Which atmosphere are you under?

Which atmosphere are you under?

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Speaker: Pastor Brian Naidoo

 Series: January 2015

 Scripture: 2 Samuel 15:12-13

As the first Sunday Service of the 2015 Calendar Year, Pastor Brian emphasised the need to start the year on the right note and the proper anointing. Drawing from the one accord which brought down the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost as recorded in the book of Acts, the minister noted that if Spoken Word Tabernacle (SWT) family ever enters into that oneness of spirit for at least one minute, then the South African Newspapers will pack the story of Fire Eruption in Eldorado Park. There would be no feeble person in the congregation that would not be instantly healed.

If believers could catch a vision of Christ in the church, they would not, like Blind Bartimeaus, allow anything to stand in their way to stop Christ in his tracks and receive their heart’s desires. They would not mind who is sitting next to them or who is looking at them. And they would not be conscious of the fact that the service is being held at EW Hobbs Primary School, the venue automatically becomes Holy Ground because of the presence of the Holy One in the midst of the camp.

The Pastor then extended the hand of fellowship to his loved ones in the flesh, namely his elder brother (Bro Tino) and his Sister-in-Law, (Sister Shereen) who were welcomed into the SWT family with a standing ovation. The minister explained that he only lived the life, and the Lord Jesus Christ did the calling. Therefore if loved ones are still coming into the fold, having seen the life of Christ in the family members, that means God is working in the ministry.

The minister further made announcements for the year in terms of meetings. There would be combined Christmas Meetings among the congregations from Randfontein (who are the hosting assembly), Meyerton, Elandsfontein and SWT in Muldersdrift. However, there are no scheduled services for Easter commemoration.

The church was requested to pray for the shortlisted deacons who will be presented to the church (for elections) in the coming week to help share the burden with the remaining deacon following the stepping down of one deacon (Bro Simba) to focus on the electronic dissemination of the Message of the Hour through the SWT Website as per God’s inspiration to him. As Moses was advised to share the burden with the 70 elders of Israel to alleviate the pressure on a single individual, the election process for office bearers for the deacon board is all scripturally in order. Therefore the church should be prayed up to enable the ordination of the most appropriate officials to help in the ministry.

After reading the scripture of 2nd Samuel 15:12 – 13, the minister recounted an incident at home with his son who was engrossed in watching a documentary about baboons. A baby baboon fell from the tree and died on the spot. However, the heart of the mother baboon could not stand the fact and she rushed to grab the baby and started to administer resuscitation procedures while clutching the baby to her bosom. The first and second day, she would not let anyone touch her baby as she frantically tried to revive it. And the same scene repeated on the third day. However, on the fourth day, she abandoned the baby. Corruption had set in after 72 hours (3 days) and she realised that death resurrection was no longer possible. The minister exclaimed that if a baboon, a wild animal with no promise of a resurrection plan from God, still has faith in the possibility of resurrection for her loved ones, what is really wrong with humanity?

A similar event happened in the Bible when Lazarus lay dead in the grave up to the fourth day. However, the Lord Jesus Christ came along and brought Lazarus back to life. As the Prophet explains, if the Lord Jesus Christ had not specified Lazarus’s name alone, all the dead would have risen from the grave as indeed would happen in the general resurrection. However, we are living in the hour where there is a one-on-one resurrection of the dead; a time when God is calling individual-by-individual. Unlike the mother baboon with no hope of resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ will not abandon us as there is a programme for resurrection for humanity.

Right at Lazarus’s grave, the church was instructed to roll away the stone. It is the role of the church to take away the stone in order to show that God’s power is real.

The minister went on to recount yet another documentary where archaeologists were studying old remains for clues of life in pre-historic times. The scientists would walk circumspectly around the targeted place to avoid tampering with footprints or possible fossils, and the place naturally becomes a world heritage site protected by governmental laws and sealed from trespass and general intrusion by common people. However, the point is that if the devil is busy imparting knowledge to scientists through discoveries about natural life, the bride of Christ is no less privileged in accessing divine knowledge about spiritual things. That is why God sent the Prophet William Marrion Branham who came up with discoveries about the missing link between man and animal; he even went beyond the curtain of time to fellowship with saints under his ministry, and was told that believers are not to be called by his name as Branhamites and, when he asks for Paul, he is told that Jews and Gentiles will not mix and, when he requests to see the Lord Jesus Christ, he is told that God is beyond the 6th dimension of paradise. The Prophet saw multitudes of people coming to him –  they were not coming to Oral Roberts, Tommy Osborne, Benny Hinn, A A Allen etc but they were coming to the 7th Messenger.

While God is revealing things by His Spirit, the devil is equally busy proving things by scientific inquiry. Through the Prophet, God revealed that there is an interval of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 during which the devil hybridised the civilisation which God subsequently destroyed. At the same time the devil invents 3-D technology to allow his children to visualise exactly how dinosaurs exactly moved about during that interval of time. The devil has his own seven seal mysteries and revelation which he gives through scientists. However, as the bride of Christ, we ought to rejoice at the divinely revealed mystery truths at the hand of the 7th Church Age Messenger.

In this end time when Absolom is busy stealing the hearts of the people, God sends the ministry of Elijah (which is a blessing) before the earth is smitten with a curse at the consummation. Elijah turns the hearts of Israel from Absolom the Prince to David the King. Therefore our hearts should be centred on Christ and Calvary and Pentecost.

Absolom’s rebellion should not be left in doctrine form as a historical event of the past. Individuals can easily turn out to be Absolom through the atmosphere they create. Given the lukewarm anointing of Laodicea, this can take place without the people ever knowing about it. However, God has given us the 7 seals to enable us to understand these mystery truths.

We are heading for the rapture in a new body which is immune from diseases. We are not going into the rapture with bodies saddled with TB, HIV, Diabetes and other frailties. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired due to sickness and tiredness.

For Absolom to steal the hearts of the people of Israel, he used all resources at his disposal. For a fact, Absolom has Television Channels through which he sells his programmes and isms. No wonder the Prophet of God warned us against the 3 isms afflicting the church namely Jezebelism, Balaamism and Nicolaitanism. For instance, Balaamism brings about a false union between the true church and the world. The spirit of Balaam in the Message of the Hour is focussed on making money from the gospel. So strong is the spirit of Balaamism that it caused the backslidden prophet himself to firstly ignore Moses as God’s prophet, followed by a rejection of his own dream which God brought to him, and in the extreme case, worsened by the rejection of the Angel of God who stood in the way to obstruct the mad prophet from the trip to curse Israel. As if that is not enough, Balaam even refuses to obey an animal, when God uses the donkey to speak to him after rejecting all other channels of communication as shown above. At a personal level, we can be like Balaam when we pursue money and fail to bring people, our loved ones, our families etc into a union with the one and only Lord Jesus Christ.

The Jezebel spirit is not only manifested in the ill-dressed women who put on revealing clothes like mini-skirts and slitted skirts and tight clothing. When a wife assumes a domineering position in the home, when she controls and pulls the husband by the nose, that is Jezebelism at work. The wife might well be a believer of the Message of the Hour, wearing decent long dresses as taught by the Prophet, but as long as the controlling spirit over the husband remains, that is a long-dressed Jezebel at work. The wife might be earning more than the husband, as indeed Jezebel owns all the gold in the world through the Vatican gold vaults.

And Nicolaitanism is not confined to a religious hierarchy that dictates things to the congregation of lay people. It comes also in the form of an abusive husband who will not listen to his wife. The man uses the five-fold ministry of punching the wife with clenched fists and running her down like a rag. The husband ignores God’s wisdom in proving a help mate, which is the ministry of a wife. For if God really ordained for a man to have a wife as a helper, surely God knew that man will need that kind of help along the way. But the Nicolaitan husband ignores even helpful suggestions which later prove to be right just because they are coming from the laity, the powerless wife. With disagreements in the home between husband and wife, and between one family and another, the Holy Ghost fails to move in the church.

The importance of an atmosphere cannot be over-emphasised. For in Genesis 1:1, God created an atmosphere by brooding over the deep as His Spirit moved over the surface of the waters. That is why we see in Revelations 10:1 the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, then the Prophet William Marrion Branham in 10:7 and then the bride in 10: 8 – 11. And the rapture will not take place outside the Message of the Hour. And there is no compromise on this, nor any half-hearted acceptance of the Message. For being in the Message with divided attention is like being in Jerusalem but not in the Palace. It is like being in the outer court but not on the throne. It is like Absolom with all Israel who were in Jerusalem, but failed to be with David who only took his household as palace candidates.

David always was in the presence of God. No wonder he could kneel down under a mulberry tree and pray and wait for God’s answer. Right under the mulberry tree, David could discern the movement of the wind to ascertain whether it was God’s move or some other Philistine movement.  The same one who spoke in the mulberry trees with David is the same one who came down in the burning bush for Moses, he is the one who spoke with Abraham, the same voice is the one that met with Jacob and, in our day, spoke to the Prophet Brother Branham.

That is why a predestinated son and daughter of God cannot sin or backslide, even if they want to. No wonder the Prophet failed to drink, smoke or defile himself in any way. We cannot beat our maker’s design for our lives, we are destined for holiness and will attain it. At the same time, we need to respect one another and not look down on others who have not yet reached our level of spiritual maturity.

The Prophet says if one puts the right music on the organ or piano, and people have the right mind and are in high expectation, then God is bound to move in the congregation. However, the Prophet says that the most difficult thing is to get the people into that oneness, it is difficult to get the people to be in one accord. Naturally, people come to church with pre-conceived ideas which happen to be reinforced somehow by circumstances to become some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, one may believe that they are not loved and, when they come to church, a certain believer may be busy with something and fail to notice and acknowledge them, then that event crystallises that impression of being unwanted. However, the good Christian thing to do is for the one to go and greet that pre-occupied fellow and break the barrier. Otherwise people sit in church with self-inflicted complexes.

It is good as the start of a new year to lay down the Church Order. Musicians must arrive early and play at least 30 minutes before the service start in order to create an atmosphere of worship. And when people come, they should go to the altar and kneel quietly and pray, or meditate upon the Word of God in their seats, or read the scriptures. Since buildings have spirits, and especially rented ones which are used for other purposes during the rest of the week, there is need to cast out spirits before the service begins. A prayed up believer lessens the load for the song leader when they come forward to lead the church in worship. However, if the congregation is not observant and sensitive to the Holy Ghost, then they can sing We are Standing On Holy Ground with some Mr Casanovas putting their hands in their pockets, oblivious of the sanctity of the atmosphere in the tabernacle.

We are in a time of haste, which explains why David, in 2nd Samuel 15:13 commands his household to arise and make haste to escape from Absolom. There is no time for relaxation or sloppiness. We have to arise and get in action. Already, Absolom, in the form of Pope Francis, is universally loved by the world as he charms them with talk about unity and one-nesss. He is even acceptable to the Islamic world, as he tells that that they are children of Abraham, which happens to be true. However, what Absolom misses is that there is another group that comes by the way of God’s predestination, represented by how Rahab the harlot was engrafted into the Jewish family through marriage with a captain in the army.

Brother Branham says that if one has been in the presence of God, they automatically become responsible for testifying to others to make them know about the good news. That is why the woman at the well could not sit still when she came across the Messiah. She ran to the city to testify.


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