which has life) and see if the leaves will catch fire. But the dry grass (with no life) can easily burn. So when the bride is out of the way, then the whole earth becomes like a dry field of grass – it can burn easily. Otherwise for now the field has patches of green here and patches of dry grass there. God’s justice cannot allow the just and unjust to receive the same reward.  Of course the wheat and tares can grow together, but a time comes when there is a separation.

There is a difference between church atmosphere and the right atmosphere of the Word. The church atmosphere is a trap. The church atmosphere trap causes believers to come in service and leave service with the same cravings for the things of this world. The believer tries to quit this and that but to no avail under the church atmosphere trap. What is needed is to come into the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is where the right atmosphere prevails. See the example of an egg. It can hatch under an incubator where heat is controlled by electricity. It can also hatch under a puppy, as long as the temperature is right. An eagle can be hatched under a puppy’s heat and live. If the atmosphere has such power, what is wrong with us? How can we come into God’s presence and go back the same? How can we come in divine atmosphere and fail to hatch? How do we fail to break the chains of bondage?

In Noah’s time the people ate, drank, married and were given in marriage. At the same time the gospel was being preached. Resurrection was being preached. The glory of God was being displayed. It is striking to note that the GRACE of God found only ONE man. Noah is the only one whom Grace found. Although the Bible says only 8 souls were saved during the flood, it was only to one man that the ministry of Grace came to. The other 7 people who made it were only obedient to Noah’s voice. Therefore we learn immediately a great secret. Through obedience, we can escape the judgements of this earth. No wonder the scripture says that obedience is greater than sacrifice. Therefore if we have obeyed God’s Word by coming to church, we need to obey what is preached. It is God’s Word which says we must not forsake the assembling of the saints together. Therefore when we are assembled, why don’t we take what the Spirit says? Paying of tithes is obedience. Listening to the Word while the service goes on is an act of obedience, as opposed to walking out on a minister while behind the sacred desk preaching.

As believers, we would fare much better if we learned from nature. Nature recognises bad spirits and refuses to salute them. The recent trip of the Pope to the Philippines is very striking in this aspect. The Pope was sympathising with the victims of the seven thousand human lives lost through the floods. The most notable thing is that another typhoon rose up while he was there and he had to leave. What is the meaning of all this? God was sending a natural typhoon from the elements of His creation to counter another human typhoon coming in the form of a man of peace. Nature itself conspired to blow the man of sin away. But we see lots of people gathering around this character when Nature is shunning him. Could this be true? When the Pope visited Israel for the first time in the 1960s, there was a total lunar eclipse. This was an acknowledgement from nature of the bad spirit that was stepping into the Promised Land.

Ephesians 5:13 speaks of the Light which makes all things manifest. Therefore we must be sober and walk circumspectly as we have received the Light. It is the same Light which the Prophet observed in his prayer lines. It is from the Light that the visions broke forth and the discernment of people’s lives happened. We must therefore arise and receive the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Light. We must arise from death to move to Life which is Christ. We can only arise when we hear the VOICE. This Voice corresponds to the Shout, which is done when the Lord Himself descends. The shout is the Message of the Hour. The ministry of Light exposes the wicked one. In Second Thessalonians Paul says that the man of sin must be revealed, who is the son of perdition. And God gave us the Prophet, who exposed the works of the wicked one.

The son of perdition wants to rule like God. He observed how God visited Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Now he wants to have the same privilege with God’s children. The son of perdition wants to rule over us. In Isaiah 14:12 the Prophet describes the king of Tyre as Lucifer. As son of the morning, Lucifer was in heaven before and was kicked down to earth. The truth of the matter is that the king of Tyre was not in heaven previously. He was not kicked out in his own personal capacity. But the issue is that the devil was in him. The devil was incarnate in the king of Tyre. The Prophet Isaiah is addressing the devil, which is Lucifer, who has been given the throne in the king’s heart. The pattern of incarnation is scriptural. God Himself was incarnate in the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Lord Jesus Christ was incarnate in Moses, when he was sent down to Egypt to deliver the children of Israel. And the same Lord Jesus Christ was incarnate in the Prophet William Branham, when he was sent to take people into third exodus from denominations. Like Moses who was given two signs, Brother Branham had his 2 signs also. Moses led the first exodus. Brother Branham led the third exodus in our day. We are living in that third exodus. We are living in the fulfilment of prophecy. In actual fact, we are the fulfilment of all prophecy. We are the prophecy.

Prophet Isaiah says that Lucifer did weaken the nations. Lucifer’s spirit is the one found in Absolom in David’s time. Lucifer was son of the morning. Absolom, in acting out the role of son of the morning as Lucifer’s agent in Israel, also rises early in the morning and intercepts men going out to meet king David. Already Absolom has chariots and horses, plus 50 men running him. Absolom, like the devil who inspires him, pretends to be the Morning Star, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. But the Lord Jesus Christ has power and character combined. Absolom does not have character, just like Lucifer. And Absolom is different from the other son of David, who has character (Solomon). The difference between Absolom and Solomon is character.

Since Absolom has chariots and horses, this gives a hint of military power. A total of 50 men were chosen to run before Absolom. It reminds us of the United Nations (UN) today, which is nothing but the exercise of military power by the son of perdition. Established as a successor to the League of Nations, the UN started off with 51 members. This number exactly equals the Absolom’s 50 men running before him, plus the one figure in the shadows – Ahithophel, who forsook David and leagued with the rebellious son Absolom. Now the UN has increased its membership from original 51 to 139 since its formation in 1945, October the 25th.

The parallel between Absolom and the man of sin is very strong. According to history, the Vatican was bombed twice after the 2nd World War. This means that the wound is healed, after those bombings, much like the beast described in Revelations. And people today are forgetting that Rome is a murderer. It is the same with Absolom. In his time, he killed his brother Amnon and had to run away from the land. Rome killed too, and people have forgotten. Absolom killed also, and the people forgot when he came back to usurp the throne.

Today’s Absolom wants to be called the father of peace. He stands as a figure of unity between the Muslims and the Jews. And with all the technology and smart phones etc, Absolom has all our information at his fingertips. Absolom has all the wealth. He owns the gold. Very soon he will take up the world’s paper money, represented by bonds. He will swap bonds for gold. Therefore if your mortgage bond is not paid up, technically it will belong to Rome’s Absolom. So powerful is Absolom that an independent country like South Africa has to ask permission from the UN to use its own military weapons. The UN must authorise a country to use its own weaponry. Surprisingly, Rome is not in the UN. Neither is Rome found in the World Council of Churches. Yet both organisations are within its control. It is above them. It has supremacy over them. It is the boss. That is why Rome has the so-called Permanent Observer status over the UN. It can police, audit and check the decisions of the UN to see if they are in line. Sometimes the UN retaliates by exposing the atrocities of Rome’s priests who molest children but these cases are just swept under the carpet. No follow-ups are done.

Although the UN has its origins in the USA, we must not forget the links with Rome. This is the classical marriage of Jezebel and Ahab. Jezebel came with money into the marriage. In UN’s marriage to Rome, the latter brought money also into the relationship.

Speaking in spiritual terms, God has the order of the battle. God’s order of the battle starts with the singers, who provide the music for the battle. Then comes the Word, after the praise and worship. The last stage is the fighting. The preacher is a fighter. The Pastor is a fighter. The ministry is a fighting ministry. It fights principalities and rulers of darkness of this present world. Do you ever wonder why we have sound problems with church equipment when the preaching is going on? It is the devil trying to fight the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. The Message of the Hour is fought by the devil. The devil has a revelation of who we are as Bride. He fights that. Other preachers who preach creeds and dogmas do not experience these problems with their sound equipment.

In the local church, God has an order as well. The order starts off with God, followed by the Pastor, then the church. In the individual family home the same order applies. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head, followed by the husband and lastly the wife. That is why the husband must obey Christ, and the wife equally must submit to the husband. That does not mean, however, that the husband must disrespect the wife. And that does not also license the wife to get out of line, too. Since the Lord Jesus Christ is the beginning of both Church and Home, it is His characteristics which must be expressed in both institutions. When a wife provokes a husband to wrath, the scripture points us back to Christ. Christ was mocked, pierced, smote on the cheek and crucified. He did not retaliate. When they spoke evil of him, he never answered. Therefore in the home if the wife does something wrong, the husband should not justify himself on the grounds of provocation. Christ was provoked and did not retaliate. He carried the cross on which he was finally nailed down. He was tired, but continued to carry the burden for us. Who are we, then, not to forgive others? At Calvary, the situation was difficult. Like first Adam, Christ even thought of pointing fingers to the woman who brought sin into the world but he checked Himself and only said, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me!

Strange enough, the devil has desire to go to heaven where he was kicked out. Devil was KICKED OUT of heaven and has no hope of restoration. But we are different. We were EXPRESSED OUT of heaven. We have restoration awaiting us.

The devil had 5 selfish motives in heaven. All of these desires begin with the personal pronoun “I”. they are known as the 5 “I”s as set forth below:

  1. I will ascend into heaven
  2. I will exalt my throne above the stars
  3. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north
  4. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
  5. I will be the most high

If the devil desires to be like the Most High God, what is wrong with us Christians, who are the ones granted this privilege of being like God? Surely God will fulfil our desire for being like Him, for it is actually God’s desire in the first place.

Let us create the right atmosphere in our lives. When the serpent trapped Eve, he created the right atmosphere with the woman. Just like at school, young girls should be careful when boys come around. On day 1, a certain boy may say just a greeting. Day 2 may be a comment about the girl being nice. Day 3 may have a this I-like-your-hair comment. Day 4 will be like where do you come from? What is the boy doing? Building an atmosphere.

There is Absolom, the hunter in our day. As a hunter, he knows the character of the animals he chases. South Africa is represented by the springbok (bok – in short). This bok has certain behavioural traits. These are the traits of South Africa’s bok: Bribes, racial division called apartheid. When the devil has studied these features of South Africa as an animal, he comes to divide the people and then pretends to unite them back again.

In Israel, the people’s hearts were after Absolom. And today’s Absolom loves to be called a father when the Bible warns us against calling any man on earth as our father. The Catholic priesthood wants to be called father in the spiritual sense of the word. (In the natural, they don’t marry so they are not biological fathers). They are, effectively then, fathers of the prostitutes, which are the church systems associated with them under denominational worship.

People’s hearts were after Absolom in his day. Now the hearts are on the New World Order with one currency system. The mark of the beast is not the so-called chip with the numbers 666 on it. The implantation of the chip on the forehead or in the hand does not amount to the mark of the beast. No. The mark of the beast has to do with the doctrine, which is the mark in the head, and works, which is in mark in the hands. Doctrines like trinity, which comes from hell, are the mark on the head.

Let us stand in the position of David. For he was anointed by none other than the prophet Samuel. Today our Prophet anointed the 5-fold ministry. But David stood out as anointed king. He was a son in the land of promise. He was a son who was more than a conqueror. He was a son at ease, having conquered all his enemies round about him. He was a son on the 7th day, a son appearing in the 7th chapter, a son with discernment and prayer-life – who was taken from being shepherd boy to be king. But David was also a prophet himself. But a messenger came to him with a Message. A prophet, like David, receiving a Message from a Messenger is like the end time picture. We have had the Prophet, William Marion Branham, receiving a Messenger from Heaven, Christ Himself. No wonder are not confused. We know who opened the Seals. They were opened in Heaven. And when the Mighty Angel comes down with the Book, it is already open. The Seals were opened in heaven by a Heavenly Angel, and the open book was handed down to an earthly angel. Therefore it is clear to us who did what. Christ opened the Seals. It is the Lamb who opened the Seals in Heaven. But the earthly angel preached those Seals on earth. Therefore the Lord Jesus Christ opens the Seals and instructs the 7th Church Age Messenger on how to preach them and other mysteries of God.

Here is a secret about the ministry of restoration through Elijah. A cloud appears in the sky at the 7th time when Gehazi the servant is sent to look for a sign in the sky of the coming of the rain. Why did the cloud appear the first time Gehazi went to check? It was not the appropriate season. Certainly, Paul could not be the man to do the end-time job. On 2nd time, there was no cloud, showing Irenaeus the also could not do the job. Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley represent the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th times that Gehazi went to check the sky. Only when the servant checked on the 7th time did a cloud appear – it was the size of a man’s hand. In the 7th Church Age, under the ministry of the 7th Messenger, God came down.

Now there is great confusion among some people in the Message of the Hour. Some claim that it was Paul who revealed the Seals. If that is the case, why and how could God shut these things to Paul, then tell him through the backdoor to come and show Brother Branham, when the scriptures say these things were shut up from earlier generations of saints? The Mystery Cloud in the end time was formed by heavenly beings and is not earthly. That is why we see the face of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Cloud. He is the central character in this issue. Why then are we separated as brothers? The cloud is not about Brother Branham, it is about Christ. He is the Prophet, Priest and King. He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of it. He is the A – Z of it all.

The cloud brings the weather conditions of the day. It comes with thunders, which is the sound of abundance of rain. When the cloud appears, Elijah says he hears the sound of abundance of rain. It starts thundering. And a thunder is a voice of God. Therefore whenever we come into divine service and God speaks to us through the preaching of the Word, we are actually in thunder ministry. The news of the cloud was told to Ahab, whose name means death on a horse. After the thunders, then comes the death Ahab. What does this show? When the cloud appears, there is death just around the corner.

We must therefore not follow prophecies are not fulfilled. There are wrong doctrines that have gone out there in the Message of the Hour. Some have denominated. For how can God take us out of denominations and then allow us to practice denominational rituals while in the Message of the Hour? The Prophet was against denominationalism, and we should not sympathise with it. We have to fight. The pulpit must fight. It must fight for what is right. The birth-right should be protected. The Message must be preserved without any leaven. We must not be like Esau, who was a sell-out. The Prophet says we must say what the tape says. If an argument arises, let us go to the tape. If the tape is silent on a particular issue, then we must zip our mouths on that matter.

The book of Genesis records Jacob’s vow at Bethel to build a church and serve God with all his heart and pay tithes of all he got. The dream of the ladder with angels ascending and descending into heaven with God at the top of it created such an atmosphere of dedication to God. But when Jacob is coming back from Laban’s house after marrying Leah and Rachel, he forgets about that vow. He does not go and settle in Bethel. God had to remind him the second time to go to Bethel. Where does Jacob go? He goes to Shechem and becomes a borderline believer while there. No wonder his daughter, Dinah, goes out to the daughters of the land and is raped there. And no wonder his sons, Simeon and Levi, go out and revenge the abuse of their sister and become murderers. All this happens because of the father’s decision. The father went to stay in the wrong land. The children cannot be blamed for this. It is the father’s decision but see how it spills over to the children! There was no altar built in Shechem for Jacob to pray.

As Jacob moves away from Shechem, he tells the family to cleanse themselves. They change their garments and throw away the strange gods they had. This goes to show that fashion (represented by garments) carries with it spirits of idolatry (represented by the gods). They also threw away the ear-rings, which are marks of slavery and emblems of spiritual bondage. It is sad to note that the same man whose name had been changed from Jacob to Israel failed to settle in Bethel on his return to Promised Land. Here he was, a limping prince, a man who had wrestled with an angel. And he fails to go to that land where he vowed to build a house for God. Sometimes we forget, after being blessed, our vows to God. But God is not like a biological parent, who will let go of such things casually. God is God and will require an account of our conduct with His Word.

Jacob’s stay with Laban has some deep spiritual implications. Firstly, he is deceived after working for 7 years for Rachel and is given Leah instead. Then he works another 7 years for the woman that he really loves. It is the same woman that he worked for at first. At the back of his mind, Jacob always loved Rachel. But he had to marry Leah first. Rachel was married the second time around after the lapse of 7 years. However, she was known in Jacob’s mind the very first time he started labouring at Laban’s house. That is a very beautiful picture of the Gentile Bride of Christ, which He always foreknew. God gave to the Jews the prophetic 70 weeks of Daniel as per scripture. The Gentile Bride had its own 7 Church Ages, during which Christ did his labour of love as seen by his walking in the candlesticks.

We are living in an age where man is hunting man. When Jacob was going back to the Promised Land, there was a man waiting for him. Esau, a hunter himself by calling, was already waiting for him. Jacob tried to appease him through children, animals, gifts etc but Esau would not accept them. Esau wanted the man Jacob himself. But God was interested in the Israel that was in Jacob. There was a man inside a man, and that was where God’s interest was focussed. We also must get out of this Laban’s land and go to the Promised Land as Jacob was told by God. We need to move from the flesh man into the inner man. We need to move away from our own self-will, our pride and our own personal pleasures. These are hindrances to the inner man, the Israel in our Jacob flesh.

After the Shechem disobedience, Jacob throws away all idolatry from his house. What is idolatry in our day? The cell-phone can be idolatry. The iPad can be idolatry. The technological gadgets we have today can lock us up in things which God hates. We do not need to be carrying Hindu symbols in order to be idolaters. The steering wheel can be an idol when we worship our cars. So is the hammer, as a trade or craft and our jobs. Any other thing that stands between us and God is an idol. It depends on what we are doing on the smart phone, tablet or iPad. The ear-rings are signs of idolatry. Some parents boast of piercing their daughters’ ears. They do not know that the shedding of human blood in any form is a sacrifice to the devil. The little blood that flows when the ear is pierced goes to appease the devil’s thirst for worship. That is why on Mt. Camel we see the 400 prophets of Baal cutting themselves and bleeding. They were sacrificing to the devil. But when we are going to Bethel, there is no need for those ear-rings and any stuff like that. These are not needed in Bethel. Notice when Israel arrives in Bethel. The name changes again. It is no longer Bethel alone. There is a new prefix which comes. The place is called El Bethel. The El part makes the place different. No longer is it the House of God’s Bread but it is actually God in His House. It is more personal. There is a feeling to it. It shows some intimacy between God and the believer.

There is a certain denominational pastor who instructed his flock to tattoo themselves on the flesh with the number 666. God is not the author of confusion. He cannot, in one place, say we must not have marks and images on our bodies and then allow them in another place. God does not change His Message. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. But man sometimes develops itching ears, which want to hear strange doctrines. At such times, God allows such people to have their desires fulfilled.

We must create the right atmosphere and abide in our own Bethel, where we can point back to God. We must accept the person of the Holy Spirit. He is here. With background music like I give myself away which the musicians played with sincerity, and which the song leader sang with utmost humility, God just took control of the meeting. There was no consciousness of time. It was another dimension.

As the Pastor encouraged the congregation to open up their hearts to receive the Holy Ghost, there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary. The atmosphere was charged and people had deliverances en masse. Proving that when the supernatural comes, the miraculous happens, a prayer line formed automatically as God worked on his people. The presence of God continued sweeping over the people like ripples of water coming as one wave after another, giving that super anointing which comes when God is in control.


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