Who Do You Seed?

Who Do You Seed?

Speaker: Bro Kidri Diggs

 Series: July 2015

 Scripture: Matthew 7:15; 1 John 3:2; Genesis 1:11

When God created the seed, He commanded that each seed should produce of its kind. The seed cannot change in much the same way that God does not change. The DNA of the seed remains the same. By asking the question, Who Do You Seed, the purpose is to find out the kind of life we manifest. A Christian is supposed to be the continuation of the Book of Acts where we see the church in power after Pentecost. But we must be careful to note that we may make mistakes along the way, but those mistakes do not make us less of the seed of God than we really are in God’s eyes. For Peter was given the keys to the kingdom before he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Yet after receiving the revelation of who the Lord Jesus Christ is, he went ahead to deny Him just before the crucifixion. But God still counted him as His. The truth is that God’s predestination does not change. God will work on us until the chaff, the dirt; the dross which should come out of our lives is all driven out. God allows us to brush shoulders with sin, knowing that His seed which He planted in us will not change. The seed will grow when the conditions are right for it. As carriers of God’s seed, the devil is already afraid of us. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent went for Eve who did not have the seed and avoided Adam who had the seed in Him. The devil chose the easier target, a woman, who was not even in the original creation of God. Adam, with the true seed of God in him, could not mix with the wrong seed but the woman, who had no seed, could receive the wrong seed and produce life through perversion, which is a manipulation of God’s laws of reproduction. Adam’s union with Eve produced sons of God whereas the serpent’s union with Eve produced serpent seed. Therefore there was a battle between sons of God and serpent seed. God allowed this co-existence of good and evil in the same bedding ground of Eve’s womb because He just wanted a challenge. That is why Peter and John, with the seed of God in them, could reflect Christ who had died and risen. The people saw Christ in them at the gate Beautiful when the lame man was healed. They took note that these men were ignorant, but recognized that they had been with Jesus. So the people saw Jesus in Peter and John long after Christ had ascended to heaven. With God’s seen in us, we reflect the nature of God. David was able to fight and defeat Goliath because his own heavenly father was a fighter who defeated the devil. Abraham was the father of faith because the heavenly father Himself is the author of faith. Elijah could call fire from heaven because the heavenly father is a consuming fire. The minister gave an example of the host Pastor’s son, who carries his seed and has no choice about the seed in him, and that seed will reflect the father always. In the parable of the tares, God allowed the wheat and tares to grow together. That is why there will always be people in the church who do not live right but continue to come to church. There will be people who do not pay tithes despite the teachings of the scripture on the matter. God allows these things in order for His children to display His characteristics. If God did not fail and has never failed throughout history, we too are not going to be defeated. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. The devil is toothless. He only has gums to bite with. And gums can only tickle the victim if used to bite. Therefore we must laugh at the devil’s attempts to harm us, because he has no power. The Prophet gives an example of Elvis Presley who was skipped by God. Although his mother was Holy-Ghost filled and lived a Godly life, the son was not predestinated seed. So close was he to receiving the Holy Ghost but somehow God skipped him because he had no seed in him. Although he had the gift of discernment and could discern the needs of his band members, although he could pray for people using the gift on him, he still remained a devil. He prayed for a cancer afflicted band member who was healed. Despite the gifts, which come to us regardless of repentance, Elvis Presley was skipped by God. We cannot go to ungodly websites if we have the seed of God in us. We cannot listen to worldly music with God’s seed. Let us not be like the rich young ruler, who came so close to receiving eternal life but missed the Person of Eternal life. The rich young ruler is not different from Elvis Presley, who sold his soul for a fleet of cardilacs. Since God takes a man and leaves the spirit, so does the devil follow the same principle. After Elvis died, his spirit landed on Michael Jackson, who sold millions of copies of the album called Thriller whose video was made in the graveyard where demons took possession of mortal bodies live on screen. The unclean spirit of strip tease started with Sarah…. and later jumped on Marylyn Monroe who did more than strip her clothes. The demon later jumped to Madonna who sang using spiritual words yet under inspiration from hell. Other devil possessed musicians are Beyonce, JZ, Caddie Perry, Britney Spears, Caddy Perry (who grew up in a God-fearing home where there was no book but the Bible and where there was no television but later she made a tattoo with Jesus on her hand). Let us no listen to the devil whispering in our homes when we sit on our couches and the devil says softly, Make me happy through digital devices. God frequently comes in ways people fail to recognize, like Pharisees who missed the Messiah and called him Beelzebub. The great Italian sculptor, Michael Angelo made this important statement. In every stone there is an angel, and my job is to carve the stone to set that angel free. How true an application to the believer! What sets us free is the Word of God, and we are the stonework of God. We are lively stones. Let us not follow personalities in church. We can learn a lesson from how God hates impersonation when he took the Prophet home as people began to worship him. Let us be on fire for God even if some people will think that it is being disorderly. We do not need to follow the order of man, which is ungodly. As the seed of God, we need watering. And we come to services every service day to be watered. If not watered, we risk growing in dry areas which do not bring the best of God in us. That is why God did not allow us to be watered by Baptist water, which is very little. Nor could Pentecostal water be sufficient for us as it would leave us at taking tongues as the evidence of the Holy Ghost when there are higher things like Prophecy and revelation of the Word. God did not allow us to come in the horse and buggy age which is too slow for the power of God in us. Otherwise we would kill the horse for being too slow for us. We are the super church, the super race as we near the Headstone. The law of reproduction can be summed up as follows. Apple produces apple. Orange produces orange. Banana produces banana. Cats produce cats. Dogs produce dogs. Fish produce fish. And God produces gods. And since God is perfect, there is no further need for improvements neither in Him nor in us. If we eat the book, we become the contents of the book. If we are holding the Spoken Word called Perfect Faith, potentially, we have perfect faith because the contents of the book we are about to eat contains that perfect faith message. And if we have the Holy Ghost, we are potentially immortal. The mother eagle who lost her egg did not forget about the young eagle that was hatched out of the lost egg. That is why she continued looking for the young eagle. The seven church age messengers came looking for the lost eagles and all of them are gone but the Mighty Angel is still around with the bride. God watches over His seed. At one time, one seed from Memphis listened to the testimony of a blind man who was healed through the ministry of the prophet. The young girl went to the Branham meetings and lost her father. Being blind, she could not go home on her own. She started crying for her daddy. But the prophet, as a true shepherd who knows the cry of lost sheep, went in her direction and bumped into her. As soon as she came into the anointing of the true seed of God, she was healed, without a prayer card. She came from Memphis, where aunt Jemima came from, another woman of great faith. She told the Prophet she could go and find her daddy on her own if she only had the chance to stand in the presence of the divine healer (Christ in the Prophet). Like Jacob wrestling with the angel, the blind girl refused to let go of the Prophet’s jacket when she learned that she was talking to man whose prayer was answered and restored sight to the blind man who had been drawing a blind pension for 12 years. That is how we should behave as seed, not to let go of blessings until we have been blessed.


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