What feast are you under?

What feast are you under?

Speaker: Tim Humes

 Series: August 2014

 Scripture: John 7:1; Leviticus 23:34-40

Pastor Tim Humes spoke about the Moabites and their feasts of Balaam which was all about money, power and popularity. The prophet said these feasts were under a spirit of organization or a denominational spirit. The spirit of organization carries the mark of the beast. Bro Tim stated that you must never be guilty of speaking evil against the servant of God for you will pay a price. People attacking the Message and the prophet is the same as the people who attacked the Virgin Birth claiming Jesus was an illegitimate child. This same spirit must appear again in the end time to try and discredit the “son of man” ministry. Bro Tim shared a few stories about Bro Branham proving that the prophet was a prophet likened unto Moses. Therefore there must be a Dathan, a Kora, a Joshua (which is the Holy Ghost) and a people crossing over into the Promised Land in this End-Time. In Revelations the same angel takes John the Baptist through the Book of Revelations showing John all mysteries. Prove that this angel had the full revelation of these mysteries.

This angel had to have a special sign. John was so overwhelmed by these things that he saw, he started to worship the angel and was rebuked twice by the angel. John types the Bride therefore it stands to reason that some people would mistake the angel for God and would want to worship thee angel. However this angel would then rebuke these people and point them to Christ, just as it happened in the Book of Revelations. Who was this angel? In Revelations 1:1, the Scripture narrates how Revelation of Jesus Christ was given to John through the ministry of an angelic being – the Signifying Angel. It is this Signifying Angel who takes John through the rest of the Revelation: starting from Chapter 1 of the book up to Chapter 22 which is the last. 

The Signifying Angel shows John the Mysteries in the Word, and in Revelations 10: 7 the Bible makes mention of the earthly ministry centred on Mysteries, at whose sounding the entire Mystery of God should be finished.

It is the same ministry of the Signifying Angel, and the prophetic declaration makes it clear that the Signifying Angel has a prophetic ministry on earth. The Signifying Angel is a man on earth given to prophetic insight, supernatural instruction and ability to hear from God. Now from the Greek Word SEMENO which means SIGNIFYING ANGEL, the meaning is set forth thusly: to signify is to make known by sign; it is also to make known by speech or action. Therefore the ministry of the Signifying Angel must be accompanied by a sign and, true to actual records of historically proven vindication, there was a Messianic Sign which followed the ministry of Revelations 10:7: An earthly being in whom the Spirit of discernment by vision dwelt, a man who proved that what God did with Abraham and Sarah in the tent in Mamre – discerning Sarah’s secret laugh up her sleeve, and what God did with the Samaritan woman at the well – discerning her troubled life of jumping from one husband to another up to six times; God would be prepared to do the same Messianic sign of discernment by vision to the Gentiles.

For indeed if God performed the Messianic sign to the Jews and Samaritans, he must of necessity do the same sign with the Gentiles as God is immutable in His Way. The Signifying Angel is a Prophet. This is God’s mouthpiece with prophetic vindication which is unequalled in all history, with supernatural gifts that are unparalled among men whom God used, and with Christ-like traits that are unexampled in the entire history of humanity from Enoch up to the present day. No wonder John fell down at Signifying Angel’s feet to worship a man. But as a true prophet and servant of God, the Signifying Angel could not receive worship. Instead, he directed worship back to God, who is the object of worship. Here we see how angelic beings from heaven interact with angelic beings on earth in order to bring out God’s mysteries to the church. 

The Prophet recounts how he was caught up in a constellation of angels, as an earthly angelic being interacting with the heavenly angelic beings. He says that the seventh angel in the constellation meant a lot more to him than the others. Then we see a Mighty Angel coming from heaven clothed with a rainbow round his head, which is obviously the Lord Jesus Christ who holds an open book. The Signifying Angel instructs John to take the book from the Mighty Angel with rainbow around him and eat the book. Then the Prophet turns around and says that the Message of the Open Book was given to the earthly angel. Here we see, once again, how the ministries of the heavenly angel merge into one with that of the earthly angel. It is the acts of the heavenly angel in the body of the earthly angel. The disciples in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ’s earthly pilgrimage did not know the difference between God speaking and Jesus Christ (as man) speaking. Since deity was veiled in humanity, it was difficult to isolate the human portion from the divine part. That is how God can take the first person voice of a man and make it His. When David lamented in the first person voice of a weeping king that they have parted my garments and pierced my feet, which were no longer David the king but the Lord Jesus Christ speaking through David. The same applies with Moses when he was sent to go and deliver the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt. Moses used the first person voice LET MY PEOPLE GO, yet it was God speaking behind Moses. Elijah tells Ahab in the first person voice that there will be no rain upon the land for three and a half years until he, a man, calls for it – and it happens like that. In our day also there is one who spoke in the personal first person voice which heaven vindicated with Amen.

The Prophet spoke Let there be squirrels, Let the storm retreat, Let the tumour depart from wife. That explains why one brother during the Prophet’s time asked who is the one behind the saying I WILL RIDE THIS TRAIL AGAIN. The Holy Ghost through the ministry of the Prophet would do those exploits again. But the Prophet maintained that I, in the personal first person voice, would ride the trail again. It showed that God and man are one again. The Mighty Angel with the Open Book who descends from heaven in a cloud and with a rainbow around his head puts one foot on the land and one foot on the sea. It is well known throughout scripture that footsteps mean possession. When the Mighty Angel puts his foot on the sea, he is claiming dominion over the sea. Again with the other foot on the land, he has prevailed over the land. According to Scripture there are two beasts associated with both water and land. John saw one beast rise out of the sea and yet another beast coming out of the land. Respectively, these beasts represent Mystery Babylon and America.

Therefore when the Mighty Angel comes down to earth with an Open Book ministry, he is saying that neither Mystery Babylon nor the image thereof is able to do anything to the Bride who is the beneficiary of the Open Book heritage. The Message of the Hour is the prevailing power on earth today. The Prophet occupied the office of son of Man while Christ is The Son of Man. Yet the son-of-man ministry demonstrated by the Prophet was so close the The-Son-of-Man manifestation that it is easy to mistake the one for the other. Indeed, so remarkable and outstanding was the depth of revelation pointed out by the earthly angel to John that on at least two occasions the disciple bowed down to worship the earthly angel. However, as a true servant of Christ, the earthly angel re-directed worship back to God, who is, by definition, the object of worship. The earthly angel explains that he is a fellow servant ordained to the office of a prophet and should not be worshiped. This happened in the life of the Prophet when the spirit of son-of-man worship arose and is alive today in some quarters of believers. The facial description of the Mighty Angel with Cloud and Rainbow reveals how the countenance shone as the sun. If the Son-of-Man’s face shone as the sun, the same glory should be expected on the son-of-man as well. This happened in the Prophet’s life when Brother Roy looked at him and detected that the Prophet’s face was shining like the sun. Humbly and in the spirit of meekness, the Prophet remarks that NOW Bro Roy knows who I am. Yet another vindication of how the Son-of-Man traits spill-over into the son-of-man ministry is evidenced by the vision which Brother Branham had which is recited in the Message Blasphemous Names of January 1962.

The details of the vision are thus: Brother Branham saw himself in the Sun. This vision was not publicised like the other ones where the Prophet would encourage people to write on the flyleaf of their Bibles. Instead, Brother Branham instructs Billy Paul to write the vision and seal it up in an envelope which shall only be opened after the departure of the Prophet. How perfectly the ministry of Elijah the Tishbite parallels that of Elijah of the end-time! In Elijah the Tishbite’s day, there was Ahab and Jezebel whose flesh was fed to the fowls of the fields through the manner of their death. In our day, the ministry of Brother Branham also, according to Revelation, feeds to the fowls of the air the flesh of condemned humanity from kings to paupers. The true disciples of Elijah did not look up to man, but unto the God of the man Elijah. This is shown by Elisha who called for the God of Elijah to come on the scene after Elijah was translated (raptured). Elisha is the bride today who is similarly calling to the God of Brother Branham. The children of Israel observed 7 feasts year in and year out. These seven today are all being held in the same place, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. For the first three feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First fruits all speak of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why some authorities classify all three feasts as the Passover, which reflects Christ, who is our true Passover.

There were also the feasts of Pentecost, Trumpets and Tabernacles all which wind up in Christ. And today, true worship is found where the Bride is, as long as she stands with the unadulterated Word of God. The Prophet speaks of a lot of things that are associated with the year 1948. On the geo-political scene, the year saw the birth of the United Nations (UN). It witnessed the establishment of Israel as a political state. In the same year Billy Graham and Oral Roberts rose up. A number of movements started, too. The Latter Rain Movement owes its origin to the year 1948 when it started well. It even attracted the Prophet, who had affiliations with it. Later, it transformed into Full Gospel Business Man Fellowship International. With the lapse of time, this association backslid on God wanted to kick the Prophet out. With 17 members voting against Brother Branham, only Brother Carl Williams and another remained on the side of the Prophet. With the influence of South African born David du Plessis, the association leaned towards organisation, whereupon the Prophet rebuked it in the strongest of terms.


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